November 7, 2018

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ANOINTED-1: This talented theme tune turns timetables to telling the total truths. Mind – Spirit and Soul: Searching song with a; hard hitting heavy bass bottom beat. Mountain moving mental modeling music. Yes y’all, it makes ya wanna-move and grove with the big time bandsman; and solitaire solo Musician-ArtistCHD1.

U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama Abraham Lincoln + Son of SUNGODD DEITY AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD + COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts Atom Amen-Ra Z-Blac-Keyz Z-BlackRayz. Divine Decreed Deliberation + Dependence Declaration Day. Freederation Full fledged financial freedom = setting enslaved captives free unto the perfect law of liberty 2015!

January 24, 2015

animation8-colorking-rotate_ASUNGODD GENERATOR Geo-Genoblests vs Globalists, GlobalWorldNations vs Globalization: Saving Solar Sexus Souls. They’re Love Life Light Locks + The FREEDERATES, feeding food to freed fellow countrymen and countrywomen. Those that are financially free from faulty foundation funding, from the International Monetary Fund = IMF  Fully free from the Federal Treasury printing up any amount of dollars it desires. Free from the International World Banks.
anima blue_and_brownNeeded Nobles who saves genes, genesis gifts of grace! Everybody is saying sovereignty, separate into singles, sections, stratified STATUTES. While Alex Jones show says, “secede” from the Unionist Federal U.S. Government; herein, the redneck racist State of Texas! What do yawls say? Are We’s & Us’s already divided, segregated? Who always has refused to unite with ‘African American Blacks & Browns, Redbones & high Yellows’?


THE STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS: “Ya know, just over a decade ago, I gave a speech in Boston where I said there were no liberal America or conservative America; Black America or White America; but a United States of America!!!” Professed U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, on Tuesday, January 20, 2015… 8:00 pm CST. San Antonio, Texas. 

Detrimentally Distracted: Are all Americans, the collective citizenry, is constantly bombarded by bogus beliefs. This “Black victim” and “White cop” killers. “Black Lives Matters” meaninglessness mess. Yet it is the overall in general petty police patrols, officers offending others of our origins. They’re all militaristic mad men, trained to shoot and kill civilians – citizens herein the USA. There’s no; “Black America or White America”; professed U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, The State of the Union Address, Wed. Jan. 20, 2015…8:00pm. Period.

“RACISM” & TERRORISM: Are one in the same, synonymous similar to the terrorist tyrants, Sociopath Slavers Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes. Simply said: “White Supremacist – Sadists – Sexists – Satanists!!!

CKNWCA: Defines what a terroristic threat is to We’s & Us’s. And do not need to wait on Euro-Anglo-Americans, to decide what realities means in our view. Some say that we have to change our language and I say that the twisted terminology, that far too many of us often use, is self-destructive and detrimental to telling the total truths 100%+. Therefore, that true change starts within us, from on the inside of our operating minds. And nothing outside of our bright brilliant brains!

YES: There is no letting up on the persistent protesters. Those American citizens; of each-every Ethnicity, who are sick and tired and fed up with the entire evil Eu-Rope-an empire. They intend to stop the Slavers  Satanic Sociopath System and sink it successfully. Seeing it submerged!

The demonstrators are marching on Washington, DC, Capitol Hill. Demanding that the Oval Office of the United States President Barack Hussein Obama, force the prejudice Patty police and crazy CauCrazian criminal cops, from further violating the Human Rights and Civil Rights of Aboriginal Africoidians, Afro-African-Americans, Afrindians, Amerindians – Afrasians and as; I am Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1.
Nevertheless, there’re those thinking that this is going to simply just blow over, and die out sooner or later. Butt, this is it, and the happy Honky dory go lucky lackluster leaders, are actually lost losers. Not realizing that today, a compelling cosmic creative chemistry and conscientious circuitry of circumstances and concurrent civic conditions, are consummately cognizant, commanding complete climatic charged changes!!!
The Boastful Banking Bully Boys & Big Brother’s bottom-baseline, is being bankrupt broken back down to the; national nitty gritty grassroots grounds of gangrene grotesque growths!
TRULY: The biggest business will not be as usual; butt, unusual. Certain citizens blatantly blocked off from reaching their jobs, employment enterprises. They aren’t able to even enter the building being burned, bombarded by renegade rouge revolutionary rebels. They’re trying to strangle and choke the barbaric behaving beast, they same way that it did them; as helpless and defenseless Africans in America! (“This is not a white and black problem!’) This all about how humans are being held hostages, inside Hades hell holes of hideously hostile hatred of holistically healthy humanoids:


“Protesters flood California highway, throw rocks, bottles at officers, police say”

“By Holly Yan and Joe Sutton, CNN updated 10:04 AM EST, Mon December 8, 2014 (CNN) — From the streets of California to the stores of New York City, protesters are making sure no one forgets the case of Eric Garner. But some are doing so more violently than others. Demonstrators flooded a highway in Oakland, California, late Sunday night, prompting a heated standoff in the freeway between protesters and the California Highway Patrol. Some threw explosives, bottles and rocks at officers, authorities said. Highway Patrol Sgt. Diana McDermott said it wasn’t clear what type of explosives were thrown, but she said some in the crowd had Molotov cocktails and M-80 firecrackers.” 
“Another California freeway shut down as ‘Week of Outrage’ gets under way By Holly Yan and Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN updated 11:22 AM EST, Tue December 9, 2014″(CNN) — It’s become a nightly ritual. When dusk descends, so do they — by the hundreds, in cities coast to coast. And the protests over police brutality after recent deaths of unarmed black men might only intensify. Organizers are calling this week a “Week of Outrage,” culminating in massive demonstrations planned for Saturday in New York and Washington. Eric Garner Jr., the son of the man who died after a New York police officer held him in a chokehold, said he was proud of how protesters are carrying on. “It made me feel proud because I don’t have to share this moment by myself and my family,” the son told CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront.” 
US PRESIDENT OBAMA Brown Brother: “What I told the young people who I met with — we’re going to have more conversations over the coming months — is, ‘This isn’t something that is going to be solved overnight,’ Obama said in an interview with BET. ” ‘This is something that is deeply rooted in our society. It’s deeply rooted in our history.’ “

Check out:

EXECUTIVE ORDER:National Emergency – US President Baraack Hussein Obama Oval Officer Commander In Chief!!!

Today, Thursday, December 4, 2014…10:28 pm
YES: The Executive Officer’s Orders: Fighting fearlessly for full fledged freedom; from asinine a-s-s angry-Aryan-Angloidian-America. As an Americanized Aboriginal Africoidian. Availing All Alpha-Alkebulan-AfricAspora!!!

“I’m half black and I’m half white”; “mutts like me.” “I gave the order”; “We have a responsibility to act”; it’s a “humanitarian mission”. ‘This time it won’t be like before’ basically because, ‘I as United States President has a vested interest’ in freeing My melanin membrane members. People of Cosmetic Coloration Complexions!!!
I AM A Master Mind Melanin Messiah; A+ Son of SOLARSUN Server Savior. Strategically Saving Sovereign Solar Sexus Souls. Safely – Securely – Sacredly!
Obam-Abraham Lincoln-Liberty = Long-lasting Lords Love Life Light Locks. Executor’s Emancipation Proclamation + Prioritized Promocracy vs  Democracy Dictators Demonocracy!!
Brave Brown brother Barack; He’s a native natural fact; And not the color blind black; Superficial surface skin sunshine slack; As an African-American actualizing act.__

Here he comes riding his palomino pony white and brown; As if Tonto? through the terrorized Trigger town; And not the Lone-Ranger roaming round renown; Who is this unmasked man coming down; From up on high is he some cloud seeded clown; The ONE to force “The White Terrorist Dominators” destructively drown; Co-creating clean cultured capital cash currency crown.__

Executive Order National Emergency The U.S. Federal Government Mandate complete controls over each-every Sociopath Satanic Slave State of America!!!

Rapine ‘Racist” renegade rouge Reptilian Race of ruthless robbers, raping raiders. And as a collective citizenry, gun packing prejudiced patrol police Patties, predatory pink pigmented ‘pale faces’. They have foolishly fail to control themselves, thus therefore, they as a Mandated Must, be completely controlled. (‘To save The Union’ = USA? Or else, ‘a great falling falling away’ = Emerging Exodus End Time Days of Reckoning; Trials & Tribulations are now beckoning?!)

BUTT: Better beneficially born blessed; by bestowed baby birth of our one only optimized; USAA+ PROMISED LANDS = The Unified Statutes of America + Africa.
Curfew containment controlling; instead of petty predatory police patrolling. ‘A cage for every file – hateful – deceitful bird.’

Divine Decreed Deliberated Demands, Demarcations, Deified Declarations. Duly Devil Damnation; Demonic Destruction – Desolation.
Commander Chief Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR: Commands Citywide – Countywide – Countrywide, Cross-continental corals; concentration compounds-civic camps, correctional cell centers. Coming consummately cultured cleansed – criminal corruption cured!

After Aboriginal Africoidians are hanged high, lynched and Nationalist Negroidians necks noose-d, then they try to tell We’s & Us’s how to reply – respond – react! Thus to faithfully follow their guidelines and ruthless Roman rule of law. Yet these Caucasus cave crawling cannibalistic cold climate Caucasoidan creatures, CauCrazians are lawless – unlawful, uncivilized and unholy!!!

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, may have signed The Emancipation Proclamation, butt, he never Ratified nor actually Freed any African slaves and entrapped – enslaved Am-e-ri-cans and as AmeriAfrindians! Lets be quite crystal clear on this truth! OK Y’all?

Twenty First Century, Modern Day Underground, Legalized Slave Trade Market & Jailhouse Prisoner Corruption Racket. Evil enemy Euro-Americans inordinately investing into, inside, Their Prison Industrial Complex!!
Mad monster men’s; mass marketing money making melaninated membrane members. Invidious insidious institutionalized incarceration – imprisonment via insane inhuman, human trafficking and kidnappings and killings!!
Politically prostituting poisonous pharmaceutical prescription pills, polluted policy pushing pimp physicians. Profiteer Practitioners Pharmacides & Genocide’s!!

Psychopaths politically plotting + picking on our youngest school children, giving them psychotropic drugs, cancer causing chemicals = criminalizing concoctions called clinical cures. Forcing parents to have their kids inoculated – injected with vicious vaccine viruses violating humanity-humankind. Purposely producing psychotic and or psychopathic personalities, perpetrating + perpetuating personalized problems. Poisoning the public people’s planetary populations!

UN; The United Nations & International Community: as I’ve imagined and envisioned; are arming all Africans ‘n America. As Africarmor Arthiest Actionaries – armories – artillery – arteries!!!

Seeing how a significant number of Africans ‘n America, alleged and assumed as; “Black Americans”; went before the UN Councils – Conferences – Commissions-Charters – Courts, filing Human Rights Violations against the States & US Federal Government.
Particularly, political prisoners of Color being tormented – tortured – tender tissues traumatized – terrorized!

Leveraging Learned Leadership Lessons: The UN can fly in cargo planes and equipment and more military machinery. ‘A Humanitarian Mission’. Donating dump-trucks, cement trucks, technologies, computers communications commands, airspace satellites stations-systems. Inclusively, all tactical types of gear, protective suits, head-helmets, bullet proof vests, combat boots – shock shields, stun-guns, tasers, tear gas canister and masks. Armored vehicles, tanks as need be. Every thing that the Ku Klux Klan killers, Aryan-Anglo-Americans, Skin-Heads, Neo-Nazis, have, We’s & Us’s are armed also!

Urban-Race-Riots & Civil War; America at Guerrilla War. Concurrently counting down to Armageddon’s Prophetic Holy World War III = 3; A benefit blessing in surreptitious disguise, to st the entrapped – enslaved captive free, unto the perfect law of liberty!
Native Natural Nationalized NATINDIAN; Indigenous Inhabiting Indians; human rights = HueMainRights. To have – hold, own – organize – officially operated our own organic organisms. Bio-bodily beings.
Totally set free from each – every evil enemy energy entity = Ebola Engineering Eugenicist Eu-Rope-ans = evilly evolved Europeans of Europe & early Eurasians of Eurasia!!

YES: Westernized world warmongers, werewolves – warlocks – warlords – wizards, wicked witchcraft WhitTie whip Cracker CauCrazians – cowardice Caucasoidian Cro-Magnon crossbred citizens. Crazy capitalist – colonialist corrupted criminals, crooked cops. Devilish demonic DNA Codes cursing criminality!

Nationally: Never to be confused nor mistaken for our; Clean Cultured CaucAsian citizenry. Approx. about 10% to 12% Saved – Redeemed & Divinely Decreed Delivered!
And also approx. about 88% to 90%; (Hitler’s humanity haters) are as asinine a-s-s angry Aryan-Angloidian-Americans, (Adolph’s) antagonist adversaries and alien agencies. Always acting against ascendant Aboriginal Africoidians, Afro-African-Americans, Afrindians – Amerindians – Afrasians and as I Am Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1 via JESUSTICE1 Justice Judgment!!!

Spiritually + Soulfully – Mentally – Physically: counter-combating, internalized injurious injustice! Justice and not Jesus; in which, never – ever existed herein; “White America”! Mutant militaristic; invaders – rapine raping raiders, ruthless robbers, and obscene-offensive occupiers!!               
Negative nasty naughty nose Nationalized Neanderthal Neo-Nazis NATO. Evil enemy entities = Ebola engineering eugenicist Eu-Rope-ans = evilly evolved Europeans of Europe & Eurasia! Executioners!!!
Howsoever: They’re hideously hostile – hysterical and hate healthy humanity-humankind = Hue-Mainity – HueMainKind; and of the HueMain-Rayz; Unified under one HueMainLaw!!!
Therefore frightfully fearing for their own lives, by the simple sight, seeing somebody born biologically blessed, big and bold and brave Brothers. Who artificially appear to be bluish-blackish, basic brown; redbone and high-yellow. Superficial surface skin shades, tissue tones – tans – tints too! Ref.
Thank yawls very kindly from the kindhearted kinky KING of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts:
PS: “Free At Last” Full fledged financial funded fearlessly fought for freedom! “MONEY MASTER THE GAME” (A.T. Robbins 2014)
WEXZ & USXZ Wants & Wills; Ten percent to Twelve percent of the USA’s WEALTH = $$$100%+ RARE ROYAL RICHES – RIGHTEOUS RESOURCES. Four Hundred Years of Slavery: “Let My People Go”; or else, Divine Decreed Devil Damnation; Declaration-Destruction-Desolation!!!


YES: There is no letting up on the persistent protesters. Those American citizens; of each-every Ethnicity, who are sick and tired and fed up with the entire evil Eu-Rope-an empire. They intend to stop the Slavers  Satanic Sociopath System and sink it successfully. Seeing it submerged!

The demonstrators are marching on Washington, DC, Capitol Hill. Demanding that the Oval Office of the United States President Barack Hussein Obama, force the prejudice Patty police and crazy CauCrazian criminal cops, from further violating the Human Rights and Civil Rights of Aboriginal Africoidians, Afro-African-Americans, Afrindians, Amerindians – Afrasians and as; I am Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1.
Nevertheless, there’re those thinking that this is going to simply just blow over, and die out sooner or later. Butt, this is it, and the happy Honky dory go lucky lackluster leaders, are actually lost losers. Not realizing that today, a compelling cosmic creative chemistry and conscientious circuitry of circumstances and concurrent civic conditions, are consummately cognizant, commanding complete climatic charged changes!!!
The Boastful Banking Bully Boys & Big Brother’s bottom-baseline, is being bankrupt broken back down to the; national nitty gritty grassroots grounds of gangrene grotesque growths!
TRULY: The biggest business will not be as usual; butt, unusual. Certain citizens blatantly blocked off from reaching their jobs, employment enterprises. They aren’t able to even enter the building being burned, bombarded by renegade rouge revolutionary rebels. They’re trying to strangle and choke the barbaric behaving beast, they same way that it did them; as helpless and defenseless Africans in America! (“This is not a white and black problem!’) This all about how humans are being held hostages, inside Hades hell holes of hideously hostile hatred of holistically healthy humanoids:

The Declaration of Independence” Day 4th of July, means nothing more than having a big BBQ cookout. Fine and dandy, so be it. And these sick Southerners, Texas redneck racists, realize today that they are; also, captive slaves to the same sinister System SATAN, as all other ethnicities of melanin coloration complexions. ‘Poor white trash’; impoverished peckerwoods, “Crackers”; Honkies, Patties and “New World Order” N…words!!!
They have no sovereignty nor serenity. I often hear talk radio show host Mr. Alex Jones, proclaiming that The State of Texas should “secede” from the Union = U.S. Federal Government. “Take back our country”; Constitution of their ‘Founding Fathers’, etc. And I vehemently ask, really?
AfricAsporAgenda: Americanized Africoidians, Afrindians have no founding fathers, nor legitimate Constitution, herein these dis-United States of Anglo-America Al Qaeda. Angry antagonist adversaries, alien agents.

What Declaration of Independence for Wexz & Usxz? So let our minds militarize melanin media, methodical messiah mental models making more meaningful sense, soundness, saneness. Dependence Day Divinely Decreed, Declared Deliberated & Deified!!!

OBAMABRAHAM Lincolnocks + Africancipation Promoclaration vs. Emancipation Proclamation & Declaration: undresses, unclothe, disrobes the USA’s masquerading rapists and ratified racists and robbers, radical renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religions. Sovereign Suppremacist Secessionists, 99, 000 in Texas filed petitions to withdraw, pull out of the Federal Union. Butt without the dark shaded skinned slaves, who will serve submissively to these terrorist TEXANS?  Who well feed them, after our official Occupyneers MitiAfrica, take over the farm lands that they took from the Negroe, Blacks & Browns and good Colored People? Surely these historical redneck racist religious reptilians are simply going to be forced to do without. Yes sink into poverty’s poor dooms day! Stave to death?!


“Being A Cop In St. Louis Showed This Man How Racist The Police Really Are” “For Redditt Hudson, the reason behind the calamity in Ferguson, Missouri and the surrounding area is nothing new. Hudson — who served for five years as a cop in nearby St. Louis — said in a HuffPost Live interview Monday that his time on the force showed him how discriminatory the police can be.

Hudson, now a board chair for the Ethics Project, told host Marc Lamont Hill that the best chance the police in St. Louis, and around the country, have to undergo reform is now, with the criticisms and changes coming from the inside.

“I think we have the best chance, or an excellent chance, to further the movement that you’ve seen grow out of Ferguson and New York and other places by giving our voices, that cannot easily be discounted. Because the police like to say, ‘Well, man, you don’t know what I have to deal with. You don’t know what my training is. You don’t know what I’ve faced in a given moment,'” Hudson said. “I’ve been shot at enforcing laws in this state. I sat next to you in the academy class. I know that you don’t police in this community the same way you can police in other communities.

“In Ferguson, when you talk about righteous rage, what I think many Americans are finally coming to understand is something that we’ve known for generations,” Hudson said.”

Promocracy_color neg image

anima StormWicked Witchcraft WhitTie Whip Crackers Captivated Africans of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trades, were and still are forced into inordinate independence, and a civil right to pay the prices for food and shelter that has proven to be unaffordable. Even the independent commercialized bottled waters, claiming to be “purified water”; is contaminated with corrupted fraud in fact lies of leading liars. Containing chemical concoctions too!  So therefore, it is wisers, smarter to be Dependent on them being made to clean it up,  sweep and mop up the toxic wastes, from the airways and waterways and land masses. Nobody can afford to think independently of these truer necessities of HueMainKind Life!

Certainly centuries of mis-eduction, disinformation is being dismantled, under the Africoidian Americaized U.S. President Barack Huessein Obamas’s Administration Abraham Lincoln. Oval Office Capitol Hill Washington, D.C. Commander In Chief of the Pentagon!

STANDARDIZED IMAGE: His physical-biological bodily browned image, is our optimized, orgasmic, opioid, objective Occupyeers organic-organism. Melanin Mastermind Messiah Mental Model-Media. Superficial skin color, artificial appearance, epidermal pigmentation, speaks for itself. An ObamAbraham reflection of currency changes, climatic conditions changing circuit charges. Here to set the enslaved captives free unto the perfect law of liberty!? Yes The Freederation + Feederation!!
The full story book blog  is posted at:

As ancient Africoidian Olmecs of Olmecca, who are authentic Arthiest AmeriAfrindians, native-natural indigenous inhabitants, called Indians in English language wording, are also We’s & Us’s. Those who left our original creative artworks as positive proofs, efficient-effectual evidence existing right now today. And as the name America came into being known on the geographical map; so be it, fine and dandy!

Nevertheless the slavers are now themselves slaves. And, this entire empire of Eu-Rope-an blood sucking vampires, is hatefully held hostages in bondage by bias bogus bigots, hatemonger hypocrites, and racist renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religion.  A reflective reality of what they concocted. The truest Slave Master of all HueMainity, living upon the planetary sphere earth. A METAL VIRONXZ, Psychogen = “mental virus”; infecting, infesting the gene-pool, contaminating our originating blood lines and clean cultured cells, melanin membranes and corrupting our bright brilliant brains. Due to duping, bribing, brainwashing! They forced their bad blood line and degenerating genes upon We’s & Us’s!!

Unknowingly or  knowingly, unintentionally or intentionally, unwittingly or wittingly, The United States President Barack Hussein Obama-Abraham Lincoln; is the reincarnation, rebirth, reborn benefit blessing bestowed biological bodily being: Multiplex-Rayzial-reality. An A+ Son of SUNGODD DEITY, as well as I AM  The Original Creative ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Avatar Avenger via Arch Angel Ark Ankh Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra, of Z-Blac-Keyz and of Z-BlackRayz!!!
He do not necessarily; Know, all of these things in their truest sense. Howsoever, it is my job, courageous career comminssion calling cause, to reveal and to portray the pictures to yawls. PanorAfricAspora!
Ya see, crystal clear, how that Africans in America, z-blackxz, z-bluexz, z-brownxz, pigmented people are under violently vicious attacks. Adversarial assualts, while some senseless, soulless sisters, and so said ‘Black brothers’, still stay stuck stupidly, on these foreign invasions as dietary deceivers, demonic dietitians and nasty nose negative nutritionist Negras. Adopting an antagonist asinine ass alien agent, that in essence, is Anti-Africa. They embrace evil enemy energy entities, Eurasian-CaucAsian criminally corrupt culinary concepts and idiotic ideologies. Bringing them back inside the under-class communities of color complexions, claiming to be experts, authorities, university scholars, college educated ‘Negroes’! These are ya truest N…WORDS!!
Politicized profiteers vs Original Occupyneers. Attempting to dictate dietary dinner dishes; Veganism & Vegetarianism, to those of us who eat meats, animal flesh + fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, grains, dairy. Yes, doing so at liberty, generating, healthy holistic, healing humored happiness, as we please with genuine joy. Equals = SPIRITIOUS Solar Sexus SOUL FOOD DIVINE!
Albeit, better beneficially blessed, “Obama Care”, as I’ve envisioned and imagined, shall surely serve societies as a Savior. Finally feed the fallen flocks through what I have named to be, The USAA+PROMISED LANDS FEEDERATION!!! Equals = free food, full fledged financial freedom = $$$

Racist Eu-Rope-an WhitTie sociopath supremacy
Polarized Poem:

The main problem with humanity; Is Sociopath Supremacy Superiority insanity. Invidious insidious inhumanity_ A seriously severe sickness syndrome; Infecting indigenous inhabitants where over they roam; Messing up and down generational genetic-genome; Sinister societies of Satanists in Europe and the USA here at home._
Caucasian Caucasoid citizens commonly can call; Naming themselves as “Whites” being superiorly supreme above all; Effectually enslaving everybody who refused to install; Prejudiced personalities the throne of their imaginary “God” to enthrall; Drawing and paining portrait pictures to appall; Made in an angry Anglo-American image on a racist recall; Wicked witchcrafts whipping WhitTie walls; Hatemongers lynching hanging living humans they halls; Enslaved Africoidians in the Americas I say truthfully to y’all; To summon total destruction and their terrorist down fall.__
Black Superiority Supremacy, has historically to this present day, been paralleled paradigms, piecing political posteriors; to “White Supremacy”. These alleged and assumed “all Black” based beliefs, are regressive, regenerative religions and reactions to Renegade Rouge Reptilian Race Religion. Not real revolutionaries, butt, Reactionaries!

Meaningless militant mentalities, only fighting against other African Americans, Negroes, Colored People and N..words. Intentionally intimidating the most vulnerable, susceptible sectors of social settings, already sickened societies. The indigent, impoverished poor down trodden mass melaninated membrane members. So seriously severely subjected sufferers!


YES: “Thomas Jefferson (April 13, 1743 (April 2, 1743 O.S.) – July 4, 1826) was an American Founding Father, the principal author of the Declaration of Independence (1776) and the third President of the United States (1801–1809). At the beginning of the American Revolution, he served in the Continental Congress, representing Virginia and then served as a wartime Governor of Virginia (1779–1781). Just after the war ended, from mid-1784 Jefferson served as a diplomat, stationed in Paris. In May 1785, he became the United States Minister to France.”
RACIST: Thomas Jefferson said that “Blacks smelled bad and were physically unattractive”’ And openly proclaimed that the enslaved Negroidian of Africa; “Blacks” were “inferior” to the supremely “superior” Americanized Anglo Saxons. “Whites” Yet he had a 13yrs old African teenage girl as his sex slave, and at 16yrs old she was impregnated, got pregnant by him as his mistress. By today’s laws that’s a felony act, crime of Statutory Rape. What a contradictory crazed Caucasian male, and blatant bigot! He also said that we were requiring “less sleep” than others, to justify working his slaves unmercifully, even unto their timely deaths. No question he, just as his peers were inhumane and psychotically insane! Holistory Heritage Health pt5 .

YES EARNED HEROIC HONORABLE SALUTE: John Brown (May 9, 1800 – December 2, 1859) was an American abolitionist who believed armed insurrection was the only way to overthrow the institution of slavery in the United States.[1] During 1856 in Kansas, Brown commanded forces at the Battle of Black Jack and the Battle of Osawatomie.[1] Brown’s followers also killed five pro-slavery supporters at Pottawatomie.[1] In 1859, Brown led an unsuccessful raid on the federal armory at Harpers Ferry that ended with his capture.[1] Brown’s trial resulted in his conviction and a sentence of death by hanging.”

COURAGEOUS Caucasian Caucasoidian Character: “Brown’s attempt in 1859 to start a liberation movement among enslaved African Americans in Harpers Ferry, Virginia electrified the nation. He was tried for treason against the Commonwealth of Virginia, the murder of five men and inciting a slave insurrection. He was found guilty on all counts and was hanged. Southerners alleged that his rebellion was the tip of the abolitionist iceberg and represented the wishes of the Republican Party to end slavery. Historians agree that the Harpers Ferry raid in 1859 escalated tensions that, a year later, led to secession and the American Civil War.”
                                              DeiTrix DieTrix_colorDeoTrox DoeTrix_color ned image
your front designyour back design
The Alex Jones Show said: “Jesus said this”; alleging and assuming that he ever existed. He also has good intentions, colorblind foolish faith following faulty “Founding Fathers” fiction, fallacy fairytales, fraud in fact lies of leading lost liars!

Yes Chriyst is HorusHeart Divinity. “Jesus never lived as biblically believed as a bio-bodily being. Therefore are; “The Globalists” & “The New World Order” not trying to rid the planet of these religious racists? Are all of these Christians of Christianity, Islamic Muslims, Jewish Judaism worshipers, of the “Luciferians” “Sethians” and radicalized Reptilian Religion Race?

I profess that anybody still stuck stupidly blindly believing in a human bio-bodily being by the name “Jesus world2.gif Christ” as Lord & Savior & “God”; is actually feeble minded. Deserving of demonic death and  devilish destruction!  The very same Satinic Sociopahty that has historically and is still destroy human lives, today, all around our optical; GLOBAL WORLD NATIONS!
Wiped off of the surface of planetary sphere Mother Nature Earth and Her Healty Healing VegePlanTerRain. Purifying, purging, people’s psychological poisons, physiological pollution politics, perverse populations = continental containment controls = eliminations, executions, exterminations, extinctions = evil enemy Eu=Rope-an Eugenics!!
“Eve’s Bayou” dvd
Alex Jones also personally proclaimed online, today Monday, June 24, 2013… 1:45 pm, talking to a lady calling in to tell her story about some alleged: “Blacks”; young teenagers standing in front of her and family’s car. Stopping them from leaving, while calling them negative names of insulting sorts? She said they eventually drove off, as the youngsters through some rocks at them leaving, etc.  Surely she saved herself serious head aches, and troubles with the law. By getting the Hades hell flaming fires out of Dodge City. Simply putting some distance between her vehicle and those threatening or causing fears. Real or imagined!
Trigger happy hater hog head Alex went ballistic. Giving this “White Woman” blatantly bad advice and Satanist strong sinister suggestions. He loudly proclaimed “reverse racism”! Which is their own racism in and of itself!

In overreaction, Alex Jones said that if these “Blacks” had stood in front of his vehicle, that he would have ran/run over them! Which would have been first degree murders; under the Supreme Law of the Land. Warrenting The Death Penalty herein The State of Texas. The US Constitutional Rights of every citizen of America; to freedom of Speech, to express themselves, without his Terroristic Threats of committing homicides!
SUICIDAL: He went on to vehemently say; that if anybody threatens him or his family, wife and children, then he will not hesitate to shoot them dead! Apparently as accused, he and many other militia, are aiming their assault riffles at African Americans and people of coloration cosmetic complexions. FACT!

BUTT; here we are again with angry-Anglo-American Al Qaeda = WhitTie males militaristic mentalities. Firearms, weapons wicked witchcrafts, gun lover psychopath persons, prompting the United States Federal Government to disarm these terrorist tactical “Crackers”! Criminally crazy Caucasian Caucasoidians!

The gallant call of Calvary: Led by Courageous Commander Chief US. President Barack Hussein Obama Abraham Lincoln. And if in factual truth; Alex and his mad militia men want bloodly Urban Race Riots & Civil War; America At Guerrilla Warfare, then let the good games go; ‘bring it on’, commense the sporting events, so be it!
By the way, when an individual feels “threatened”; are they hysterically hateful, in the first place? Do they have mental problems such as fears and phobias of darker toned shaded Americans? Have so said “Whites” ever enslaved, entrapped, captured, tormented, tortured these mad youths herein the USA? Are the Anglo-American jails and prisons filled with innocent, non-violent Afrindians, Indigenous Inhabitant Indians, AmeriAfrindians today?

YAWLS DECIDE: Should Alex Jones come up or come down?!

Peregrine Poem:

Beware that false leaders will always attempt; To tell y’all that their religious ministers are equally exempt._ From public scrutiny seafaring shrimps; Political pollution poisons pushing prostitute physician pimps; To get you to accept their legal legged limps; With whining wicked witchcraft WhiTie wimps._Prosonxz_color
Terroristic Threats are thrown out at weaker brothers and soulful sisters by the arrogantly ambitious aggressors, evil enemy energy entity egoists. Using high volume vulgarity, fear inducing profanity, ugly worded obscenity. In high hopes of influencing or forcing them to join one of their “Black Liberation” alleged armies of asinine asses. Making people of cosmetic coloration complexions, frightfully fearful of not naming themselves as being bio-bodily “Black”! So yawls better BEWARE!

Priosnxz_color neg image

Polarity Poem:

Yes I’ve made my distinction between truths and lies; The Whitexz opposing the wicked witch whipping WhitTies._ Those who I’ve deemed decreed divinely do dies; Due to the rapid increasing hot-heat that fatally fries; Cream colored cosmetic complexioned citizens cancer cells cries.__
Corrosive corruptions is infecting infesting the Federal – State and local levels. Continental and countrywide contaminations, circulated all around the nation and worldwide. Inclusively infiltrating the complete community citizenry, county and city. The filthy rich, wealthy and impoverished poor!
Those who have hoarded up lots of gold, anticipating on the collapsed U.S. dollar and financial foundations…, are in for a wide awakening weather wrath. It would be unfair to those of us without gold owned, so we are preparing authentic artworks as a supportive supplement security and digitized dollar. Capital Cash Currency collateral backing banking bills.

Overall and in general and an aggregate whole, collective group, the Americanized Anglo-Saxons of the USA, States and Federal Government, fail fatally on all political promises, promissory notes, and refused to govern, themselves by the established, legislated laws, rules and regulations. Especially, expressly as it concerns and pertains to Africans in the America United States.

The U.S. Treasury, International Monetary Fund, World Bank bogus bond._ Financial Institutions created creditable, believable debts; Misfortune for themselves terroristic threats._ And the so said Euro-White people. Direly desperate for their thieving terrorist survival satanist steeple, They colluded in contrived coalition conspiracy to keep economics unequal._ Devilishly decided to formulate alien agent almameda; An evil Eu-Eope-an Anglo-American Al Qaeda; To legally and lawfully enslave Africans of America._ AmeriAfindians living upon the North American continent; Systemic systematic slavery silently sent._


Via the Prison Industrial Complex; Criminalized compound concentration camps convex._ A Modern Day Underground Legalized Slave Trade Market; And Jailhouse Prisoner Corruption Racket!!!
Yes the Criminal Justice System of injustice Rayzially profiled against Americanized Africans; is also, linked, connected, locked up with Wall Street Stock Markets; Stockholders, Corporate conglomerate corruptions, criminalities and countrywide crooks.
In fact of reality, I have actual Legal Documentations Stating the replies, responses to several of my respectful request, for a full Federal Bureau Investigation of the high incarceration ratio-rates of Africans in America. I wrote the United States Attorney General Office, and Civil Rights Division repeatedly. And they claimed that my Constitutional Case did not meet their criteria, which requires the rights violations to be: ‘A Widespread Practice And Flagrant Pattern”!
Nevertheless, and I kept informing them that this is exactly what was taking place, from county to city cross-country of the USA. Sending them specific and strictly discipline evidential proofs. And they persisted to deny our petitions, ignored our written letters thus denying justice to the falsely accused, wrongfully arrested, unlawfully detained, illegally incarcerated, indicted, forced confessions of criminal guilt in coercive plea bargain agreements, framed convictions and pretentious prison sentences. Occurring from the early-mid 1990s until this very same date: Tuesday, May 28, 2013…3:59 pm. San Antonio, Texas timeline.

HADES Hell flaming forest fires NO, I will never forgive them, give these racist criminals a Pass, nor their terrorist system of the sinister snake serpent SATAN! Period.

“ACT NOW TO STOP WAR AND END RACISM” = A.N.S.W.E.R.: NYC fast-food workers in historic fight for unionization. Tell President Obama: Insist that Congress raise the minimum wage to $15! Tell friends, family and co-workers to take action!

New York City fast-food workers rally, 11-29-2012

“Today, hundreds of fast-food workers across New York City made history when they boldly decided to strike and protest the mega-billion dollar corporations that employ them. They demanded respect, their right to organize, and an end to poverty wages, which cannot even cover the basic necessities of life.”

butt ass-3BUTT Appropriately Appeal vs Protest & Demon-strate: Positive Plus+ they also have a right to self-respect by owning their business enterprises, entrepreneurial industries, just like the heroic Honored Marcus Mossiah Garvey, and other self-loving Africoidians emphasized and illustrated by actually doing! And CK-NWCA, is an equal opportunity to start small and grow large ownership. Artworks. So who’s responsible for “Blacks”; “Negroes” going so far astray?
“While the CEOs and investors take in billions, food-service workers are all too often sleeping in shelters and relying on social services to feed their children.” I say that’s true to some extent, butt, believe my telling y’all that by keeping on raising the salaries of lower, middle, upper class citizens, effectually equals economic Inflation!
0d7e2d2672034b08The more money made, minimum wage raises, the more the cost of living goes upwards, the food prices increases respectively-resulting in a constant cycle, Capital Cash Currency clash-collision-crash. Devalued Dollar bills and bankruptcy. People are simply greedy, glutonous, never getting enough. And the finalizing fatality is required to force them to Stop-Point-Blank-Period. The system has reached its pressure points, and is about to explode and implode!!
WHAT’S NEW? “The company takes advantage of their workers’
 vulnerability by threatening them with replacement if they dare to speak back or organize. Workers have already been illegally fired in NYC for having had the courage to try to collectively organize with their co-workers – a legally protected right.”
And I say in these helpless-defenseless cases, shut the hell up, be quiet, save ya money, live within your monetary means, lay-low, until a better day. Why keep getting all emotionally upset, argry, madly insane, when one only has to get even and go ahead on upwards as Africa’s Ascendants. This is wisdom! Besides, ‘Obama care’ covers your survival and nothing else!

THINK: Meanwhile you are on welfare-food stamps, SNAP, jobless-unemployed, learn how valuable it is to study to show yourself approved unto your Cosmic CREATOR. Teach yourselves how to learn, new lessons, art forms, that pays off handsomely in the present and future. Stay at home and develope your native-natural gifts of grace, truer talents. Utilize your time laid off, fired from work, to uplift other organic options, pursue positive purposes to produce profits fairly, honestly and culturally cleansed!

Since African Americans are being portrayed up-front, Blackface, on these news reports, it grossly distrorts reality, that there are all types of skin colors, RAYZIAL complexions, ethnic groups working in the fast food industires. And therefore, Wexz & Usxz are no longer the captive slaves trying to save everybody else, so called “minorities” = minors. And has grown up to mature adults, who have learned lessons, that self-sufficiency solves these discriminatory paycheck problems. Period.
                                                       New York City fast-food workers rally, 11-29-2012New York City fast-food workers rally, 11-29-2012New York City fast-food workers rally, 11-29-2012
I AM Son of SUNGODD DEITY, our officiating Guide Arm Barrier, and I vehemently profess, that these good intentioned ‘African American Blacks’, are out of regimented ranks. No truthful leaderships nor Divinely Decreed Guidance & Direction; expressly, by COLOR KINGDOM NWCA. Has been led remotely astray, to think or believe that anybody cares about their personal problems; infirmities, shortcomings. Pull ya selves up by your own bootstraps, shoe strings, belts, neck ties!
Basically because they don’t care and are not compassionately concerned. Politically propagandized public people,minds are polluted, poisoned and are desensitized, don’t feel sorry for subjected victims, whatsoever, in the minutest least. So grow up!  Cease being cry badies. Be grateful for what little ya do have and no longer worry about that in which you are without. Tuff love it out and in and what’s up?!
Y’all Know now, that the overall in general slave masters ship sinks with everyone else aboard. So learn how to swme to safety or drown or die trying! Equals =  STRUGGLE & STRIVE + SURVIVE!!!
Painting Poem:
To the enlighten: Nothing seems to frighten._ The mind of our delighted; Sparkling sunspots sovereignty lighted; Every dull mentality blighted._ Uplifting the spirit so sensibly sighted; Seeing is believing internally unsighted; Future fortunes friendly invited.__
RELIGIOSITIES, are all regressive, recessive, repressive. Technically considered to be junk, garbage, dirty dumps, terrestrial territorial tissue trash. Collectively citizenries that has allowed themselves to stay stupidly stuck, on westernized wicked WhitTie witchcrafts, are also being targeted for an acute continental cleansing, circumstantial compelling cure!

TALENTED TECHNOLOGIES: taking time to take over orderly operations, conscious communications. Citizens continents containment controls, is a mandated must. Religions in their every conceivable conjured concoctions, causes corrosive cancers, criminal corruptions. Hold hostage humankind, to falsified, fraud in fact lies of leading lost liars!
WEXZ & USXZ: KNOW vs. Believe, in the cosmologies, technologies, of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. Perfectly paralleling “The New World Order”!



“I Feel The Angel of Death Flying Over My Head!” (Alex Jones 6-26-2013…2:16 pm)

ALEX JONES SHOW: He sells some seriously severe Satanic stuff. Frightful fears facing humanity due to technologies. His takes on this subject is negative, adversely antagonistic against advancing and ascending Arthiest Actionaries.

Everything and everybody is involved with tyranny, tactical techniques in tormenting tortures. Howsoever, he has his positive points too. Butt, technologies, started back in ancient ancestral All Alpha-Alkebulan Africa. And somebody, a western Eu-Rope-an “White” male or man or men, who looks just like he does, are the sole ones perverting the sciences. If it’s not one of them, then it’s the others! Commonly called Caucasian Caucasoidians!
Meanwhile We’s & Us’s are moving on farwards and upwards, artfully applying technological talent tools to tell the total truths 100%+. In spite of sinister scientists, sorcerers, sneaky stealthy snake serpents of the systemic system SATAN!


NO No no, Wexz & Usxz will not disarm ourselves, until there is MitiAfrica installed, instituted, incorporated inside our Occupyneers Africanized American communities, inner-city urban neighborhoods. The existing State Laws prohibiting possession of firearms, does not have Africoidians in America, best interests at heart. Regardless of the influx of arms inside impoverished-poor neighborhoods. Designed destruction, engineered homicides, murders, bloody killings = “Black on Black Crime & Violence”. Due to invidious- insidious Institutionalized Racism!

Nevertheless, nobody in their right melaninated minds can afford to trust the Ku Klux Klan mentalities, menacing mean mindsets; often in local city-county cops, petty police patrols, law enforcement uniforms and strapped plain cloths, undercover racists, wicked witchcraft WhitTie Sociopath Supremacist Sheriffs & Corrupt Chiefs!!

Howsoever, I Am not an advocate of packing handguns, open-concealed weapons, legally or illegally. Not for the community cops nor for the citizens. Everybody is to be disarmed of pistols gunpowder firearms, all together; baring none!

Only Officially Ordained Military Men; Weaponized & Authorized Actionaries; of The FREEDERATION. Instead of The Federation Unionists U.S. Government. Which has earned an adversarial, antagonist reputation, record of oppression – repression – depression, of Civil Rights & HueMainRights!

Riffles, assault semi-automatic and automatic are strictly, and specifically permitted – possessed by the above stated strategic STATUTES, military machine might. Every district, zone, ethnic-racial community, has its own Occupyneering military police force, reflecting their individual skin coloration, common complexions. As an aggregate whole!

Moreover, the general overall citizenries can buy, keep, have at home in their private possessions, air guns, standard sizes such specifics as bb = pellet pistols of this caliber. Enough to ward off an attacker without excessive force, unnecessarily overpowering an intruder – trespasser – transgressor. No so called rubber bullets operated by gunpowder!

YES: It is good riddance that the middle class and upper class are being “taxed into oblivion”! Basically because, they, collectively, are irresponsible, in that the impoverished poor down trodden mass members are actually oppressed-repressed-depressed, by them, prejudiced people, Held hostages in Hades hell fires of financial confinement, controls without enough capital cash currency = ‘phased out value of dollar bills‘ = virtually worthless = $$$!

BUY NOW at the lowest performance price;  But beware of the mean market money masters mice; Distrust the deceitful Devils’ dirty demon dice;  Saving yourself making no suicidal sacrifice; Letting go of all the lazy leisurely licking lice; Yet serving some self-survival successful slice;  Natural nourishment nutritionally nice.__ Verifying vicious villains volatile vice;  Talents turnovers tow twin times twice.__  

“And by becoming the market; and not trying to beat it, your are the side of progress, growth and  expansion.” (Anthony Robbins)

CAP-IT-ALLY: Customers- Collectors – Counters = co-creating capital cash currency. Commonly called collecting coupons. Customary clippings = CapitAllysm. Center carbon core creation cradle. Completely cleansed cured causes, compassionate concerned – caring computer Cyber Children’s collegiate course curriculum; Command Central Cultivation.  

Diversified + Deified + Dignified:  Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs. Deliberated decisions, Decreed Divine Declarations. Deity’s Dimensional Domain.
Salvation Savings: Sacred Spiritious Symbols + Solar Sexus Soul Saving Songs – Spirit Sensations Sublime SOLARSUN Server Savior selling supervise sales, superstars supreme superior shopping stores. Safe – secure secret sanitary!
Required – Registered – Retained Receipts; = Your rights to receive Rare Rich Royalties + Reap Rendered Resources.

Purchasers Positive Proof of Purchase: Primary Principal Profit Protection. Prospectors  proved picturesque portfolio + prospective profitability – professional projections. Producing pure potency powered Phantom-Phatom-Physics1;  Paramount picture portrayals, providing pyramidal panorama phenomena + PanorAfricAspora! 

Foretelling – forecasting – forthcoming future fortunes + financially funded family foundations. Fortunetellers foremost founded faith + first full fledged funded financed freedom = $$$




Direct Link:

The Ultimate Ultra-Universal Unification: Bringing biological bodily beings, bonded + blended better beneficially baby born bestowed blessed. Coming cultured clean, correct, cured consummately. Creating classy capital cash currencies. Producing powerful portrait pictures!

Mercifully manufacturing, making more meaningful merchant money = 100%+ pure profit potency x first funded founded financial fortunes $$$

anima%20treasure%20chest.gifSimply Some Stepping Stones: Seemingly soulless societies, seeking, searching satisfactions, fighting fearlessly for financial fulfillment. Butt, enough economics is even not enough =$$$

Basically because, it has to be cleanly cultivated capital cash currency, purified + purged, of politicized – publicized pollution poisons – psychotic propaganda policy practices. Sanitized of sinister sciences, sorceresses, satanic sources. Becoming better beneficially bestowed blessed!

Whatsoever seeds sown, surely so shall one reap. In other plain-o-simplified words of wealthy wisdom, money has to be made mercifully. So that it has hearty health + wealth within. They’re innately intrinsic inputs – implants = internally invaluable.

Invest Interest Intelligently-Intellectually into Infinitive Immaculate Imagination; utilizing unity, understanding Ultimate Ultra-Universal Unification.       
The talented total truth telling trustworthy treasury; realized recipe reaping rare rich royalties, righteous returns, rendered resources = $$$
Esoteric Extraterrestrial: Environmental evolving evil energy enemy entities, entering every existence = each ecological – economical element = extremist executioners. 

COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, is our secure safe sacred sanctuary; SOLARSUN STATUTES Stored Stock Shares – Secret Savings The Highest Heavenly Haven. Healthy human household-hidden! 
BUTT BETTER BEWARE: None of the Wall Street Stock Markets, are securely safe for forthcoming future financial fatal fall. Sociopath Slave ships suddenly sunken shock shares – savings = $$$ Regenerative rising risks robbing raping investments and impeding interests. Imploding insurrections!
All Aboard CKNWCA, It is innately – intrinsically, neutral – negative + prospectively progressive positive + projecting protected premium principals. Lets say some simple samples; you’re at the bus stop or depot or train station or airport, ready to board. The vehicle is standing still, going nowhere yet; not moving, forwards nor backwards; upwards or downwards. For rational reasons, it’s time to load-up, paid purchases = PayLoadz per personage passenger percentage. Predictable paved pattern pathways providential proofed profitability =$$$
The capital cash currency carrier car coach, had to Stop-Point-Blank-Period; professional profiteers predatory profit productions. Due to overexposed overrating – overpopulating optimized options, obscene offenses, ongoing opponents opposition!

Takes off of the launching pad, superstar soaring skyrocketing success. Financial funds, fast-forwards and accelerating upwards, into our optimal-orbital objectives; 21st Century Cyber-Space-Age advancing accumulating affluence = $$$
“Past performances do not guarantee future results.” (A.Robbins 2014)

Oncoming offspring outcome; Investment interests insurance income; “We shall overcome”; Bestowed better benefits bountifully become.__
“No matter what anyone tells you, or sells you, there isn’t a single portfolio manager, broker, or financial adviser who can control the primary factor that will determine if our money will last.” (Anthony Tony Robbins 2014.)

BLACKRAYZ: Blessed Beliefs: Better bestowed baby born births – bio-bodily beings big banking bullish bucks backed by believing bounty buying Beauty Booty Butt Babes bio-balance’ best bargains.    

My Master Mind Melanin Messiahs; Mental Models. Manufacturing marketing methods, militarized money making means-modes – mechanisms. Manifesting materialized multimillionaires monuments – movements. Mutual mixing – mingling more meaningful music media = mastered mediums, micro-macro – mega – meta-Musics. 

Investors: Investing into inventive – innovative, instinctive – intuitive; Immaculate Imagination. Involving immediate intellectual inputs, innate – intrinsic – indwelling “Infinite Intelligence” Internalized introspection! Incoming investment interests incurring – increasing industry.

Insight & Foresight: Saying sanely – soundly – sensibly speculate, calmly-cautiously-carefully calculate, ecologically estimate and affluently anticipate. Talented timetables are though things, truly testing and testifying to time!
Now is the time to get in on the real; Rare richness royalties deal; Before it is safely securely seeking seal; Making more meaningful multimillionaires money meal; All aboard CK-NWCA today to teal – till; An exciting exhibition exploration thrill; Taking no  poisonous pharmaceutical prescript pill, For future freedom finances faithfully fulfill.__
This is no gutsy gambling game; ‘Thy Kingdom Come” as clearly came;  You have nobody other than yourself to blame;  For failing to faithfully follow fortunes fame; Now nationalized native name; Nothing negative or positive remain the same; Pay form the posted pictures along with their fitted frame.__
There’s no stacked deck; What the Hades hell heck;  100% Principal Protection guaranteed tech; No need to hang a noose around your neck; Playing around with the shyster snake pits poisonous peck;  Wisely withstand wealth’s wrathful weather wreck.__

Crystal clear conscious cognizant clarity; Compounding compassionate charity;  Producing primary principal protective parity.__ 

As the U.S. Dollar decline in true values and virtues, and worth, compounded by the over all general inflation. A high rising ratio-rate return on investment interests; implosion. Eating up all of your life’s savings! This is the negative nature of the barbaric behaving beasts, big boys banking bullies. They beat you down to the dirty ditches in financial defeat!
Wiping out an entire middle class category of collective citizens. Picking them off one by one, in separate societal sections, isolated groups. So as not to panic the human herds, causing a stamped, rebellious riots and civil war!
These are the losers, so sophisticatedly silenced, slowing and suddenly sunken, successfully subdued. Some so embarrassed and humiliated to death’ committing suicides; or even homicides of inhumane hate!
Therefore, I’ve consciously chose; not to and never try playing their gutsy gambling games. Butt better blessed by, co-creating CK-NWCA’S clean cultured conditions; so that caring and compassionate citizens can cumulatively cleanly cultivated capital cash currency.
Thus to truly saving money, completely cut off extra- excessive spending, buying and consuming far too much food. As the cost and prices goes up, I come down back to the greens grassroots grounds gainful growths = gallantry’s gratitude, gracious gifts.

COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, ARTISTCHD1, Abraham Lincoln movie, U.S. Presidents, Barack Hussein Obama, Slavery, Freedom, Emancipation Proclamation. Racist – Racism, prejudice, Civil War. Assassinations, murders, killings, shootings, homicides. Voting and elections, Washington, D.C. Capitol Hill Oval Office.

COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts Come = “Thy Kingdom Come” “For Thine Is The Kingdom, The Power And The Glory, Forever. Amen-RA Z-Blac-Keyz Z-BlackRayz + Son of SUNGODD DEITY AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD = Christrix Horusheart Divinity, “Behold I Make All Things New” ” And I Saw A New Heaven And A New Earth” Winter Solstice Dec.21, 2012 Spiritual Revelations







ArTrix = ArtisTrix anoint artistry = AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD ascendant all Alpha-Alkebulan Africa’s ancient ancestry + Arch Angel Ark Anchor Ankh Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra = Z-Blac-Keyz + Z-BlackRayz.

April 12, 2013
 Potent Poem

I’m so soundly sensibly smart: Until I realize that I am as a dumb down dart;; Yet I’m so soundly sensibly smart; Learnng lessons about how to fianima-spiral-colork.gifll up my shopping cart; And I am so dumbfounded until I realize that tort; I’m very much about an anuthentic sort: By creating COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts; For all caring, compassionate, loving hearts; So pretty please purchase our material marts;  Your T-shirts today true talented tarts; Sanely supporting some sacred starts, Doing your very smartest play performance parts.__
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ARTISTRIX + ARTRIX: Artistic Poem:

Art is a sovereign solar science: A systemic system needing no human reliance; As an Arthiest arranged all alliance; Its everlasting laws compels compliance; Cosmic core CREATOR’S conscience.__

Junior's Tees ~ Junior's Ringer T-Shirt ~ Article 12427107

Polite poem:

Total truth telling Tees; Shirts so soundly sensibly sees; Full fledge family founded freedom frees; The truest talents through tall trees; Bright brilliant brains blowing bravely by breeze; Fame fortunes finances freeze; Cold capital cash currency cleave; Healthy humans how happily heave.__

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Performance Poem:

Authentic authorized appointed anointed artistry; All Alpha-Alkebulan Africa’s ancient ancestry; Cosmic coloration complexion chemistry: And this is the opposite of a radical religious ministry: It’s intelligently intellectual inventoried industry; Tong twisting talented textured tapestry; Actualized ArTrixitry and ArtisTrixitry.__

ArTrix-ArtisTrix_color neg image



Precept Poem

CosmiColoRayz; Picture perfect praise; Daring delightful daze; Holistic helpful healing happy humored hoorays, Wealthy with wiser wisdom ways: Rare rich royal resource revenue rays; Anointed artworks actually amaze.__

Product Details

 ~ 378 …..


Penetrating Poem

Those who willfully serve; CKNWCA’s with courage and nerve: Can catch clean cultured capital cash currency curve; And financial fortunes that they truly deserve; So dare to steer straight never to swerve; By boldly bravely buying righteous revenue reserve.__

CosmiColoRayz_color neg image



People’s Poem

Dietary dinner dishes delightful desserts; Actionary artworks actually asserts; Excelling energies efficient efforts experts; Infinite immaculate imagination intellectual intelligent inserts.__

 ~ 378

Protection Poem:

Choose your dietary dinner dishes based on your body’s being; And never permit others tell you what you’re seeing; Unless they know what they are talking all about agreeing, Basically because profiteers peering; Pseudo-science is fakery’s foolish freeing; You from your money made hard earn kneeing; Thus truly trust transparency truths totally told Teeing.__

Private Poem

Deified diet decreed divine: So she said sovereignty sublime; Rare rich royalties renders refine; Decorative designs do deliberately define: Delightfully delivers dishes dollars dimes; True talents testing through trusting times; Meals made meaningful mostly multimillionaire mines; Long lasting leading love life light locks lines.__

DeoTrox DoeTrix_color ned image

 Personal Poem:

Your life do depend upon what you eat fat and lean: So choose culinary cooking cosines customary clean: Letting nobody dictate dietary delights the way that they deem; Knowing how that our decisions shouldn’t accept those mean; Minded women and men who wish they had a talented team; As I’ve eaten energized esteem: Whatsoever I wanted based on my biological body’s gene.__


Prophetic Poem”

Cyber-Jazz-Blues-RapP; Homemade grassroots music played from the HipP & LapP; Happy humor, healing health with a holistic handclap; Helping humans indeed do adjust and adapt; To the concurring changes of testing times to tap; Dance do the delighted dap; All across our global geographic map.__

 ~ 378

Punctual Poem:

In factual reality yes: There’re those talking bad about excess_ Hip Hop ghetto gangster rap: Complaining constant crap, Whining with a wicked witchcraft wrap; Socio-economic guilty gap: But better beneficially blessed CyberJazzBluesRapP; Cures corporatist corruptions from the HipP & LapP!!__


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 Providence Poem:

ArtistrucTrix: Constructive creative composition complex; Fortunate financed founded fame fix; Fine fit feminine figured female Felix; Mental model Mother Madam Matriarch MaaTrix; Manifested materialized matter matrix._

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Seriously sexy she shirts; Blouses and classy-sassy skirts; Fine fit feminine figured female flirts; Softly smiling smirks; Joking jumping jack jerks; Flattered feelings that never does hurt; Attractive attributes arriving artistic alerts.__

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Perceptive Poem

Arthiest appointed anointed Actionaries; As opposed to politicized religious reactionaries; Computerized cosmic CREATOR’S contemporaries; Leading love life light locks lords legendaries; Sacred Spiritious sanctuaries; Ancient ancestral artistic actuaries.__

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Project Poem:

I’m saying to you that energy exist: And to myself in this mindful midst; How we can create causes conclusively consist; Originating our references really resist; The things that tries to twist: Truth totally told to us I insist; That you check out my designed T-shirts lovable list.__


Person Poem

Repressive Racial prejudice’; Now truly transformed into Rayzial preference; People’s personalized preferred presence; Choosing consciously causing correct conscience; Cosmetic color-complexions concurrence; Rightly really RAYZ reference._ 

Arthiest_color neg image


 Pure Poem

CreaTrix center carbon core creations; All around our orbiting Global-World-Nations; Genes great grand gifted genius generations; Giving graciously globalizations; Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR’S conglomerations

 ~ 453

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Potent Poem:

Clean cultured curing CreatoRayz; Cosmetic complexions ColoRayz; Superficial shin FeatuRayz; Center carbon core creation cradle craze; Realized realities radiant rays; Anointed Arthiest Atom Amen-Rayz; Of Z-BlackRayz.__

 ~ 453

Purpose Poem:

SunGodDeity: The one only optical originality; Cosmic combustible chemistry creativity; Energetic explosive entity; Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra activity.__

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Women's T-Shirts ~ Women's Slim Fit T-Shirt by American Apparel ~ Article 12414566
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Purpose Poem:

SunGodDeity: The one only optical originality; Cosmic combustible chemistry creativity; Energetic explosive entity; Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra activity.__

SUNGODD_color neg image


Philosophy Poem:

Spiritic vs Politics; Pretty portrait picture picks; No gambling games nor democratic tricks; But better blessed building blocks and bricks; Leading love life light locks licks; True talents testing times that ticks; Worldly wealthy wisdom with wicks; Politicians poisonous propaganda pricks; Replaced by positive productive Promocratics:___ 

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 Products 1 to 1 of 1

Women's T-Shirts ~ Women's Fitted Classic T-Shirt ~ Article 12414414
 Protective Poem:

The sacred secreted Spiritics; Proving that the published pollution poisons of politics; Are very villainous psychotics; Addictive adversaries as narcotics; But believe my telling y’all about Artistics and Afroinics; Spiritualized sayings so soundly specimen specifics.__

SPIRITICS_neg image


Spiritics_neg image reb blood




Point Poem:

Sovereign SoulTrix; Sacred sanctuary SpiriTrix; Fortune foundational financial fix; My MASTER1 multi-media mix; Talented terrestrial territorial transfix; Holistory’s healthy healing helix.__ 

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Women's T-Shirts ~ Women's Fitted Classic T-Shirt ~ Article 12414355
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Purity Poem:

Solar Sexus Soulmates: Helping heal human hates; Mass mental model mistakes; Made mad mates; By phonies, pretenders and fakes; But better beneficial blessed bates; Are our delightful daring dates; Cured clean cultured crates; Carrying corrected cultural cakes; For financial fitness fortune fates.__ 

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Our USAA+ PROMISED LANDS = World War 3+4_Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD = Ancient Africoidian Africa’s Ancestry + Artistry_COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts = Arch Angel Ark Ankh Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra Z-Blac-Keys + Z-BlackRayz!

December 1, 2012



The Re-Elect U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, proclaimed that this is the United States and it always will be The United States!! Butt, believe my telling y’all the total truths, he do not necessarily KNOW, what the hell upon planet earth he’s talking about! Period.

The dis-United States of Anglo-America Al Qaeda is already heading for Urban Race Riots & Civil War + America At Guerrilla War! And also, Barack has no true knowledge about his personal assignment, anointing and appointing. Colorblind to his Divinely Decreed destiny, Devil Dam-nation!!

The dis-United States of America Anglo-Al Qaeda, as I’ve envisioned, being broken up into smaller countries-counties-cities, of self-determination, self-governance.

No such thing as “all Black”; this-that or the other. Only our originating organic organisms: Multiplex-Rayzial-Body biological balanced beings. And of the Electromagnetic Field ColorComPlexTrix = z-blackxz, z-bluexz, z-brownxz, z-whitexz, z-pinkxz pigment people’s public planetary populations.

Our Unified Statutes of America + Africa = USAA+ PROMISDED LANDS.

The decent good GREAT WHITE HOPE ABOLITIONIST Minded Men & Women, fighting fearlessly, for full foundational financial freedoms, from State & Federal U.S. Government tyranny. Although, We’s & Us’s see State tyranny everyday of the week, month and year. “White Supremacy”!

Therefore, it is extremely hard if not impossible to unite with so called Caucasian Caucasoid citizens, overall and in general. Meaning that the divide conquest of the American citizenry, social-society, has effectually been achieved. Successfully served to ensure disunity, distrust and disagreements!

So then the U.S. Federal Government, President Barack Hussein Obama, Commander In Chief, is advancing, advantageously, as avatar avenger! As it is well written: “Let My People Go, Or Else”; face Urban Race Riots & Civil War; America At Guerrilla War!

Thereby summoning the Lord & Savior & Melanin Messiah, to come riding in on his ‘Half Black & Half White’ Horse “Mutts Like Me”! The New World Order Abraham Lincoln, ancient biblical Moses, ‘Jesus Christ’, to set the poor-impoverished, enslaved captives free unto the perfect law of liberty.

Defeating the number one Evil Enemy Energy Entity: State of Texas Criminal Injustice Illegal System Satanists. Setting all entrapped, enslaved people of color, melanin members, dark shaded skinned soul sisters, blackish-brownish brothers of Africa’s ascension at civic liberty. Yes jailed, incarcerated, imprisoned Africans in America; expressly, on petty Crack Rock Cocaine cases, fraudulent felony forced confessions, coercive convictions. Plea Bargains based bogusly on intimidation and induced Fear!

In these Redneck Racists’ Modern Day Underground Legalized Slave Trade Market; Jail House Prisoner Corruption Racket!!!

Righteously reverse all illegal-unlawful court cases of being in possession of a so called “Controlled Substance”. Reverse each and every imposed indictment, sentencing laws of tyranny, based on arbitrary arrests, unconstitutional searches and seizures of body persons, private possessions. Through all of these felicitous felony convictions of a racial hatred.., and restore our original HueMainKind HueMainRights!

Unfortunately, “White” males such as Mr. Alex Jones, talk show radio program, don’t realize these truths as stated herein. Yet he has a major part of the perplexing puzzle. While missing out on other Blac-Keyz and correct combination of causes, circumstances, climatic conditions. Him not yet realizing that the racist redneck radicals, who have armed themselves, did so initially to try to intimidate African & Mexican Americans. Thus to shoot and kill people of melanin color-complexions. As local city-county cops, Sheriffs, Police-Chiefs, and regular angry Anglo-American Al Qaeda corrupt crooks!

Therefore, We’s & Us’s need mean military forces, foreign and domestic, to come to our rescues. Civil War is inevitable to compel these “succeeded” from the Union; Private Prisons, insurrection-commonly called Correctional Centers, operated, ran by petty police “pale faces”; again: to “Let My People Go”!!! Freely released from the Prison Industrial Complex!

Disarming the Southern States has a melanin mandate. First and foremost of all others, has to loose their civil rights to own and carry a firearm, weapon of any gunpowder type. Assault rifles, shotguns, automatic, handguns too! The very same manner in which they systematically robbed ‘African American Blacks’ of our self-defense weapons. What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander! Karma, what goes around comes back around! ‘The chickens comes back home to roast‘, nest, and lay hens eggs. Yes colorful Easter Sunday; The First Coming of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, and ‘The Second Coming of United States President Barack Hussein Obama! Having gallantry, holding the moral high Battleground of Calvary!!!

“Restoring The Republic”; reinstating the States Constitutions, Declaration of Independence, fraudulent “Founding Fathers” that Americanized Africans keep on hearing, means absolutely nothing! Who wants to return to physical slavery, “Black Exclusionary Laws” “Black Enslavement Laws”; Jim Crow Segregation Laws? Nobody in their right minds do! What wealth, riches do Wexz & Usxz has to conserve?

Reinstating, reinstalling, restoring our original organisms HueMainRights, of HueMainKind, and under one HueMainLaw!!!

Likewise, if this means that the States are strategically defeated, destroyed, in the surreptitiously midst, that the U.S. Federal Government, has been brought by, or overpowered by big banks, of “The Globalist”; then too bad, so be it!

Let us completely comprehend USA’s history of hatemongering, hangings, wicked witchcraft WhitTie whip Crackers, Eu-Rope-ans around Negroes necks, then lynched, set to fire blazes, beatings, burning bodies, maimed and murdered unmercifully!

Now today, they are loosing everything owned, in their possessions as valuables, weapons, farms and ranches, livestock and agriculture.

Yes Mr. Alex Jones, Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul, Jesse F. …Dr. Vierra?, “Patriots”; “Constitutional Lawyers“, and many others, are being informed to what they are actually up against. And in fact “The States are racists” Ku Klux Kkan; mentalities = fact of reality!

Those so said “Constitutional Principles” never applied to those of Ascendant Africa here in America. Considered less than a human being; under the law of unequal protection and no due process of law, for We‘s & Us‘s. So then to see succession and witness these States suffer from their own White Supremacy Superiority Sociopathy, it’s a celebration time! Halleluiah, Atom Amen-Ra. Praise the Lord & Solar Savior SUNGODD DEITY!

Conscious Con-Science Cosmic CREATOR: Ya see what I’m saying, there are powerful forces of the Ethereal Realm That Be, overseeing these worldly affairs. (extraterrestrials) Including, controlling, the U.S. Presidency, Oval Office, Capitol Hill Washington D.C. Has harness the Pentagon, Military machine might, Army-Navy-Air Force – Marines.

Still slaves, never has been set free at last, so then I pray tell yawls, NOW, TODAY, is the time! To escape, runaway, burn the corporatist plantations down, and even beat the bloody brains out of sorry suckers, stooges, sellout Black Jackass Uncle Toms, Sambos & Self-haters!!!

Son of SUNGOD + Our USA PROMISED LAND = Unified Statutes of AmeriAfrindica + Africa by AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD ascendant ancient ancestral African-Africoid via ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts pt3

World War 3+4 by ArtistCHD tracks 1-5 vocal + musical Cyber-Jazz-Blues-RapP; HipP & LapP!!

1. ArtistCHD– WorldWar_p1-s1a_m (12:00)

2. ArtistCHD– WorldWar_p1-s2b_m (12:54) 

3 ArtistCHD– WorldWar_p1-s3c_m (11:23)  

4 ArtistCHD– WorldWar_p1-s4d_m (11:52)

5 ArtistCHD– WorldWar_p1-s5e_m (12:23)

YES I Am The Original Creative ArtistCHD Avatar Avenger Son of SUNGODD DEITY Arch Angel Ankh Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra; of Z-Blac-Keyz and of Z-BlackRayz!!

My mastermind melanin messiah mental models, militarized methods. Expressly defining the meanings of newly created words of wealthier wisdom. Paralleling paradems/paradigms.

Yet Wexz & Usxz now know who and what is termed racism and racists. And these truths shall surely, seriously hurt or harm human being who did not know that they were actually practicing political policies of, racism’s renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religions!

I’ve made a meaningful shift away from calling We’s & Us’s Africoidians of the Americas and Africa, a “Race”. Butt, better beneficially bestowed blessed by being of Z-RAYZ! I’m dealing with chemistries, physics, scientific artistries: sunrays, light-rays, color-rays, x-rays, gamma-rays. Those give people coloration complexions, plants and animals as living organisms.

Contagious contamination: By many of those traitors who tell you how much they love you, love blackness, and things that would distract one’s attention, from who and what they truly are = misleaders! Knowingly and unknowingly, intentionally and unintentionally, wittingly and unwittingly. The negative realities, results are just a bad as ever, even worse!

Religious racism roots = the real roots to racism! Plus+ each and every religiosity that followed in suit, resulted as extensions – branches – limbs – twigs – leaves; to ‘The Tree of Evil’ Enemy Energy Entities. Equals – falsified Christianity’s insanity, inhumanity, inducted, imposed inquisitions of the Roman Empire – Roman Catholic Church oncoming Christians. Thus criminally concocting the person name Jesus, attaching it to the title CHRIST. Creating a foundational formula of an alleged ‘Jesus Christ” Lord & Savior & God!!!!

Slavery was born out of the above activities, religious politics. And Africoidians of Africa being enslaved came about after this Eu-Rope-an CaucAsian Caucasoidian Christian concept was adopted and practiced as a politicized policy of racist Rome. Roman renegade rouge Reptilian Religion Race!

Then after Christianity, came Islamic Muslim Mohammedans of Asiatic Arabs & Eurasians. An additional manmade manufactured mythological man, male person being, who never truly existed as a human being. Born baby! Reveals Dr. Professor Walter Williams, melanin mastermind messiah man.

Later on then came lastly, the Jews Judaism, religious worshipping of the fraudulent Christian biblical allegory-stories. The Old Testament Holy Bibles, Torah, Pentateuch…, etc. All fraud in fact lies of leading liars!

Albeit, my main interest is concerned with so said “Blacks”; African Americans, ‘Colored People’ and ‘Negroes – Negras’! Who willingly, wantonly, wish to believe in these terrorist thug tormenters, torturers. Slave masters!

And I’m including, these self-proclaimed Pan-Africanists, “Conscious Community” alleged “all Black” liberation radio, black power, black militants, who are associated – affiliated with any of these stated religions; in the aforementioned paragraphs. They are guilty as concurrently charged!

Perpetuating their own self-enslavement, ‘Post Traumatic Slave Sickness Syndromes’.  They have rationalized these Slaver Satanists, evil enemy Eu-Rope-ans as adversarial agents, antagonist aliens, Asiatic Arabs & CaucAsians commonly called “Whites”! And their sinister self-hating, satanic self-enslaving habitual harm and hurt caused by their persistent involvement, warrants the punitive penalty of Death! Equals = Good SUNGODD Deity’s Divinely Decreed Destruction, Deliberated Devil Damnation!

Futhermore, The SPIRITIOUS SUPER-STORM SANDY, was not only a whirling wind wake-up call to corrupt criminal Caucasians, “Whites”,  living on the scenic shorelines, sand beaches, coasts, in expensive-extravagant mansion homes;  butt, also, a sure warning to inner city urban dwellers, “Blacks & Browns”; whosoever, they might be?!

Admonished-Cautioned-Warned: About forming these friendships, allies with melanin skinned brothers and sisters under the guilty guise of uniting our efforts and “working together for progress”. Such sick rationalizations = self-deceptions and gross distortions of reality, which is religious. Ya see, crystal clear, the only answer is to “Divest” ourselves of all Racist Religions!

Remember to take dutiful NOTES vs Votes: That these traitorous violators, are not the under-class citizens below the poverty line, on welfare-food stamps or SNAP. ‘Obama Care and receiving free “Obama phones”. They are of the working class, middle section of society, dictating demonocracy dietary dinner democracy. Religiously hating hogs, swine, pigs-pork, beef, chichen, fish, dairy-cows-calves milk, = meat eaters…, and hating on Solar Sexus Soul Food Divine! Spiffy self-serving Vegans & Vegetarian “Blacks”; who are Europeanized Americans that think they are Africanized. Soulless sisters and bigoted brothers who are LOST! Reference research; The VegePlanTerRain:

PANORAFRICASPORA: After all, Africans of Africa were captured and entrapped by those Islamized, Muslimized, Christianized “blacks” or Negroidians. Bribed-brainwashed dumb down dupes. And they have never changed their terrorist mentalities, intentions on dominating and controlling Africoidian Americans. “Black Supremacy”; paralleling para – demon-strations of wicked witchcraft WhitTie Supremacy Sociopath Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes of the sinister snake serpent System SATAN!

NOTE vs. Vote: 1. There is no such of thing and never has historically been, in ancient ancestral Africa, “Indigenous Religions”! And those who keep on saying these untruths, starting in January 1, 2013…12:00 am Sunday New Years Day, are being Divinely Decreed Damned with curses of calamities. No pitiful excuses nor sorry alibis are acceptable, for bogusly broadcasting this falsehood and untruthful religious belief. In fact of reality Africa’s ancestry and anointed artistry, has and have a Spiritual way of living, a MAATRIX that is Spiritious RealiVisious vs. Religious, A Universal IniVersal RealiVision vs. Religion!

Misleading “all Black” mentalities: They are the very ones helping to keep Africans in the Americas in captivity, inclusively, the dis-United States of Anglo-America Al Qaead. Spearheading historical hatred, through the ways and means that I am revealing to y’all. Those proclaiming to be ‘The Number One Talk Radio Show & Network’; second to none, etc., etc., etc. All none sense, foolishness! And it is written, they shall surely receive “The Greater Damnation”!

Howsoever, such stooges are stuck on stupid, unrepentant, unremorseful having no regrets for the gross damages they themselves, are causing. Due to the resistance to The Highest Heavens Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How to tell the total truths 100%+

Moreover, We’s & Us’s are not talking strictly about those melaninated members, brothers and sisters who call themselves Christians, while wearing the true ChristLikelyen Crosxz. Butt, those who are wrongly wearing my Anointed-appointed-authentically authorized ANKH! This exclusively belongs to our original organic Ancient Africa Ancestry & Artistry + Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra! Solar SUNGODD DEITY’s COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts!!!

And to associate and affiliate it with Westernized, Europeanized, Americanized Racist Religions, is a direct disregard and indirect disrespect towards Africa’s ancient Kemet & Egypt = KEMEGYPT! Yet they talk about honoring and paying homage to our ancestors of ancient Africa? Hades Hell Fires No!

Nobody automatically reaceives ritual rights of Passage, past my mastemind melanin militarization, nor has a special, Top Secret Spiritious Security PASS.  Firewall fortified, financial fitness foundation: To Stop-Point-Blank-Period, wheeler dealer con-men, calling themselves of the “Conscious Community”. Claiming to have our best interests at heart. Holistic humanity in-hand healthily. They can’t ever be totally trusted! No transparency nor truth!


1. HueMainRight_p1-s1a_m (17:26) mp

2. HueMainRight_p1-s2b_m (17:37) mp3

3. HueMainRight_p1-s3c_m (16:45) mp3

4. HueMainRight_p1-s4d_m (17:28) mp3

5. HueMainRight_p1-s5e_m (17:34) mp3

My Main page:


1. huemainlaw_p1-s1a_m (16:45) mp3

2. huemainlaw_p1-s2b_m (16:59) mp3

3. huemainlaw_p1-s3c_m (16:57) mp3

4. huemainlaw_p1-s3c_m (16:57) mp3

5. huemainlaw_p1-s5e_m (17:10) mp3

6. huemainlaw_p2-s1a_m (17:43) mp3

7. huemainlaw_p2-s2b_m (16:37) mp3

8. huemainlaw_p2-s3c_m (17:07) mp3



1. huemainkind_p1-s1a_m (17:51) mp3

2. huemainkind_p1-s2b_m (17:16) mp3

3. huemainkind_p1-s3c_m (17:14) mp3

4. huemainkind_p1-s4d_m (17:20) mp3

5. huemainkind_p1-s5e_m (17:10) mp3



YES: I am revealing to y’all and to the whole wide world web, this short story about one of our living…. Of course, still alive and well, African Americans of z-Blackxz, z-Bluexz, z-Brownxz pigmented per-suns of these dis-united States of angry Anglo-America Al Qaeda. Smile humorously and happily, basically because this true brother and sister, were saved by ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE. Spared the death penalty, divinely decreed devil damnation! Listen up to his story told truthfully, proclaimed personally in his own words and recorded voice.
Indubitably, the mastermind melanin messiah man Mr. Junious Ricardo Stanton, intellectual genius. “Positively Black”;” Digital Underground”. Who crashed his vehicle while he and his dearly love wife were driving on a highway. On or about a Sunday afternoon…? About three weeks ago today, Monday, August 27, 2012.…4:09 San Antonito, Texas time documented herein: COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.

Click here to hear mp3:
1. sungodd_p2-s1a_m (16:33) mp3
2. sungodd_p2-s2b_m (16:33) mp3
3. sungodd_p2-s3c_m (15:49) mp3

4. sungodd_p2-s4d_m (17:04) mp3

5. sungodd_p2-s5e_m (17:08) mp3


1. crimenemy_p1-s1a_m (16:45) mp3

2. crimenemy_p1-s2b_m (16:41) mp3

3. crimenemy_p1-s3c_m (14:50) mp3

4. crimenemy_p1-s4d_m (16:58) mp3

5. crimenemy_p1-s5e_m (17:03) mp3


YES: Wexz & Usxz, as Africoidians of Africa + America, are ordered and commanded by The COMFORTER COMMANDER CHIEF COLOR KINGDOM NWCA. Thus to truly page homage their national flag, emblem, official HARAMBEE Cote-Coat of Arms, and surrender sincere respects to the true Kenyans.

Indubitably, I AM expressly talking all about the country called Kenya, of z-blackxz, z-bluexz, z-brownxz, Afri-Originals + z-whitxz and z-pinkxz pigmented persons, public people population. Our Albin-Original brothers and soulful sisters who are actual Afrindians and or Africoidian of HueMainKind.

TRUE AFRICARAMBEES & Authentic Authorized HARAMBEE vs. Falsified Harambee hatemongers, false “Black” brothers and sisters, inclusively, wicked witchcraft Whit-Tie whip Crackers.  Specifically those who are in factual reality,  thieves, thugs, guilty gamling ghetto gangsters, and politicized profiteers! Claiming private property, possesions, belonging solely, to our Occupyeering organic dark shaded, toned-tanned-tinted skinned Africans. Melaninated members along with indigenous, inhabitants; as mutated membranes commonly called albinos. Exclusively, Kenyans!

Therefore, y’all know that the title and name Harambee, has been hijacked, by predatory parasitic pirates, all black flag foolish fakers, skull and crossbones criminal crooks, wheeler dealer con men and women of wicked witchcrafts, and as raging werewolves hiding hideously in innocent looking lamps clothing, shy sheep’s woolly hair, and surreptitiously sneaking around snakelike serpents, stealing Satanists. Who has no conscience about their habitual taking what lawfully, legally, constitutionally belong to our poorest and most impoverished people in Africa.

REVEALING: Capitalizing corruptions as asinine ass axis of evil enemy energy entities. All that they can think of is themselves, how much money that can trick other naïve and gullible ‘African American Blacks‘, to give financial funds, economic support, and be compassionately charitable with donations into their profiteering bank accounts. Therefore yawls, be informed, admonished, cautioned and warned: BEWARE!

Meanwhile I Have personally summoned some seriously severe sentencing, divinely decreed devil damnations, concurring curses, and has SPIRITIOUSLY, blocked off and out all possible-potential, better beneficial bestowed blessings. They shall surely see no positive progress, improving in their endeavors, talk radio shows, broadcasts, business dealings, nor any other successful achievements. Especially those who exists like this theivery, online over the Internet’s World Wide Web in several number; and you are to use your search engines to locate them. And be an eyewitness, thus you  may testify against all adversaries of Africa’s Kenyans.

So  solenmly see these truths totally told via CKNWCA.  And, as I AM, courageously counter-combating them in a consuming competitive commission calling Cause of Class Action. Avenger Avator AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, is a brave and bold Warrior + Valiant Victor; winner who is very much in knowledge about these things. They each, and every one of them are thoroughly investigated, observed; watched, and are on official listings; and they…no personal names given herein; this report. Howsoever, they have only one other opportune option. And that is to truthfully, repent, with righteous regrets and real remorse. Justly and rightly give credit, recognition and honor with it is dutifully due. Or else…! What’s Up?

And not until these thuggish thieves and treacherous tricksters, learn how imperative, and of paramount importance, it always is, to be original, creative and unique. Never glibly, on the sly fox cool, contrive to use somebody else‘s name, identity, title, logo, trade mark, in efforts to advance themselves, and to promote their politicized-racializedt agendas, whatsoever, they might be?!

Furthermore so, y’all know how that nobody, baring none, automatically receives a ritual right of passage, past my mastermind melanin militia, Up Top Spiritious sacred secret security One has to honestly earn their personalized PASS__ Period.

1. Africarambees_pt1_ses_1A_voc_mass (10:42) mp3

2. Africarambees_pt1_ses_2B_voc_mas (9:21) mp3

3. Africarambees_pt1_ses_3C_voc_mas (9:12)  mp3

4. Africarambees_pt1_ses_4D_voc_mas (10:24) mp3

5. Africarambees_pt1_ses_5E_voc_mas (10:36) mp3

KNOW Now Today: That the truer African leaderships are being assassinated, murdered, serially killed off, one by one. In airplane crashes, poisonous pharmaceutical pills, polluted prescriptions by profiteering physicians. As they pick and prop up various villainous proxies, presidential political pundits, to do their Westernized, Europeanized Americanized Anglo underhanded capitalist corruptions.

After all revolutionary militant minded men are killed, then, they allow their criminal colonizing CaucAsian Caucasoid creatures in to raid-rob-rape, rip off the African countries clean cultures, rare rich royal resources. And they also establish themselves as fraudulent leaders, kings and queens, who will wantonly turn a colorblind eye and a death ear to what invading, intruding, intervening Europeans & Euro-American Anglos are demonically doing.

Also give permission to fake brothers and sisters as sellout stooges; posing as all black, this that or the other fraud in fact lies of leading liars. Internationally abusing and misusing the title name Harambee!

Be not misled nor devilishly deceived. Divest yourselves of all criminal corruption, cease aiding and abetting oppression of the suffering societies of Kenya’s Africoidians. Thus to truly save your own solar sexus souls, businesses, entrepreneurial enterprises, and economic incomes, and financial fitness = $$$

Sons of SUNGOD Mastermind Melanin Messiahs United States President Barack Hussein Obama + Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD x Trayvon Martin’s killer-murderer George Zimmerman. Violent crimes committed against Africoid Africa’s HueMainKind-“Race” via COLOR KINGDOM NWCA!!!

June 9, 2012




 = Sons of SUNGOD MASTER1 Melanin Media =

Mastermind Melaninated Messiahs!!!


KNOW NOW: That all activist groups, conscious community organizers, nationalists, Pan-Africanists, United Front, “Black Power” revolutionary militants, Civil and Human Rights leaderships, and every other self-loving individual, nonreligious, X-politicized person and collective citizenry. Are Commanded + Ordered, to come cultured clean currently, under this one single encompassing calling cause of artistic actions. And each one is considered only a separatist or segregated, isolated individual group, no material matter how many members that they claim to have officially.

Therefore they only count as one, cellular cast NOTE vs Vote. Thus to be added together, calmly composed, consummately, compatibly combined, and regimented strategically in alignment with the SOLAR DEITY SUNGOD. To establish, institute, install, instate, our USAA+ PROMISED LANDS = Unified Statutes of America + Africa!!


The noun CATALYST has 2 senses: 1. (chemistry) a substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected. 2. something that causes an important event to happen. Familiarity information.” And We’s & Us’s are forcing the tormenting, torturing, tissue terrorist to: Stop Point Blank Period.  mp3

CKNWCA is never concerned solely with happenstances, alleged accidents, and or coincidences. Basically because, whether we know it or not, there are reasons, a rationale behind Infinite Intellectual Intelligence. Howsoever, one has to be granted the gifts of genesis genius, in operational order to be able to artistically apply their Immaculate Imagination! To realze and comprehend these pyramidal panorama phenomena!

Inner-Vision of Prayer Meditation Mental + Musical Metaphysical Mediums of the Messiah Mastermind’s MASTER1 Melanin Media. No we don’t all have these talent attributes, aptitudes as an authorized anointed-appointed artistry. So don’ t permit somebody; envious and jealous, to tell you that every one has these abilities, because they simply and plainly do NOT!!!

COSMIC CATALYST (noun). Now today is the perfected period of our times to tell the total truths, and hold our renowned selves accountable for financial failures, past economic dissipation of very important monetary funds collected from our communities across the country. Irresponsible leaderships, who misled our inner-city urban youth, by running outside into the predominantly Euro-Anglo-American closed and gated communities. Notoriously known places that non-Caucasoid Caucasians are not welcomed. Never have been invited to live. For all manner of reasons, good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative. The hostility hate list is extensive!

I AM artfully applying the English language word criminality, to chemistry. due to the psychotic mental preprogramming of the minds of man, human beings by their local and national news, manmade manufactured myths. Advertized, commercialized fraud in fact lies of leading liars. Misleading naive and gullible citizens to think and to belive in such habitual self-destructive behaviors that are barbaric and beastly bad!

SOULPOWER + SOLARSUN + Sons of SUNG.O.D.D. = Z-BLACKRAYZ + Moneymarkets x Eco-Energystics – economics, financed fitness fortunes = artworks by ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Ascendant Africoidian Africa’s Ancient Ancestry + Artistry, Anointed Atom Ark Anchor Ankh Amen-Ra Radiant Rays, Resources Rare Rich Royalties = $$$ Capital Cash Currencies via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts pt1/4


So y’all ‘Come Follow Me’ bravely and boldly, as Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD righteously reveals the Afrindian Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How!!! ‘And better beneficially blessed, are she and he; whosoever, does not allow themselves to become offended in me and my truthful thoughts.’

Likewise Lost Leaderships Embracing the Satanic Slave Master’s Sinking Ship: Foolishly and fatally attempting to cling to his hatemongers, warmongers racist reptilian religions. And still try to come together in Love Peace & Harmony. Idiotic ignorance of not comprehending that Religion & Spirituality are at odds, two opposing-opposite poles. One is Europeanized political and the other is Afrindianized Spiritical!!

SELF-RIGHTEOUS RELIGIOUSITY: And all those organized groups or disorganized groupies, capitalist profiteers, know who they are without question, and completely comprehend that they are of a Culpable Mental State of fault, blame and criminal + civil guilt as currently charged! Initiating, starting, beginning back on Sunday, January 1, 2012…12:00 am punctually, went into effect and motion: Under One HUEMAINLAW!!!  They all fail To Love Thy Self!!! mp3

Sense 1 Meaning: (chemistry) a substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected Classified under: Nouns denoting substances. Synonyms: catalyst; accelerator. Hypernyms (“catalyst” is a kind of…): activator ((biology) any agency bringing about activation; a molecule that increases the activity of an enzyme or a protein that increases the production of a gene product in DNA transcription).”

SELF-SALVATION + ATONEMENT + REDEMPTION: Apparently our prominent Civil Rights Organizations = “Colored People”; along with our Old Time Religions & Old Negro Spirituals, and Good News Gospels, are activated. Chemical combustible civic confusion, chaotic conflicts due to corrupted causes. Sensibly-soundly-sanely they refuse to “Divest” themselves of all these terrorist religions, they have run completely out of options, alternatives. Thus are presently being forced through compelling circumstances, climatic changing cosmic commands, to come cultured cleansed, and unify themselves to-get-her, in long leading Love Life Light Locks!!!

REACTIONARIES vs REVOLUTIONARIES:  Which signifies the truest time to test them through trials and tribulations. Raise the vibration frequency ratio-rates, electron magnetic wave lenghts, the sunshine radiant rays…, that in effect/affect causes them to vibrate at too low currency circuits or rates. Thereby, weakening and sickening the living human bodily organism. Homicides and Suicides escalates. Depopulation containment controls imposed through SUNGOD SOLAR DEITY.

JUSTICE & JUDGMENT: They have historically been extremely hard headed, stubbornly stupid and disobedient towards their Spiritious Old-aged ancestries and of historical artistries. Thereby, creating or concocting a criminalizing climatic condition, that has to be chemically cleansed completely and currently and consummately corrected. Or else face fatal deaths!!!!

 “Domain category: chemical science, chemistry (the science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions).”

CREATIVE COSMIC CHEMISTRY is defined to mean my melaninated mastermind methods. More meaning to the contextual character contents, climatic conditions, and calling causes. I’m dealing strictly with physics and chemistries. Energized Entities and not necessarily concerned with peronalized attitudes, predispositions to early childhood…, in a separated sense from the whole state of being humans; body-mind-heart-brain-spirit, and soul if one has it!?

CHEMISTRIX: = Color Heat Element Mastermind Infinite Spirit Truth Revelation Intelligence X-cell.

 Body – Brain – Heart – Mind – Spirit – Soul: = The Sixth Suspension.

 Biology + Physiology + Psychology + Spirituality + Soulidarity!! 

Open this blog posting in a new window to take a peek at what is being done about such societal chemistries so far off. SHE The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature and HER WEAPONIZED WEATHER WRATHS:

“SANFORD, Florida (Reuters) – A handcuffed George Zimmerman, charged with killing unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, appeared in court for the first time on Thursday and his lawyer said a not guilty plea was entered on his “frightened” client’s behalf.

The neighborhood watch volunteer’s lawyer, Mark O’Mara, also said he wanted Zimmerman to be released on bond, but not until he could secure a safe place for him to stay while he faces murder charges in the February 26 killing of 17-year-old Martin in a quiet gated community in the central Florida town of Sanford.”A Reuters/Ipsos poll on Thursday showed Americans deeply divided over the Martin case, with 91 percent of blacks but only 35 percent of whites saying he was unjustly killed.

Martin’s mother accused Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, on Thursday of having “stalked my son and murdered him in cold blood,” and clarified earlier comments in which she referred to the killing as an accident.

“The ‘accident’ I was referring to was the fact that George Zimmerman and my son ever crossed paths. It was an accidental encounter,” she said in a statement.

“If George Zimmerman hadn’t gotten out of his vehicle, this entire incident would have been avoided.”

Attribution Ref.


YES: Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD’s analysis + synchronic synthesis: As the mother of 17 years old teenager Trayvon Martin mentioned, the word “accident”. In that this is how the two males came into contact with each other that led to the killing. Howsoever, I envision nothing as a mere “accident” whatsoever, not in the least. Things only artificially appear to be accidental. Butt, believe my informing y’all that The Higher Forces of Powers of The Ethereal That Be, are behind the combustible contact and criminal conflict of murder. Elements in the atmosphere, told the young African American Trayvon to go to the store at that precise time. And the very same unseen sources instructed George Zimmerman to go in the directions that he went, having his hatemongers attitude all emotionalized. A freak encounter and not a freak accident!!

Further still the ‘white ran, owned, operated local, major mainstream media news reports, habitually racial profile nonwhites, or ‘minority’ American citizens of melanin color complexions. They preprogram people to act in self-destructive ways, by prejudicing their mindsets, by implanting hate hostilities inside their brains. Then act innocent of all criminal and civil charges!

SCREWED UP SATANIC SYSTEM OF THOUGHT: These traits are common Caucasian Caucasoid criminal craps, concocted conditions, that are traced throughout their terrorist historicity. Where so ever these so said “Whites” go and settle, invade and occupy the lands of darker skinned human beings, they brought with them their hatemongering, warmongering wicked witchcraft western ways. Creating confusion, psychotic chaos, mental civilian conflicts worldwide. And also they mass murdered all of their decent, good Whites who tried to stand in the indecent bad Whitties pathways of murder. FACT & REALITY!!

USURPERS OF HUMANITY: Likewise, the popularized word; “Hispanic” by X-U.S. President Ronald Reagan back in the 1990’s, caused criminal confusion of the brains of various citizens. Perpetrated or produced an identity crisis for political reasons of trying to give yellow Asiatic Latinos the voting numbers over the brown Africanic Latinos, Afro-Mexican-Americans, Black Puerto Ricans. Pitting and pitching Spanish and English speaking citizens of color against each other.

In a crazy conquer and divide by incorrectly combining certain citizenries. Glibly generating divisions among African Americans & Mexican Americans. Adding our racial-ethnic numbers to their total, deceptively giving the false impression that they constitute the greater “minority” numbers. A falacy! To seek their political election votes, to support wicked white Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes.  A devilish diabolical destruction of unity, civilized consciousness and common sensiblities!!

Basically because, this grossly distorted label: “Hispanic”; identifies no particular “Race” whatsoever. It is not a single racial group, butt, it identified many different racial and ethnic groups. The US Census Bureau wrote: “A Hispanic can be of any race!“ Therefore the news reporter or columnist who coined the term; “white Hispanic” is positively correct; if in fact George Zimmerman was in truth white and “Hispanic“?! Also this notion being reported news wise stating that George’s father was white and his mother ‘Hispanic’; means nothing more than wicked witchcraft whitewash, garbage and trailer trash talk. Seeing how that in true reality, his mother could still be a “white Hispanic” or a ‘black Hispanic’, or a brown, yellow Hispanic’!

Although, he do not appear to be nothing other than a self-hating “Mutts Like Me”! A person being male who happened to have had a Europeanized Caucasian male father. Which side of his bio-genotype traits are defective, deficient and dysfunctional in Spirituality, esp. when mixed into a Melaninated member’s membranes. Causing criminalized confusion and constant chaos. Maddened mind of his man state of being male. His father’s internalized racial hatred manifested itself inside his offspring son George Zimmerman. With him not necessarily knowing why he hates like he does, nor realized how come he acts like he does. These are genetic intrinsic, innate, inborn factors!!

So then y’all, try to avoid these Whitttees psychotic confusion, they are sickly and are being exactly who they were born being, bad bio-genetic seed sworn upon planetary sphere earth. Habitual fraud in fact liars. And We’s & Us’s has to solve their personalized problems, by destroying decease states of inhumane beings, before they destroy African Africoids of Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!!

Take a good long look at these portrait photos, pictures presented and posted herein My True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs. Righteously revealing how Spanish speaking persons or populations of public people can be called Latin Americans, “Hispanic” Americans, who comes in all racial-ethnic groups of our MultiplexRacialBody: black, brown, red, tan, yellow, white, pink pigmented people of our earth planet. Period.

BEWARE: Therefore, my owned living human MultiplexRacialBody, composed of each and every humane art form. And I’m Promacracy, positively for interracial mixing, mingling, mating, marrying, dating, and crossbreeding or hybridizing humanity. Albeit, be aware who and when and why you are choosing your mates, sexual partners, and also protect yourselves from being or becoming a subjected female rape victim of some crazy CaucAsian Caucasoid ‘white male’. My dearly beloved mother had to learn her lesson, the hard headed knocks way. Howsoever, she survived his blatant sexual assault! A personal story I’m not prepared to discuss herein, thank you, for my best benefit blessing of being here, healthy, wealthy, well and LIVE!!!

WARRIOR + VICTOR: I pray tell yawls to be very careful, in this material matter manifestation of mankind, he can not ever be totally trusted. So choose and pick your partners, based on his historical hate or humane health. Women are to smartly check these bitch-bastards out first, before gettng intimately and emotionally attacked to a historical hater. Think about these key factors foremost of all others.  Whether or not he, inherited his fathers or mothers bad seed, bio-genotype traits, of criminality, racist religious beliefs, compounded by poisoned politics!?.

YES: There is a so called “White Man” living inside of my personal body; as one of the 10% to 12% decent good White Males; by the free gift of grace. As opposed to one of the approx. about 88% to 90% indecent bad Whitties. Completely in containment controls, calmly composed, with him being totally subdued. I know intuitively and instinctively and spiritually, that he was a murderer mutant member of Africioid Africa’s Albinoriginals. The truer “Whitexz & Pinkxz pigmented persons. The evolving mutation is a serial killer from his birth beginnings, every since he transitioned into what we see as a Caucasus Cave Caucasian Caucasoid criminal creature. And this is what Mr. George Zimmerman fail to effectively do, subdue into submission this evil Euro-Anglo-American man residing within his body, genetic structure and DNA CODES!!!

“Lets Not Be Caught Up In Their Confusion!” He is talking about the Tetinu? Or Obelisk as the Washington Monument, copycat replica of our originating creativity of Ancient Ancestral Africoid Africa Kemetrix now named Egypt. We can not afford to let them get away with robbery, denying us of our truest history, health and wealth, He says that these thieving Europeans, not only took something that belongs to Africans, butt, also attempted to wipe out all of our historical memory about the true origins of these monumental architectures, constructive creations of authentic and aesthetic artistries. Tony tells the truthful story about the stolen symbols, that we as a mandatory must do, is to take back! “The only way _They_ can stay in power, is through the denial of our true selves!” “They had to lie to us and lie to themselves in order to maintain their positions of power.” “I think it’s clear, that many Europeans, don’t like us; here! It’s clear, therefore I think it’s futile, to beg , and pray for them to have a change of heart…I think it is!”

Anthony Browder- 22 Essays. Part #2 mp4 and Anthony Browder 22 Essays


REBIRTH + BORN AGAIN: is our SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT: Cleaning up our own underhanded dirty dealings devils mint, Denouncing deceptive demonic deeds for self-improvement, Righteously honoring Trayvon Martin’s memory event: His Spiritious transition testament; And memorial forevermore self-empowerment._

“Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of “catalyst”): biocatalyst (a biochemical catalyst such as an enzyme), (any of several complex proteins that are produced by cells and act as catalysts in specific biochemical reactions) platinum black (a fine black powder of platinum; used as a catalyst in chemical reactions) Antonym: ant catalyst((chemistry) a substance that retards a chemical reaction or diminishes the activity of a catalyst).”

“Where ever there is an adversity, there also, roots the seeds of an equivalent advantage.” (N.Hill) Fortunately in an unfortunate life taking situation, another type of life is being born better beneficially blessed. Basically because an adversity that has rooted the seeds sown solemnly, throughout the Diaspora Drama of EARTHORS, as the original organic opioid organism. Recognized as Africa’s Africoids, often identified as Negroids of the holistic Humanoids!!!

THE SHARP TWO-EDGE SWORD According to our Cosmic CREATORS’ written word!  Cutting asunder all antagonistic adversaries, alien agents. Both sides seriously sharpened! mp3

Albeit, might We’s & Us’s promply challenge and confront, all treacherous traitors to true Liberation for all earthly humanity. Seeing how that these longstanding lost leaders are coming up outside of their underground satanic sinister serpent snakes dens, denouncing the law enforcement police forces, State  and U.S. Federal Officials…, deliberate delay or intentional  neglect and failure to arrest sick serial killer and mean mentality murderer. A criminally confused psychopath and sociopath!

The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature + Hurricane COLOR KINGDOM COME = Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ancient Africoid Africa Ancestry + Authenthical Anointed Appointed Artistry!!!

YES: Trayvon Martin case grows as national issue; Obama weighs in: By Michael Muskal March 23, 2012, 9:40 a.m. The case of George Zimmerman, who shot and killed black teenager Trayvon Martin, continues to reverberate beyond Sanford, Fla., with new investigations, nationwide demonstrations and concerns expressed by President Obama on Friday.

But, arguably the biggest leap into the national arena came Friday morning when President Obama made his first comments on the issue. At an appearance to announce the nomination of a new World Bank president, Obama responded to a reporter’s question by calling the Martin case a tragedy that must be thoroughly investigated.

“Obviously, this is a tragedy. I can only imagine what these parents are going through. And when I think about this boy, I think about my own kids. And I think every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this, and that everybody pulls together — federal, state and local — to figure out exactly how this tragedy happened,” Obama said.

“But my main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin,” said Obama. “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon. And I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves, and that we’re going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.”,0,4534775.story


YES My own son S.C.D. at the young teenage of 19 years old, was shot one time in his chest, and was killed, murdered by a gangly group of wicked white whip “Crackers”. Crazy Caucasian Caucasoid criminal creatures!!!
Bryan, Texas: He was an athlete who had received a sports scholarship, to attend one of the predominantly Euro-Anglo-Americans colleges. Up there in Springs, Colorado; and as he and his football friends, were leaving out of a fast food restaurant, after a game, my dearly loved son S.C.D. was unmercifully gun down. By these terrorist “pale face” hateful “Honkies”! Butt, believe my telling y’all that some of them ended up dead, 3 on the mortician undertaker’s slab also, lying in slumber state deceased. Mysteriously, through unknown sources of revenge and retribution. Details, of which I shall stop talking about that deadly case, that happened back in 1989! Pay back is a real Mother F….er!!! Good riddance!


YES:  To Love Thy Self: Is the healthy holistic health: Happy healing Hue-Main-Kind wealth; And self-hatred is the sinister satanic stealth._ That We’s & Us’s see as the terrorist theft; Leaving its subjected victims with no Love Life Light Locks left.__









Love Sensation Spirit Sublime: Has arrived righteously here in perfect time: Artistic expression decreed divine; Poetic words of wisdom well written in rhythmic rhyme.__

Mastermind melanin messiah mental model mold: From the ancient ancestral Africa’s days of old: One can feel self-love ‘s realized role; Deep down inside their solar sexus soul: And as we refuse to let it be bought or sold; To Love Thy Self’ s foundational family fold.__

This is the problem solving solution: Loving one’s owned self resolution: The Hue-Main beings purpose of creative evolution; What went well around has come back round in righteous revolution: Because we have learned how to know our constitution: Innate intrinsic inborn institution; SunGod selves Spirituous Soulution.__

Let the per-suns say that I love me: Look inside your mirror at the lovable self to see: What’s missing on the outside of Us & We:; To rediscover the true individual in thee; The great genesis genius gracious gifts of glee; Faithfully for financially free; To Love Thy Self’s full fledged feathery family tree.__

Africoid Africa’s melaninated MultiplexRacialBody; Including Albinoriginal called and chosen prodigy._ Seeing how that there‘s no lustful lack; Everyone came out of Her belly in fact; Wealthy white-pink, yellow, red, brown and black; She cuts nobody any subtracted slack: An added all and in all anointed artistic act.__

Love Peace & Harmony among assure; The resulting remedy positively pure; After coming back home adjusted adjure; In the mind and membranes receiving the cleansing cure: Incoming information so vitally to insure; That My Truest Love I Found shall for safety sure: Have everlasting life forevermore to endure._ To Love Thy Self sacredly secure!_

1. FREE TO LISTEN-HEAR: Instumental original musical theme song sound tracks mp3.

2. TO LOVE THY SELF, Her Perfect Precious Pyramid, vocals + instrumentals, and more musical theme song sound tracks = mp3


CIVIL RIGHTS LEADER REV. JESSE JACKSON Redeems Himself + Born Again Activist Avenger Mastermind Melanin Messiah Sons of SUNGOD!!! 





“Heat’s LeBron James Deserves Praise for Speaking Out About Trayvon Martin” Given the depth of this movement, particularly in southern Florida, it’s not too surprising that the Heat made this powerful gesture. But maybe it is surprising for many fans to learn that the effort was driven by “The King” himself, LeBron James. The photo was reportedly James’s idea and it was first posted to his personal Twitter account with the hashtag #WeWantJustice.

James later said, “It was very emotional, an emotional day for all of us. Taking that picture, we’re happy that we’re able to shed light on the situation that we feel is unjust.”

His teammate Wade commented to the Associated Press, “This situation hit home for me because last Christmas, all my oldest son wanted as a gift was hoodies. So when I heard about this a week ago, I thought of my sons. I’m speaking up because I feel it’s necessary that we get past the stereotype of young, black men and especially with our youth.”


From  Mother Matriarch Maat Cynthia McKinney 31 March 2012 The U.S. Tolerates Domestic Extra-Judicial Killings, Persecution, Racial Discrimination, and Genocide: Justice for Trayvon Martin Also Means Joining the International Struggle Against U.S. Lawlessness

As a mother of a young Black man whom I pray for nightly and worry daily about his life being violently ended senselessly either by someone marginalized by the unjust social structure of U.S. life or by some rogue officer of the law or one pretending to be a policeman, I offer my sincerest condolences to the Martin family and friends over their loss of their son Trayvon. Each loss is irreparable and I have no words that can succor the pain that this entire nation is feeling. Further, I wish to extend my compassionate sympathies to the hundreds of thousands of victims of police brutality, racial profiling, and the millions wrongfully ensnared in the American gulag prison-industrial complex.

Love Goddess Cynthia McKinney Madame Matriarch MAAT USA Presidentress +We The Public People Power Plan+Positive Protests = MAAT’s Wings of Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship + COLOR KINGDOM NWCA AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD anscend ancient ancestral AFRICA’s Egypt = KEMET+

THE BLACKXZ & BROWNXZ  HUEMAIN HOLISTIC HEALTH HEALING HIT LIST: Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Phillip Valentine,  Bro. Bobby Hemmit, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Mr. & Mrs Obama, Ms Cynthia McKinney, Ashra Kwesi, Pastor Ray Hagins, Cornel West, Mr. Michael Eric Dickerson, Mr. Tyler Perry, Chris Rocks, Andrew Young, Ms Oprah Winfrey, Sara Suten Seti, Dr Leonard Jeffries, Mr. Bill Cosby, Anthony Browder, Rev. Eddie Williams, Mr. Mark Dean, Ms Marimba Ani, Dr. Walter Williams, Dr. Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti?, Dr. Ms Alveda King, Dr. Ms Michelle Rene, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte?_ Redemption + Salvation for Mr. Bishop Eddie Long who was misled astray by false Christianity; Mr. Collin Powel who soldout on Iraq WMD myth, Ms Maya Angelou-poet, Dr. La Francis Rodgers-Rose, Dr. La Francis Rodgers-Rose, Dr. Marimba Ani, Dr.  Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti, Russell Simmons, Dr. Delbert Blair, Dr. Nancy Turner Banks, Dr. ChenziANKH: “Per Ankh”; Chaka Khan and Betty Wright ……and this outstanding listings is an artwork still in progress. ….>>> via COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.

EQUALS = Those Africans in America who are summoned, called and chosen to stand up and fight back bravely, boldly at once, immediately without delay. Indubitably, UNIFYING their bright brilliant brains, against all conceivable artless forms of: Racist White Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes, of the System’s Sorcerer Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!


Black Females Sterilization-Hysterectomies Planned Parenthoood good and bad…

YES ME MYSELF I AM ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Avatar Avenger. Now today giving to y’all his Divinely Decreed Deliberation Declaration. Specifically and strictly about eliminating, exterminating into extinction, the sinister seed sources sown satanically. Stopping point blank period Planned Parenthood’s abortion mass murders, before black, and brown babies are born unblessed. Basically because, once our females become impregnated…, she is now then an expecting mother, of another human being living inside her stomach. Completely comprehending this time tested truth, meaningful measures are to at once be taken, to avoid having to abort-abandon later on. Promocracy planned parental prevention preservation!

SOULPOWER THE BLACKRAYS = Z-Blackrayz of All Mighty Divine Grace + Spirit Source Science System – Sovereign Systream x Ultra-Ultimate Universe IniVerse Real-Live-Vision + Infinite Intellectual Intelligent Immaculate Imagination. Reveals Prof. (Arch Angel) Gabriel Oyibo = “God Almighty Grand Universal Theorem” – Gagut equation G ij,j via AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts – Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra Radiant Rays! pt2

Z-BLACKRAYZ SOULPOWER Per-suns Perfect Plan-net Artworks Atom Amen-Ra Radiant Rays by ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Ascendant Africoid Africa Avenger Avatar ARK ANKH ARTHIEST via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts pt3

Z-BLACKRAYZ SOULPOWER Per-suns Perfect Plan-net Artworks Atom Amen-Ra Radiant Rays by ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Ascendant Africoid Africa Avenger Avatar ARK ANKH ARTHIEST via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts pt4

Our Occupyneers Optical Optional Optimized Objectives, Comforter Commander Chief COLOR KINGDOM NWCA = 21st Century CyberSpaceAge cause of action = Methodically militarized militia mindsets, weaponized worldly words of wisdom + fight fearlessly for full fledged freedom, Divinely Decreed Destiny = under one Deliberated x Liberated HueMainLaw!!!

My True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs:

Blog URL:

HUEMAINLAW’S Divine Decreed Deliberation-Declaration Day of Justice Judgment x Punitive Penalty Death! = Committing Crimes against Africoid Africa + Mother Earth Nature’s Humanity = Enslavements-Captivities, Bondages of opression-depression-repression. Reveals Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD ascendant ancient African ancestry + authentic authorized anointed-appointed Artistry ColorKingdomNWCA!

March 31, 2012
YES RIGTHEOUS REVELATIONS: Via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. Authentic Authorized Aesthetic Artistry + Ancient Africoid Africa Ancestry. Revealed by Avenger Ascendant AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD = Christ Horusheart Divinity = The Original Creation ChristLikelyen:
ALBEIT:  Right now today the Avenger African American Black brown bomber brother Barack Hussein Obama United States President, is ordering the persistent and repeated bombardment blasting of the asinine ass Asiatic Arabs. Antagonist Adversary Arch Angel Alien “AGENT“ Al Qaeda!!!
RIGHTEOUS REVENGES– Retaliations, Retributions – Restitutions – Reparations: Perhaps maybe, unwittingly or wittingly, knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally?!  He, The Commander In Chief of the most powerful military might of the Pentagon, is acting upon historical hatred; in retaliations. Expressly, for the inhumane racist hate hideous hostiles of hegemony, engaged against Africa’s Africoids, Negroids, Humanoids = historiography. Pay back is a real Mother F…er! No rational reasons to doubt; white Arabanized Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, of the Sinister Sorcerers Snake Serpent SYSTEM SATAN!!!
Well then, I Spiritiously pray tell y’all, that this is truly why I AM not necessarily “anti-war”! Simply seeing how that my people were not let go, and are still serving these Arab Enslavers via their untruthful religious politics! Dividing up and separating and segregating the dark skinned, melaninated members who are the original owners of continental Africa’s entire geographic map. Including what is wrongly called “The Middle East” of Asia. Which mainly includes; Saudi Arabia’s whole land mass. As my revealing artistic portrayal indicate, crystal clear, current classified clarification!!!


Trayvon Martin case grows as national issue; Obama weighs in: By Michael Muskal March 23, 2012, 9:40 a.m. The case of George Zimmerman, who shot and killed black teenager Trayvon Martin, continues to reverberate beyond Sanford, Fla., with new investigations, nationwide demonstrations and concerns expressed by President Obama on Friday.

But, arguably the biggest leap into the national arena came Friday morning when President Obama made his first comments on the issue. At an appearance to announce the nomination of a new World Bank president, Obama responded to a reporter’s question by calling the Martin case a tragedy that must be thoroughly investigated.

“Obviously, this is a tragedy. I can only imagine what these parents are going through. And when I think about this boy, I think about my own kids. And I think every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this, and that everybody pulls together — federal, state and local — to figure out exactly how this tragedy happened,” Obama said.

“But my main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin,” said Obama. “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon. And I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves, and that we’re going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.”,0,4534775.story


CERTAINLY YES: This revealing historicity warrant warfare! For financial restitution,  reasonable reparations, rational restorations and righteous repairing the devilish damages done to our owned self-respect, dignity, divinity and spirituality of Africa’s Africoid Sovereign Solar Sexus Souls!!!
Dr.Clarke – Islamic / Arab Destruction Of Black People Pt1
Pt 9/9 Islam -Dr.John Henrik Clarke
This Mastermind Melanin Messiah Mental Model Man: vehemently proclaimed, that Blacks should “never forgive” these treacherous Arabs, because they betrayed our trust! And had supposed to had been faithful friends of Africoid Africans. Butt, they formed Alien Agents, “axis of evil” conspiracies, against We’s & Us’s, and concocted, created the Catholic colonial, criminal Caucasoid Caucasians; North Trans-Atlantic Slave Trades.
ARGUING OVER RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGIES OF ISLAM: After almost 1000 years partnership.  Red bone, high Yellow Arabs Co-conspired with European Whites & Pinks, as evil “enemy combatants”, to enslave all Africa’s native tribes, “Black Families”; all across the earthly continent. Blatant betrayal of the Arabanized, Islamitized Black Moorish Muslims. Who somehow, became, de-Africanized, and ventured over off into Europe of Asia’s Spain & Portugal. Officially Occupyneering and civilizing them for approx. 700 to 800 years. That’s of course, until the two-faced back stabbing Asiatic Arabs, turned their backs against these highly civilized Negroids.
Howsoever, these sorceries can be perceived as or seen as being the dire consequences, of militaristic invasions, interventions, intrusions, interferences, with other sovereign countries internal affairs; ways of living, customs, and culture; thereof, therein, whatsoever, they might be? And yawls know now, that all human beings, living creatures, animals of creation, instinctively, intuitively, intellectually, intelligently, strongly seek sovereignty’s full fledge financial freedoms. Sooner or later, one way or the other!!!
YES: THE COMFORTER COMMANDER CHIEF COLOR KINGDOM NWCA: knows that We’s & Us’s African American Blackxz & Brownxz are to take back what originally and initially belonged to Africoid Africa. Expressly, redeeming, reclaiming, restoring, all of the sweet crude oils, reserves, refineries, resources and native-natural minerals, the continent is righteously entitled. Meaning to the Holy Heavens Hades Hell Fires, with Saudi Arabia, and all other Arab Islamic Muslim “Menticides”! In self-respecting homage paid to Mother Africa Earth Nature’s Maatien Majesty!!! 
Asiatic Arab Islamic Muslims Enslaving Africoid Africans = Human Beings!!!

The Arab Muslim Slave Trade Of Africans, The Untold Story

EFFECTUALLY: The dis-United States of angry Anglo-America, is pitting and pitching Iran against Saudi Arabia, and starting up fiery flames of financial misfortunes between all Arab Emirates, and OPEC, beneficiaries. Generating the destructive demise of all these racist slave masters who has held Africa’s Africoids, in bondages, captivity for over 1000 years = ten centuries or more!
BEATING & WIPING  ON We’s & Us’s: So then, for a surety, our time to return the disfavor, all warlord nations, and crazy countries that are antagonist adversaries. And, who has historically excluded, kept out of the internal decision making politicized processes; for religious or racist reasons government and big business, trade, capital cash currency-commences are facing fatal finalizing dooms day gloom real soon! The End Time Days of Reckoning, Trials & Tribulations are now beckoning!

As a direct and proximate result of their invidiously insidious Institutionalized Racism of oppression-repression-depression. Strictly and specifically, each and everybody, North-South-East-West, who hate true Africans and Americans, and Afrindians and AmeriAfrindian AristCHD = CHRIST HORUSHEART DIVINITY!!!
Interestingly Enough, the present day sex-slave trades of African females continues and presently persists to plague Africoid Africa. Traveling through Sudan, Somalia into Libya, where Mr. Moammar Gadhafi ruled with an iron fist as domineering dictator, unil he was murdered = executed in 2011. He is said to have known, and I say he ought to have known better, and did indeed know about how, these young Black ladies were being captured and entrapped, violently raped, sexually assaulted by Asiatic Arabs. And his country used as a staging ground on Libyan soils – national lands.
Yet, Gadhafi did nothing, as I gather from the research records, absolutely nothing to force these racist Yellow ochre skinned inhumane beings to: Stop Point Blank Period. mp3
Therefore, Africans N’ Lovin’ Faith Americas, Afrindians = AmeriAfrindians, seek soverergn sources of monetary, economic, financial REPARATIONS + RESTITUTIONS = CAPITAL CASH CURRENCIES, Compensating z-Blackxz, z-Bluexz, z-Brownxz. For harmful, hurtful, hateful history and present day demonic damages and devilish destruction, of our MAATIEN LOVE PEACE & HARMONY!!!

BLESSED & CURSED: And as an assured actionable criminalizing cause against him, and all others, aiding and abetting the commission of these hate crimes against Her Humanity! Meaning, not life in prison, butt, Good SUNGOD Devil Damnation = Divinely Decreed & Delibeated Death’s Punitive Penalty!!!
These racist Asiatic Arab Islamic Muslims, invaded East Africa, proselytized Blacks of Africa, converting some of them to their foreign faith and religious worship of the alleged legendary Prophet Mohammed. Dr. Henrick Clarke said that they dated, mated and married z-Blackxz females, taking them as wives; so that they could create enough dark skinned looking Arabanized Colored children, and Islamitized Africoid Africans. In order to use them against themselves, thus to expediently exploit these deep dark melaninated human beings, misleading and directing them to invade, intrude, intervene into other indigenous inhabitants of Africa’s territories!
Wicked warfare by warlords, forcing their ill-will and or, simply imposing their desires, in a way that the White, Pink, Yellow ocher appearing Arabs of Arabia, dared not to attempt and do. So they perpetrated the symptoms and sickness syndromes of UNCLETOMISM – SELFHATISM – SAMBOISM!!!  Pt 8/9 Islam -Dr.John Henrik Clarke 

CRIMINAL CONQUESTS: And eventually misguided these army military (Moorish) Blacks, to invade Spain of Europe. Telling the rulers and of African Islamic Muslims, that it would be an easy task, due to the Whites being so weak. This is the political promptings and religious racialist rationale of the sneaky, stealthy snake serpent SATAN!!!

Pt 9/9 Islam -Dr.John Henrik Clarke  says these African Moors as Islamic Muslims, gave Spain the greatest civilization that they ever had. They worked out agreements with the Catholic Church Popes & Priests & Bishops, about no violence warmongering and hatemongering. Butt, eventually that all fell apart as the Asiatic Arabs contrived contentions and civil conflicts between Whites & Blacks of Europe & Africa!! And this is the precise point-punctually, that these envious, jealous, racist Arab Islamic Muslims, betrayed Africans trust. By instigating, inspiring that North Trans-Atlantic Enslavement Profiteering & Racketeering trades to the Americas, South-Central-North!!!


African Slave Trades in Iran

Research studies today, Saturday, January 21, 2012… 3:51 pm

1. YES: My main point herein, is that Iran and or y’all can call it “Persia” of alleged older existence, of what ever else ya like to choose; they were in factual reality and in spirit and in truth involved with the enslavements of Africa’s Africoid human beings. Slave trading z-Blackxz, z-Bluexz, z-Brownxz!!!

2. Moreover, I’m strictly and specifically dealing with their actual practice thereof enslaving Negroids – Humanoids, who were native – natural indigenous inhabitants. And absolutely not concerned with what Iranians or Europeans, Arabs or Asians did to their own citizens internally; slaves or free!!

3. As an Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, I’m definitely dealing with all outside foreign forces who invaded, raided, ravaged, robbed and raped Love Goddess Mother Afrtica Earth Nature!!!

4. Howsoever, on today’s 21st century CyberSpaceAge hit list, is most assuredly Iran! Next in line to become the subjected victims of bloody bombing, blatant bombardments by the military might of the dis-United States of angry Anglo-America!!!

5. So yawls know that the common denominator paralleling each other as racial-ethic groups globally, is that they both and or all were investing in the slave trades of Africoid Africans, throughout various time periods in historiography!

6. Therefore, these countries, sovereign nations are pre-destined to criminally clash and crash due to Karmic reaction of preprogrammed “axis of evil” enemy energy entities, executing and exercising existences. Surely so called civilizations colliding between one another in bloody battles, civil conflicts, confusion and combustible chaos!!! Racist radicalized religious warfare!!!

7. While the USA Avenger Commander In Chief Barack Hussein Obama bomb blast Iran, via Iraqi & Afghanistan, all other nation satellite states are also attacked and violently assaulted. Externally + internally by civil wars!

8. This means that every religious region of “The Middle East” Asiatic Arabs and of Arabia, Islamic Muslims of an alleged: “The Prophet Mohammad”; are going back down to the grassroots ground levels of historical naught, zero% of nothing!!!

9. Basically because, they have had ample times to repent with moral remorse and righteous regrets, and too many opportunities to pay We’s & Us’s back by reparations, restitutions and punitive damages. Especially, seeing that these nations have extracted billions and or trillions of dollars, capital gains in pure profits from the drilling and refining of crude oils. Plus, too many chances to integrate those imported Africans of the Diaspora Drama, into their governmental systems, religious politics, and economic social status-standings, etc. Butt, bluntly has failed to include the Melaninated darker toned skinned Africoid slaves, sons and daughters of X-slaves!!!

10. Now today one might ask me; am I trying to let these wild western wicked witchcraft Whites off of the hooks? And my answer is HELL NO! Basically because, by being better beneficially blessed, are We’s & Us’s to have in the Presidential Oval Office, a self-proclaimed: “I’m half black and half white” African American. A colored skinned per-sun Son of SUNGOD, Mastermind Melanin Messiah = Mental Model of madly mean military machine might!!!

11. Also, bio-genotype trait preprogrammed, thus politically propped proxy, geared and wired and criminally conditioned to retaliate in retribution, against each and every one of those on the “Black Hit List”. In alignment with deaths and Divinely Decreed + Declared Deliberated destructions!!!

12. KNOW NOW y’all that these RIGHTEOUS REVELATIONS: The Powerful Forces of The Ether That Be, are far above anybody, everyone, who are seated upon politicized posteriors of radicalized religiosity. And completely comprehend, that this brown bomber brother Obama, and all others as Whites, are being compelled by current circumstances. Concurrent climatically charged conditions, thus to direct their terrorist threats that truly, become actualities in realities, for the financial sake of survival of the fittest!!!

13. Reverting back into their lowest animal natures and beyond that, regressing towards their other oldest hidden and unseen selves:, being inhumane humanity haters, hideously hostile Racist Renegade Rouge REPTILIAN RACE!!!!

14. After Anglo-America, finds out the hard headed way that Iran is not necessarily easy prey, as were Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Grenada and else where worldwide. And they are destined to loose lots of valuable resource energies. Drastically reducing their crazily criminal Caucasian Caucasoid, militaristic offensives, plus+ weakening their overall capacity to participate in foreign warfare. And this strategically set stages of the next country on the target to shoot at in attacks, such as South America’s Venezuela and Hugo Chavez. Along with White Jewish-Zionist State of Israel verses Syria & Turkey, perhaps. As the USA attempts to try North Korea’s patients, while still in the surreptitious midst, as Yellow Asia’s China, runs completely out of patients, and compelled into survival mode! Equals= World War 3’s existing lukewarm to blazing hot Hades Hell Fires!!!

15. Severely sociopath Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, surely shall send salvation, a liberating freedom from financial enslavements, imposed upon My Afrindians brothers and sisters of Melaninated Coloration Complexions. Those loved ones who are living all around our GlobalWorldNations!!! mp3

16. Meaning as I’ve envisioned, each and everyone of the oppressive-repressive-depressive governmental bodies, whosoever, they might be, and has historically and still presently today, are racially-ethnically discriminating against, recognizable, African Africoids of Mother Africa Earth Nature, are facing finalizing fatalities. Equals= Divine Decreed Dooms Day Death Devil Damnation!!!

17. “In 1501, the Safavids proclaimed themselves the new rulers of the Iranian plateau establishing Shi’ism as a “state” religion and a “new” economic and political order. The Safavid “new order,” however, was an impossibility without the slaves, forced urban and rural labor, and periodic population transfers. This paper examines the changes in slave labor practices and slave trading in Iran from 1500 to 1900. The establishment of an Islamic empire did little to diminish the numbers and uses of slaves in Iranian society and economies. Indeed, slaves and the peddling trade in slaving greatly expanded during and after the Safavid rulers assumed power. By the nineteenth century, shortages of Iranian peasant labor, the expansion of land holdings in Central and Southern Iran, and the boom in Iran’s trade through the Persian Gulf altered the older slave trade in several significant ways in particular the numbers, ages and usages of African slaves. Between 1840 and 1880, Iran’s participation in the Indian Ocean trade sur passed all previous slave-trading practices including the pre-Safavid era.”

19. “Over time, large segments of North Africa’s Berber population converted to Islam. The religion spread to the camel herders of the Sahara Desert, who were in contact with black Africans south of the Sahara and who traded small numbers of black slaves. Muslim Arabs expanded this trans-Saharan slave trade, buying or seizing increasing numbers of black Africans in West Africa, leading them across the Sahara, and selling them in North Africa. From there, most of these slaves were exported to far-off Asian destinations such as the eastern Mediterranean, Anatolia (in present-day Turkey), Arabia, Persia (present-day Iran), and India.”


RealiVision vs. Religion

Documented today Friday, January 20, 2012,,, 10:48 am


New notes: Iran’s slave trade of blacks research studies….

YES: ‘Black revolutionaries who are said to be “fighting against HIV/AIDS”; and so they might think. Although are  warring against other freedom fighters as Africans and Americans as Blacks.’ As I’ve repeatedly heard some say who suppose to be of the so called “conscious community”; networking  in collusion cahoots with others like themselves, proclaiming to be “Pan-Africanists” of “Black Liberation” movements, civil rights groups and such.

BUTT: Believe my telling y’all that even though he or she, are acting so smart, they are actually being brainwashed, bribed and duped dumb, lowdown underhanded and dirty!!!

Seeing how that there is absolutely no more sorry asinine ass alibis and pitiful excuses for them not knowing any better by now, today, that the other serious side of the alleged “HIV” and AIDS politicized propaganda, reveals the total told truths. Yet these assumed to be well studied subjects, orators, speakers, love to get themselves online over the digital Internet world wide web, talking about viruses and or diseases. Things  that they don’t know what in the hell on planet earth they are talking about on these talk radio shows as guests of hosts!

However, one in particular, his personal name not mentioned herein, is a very outspoken African American Black man, articulate, aptly astute, butt, he interjects the untruthful expression stated in the aforementioned paragraph. So y’all shall now know that he contaminated his discussion with the contagions, in which I name to be: MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses” = Pathogens + Psychegons + Physicogons!!!

Simply said: Fictitious Fraud In Fact Lies of Leading Liars!!! And also might y’all know for the record, that a large number of so called Black leaderships, have long since sold-out on their disowned racial-ethnic groups here in the dis-United States of America. And also overseas abroad in Africa. So when he or they talk about great Black heroes fighting back against White racism, hatred, colonialism and imperialism, and glibly add the fraudulent notion of fighting or combating a non existing “HIV/AIDS” combination cause, they are being blatantly bloody bastards of the racists, white supremacists hatemongers and warmongers. Systemically and systematically, still serving those who have concocted these falsehoods worldwide!!!

In fact as he, proclaimed that Zimbabwe and South Africa’s brave Black leaders, deserves more credit and recognition, if men like Dr. Mr. Martin Luther King Jr., and others are to receive such glorified honors, etc.

Albeit, butt, here again, the documented historical records indicates crystal clear and abundantly open to public view, how that true African Black men, expressly, former President Thabo Mbeki + Robert Gabriel Mugabe both opposed and fought fearlessly against the White Euro-Anglo-Americans intrusions, interventions, interferences, with their internal affairs. Expressly, by wicked whites attempting to impose their medical madness, toxic “HIV” and AIDS treatments on African people’s populations. At some point they got hipped to what was happening, and hideously hidden, then began to challenge the clinical claims, of an epidemic – pandemic, and fought to block Nevaripine destructive drug chemicals. Like so many others who fortunately found out these truths. And in their respective countries, South Africa & Zimbabwe, these true Black Leaders, refused to accept the huge monetary bribes and multimillions of financial funding from the U.S. Federal Government and Presidential Oval Offices!!!!

Yawls remember to not Vote and dutifully do indeed NOTE: That these self-centered Africans, living herein the USA, and in the Mother Homeland Africa, are sellouts, sycophant stooges who are out for themselves. To hoard up wealth and filthy riches, ‘by all means necessary’ for them to be capitalist profiteers, and self-hating human beings of white racketeering racists!!!

Moreover, historicity repeats itself right now today, as the Capitalist Corporatist, Colonialist Caucasian Caucasoid criminal creatures, offer them millions of dollars. Thus to go entrap and capture as many of their own native, indigenous inhabitants, to enslave to man made, manufacture myths!!! In a typical way the they did in the Asiatic Arab Islamic Muslims Indian Ocean Slaving of Africa’s Africans, inclusively, the exact same manner in which Black Jackass Uncle Toms, participated in the North Trans-Atlantic Slave trades of Africoid Africans. Yet many deny it ever happened!!!

Furthermore, there are lots of wanna-be black leaders who want to make money at any cost and severe expense to their disowned love ones, family members, relatives, friends, countrywomen and countrymen. And some very well known, prominently popularized civil rights organizations, religious congregations, political parties, have all invested with lying to the public people’s populations, nationally and internationally. Doing so for pure profit capital gains and demonic dividends!!

Now they try to cover up for each other, co-conspirators of protectionism, and in-group silence on certain subjects, while acting all innocent, guiltless, faultless, blameless. Watching one another’s back by being proactive on the clinical slavery and medicinal mass member murders of African citizens of many nations, where so ever, We’s & Us’s are living upon planet earth. They are treasonous traitors, who are practicing Selfhatism, Samboism, Uncletomismm; as ‘radicalized raven werewolves hiding inside shy sheep’s clothing and innocent looking little lambs woolly haired hides!!!’

YES I KNOW, just how hurtful and harmful, it is to reveal and expose our own corruptions, criminalities, crookedness and craziness. And the total told truth is intended to pierce and punctually penetrate the hateful hearts of all those, presently involved, with the slavery of my people. And who as a mandated must do indeed, let them go free unto the perfect HueMainLaw of liberty. Yes, Afrindians all around our GlobalWorldNations!!!

So let it be notoriously known-renown; that this grandly great celebrated man name Nelson Mandela, along with the religious leader African man, Desmond Tutu, to make multimillions in foreign financial funding from US aid, have both sold out their African citizens. Inclusively, young Africoid women and men and kids to the tissue terrorist treatments. Politicized poisons, pharmaceutical pills pushed by pimping physicians! Period. Read my full fledged blogs: 


The complete text of South African President Thabo Mbeki’s letter to world leaders on AIDS in Africa. April 3, 2000

I am honoured to convey to you the compliments of our government as well as my own, and to inform you about some work we are doing to respond to the HIV-AIDS epidemic.Some elements of this orchestrated campaign of condemnation worry me very deeply.

It is suggested, for instance, that there are some scientists who are ‘dangerous and discredited’ with whom nobody, including ourselves, should communicate or interact.

In an earlier period in human history, these would be heretics that would be burnt at the stake! Not long ago, in our own country, people were killed, tortured, imprisoned and prohibited from being quoted in private and in public because the established authority believed that their views were dangerous and discredited.

We are now being asked to do precisely the same thing that the racist apartheid tyranny we opposed did, because, it is said, there exists a scientific view that is supported by the majority, against which dissent is prohibited.

The scientists we are supposed to put into scientific quarantine include Nobel Prize Winners, Members of Academies of Science and Emeritus Professors of various disciplines of medicine!

Scientists, in the name of science, are demanding that we should cooperate with them to freeze scientific discourse on HIV-AIDS at the specific point this discourse had reached in the West in 1984.People who otherwise would fight very hard to defend the critically important rights of freedom of thought and speech occupy, with regard to the HIV-AIDS issue, the frontline in the campaign of intellectual intimidation and terrorism which argues that the only freedom we have is to agree with what they decree to be established scientific truths.”

“Referring to Mbeki’s notorious support for the small but vocal group of dissidents who deny that the HIV retrovirus causes AIDS, they added, “It indicates that the president still remains opposed to the science of HIV and to appropriately responding to the epidemic.”

In short: where so ever these white Europeans and as Anglo-American Caucasian Caucasoids go, settle, immigrate-migrate, travel to, invade, raid, rape and rob people of dark melaninated skin coloration, they cause nothing butt internalized civil conflicts, confusion and combustible chaos!!! Habitually destroying the existing Love Peace & Harmony among Africa’s Africoids. A racist and hateful heart, being bio-genotype traits of Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes!!!


YES SPIRITUALIZE + WEAPONIZE: Our intrinsic-innate-inborn Spirituality!!! Go all the way backwards to the very beginnings, of the Grandly Great Gifted Genesis Genius, of ancient Africoid Africa’s ancestry. And align ourselves with Authentically Authorized Artistry.

Basically because, these actualized artworks arrived far in advance, before there was a Europeanized expression or word naming and labeling them methods of religious worships. Butt, they were in factual realities Spiritious. And this strictly and specifically means that true African Africoids – Negroids – Humanoids, were/are Spiritual as Spiritist of Spiritism with a RealiVision vs. Religion!!

ANTE-RELIGIOSITY: Thereby, Divinely Decreeing We’s & Us’s to be better beneficially blessed, righteously from the git-go and jump start of time periods.

SPIRITIOUSITY Reborn in COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: Rebirth. Equals = restoring, reinstating, reinstalling, reforming and repairing, all of the demonically damaged parts, cell membranes, nerve fibers, vital-organs of the living human being body. Cleansing cellular structures, and purifying the mind’s thinking apparatuses of our owned bright brilliant brains.  TO LOVE THY SELF!!! mp3

Everything initiates within the internalized and intellectualized thought processes of programming. Positive or Negative, Good or Bad, Right or Wrong. And most of the time it all depends on how one chooses to use these, energized entities. What purposes and causes can or could or are they being applied artfully or artlessly to?! How might Africans in the Americas, in particularly, herein, the dis-United States of Anglo-America, weaponize Spiritual attributes artistically?

In operational organizational order, to redeem righteousness, goodness, wholesomeness of our planetary sphere earth. Thus to truly send salvation as Saviors serving humanity worldwide. Knowing now today that no one is perfect, butt imperfectly perfected. And have historically made many meaningless mistakes. Howsoever, presently is the perfecting period of time to test the total told truths. And ask serious questions to our owned selves: What in the hell historically happened? Who went wrong? Why did ancient ancestral Africoid Africa’s, great civilizations repeatedly fall fatally and financially finalized?

Could it possibly be basically because, of gluttonous greed, gambling against the odds of fate? Or perhaps due to internalized uncivilized strife, selfishness, envy and jealousy? Black and brown brothers and sisters at each other’s throats, fist fighting, arguing and disputing over what belongs to whom and who gets what, valuables, inheritance, wealth? Maybe all of the above plus+ consciously and with cognizant awareness; decided it to be monetarily more profitable, to let go of their truest testimonies, for untrue testaments. Choosing foreign fakers fictitious and fraudulent Religions, to replace longstanding Spiritualized RealiVisions = REAL-LIVE-VISIONS!!!

DEFINITIVELY: Nobody, baring none, regardless of their skin pigmentation or coloration  complexions; has the abilities, political powers, forces that would successfully make compatible, nor reconcil Religions with native-natural inborn Africanized SPIRITUALITY!!! 

CONCLUSIVELY: Racist Islam & Racist Christianity’s insanity of inhumanity: them both, “throw it into the ash cans of history!”  And replace these twin heads of the same savage beast blood sucker…, with a reinstalled, reinstated, restored: ChristLikelyenity!  period.


DIVINELY DECREED + DELIBERATED DECLARATION DELIVERANCE DAY of HUEMAINLAW = INTERVENTION DIVINE!!! Officially Constituted concisely on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2012 at 12:00am +ColorKingdomNWCA

December 13, 2011

YES DIVINELY DECREED + DELIBERATED DECLARATION DELIVERANCE DAY of HUEMAINLAW: Officially Constituted concisely on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2012 at 12:00 am. Yes I solemnly and spiritually summons The Eternal Universal Powers + Forces of the Ether that Be, to install, instate, institute this respectful request. And AmeriAfrindain ArtistCHD, the Inspirited Solar Sexus Soul presiding over and residing inside my living human body organism, now Know instinctively, intuitively for a surety, and confidently so, that this decision as a declared decree by divine deliberation!!!

MOTHER MATRIARCH MAAT HUEMAIN LAW + HueMainKind Legislation: By creative conception meaning by definition, things that belong as native or natural to all human beings, worldwide. Essential elements, substances, material matter such as nourishing – nutritional, healthy food, fresh water to drink freely, secure shelter, clean clinical aid and safe medications. This law governs so named civil rights and human rights. With HueMainLaw being an all and in all encompassing principality. The dominate domain that completely covers citizens causes, consummately, thus those that are fundamental needs, requirements, as opposed to being only wants, wishes or desires!


MORE MEANINGFUL REASONS TO TAKE OVER CONTROLS OF AFRICA LIBYA BY USAA = “We Have A Responsibility To Act” “To Protect The Libyan Civilians” & Citizens!! And the inept NTC must step down, has to go!!!: Doumented today, Thursday, October 12, 2011 am.

“Brian Becker, National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition, says the calls for a no-fly zone over Syria are in fact “prescription for military intervention,” borrowing a “page from the playbook for Libya,” as it knows it can come to power only with the support of NATO.

Because the Syrian regime is stronger militarily and has more allies in the Arab world than the Gaddafi regime did, Becker explains, the Obama administration is trying to promote civil war in Syria in order to use is it as a pretext for direct intervention. NATO’s operation in Libya was not the great success proclaimed by the alliance, but rather a “massacre and crime against humanity.”

“When you have no casualties on one side and thousands on the other, that’s not a war, that’s a massacre,” Becker states. “That’s not something to be proud about. That’s something that should land [NATO] in the dock in the International Criminal Court.”  Document today, Sunday, October 30, 2011, 1:16 pm.

U.S. President Obama Commander In Chief = order military ground troops, take over controls Africa Libya = USAA Promised Land = The Unified Statutes of America = AmeriAfrindica = Afrindica = Africa =StopPointBlankPeriod radicalized racist rebels mass murders of mercenary migrants, workers, indigenous inhabitant African Africoid citizens enslavements-captivity imprisonments, torments-tortures = revenge killings on all fighting factions sides. = INTERVENTION DIVINE!!! mp3 Whose side are y’all on?
ALJAREERA: “Libya’s National Transitional Council is holding about 2,500 detainees in the capital Tripoli alone, many of whom have been beaten and subject to other ill treatment and not given access to lawyers or judicial proceedings, according to report released by Amnesty International, the London-based human-rights watchdog.
Prisoners interviewed by the group’s researchers said they had been held for various durations, from few days to a few months and that with rare exception they had not been arrested under any kind of legal order.
Mistreatment most commonly involves beatings, particularly with wooden sticks or ropes on the feet in a practice known as falaga, and at least two guards in two different detention facilities told Amnesty International (AI) researchers they beat detainees in order to extract “confessions” more quickly.
Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, AI’s deputy director for the Middle East and North Africa, said: “There is a real risk that without firm and immediate action, some patterns of the past might be repeated. Arbitrary arrest and torture were a hallmark of Colonel Gaddafi’s rule.
“We understand that the transitional authorities are facing many challenges, but if they do not make a clear break with the past now, they will effectively be sending out a message that treating detainees like this is to be tolerated in the new Libya.”
AI said that detainees appear to suffer beatings and torture particularly at the start of their detention, being given a “welcome” on arrival.
Blacks vulnerable
Sub-Saharan Africans suspected of being mercenaries made up between a third and a half of those detained, according to AI.  Some have been released after no evidence was found to link them to fighting.
A man from Niger, initially presented to AI as a “mercenary and killer”, broke down and explained that he had “confessed” after being beaten nearly continuously for two days. He denied being involved in fighting.
AI says black Libyans – particularly from the Tawargha region, which was a base for Gaddafi forces in their efforts to regain control of Misratah – are also particularly vulnerable. Dozens of Tawarghans have been taken from their homes, checkpoints, and even hospitals. AI also found that children were held together with adults and women detainees were supervised by male guards.
In meetings with AI in September, NTC officials acknowledged concerns over arbitrary detention and ill-treatment, and vowed to do more to get a grip on armed militias and ensure that all those detained enjoy equal protection of the law.
“The NTC has to act urgently to translate their public commitments into action, before such abuses become entrenched and stain the new Libya’s human rights record,” AI’s Sahraoui said.
“These detainees have in most cases been arrested without a warrant, beaten – and sometimes worse – on arrest and arrival in detention. They are vulnerable to abuse by armed militias who often act on their own initiative.
“The authorities cannot simply allow this to carry on because they are in a ‘transitional’ phase. These people must be allowed to defend themselves properly or be released.””
1. YES USA AFRICA LIBYA total take over command controls ordered our/my/by US President Obama Hussein Barack: Destined to be taken over by Whites + z-Blackxz, from competitor European nations and Arab Al Qaeda asinine ass alien agents of idiotic ignoramus Muslim Islamic Laws. Cleanly capitalizing on green cash currencies, and monetarily monopolizing on the natural resources that both our nations need desperately!
1a. Albeit, may our leaders get in on the deals and dollars before Europe and Russia and China!!! 
2. So let We’s & Us’s see crystal clear the Love Life Light Locks advantage, of  being number one in charge. Boots and foots on the grassroots grounds of the Battleground of Calvary. And not being losers left behind history and present day economic implosions. Instead moving militarily forwards; and being courageous Victorious Winners = 100%+ $$$
3.  Unification of our own Nation’s Expanding Extension Expressed + Executively Exercised Humane Righteousness. Butt hopefully holy, prayerfully and faithfully first and foremost by; U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama! Take talented actions now! To set the enslaved captives free unto the perfect law of liberty. Send in an African American led combat ready regiment and big black bold-brave buffalo soldiers. Remember?
4. SET FREE AT LAST: Politicized prisoners of racist radicalized rebels, and Pro Gadhafi phony fools alike. Correctly coming inside Benghazi & Tripoli, to force the issues and terrorist tissues; to cease incarcerating innocent deep dark Melaninated skin pigmented people, of natural toned colorations by yellow ocher Asiatic “pale face“ Al-Qaeda Arab occupiers of Africa. Locking down blackish-bluish-brownish, curly, kinky, nappy, woolly haired indigenous inhabitants. Raiding their neighborhoods as thugs and rats; unleashed by the inept, fraudulent NTC.
5. Therefore, justly and righteously, Obama, as a mandated must do: Give gallant orders to Divinely Intervene at once, without debate or delay!!! USA led negative nasty nose naughty neo ‘new NAZI NATO’ is now obsolete, null and void of capable capacity. And waiting on the International Community takes far too long!
6. Comprehending that this is a real-live-visual humanitarian critical crisis! Caring compassionate citizens, voluntary enlisted service members, has to take prompt invasive actions, Special Combat Commandos, Delta Forces and or Navy Seals, and private mercenary military units!!!
7. Thus to protect and save his African Africoid-Negroid racial-ethnic-cultural groups of Libya, overall and in general societal citizenry. Because there are true reports of BLACKXZ being hanged, lynched by their necks in nooses, and many members tormented, tortured to death, even close up range shot in their heads execution style.
8. Evidential proofs and eyewitness accounts. So then the US Federal Government, Commander In Chief, Official Leader of the Pentagon’s Military Machine Might; has no other alternative or option butt, to invade-intervene = INTERVENTION DIVINE!!! 
9. The African Union Army is not doing anything to help redeem and save African workers, inner city dwellers who are poor and impoverished. Trying to protect themselves from hostile hateful racist rebels of Islamic Muslim Arab Al Qaeda. And the starting staged setup is working according to devilishly devious demonic decisions made a long time ago. Thus to turn the Libyan people’s population against themselves, into hatemongering, and warmongering militant missions. They fail-fell for the Old-Oky Doke, so be it, too bad!!!
10. Neutralize all radicalized racialized religious states: Come in by air landing, sea landing and by land; in one accord.and defeat the internal warfare, racist revenge killings, with brothers and cousins and citizens mass murdering members. Accusing each other of committing criminal acts against their fellowman and humanity due to their insanity. As the white own, operated, ran major mainstream media madness, manufactured myths of mercenaries being faithful followers of Mr.Moammar Gadhafi, who are in fact poor Africa’s Africoid residents of Libya.  He himself also pitted-pitched these black and yellow people of color against each other, = no doubt in my mind!
11. PLUS: This is a sickening sinister plot, and “axis of evil””enemy combatant” conspiracy, caused by crooked, corrupt CaucAsian Caucasoid criminal corporate creatures. Conglomerated Capitalist Crazies and psychotic politicians. Directing news reports that are dangerously deceptive and distorting of realities on the ground. Rescue recourse is the urgent finalizing calls of today = USAA PROMISED LAND!!! Equals = also, The Unified Statutes of America —AmeriAfrindica —- Africa too!!
12. Now today, their diabolical plan is working well, to justify bringing in White European military ground troops from European countries, inclusively, leaving out the profiteering United States of angry Anglo-America Al’Qaeda Alien Agents. Howsoever the USAA has to move fast first!
13. Thereby, taking over the command controls from the henpecked, propped up proxy puppet National Transitional Council cowards. Those stupid stooges who might have thought that they would win full powers over the post Gadhafi era.
14. Butt, are in fact are predestined to face a traitorous backstabbing fatal defeat. Because they will be accused of being incompetents, unable to stop the internal criminal conflicts, civilian blood baths or revenge killings. A fact of reality that is occurring on both sides with the Radicalized Racist Rebels, and the Pro Tripoli forces or factions, fighting for their own individual political power positions, in pockets of communities loyal only unto themselves. Plunder–pillages, robberies and rapes. Equals = Anarchy!!
15. This is the most opportuned time: Consequently, the USA & Europe, psychotically feels that they now today have a crucially critical responsibility to take immediate actions. Militarily moving men into this battlefield zero zone to protect the civilians, ’black mercenaries’, and or Libyan citizens. And by the way, seize the rich crude oil fields, mineral resource rights, of historical Asiatic invaders and slave masters. Because they occupy Africa Libyan native Afrindians. Thus disarming all fighting forces and decommissioning their deleted NAZI, Gestapo military police state. Replaced with wisdom worshippers, non-religious common citizens. Under the Security Council’s United Nations Mandates or not!!
16. No time to go through the proper legal laws of due process, because of these seriously severe circumstances. Too many human beings blown away, bodies mutilated, murdered to DEATH!!! Soundly sane reasons To Act Righteously Now In Order To Force all Fighting Factions to StopPointBlankPeriiod
17. Always ‘n lovin’ faith having happy healty-healing holistic humane humor….thank YaWLs animals very kinky king kindly = Documented–revealed-reported today: Friday, August 26, 2011….11: 10pm.  Via COLOR KINGDOM NWCA + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD:
PS: DEFINITIVE REVELATIONS: Original Creative ArtistCHDs are the Constructive Created Imagination of our Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR. And We’s & Us’s are the smaller Sons of SUNGOD Generator, little persuns, huemain bengs as artistic co-creators. And are living their or its dreams imagined and made into manifested perceived realities and make believe worlds becoming real-live-visions. These invisible, unseen powerful forces of The Ether That Be, are Infinite Intellectual Intelligence of the Universal Mind MASTER1 Melanin Media via Spiritualized Solar Sexus Souls.
Truly talent tested: The eco-electron energy entities; Love1Sex2Romance3; which give us our inner colorized life, power and activated motions as impulses and pulsations of thought. Traveling at astronomical exceedingly fast speeds, frequency vibration wavelengths of the Electro Magnetic Field of  ColorComPlexTrix. The SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!
YES: All Official Leaderships are mass murderers, killers, capitalizing corporatist crooks of corruption. Causing death and destruction in every nation and sovereign country. Excluding or baring none! So which side’s national military machine might are y’all on? Who do you want to win or loose? Do y’all wish that Europe, Russia, China, claim and take over our resource rare-rich-royal Homeland Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Nature, or our USAA PROMISED LANDS!?.

1.USAA Police Peace Protection Military Maintainers; Employed to ensure Obama a second presidential term of 4 more years in Oval Office. If in fact he act according to Sublime Spiritious Sensibilities. Right now he has the invisible, unseen powerful forces of The Ether That Be, Mother Nature Earth  is on our side… to sanely self-employ self-empowerment for Africans in America = native-Indians originally AmeriAfrindians. Equals his honestly earned AN HONORABLE SALUTE!

1a YES OUR RALLYING POINT OF UNIFICATION: certainly Africans in America are to try and persevere fearlessly, and endeavor to get down deep into the bottom of this material matter, tissues and issues, of slave states. An emergency effort exercised promptly. Or else America shall see itself as a blazing burning towering inferno. Until U.S. President Obama, Congress and White officials, order the release of political prisoners of pillage and plunder. Outrages ought to continue until all Africa’s Africoid art forms as HueMain Beings, are at once freed. Deliberated from all racist religious rebel radicals, whosoever, they might be?!  Africans in America have a vital interest herein!  We’s & Us’s need direct connections to the continental Afrindian VegePlanTerRain: Equals = Diaspora Pyramidal Panorama Phenomena via Obama!

1b. REGIONAL TERRITORIES: Placed under our USAAs’s jurisdiction. And none of this bull shit about they are going to receive a fair trial in the NTC’s and racist Roman ICC crazy CraucAsian Caucasoid creature crap, criminal court of injustices and inhumanity and insanity!!! We’s & Us’s have no legitimate, honest, total truth telling “International Criminal Court”__period.

1c. “KANSAS CITY (Reuters) – Kansas City’s Roman Catholic bishop has been charged with failing to promptly report pornography on a priest’s computer, prosecutors said, becoming the highest-ranking U.S. church official charged in long-running clergy abuse scandals. Prosecutors in Jackson County, Missouri, said on Friday that Bishop Robert Finn, 58, became aware of child pornography images on the laptop computer of Reverend Shawn Ratigan in December 2010 but failed to appropriately notify police or state child abuse authorities for five months.” Documented today, Saturday, October 15, 2011…11:14am. Yes this is mainly WHY?!

2.THE COMFORTER COMMANDER CHIEF COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts + I’m not saying Europeanize Africa’s Libya; butt, am actually saying; Americanize it = AmeriAfrindianize it. De-Christianize & De-Islamitize Her. Free At Last Mother Africa from all invaders, intruders of religions. Instead Invest our Spiritious Artworks, innovative enterprises, textiles, fashion designs, talents and gifts of genesis genius, cleansed culinary culture of Solar Sexus SoufFood = FunkySoulSongSeason.

2a SACRED SPIRITIOUS SYMBOLS SECURE SAFE SECRETS: Spice Libya up with heated Heavens Hades Hell Fires, hot redgreen-black peppers, seasoning our ancestral ancient Africa Egyptian grandly great Mastermind Melanin Messiah Mental Models. In which we go by as leading Love Life Light Locks. Geometric Guides_Equals = artworking + networking To-Get-Her!!  Victorious Winners Takes All, no dividing the spoils of warfare with Europeans, Russians, Asians and or China!!!

3. Adventuring Africans who migrated to the America’s are already integrated biologically and physiologically. Genesis Genius+ Genus + Genre + Genetic Gracefully Gifted ONE. Needing no tyrannical, legalized-law imposing legislation dictating a racially integrated societal citizenry. Trust never again the untuthful superficial pretentious presentations of racial-ethnic-cultural diversity. Because, it in spirit and in truth has thus, happened already; artfully unified inside the living body organism of humanity’s flesh-blood-bone and marrow!

3a. In view of our MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions completely composed consummately: blackish-brownish-reddish-tannish-yellowish-whitish-pinkish pigmented people’s populations!!! = Happily, Healthfully, Humorously, Holistically Hue-Main!!!

3b. SAY SO LONG SUCKERS: Now after exploiting expediently, using ugly, naughty nasty nose negative neo “new nazi” NATO, it is the perfected-correct time to distance the USA from them, and their ‘savage beast barbaric behaviors’. Mass murders of civilian societies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa Libya and Europe! Americans are to turn their backs on these criminal coalition creatures of terror, torment and torture!!! = Disgrace to the HUEMAIN “RACE”!!!

3c.  WISELY: ‘The land of the free, the proud, the brave’ is to now; on the sly fox cool side-step, shift sensibilities, and backslide like a deep sea ocean crab. Because, there’s only so many economic life rafts, salvation floating devices available. Therefore all other countries have to fish ‘n fend for financial fitness themselves = each to their own.  Heads up I win and tails down you loose. So that The United States Presidency = Washington D.C. Capitol Hill Oval Office, can redeem themselves, save their Solar Sexus Souls, and become the Truest Leaders of our GlobalWorldNations. Yes, this is my authorized artistic Real-Live-Vision!!!

4. Taking back what belongs to Africans living here in the Americas; as Olmecs, Mayans, as transported slaves and or by migrating seafaring sailors on ships and sailboats. Remove, overcome, push back and out, those generations…. who are these invader Spies & Asiatic Alien Arab Al-Qaeda Agents. No material matter if they sneaked in as Demonic “Negroes” or DEVIL Blacks = two-face backstabbing brainwashed bull shitters and assasins. Inclusively, today’s faker families falsely claiming to be the pyramid builders, creators of our great monuments, sculptures and artifacts. And such sickening sinister societies of citizens; are dominating and controlling; today’s indigenous inhabitants!

5. FRIEND or FOE‘You’re For_ Or Against’ CKNWCA THE COMFORTER’S  USAA: So, surely shall We’s & Us’s show some sympathy, and exercised empathy towards other Africa’s Africoid ov-z-BLACKXZ.  And this is why:“Preemptive Consent” Empathy + Sympathetic sensations, has not been given in advance to the suffering, sicknesses of other people of color. A preprogramming brainwashing background, that desensitizes and numbs compassionate feelings. A psychosis, corroded sensibilities!

5a. May our self-loving leaderships impress upon the African American minds, how vitally important and paramount it is, that the USAA PROMISED LANDS… is installed, instated and immediately instituted!!! Establishing LOVE PEACE & HARMONY + LOVE SENSATIONS SPIRIT SUBLIME!!! mp3

6. Butt, these wicked Whites wants and wishes that We’s & Us’s feel sorry for them, each and every time something seriously severe happens to them. They expect understanding, sympathetic compassion and empathy shown sincerely. Howsoever, I strictly tell y’all, never again do this! Until their Institutionalized Racism + Uncletomism = Selfhatism; is bannished, and terminated.

6a. Meanwhile, beware of  Wicked Weather Wrath, unnatural dissasters, flash flooding fallouts…,  because: they asked for warfare historically. And when they invaded Africoids, being Mongoloids, they F..ed up! And also presently attempting to sneak in the back doors in the dark of night. This is warmongering and hatemongering stealth and treachery, asking for warfare, so now today they have it! CaucAsians = EuraAsians & Asians; “must step down” No sharing of power and are ordered to vacate the continental premises = “got to go”!! Exit Africa! We need our own jobs, employment opportunities to feed and take care of our families, children and countries, not Asia or China or Europe or Russia!!! Just Africa + America!!

“Know The Ledge Feat Ashra Kwesi & Dr Phil Valentine Part 3”
7. Panorama Phenomena: Of our GlobalWolrldNations; meaning that where so ever, there are We’s & U’s being held at the very bottom of the totem pole, racially repressed-depressed-oppressed; a Divinely Decreed Damnation is summoned as curses charged against all conceivable, enemy energy entities. Whosoever, they might in deed be?!.

8.Spearheading our Spiritual Renaissance Movement, For Self-empowerment improvement, are Sacred Spiritious Symbols Secure Sacred Secrets. Something invisible and traveling unseen, undetectable by mechanical technologies. Also, there is no manmade, manufactured methods by which to counter-force it, nor counter-combat that in which one can’t even see or sense. And those who racially hate Africa’s Afrcoid Americans, have no defenses to defend themselves from our retaliatory retributions, offensive spiritualized warfare weaponry = activated aesthetic-authentic-authorized artistry.

9. MASTER1 Melanin Media, Mastermind Messiah Mental Models, Musical Metaphysical Mediums. And let our self-loving brothers and sisters, no longer worry about what Whites choose to say, think, or believe about it all, in the least. These Panoramic Phenomena are an all and in all exclusively exquisite closed ranks; inside flanks of the worldwide ColorComPlexTrix!!!

10. PYRAMIDAL PANORAMA PHENOMENA; is not to be equated with Pan-Africanism, Black Nationalism, nor any other notoriously known name, group or organization. Basically because they have run/ran there courses, in their time periods, then became ineffective, deficient and many times self-defeating!!!

11. My True-Up U-Turn terminologies, artistic analysis and symphonic synthesis: says sanely and sensibly, that they all were and or infiltrated by invasive MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses” = politicized Pathogens + poisonous-polluted Psychogons!!

12. First of all the lost leaderships attempted or tries to unite incompatible parties politically. Secondly they contrive to include incongruent, conflicting causes, expressly Religions. And these elements contradicts organizational order in and of themselves, due to their historical and present day natures. They are effectual energy entity “enemy combatants”; and “axis of evil” antagonist adversaries. No material matter if they happen to be “all black”; this-that or the other. Contagious contamination are cancerous causes, colliding and constantly conflicting each other, regardless of good faith intentions!

13. So then yawls, this strictly means that a screening, sifting, straining, filtering system has to be put into place, so that no religious radicalized-racialized rift raft enters. Religious faiths are “Honky Ideologies” of the wicked White whip “Crackers”; CaucAsian Caucasoid creature criminal Catholic Christian Church corruption; of racist Roman Laws!!! In collusion cahoots with White male Protestant–Baptist bull baloney. The very inventors of Institutionalized Racism!!!

14. Therefore, when trying to gather-galvanize Africans together as one conference composition leave out certain and specific stuff. Because, the far too familiar, old outdated by-gone days Pan-African activists are activated AGENTS if and or when they glibly gather religious leaderships, and adding politicians to the compost pile of poisonous pollution. Consequently combustible components of criminal corruption, and it is self-destructive behavior, beastly and believably barbaric too!!!


1. Dutifully Cast Your Yes NOTE vs. Vote: The OCCUPYNEERS, are not ever going to stop their demanding demonstrations. Not until the old-sick system of corporatist = capitalist corruption is cured. And that means death to The United States of America as we have grown to know it to be. And it do not matter in the least which religious political side you are choosing or electing to be on. This racist religious rattlesnake sinister serpent of SATAN, has completely run/ran it historical course. Predestined to die off and be replaced by a better beneficially blessed beginning. Via our SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT; Cleaning up our own filthy rich, dirty dealings, bad acts and devilish deeds for self-empowerment improvement!

2. ACTUALLY: And this starts with the grassroots ground level zero of monetary naught have nots = nothing! Because the truly impoverished mindsets are those occupying politicized power positions. Imposing their wicked wills upon the physical Poor Down Trodden Mass Members of worldwide societies globally!!!

3. WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER PLAN + Positive Population Protests, are to up rise into upheavals and finish off the life of the twist tong terrorist tyrants ruling as dictator elitists of our national internal affairs. Howsoever, remember that We’s & Us’s as a mandated must do, is to come cleansed, currently and culturally corrected, in organizational order, to cause climatic charged changes. So let us do some self-services by house cleanings, sanitizing, sterilizing and decontaminating our communities of all these man made manufactured mythological RELIGIONS!!!

4. NO NOT ONE Can Ever Be Trusted Again: ‘They have all fallen seriously short of the gifted glory of our Solar Sexus Soul SUNGOD ‘S COSMIC CREATOR of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!! (Spiritually recognized or perceived as being the invisible and unseen; Almighty Lord God!!!)

Come back later on and read this blog post: The Black Jackass Uncle Toms self-hatred of Love GODDESS Mother Earth Nature Africa’s AmeriAfrindians and AfriNatindian Ascendants!!!

 HATEFUL HOLOCAUST HISTORY HAPPENS Over Again, Repeating Itself, Reoccurring Nightmares & Daytime Terror. Until Africans, American BLACKXZ learn their historical lessons. Cease Compliancy+ Complacency-Apathy-Indifference!!! 
“We Have A Responsibility To Act”!

1.YES This notation right here is what I’m trying to effectively accomplish and or is now actually doing: “Bus Boycott of 1955 and the murder of a black teenager, Emmett Till, later that same year, galvanized and consolidated the various civil rights efforts.”

1a Fortunately this is a bright brilliant brain building bridges by which the devilish demons can redeem themselves; then cultured cleansed crossover completely, calm-cool-collected. Y’all know what I’m talking about, the dirty devils dice dealt to their own racial groups of American Africans = AmeriAfrindians.

1b. No more menacing pricey-dicey gambling games. Here’s some sanely sensible salvation, a fair and equal opportunity to become that what or who they fail to be,  being total truth telling Melaninated leaders ov-z-BLACKXZ!!!!

2. “Lizzie Phalen is a journalist/activist, supporting people’s struggles globally against US/Western imperialism. She spent time in Tripoli, may go back, and will discuss what she saw firsthand, including bombing civilian targets and killing noncombatants.”Download this episode (right click and save) 

2a. Indubitably: The hateful hangings and lynchings of African Blacks, murder, torment and torture. By bloody bastards, USA & NATO led astray, Racist Radical Rebels = National Transitional Council’s crazy criminals, sociopaths and psychopath revenge killers!!!  PROGRESSIVE RADIO NETWORK:

3. Albeit: they indicate just Rational Reasons: The United States of America led by “I’m Half Black & Half White”; brown bomber brother Obama Hussein Barack OFFICIAL OVAL OFFICE PRESIDENT; incumbent, to invade and currently conquer Libya Africa. Then spread our expanded clean cultured controls over Tunisia & Egypt & Sudan & Somalia!!!! As SOLAR SEXUS SOUL SAVIORS + SERVERS of our SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM!!!

4. OUR ONLY OTHER OPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY: For so called “Black Civil Rights Leaders” to stand up front and center and pop-tall at attention! Also, this is the time to test those who wanna-be black power political pundits, militant revolutionaries. Thus to see the Love Life Light Locks of daylight of My True-Up U-Turn Universal IniVersal RealiVision vs. Religion & Politics. Equal = REAVL-LIVE-VISION!.
5. POSITIVELY: Appeal to the Presidential Power Position, Capital Hill Seated Posterior of the identified and classified to be an African American Black U.S. President personally. Because it is well wisely written: “Where Ever There Is An Adversity, There Also Roots The Seeds of An Equivalent Advantage.” (Mr. Napoleon Hill Think And Grow Rich)  
5a. Wake up and smell some sweet scented flower fragances, and sight see this valuable opportunity to put powerful pressures artfully applied on politicians. Giving ourselves, a fair chance to make a Commander In Chief serve America’s suffering society. Because our unemployed communities are on the rapid increase, joblessness, homelessness and pitiful poverty is setting in. The nation is in reality, facing fatal fates and survival of the financial fittest is the fortunate fortre$$; Economic Emancipation Proclamation + Reparation of today!  
5b. Eliminate coalition cahoots with Europe, and think about America. This is a stand-alone Sublimely Inspirited Commandment Capital Cash Currency Commssion Calling Cause of Artistic Actions.
5c. Current Cultural Climatic Charged Changes: Clearing combat competition; out of our patterned pathways. Especially, the blantant bloody battles between, strict Muslim Islamic Law & Tyrannical Dictator Rule of religious racism; engaged against African Africoids.
5d. So boldly and bravely ‘unto the perfect law of liberty’ “Free At Last”; Overome today and calmly composed, courageously collective: “Come Follow Me”: CKNWCA THE COMFORTER + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Christ Likeness = ChristLikelyen vs. Christian = the originating-initiating CHRIST HorusHeart DEITY = DIVINITY.

6. OUR UNIFYING + UNITING UNIFORM: Financial formula formations, marching gallantly in leveled ranks and equal flanks across The Battleground of Calvary, as Warriors + Victors!!

 7. YES: This is the perfected place and de-politicized position; to start our CREATIVE EVOLUTION + EVOLUTIONARY REVOLUTIONARY CREATION! Our-Universal-GlobalWorldNations CoalescentCrimesCourt-Jurisprudent-Justice vs. International-CriminalCourt-The-Hague=Racist-White Supremacy-Superiority-Superpower-Sickness-Syndromes-SinisterSnakeSerpent-SATAN-via-AmeriAfrindian-ArtistCHD COLORKINGDOM-NewWorld-CreativeArts!!!

8. Everybody, civil-human rights groups, organizations are authorized to rally their constituents to-get-her at once. Do the righteous thing this time around, and don’t wait nor delay. Drop the “NIGGERISH” bad ass ace of spade attitudes! = Devil Black Jackass UNCLETOMISM!!!

8a. Because apathy-indifference-complacency+ compliancy, idiotic-ignorant silence…is a self-destructive behavioral bad habit. These stupid, strident Islamic Laws, oppressing-repressing-depressing, our people of darker-toned Melaninated skin colorations, “must stand down”; “has to step aside”, “got to go”; or else by physical powers and biologically destroyed decisively! No more arguing, fussing and fighting, and long drawn out debates. And I vehemently profess: Decreed Devil Damnation–Denunciation-Condemnation Curses, cast upon, these hostile-hatemongers, warmongers and Arab Al Qaeda Arch Angel Antagonist Adversarial Alien “AGENTS”!!!

[United Arab Emirates who were the wicked ones who justified and rectified the enslavement of Libyans as Africans! = Energy Entity “Enemy Combatants”; “Axis of Evil” Co-Conspirators!! ]

9. DELIBERATED DELEGATION: Bringing the War fairly to the Enemy Energy Entities; instead, of attempting to stop some stupid warfare. And we are no longer trying to stop racists from believing in what they want to about us; butt, our calmly composed delegation to Africa Libya, is to stand staunchly in between the rebels racist acts, demonic deeds, and revenge killings and mass member murders of Africa’s Africoid dwellers, citzens, migrant-mercenary workers all alike. Thus to disarm them completely, along with Pro-Gadhafi loyalist blind faith following fools. These American civil and human rights organizations, entertainers, comedians, actors-actresses, are to collectively come cultured clean, collectively composure certain, confident, and put their humane healthy heads together today. TIMELY TRUTH TEST!!!

10. THE BLACK & BROWN HUMANE HIT LIST: Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Phillip Valentine, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Mr. & Mrs Obama, Ms Cynthia McKinney, Ashra Kwesi, Pastor Ray Hagins, Cornel West, Mr. Michael Eric Dickerson, Mr. Tyler Perry, Chris Rocks, Andrew Young, Ms Oprah Winfrey, Sara Suten Seti, Dr Leonard Jeffries, Mr. Bill Cosby, Anthony Browder, Rev. Eddie Williams, Mr. Mark Dean, Ms Marimba Ani, Dr. Walter Williams, Dr. Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti?, Dr. Ms Alveda King, Dr. Ms Michelle Rene, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte?_ Redemption + Salvation for Mr. Bishop Eddie Long who was misled astray by false Christianity;  Mr. Collin Powel who soldout on Iraq WMD myth, Ms Maya Angelou-poet, ……and this outstanding listings is an artwork still in progress. ….>>>

11. Physically Protected by the United States Federal Government’s President Barack Hussein Obama, + Pentagon’s Military Machine Might, fright, fearful “shock and awe” avengers!!! Force whosoever, is holding our Blackxz, in cruel concentration camps of sickness, ailments, degenerating diseases and deaths; to immediately release them all. For they are unjustly being enslaved to criminal captivity, and this is not only unacceptable; butt, zero % intolerable!!!

12. NO No no: this caring, compassionate calling cause of action: Well y’all, is absolutely not some ‘rainbow coalition’! Not a “Black Liberation” movement or ‘fact finding mission‘.  And is truthfully our Divinely Decreed Deliberation-Delegation!

13. Furthermore, COME CRYSTAL CLEAN: Meaning that these African Americanized leaders picked out in my choice humane hit list, can be, might be, of or belonging to one of the major-mainstream manufactured mythological religions: Christianity-Judaism-Muslim Islamic. Butt, this is certainly not some religious revival get-together grouping. And all of the religious crap can be left behind and the person disciplining themselves to remain quiet and silent on their religious faiths. Also, this meeting of Mastermind Melanin Messiah Mental Models, are to drop their political party platform play performances. Because, politics are kept out of this Divinely Decreed Commission Calling Cause of Action!! Compatible, participating partners are strictly and specifically representing righteous HUMANITY’S SANITY!!

14. THE QUANTITY QUARINITY4 COMFORTER’S CONFERENCE + CyberSpaceAge ColorKingdomNWCA Main Web Site HueMain Domain. Meaning that this is the appropriated action artfully authenticated, place, location to meet members as a rendezvous. No physical contacts!

15. Strictly specific saying that no more of the old-outdated modes of meetings held inside conference rooms of the physical civic community centers. A place where hard head boiler brains tried some many times to come together to talk about important internal affairs of African and or Pan-Africa. And too many times they turned into turmoil, arguments, fussing and fighting. No ante-established or prepared ground rules-regulations and realistic legislation. In other words arbitary and despotic, self-centered and lawless!!!

16. Nevertheless, SELF-DISCIPLINED CKNWCA Controls contextual contents of characters. Certain guidelines are posted openly, and ostensibly, no nasty negative name calling, libelous labeling language, vulgar profanity–obsenity shall be tolerated. Stick solely to the tender issues and tissues as musical musicians and performing physicians prescribes! All comments are to be posted herein, at my True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs.




Ms MAAT Cynthia McKinney says: “When the DIGNITY Delegation of journalists was there, we could already see the impact of the bombing on patients in the hospital, children trying to understand what was happening, women trying to soothe their families, men trying to carry on with their normal activities, shopkeepers trying to eke out a living despite fighting and bombing all around them, Black Libyans who felt threatened by their fellow countrymen and the outsiders who have streamed into the country, siding with NATO and openly boasted of killing dark-skinned Libyans (who number between 50% and 58% of the population, according to one of the Libyans who joined us on the tour, now returned to his country, not the 30% written in the special interest press) and non-Libyan Africans.”


Full stories: Love Goddess Cynthia McKinney Madame Matriarch MAAT USA Presidentress +We The Public People Power Plan+Positive Protests = MAAT’s Wings of Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship + COLOR KINGDOM NWCA AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD anscend ancient ancestral AFRICA’s Egypt = KEMET+  




1. SCHEMATIC-SYSTEMIC SETTLEMENTS: Sent from the USA to USAA, PROMISED LANDS; as Africans leaving America, to live in Africa’s Africoid Libya. As watch-dogs,  looking to see how the dark skinned Libyans are being treated, included into the governance, or still stopped from full participation.  A security military police protection force shall surely be needed to back our Divinely Decreed Delegation up with firsthand fire power!!!

1a. Likewise Leaderships:  And we will want to have the tied up billions of dollars, now being frozen assets of Libyans and of Mr. Muammar Gadhafi’s fallen regime. Thus to repair-restore-rebuild infrastructures, housing developments, apartment dwellings-districts, homes, businesses that the internal warlords damaged or destroyed!  We now demand our Obama “I’m half black and half white” “muts like me’ shares. Whites their half and Blackxz & Brownxz our half, 50/50% even-stevens.

1b. In addition to that, dividing the spoils of salvation’s savings: Africans living in America are to use sums of these oil funds; as REPARATIONS. Building financial funds. Thus to truly reconstruct their/our inner urban cities across the United States = Unified Statutes of AmeriAfrindica which now includes Northern Africa = Non-Christian church—non-Islamic Muslim mosque_ USAA!

CAPITAL CASH CURRENCY: These monetary funds, plus natural resources, belongs to Africans, also named Negroid Melanaisn members of mankind, womankind, humankind. As one takes our historicity holistically into banking acounts, in verified view, added to today’s present dismissal of inhospitable-unfriendly foreign forces. Equals = Entity Energy “Enemy Combatants”= obstreperous occupiers!!!

3. OUR SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT: For Self-empowerment improvement. Africa Libya; as I’ve envisioned, is now the artistry’s center carbon core, SPIRITIOUS seat of SPIRITISM. None religious and none political VegePlanTerRain of ChristLikelyenism as opposed to enslaving Socialism-Communism-Capitalism; compounded by religious politics!!!

3a. Forcing financed factors, fulfilling fruitful faiths, hopes and dreams of prosperity. Fatally formulated for fools; having to learn how to ‘do unto others as they would have them do unto them’; and learn how to love their neighbors as they would want to love themselves’; and to learn what it truly means: TO LOVE THY SLEF!!!

4. What I mean is that, seriously severe Statutes, are instated-installed–instituted_ inside cities, de-Christianizing and de-Islam-zing all districts of education, commerce capital cash currencies, and governance. Neutral zero zones, finally freed from racist religious politics!!

4a. Likewise the American dollar is to be instituted, installed, instated on face values and cents. And this will wisely sustain Africans in America who were displaced, relocated and lost their historical financial foundations. Due to Arab Asiatic Slave Trades for 1000 or more years of deprivation, depression-repression-oppression!!!

4b. Fortunately for We’s & Us’s, through Mr. Muammar Gadhafi, our financial freedom is founded, and grassroots grounded in Africa Libya. Wittingly or unwittingly, he, choose to help unify the truest Africoid-Negroid native tribal leaders. Butt, his big fault was, trying to make them Arabized Islamic Muslims of meanness and madness and mass murdering Marauders!! 

5. EXPERIMENTAL ELEMENTS: Energized entities exercising full Freedom of Artistic Expression! Which we will want for our Mediterranean Military Machine Might, to stay stationed in these seas, including, the Red Sea and Suez Canal. Which enslaved hard working Africans dug out in physical labor, under force of arms by European conquerors. However, this negative is now being turned around, inverted into a positive advantage, to claim ownership for unpaid artwork done! Doing all of this, while We’s & Us’s have a so called ‘Black African American’ U.S. President seated in political power position of posterior prosperity. = $$$

5a. The dis-United States of Angry Anglo-America, is broke and bankrupt. Therefore African Americans ov-z-Blackxz, has a madated must make do; and seek self-survival, self-sufficiency and self-services. Come outside the cages of the Christian churches and face realities righteously. Leave these plantations of political poisons and pollutions!! And cease going for broke, by casting your self forsaking vote, and start strongly casting our DUTIFUL NOTE!  [Melaninated Musical Metaphysical Mediums]

OCCUPYNEERS = “Occupy Wall Street”= We The Public People Power Plan + Positive Population Protests = Unification = Unified Statutes of America + Africa = Our USAA PROMISED LANDS MultiplexRacialBody governance x Spiritual Renaissance Movement = via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts = AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD’s RealiVision vs. Religions & Politics!!

6. Christians Christianity-Islamic Muslms–Jews Judaism:  Further still, both or all ghostly trio sides has thus far, viciously and violently violated the International Rules of Engagements! Plus demonic damages done are irreversible and irreparable. Therefore, those of a Culpable Mental State of Criminal Guilt, must make mandatory money reparations, repaying the economic costs, plus punitive damages to compensate the true Africoid African citizens of societies thereof, therein Africa Libya, inclusively Egypt, Sudan, Somalia & Tunisia!!!  Our buried treasure trunk of trustworthy diamonds, gold, pearls, precious gemstones + Sweet Carbon Center Core Crude OIL AmericAfrindian Manufactured MONEY $$$

7. It was well written within wisdom of Ancient Ancestral Africa; ‘That Libya and all other unproductive or counterproductive countries could come clashing and colliding to their terrifying fallen fates. Also, wrote wisely within Worthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship; that unappreciative, disobedient nations shall surely fall, and their Rare-Rich-Royalties; taken away from them; and given to those True-Up U-Turn Authentic Artistries, bearing the sweet smelling spirited scents of financial fresh fragrant fruit, thereof, therein, Thus taken away from foolish families, cruel clans, and terrorist tribes, who fail to appreciate aesthetic artworks of actualized ArtistCHDs = Christ-HorusHeartDeity = Divinity = AUTTHENTIC AFRICOID AUTHORIZED ARTISTRY = millions-billions dollars 100%+$$$

8. YES REPARATIONS + UNIFICATIONS: Meaning mercy money meant to be by “The Power of Intention” (Dr. W.W.Dyer) And here it is a manifested truthful reality, that smart minds must make their move on the chessboard of Africanized lifestyles aptly and astutely NOW!!!

9. Reap The Rare Rich Royal Ripe Harvest of Humane Healing Health, Holistically + Humorously: And cease complaining complacently doing nothing to help the self-employment, empowerment come true. Play the race cards back that were dealt to We’s & Us’s under the tables, and stacked against our comrades by underhanded Devil Blacks & deceptive Devil Whites = Demonic Constituents of Supremacy Superpower Sickness Syndromes of the Sinister Sorcerers System’s Snake Serpent SATAN!

10. While wicked witchcraft-werewolves, were still stealing in the mean midst, of serving surreptitiously, the demons = enemy energy entities. And saying that the faulty blame game, is the accused criminal, convicted without a fair and just trial serial killer and mass murderer, herein identified on trial. Yet no evidential proofs has been found, butt, the evil doers cast prejudice-anima-psoter-colork.gifjudgment, in bias kangaroo courts condemnation. Bogusly bearing false witnesses, and pronounced the death penalty, through self-righteous juries, as scapegoat sentencing-set upon the innocent “Light Bearer” Lucifer!!!


1. YES INDUBITABLY & DEFINITIVELY: According to our Great Grand Mastermind Melanin Messiah Mental Models: Dr. Anta Diop, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Ben Jochananan, Dr. Henrick Clarke, Dr. Theophile Obenga and many more others; these Asiatic Arabs & Islamic Muslim Mohammedans, invaded-intervened-intruded upon our original civilized creations of LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature!!

2. As ‘barbaric beastly behaving savages’; raping, robbing, racializing, radicalizing righteous religions. Perverting them, converted them into criminality, as aversions toward SPIRITUALITY!

3. My major mainstream media method, means that at some point in historical times, these alien “AGENTS”; trespassed and encroached upon our seaside sands. Consequently, proselytizing and or baptizing and criminalizing Native Negroid tribal families into an Islamic indoctrination. Through brainwashing-bribery and duping dummies into believing that “pale face” Arabians had their best interest at honest heart in kindness and sincere friendships. Butt, after they won our ancestors trust, they conveniently betrayed them. Turned against Africans all together, and sided up with EurAsians as CaucAsians!

4. Teaching them all about how to enslave the BLACKXZ! 1. First, mislead Africoids and sent them on human hunting expeditions to conquer other fellowmen and women. Force their Islamic conversion upon them ‘by all mean methods of criminal cruelty as need be and more for fun and sport]s. After all, the true Caucasian Caucasoid creatures, were adoring, honoring, embracing these blackish-brownish-reddish skinned Africans, particularly, the Ancient Egyptians, Nubians, Ethiopians and of the Nile Valley Civilization.

5. The European Whites & Pinks, even worshipped black gods and goddesses, showing no signs of racism whatsoever. That is of course, until the envy, jealousy and strident strife manifested, showed up its negative ugly face. And it was, as I’ve envisioned, instinctively and intuitively, these invasive Arab Asiatic-Semitic Yellows; who instigated INSTITUTIONAL RACISM!!!

6. Basically because, they held Africa’s Africoid people’s populations, in bondage, enslaved for approx. 1000 years. Before and during the North Trans-Altantic Slave Trades of Europeans. For at least about Ten Centuries in forced labor camps, submissive servitude, oppression-repression-depression!!! And Dr. Henrick Clark, expressly professed that We’s & Us’s as a mandate must do, never forgive them for what they did to kindhearted, friendly, Love Peace & Harmony loving BLACKXZ & BROWNXZ!!

 7. AFRICOID AFRICA’S WEALTH + RARE-ROYAL RICHES: All the way up until now today, with warlord Mr. Muammoar Gadhafi, using African oil to bribe-brainwash and dupe dummies into accepting huge sums of money in the multimillion of oil dollars. Lots of loot and bounty and booty! Giving much money to the African Union Army, revolutionary rival rebellions, and uprising against European colonialism and imperialism and racism. Excusing themselves of course, gifts given graciously, as hush up yo-mouth money! Play colorblind and keep quiet and stay silent!

8. OK YAWLS: Might military might mean that we will want to redeem and reclaim our wealthy resources. At this time while our Battleships, Navy Destroyers, Aircraft carriers, loaded with cruise missles-munitions, rockets and heavy artillery shells. All positioned strategically already in place, in the Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean. Perfected strategic timing!

9. More over USAA’s Military Industrial Complex over to Africa Libya, and say F….k You Japan. Because they are dead in the waters of tsunami tidal waves, sunk as dead as a stinking skunk and putrid punk! Totally out of commission and too costly for us to try and reinstate righteousness!

10. YES Our Unified Statutes of AmeriAfrindica parallels The United States of America = + Africa. And of paramount importance, as it is imperative today, our North American continent does not really recognize the legitimate jurisdiction over us, attempted to be imposed,  by and or of the so called International Criminal Court = ICC!

11, Therefore, each and every African continental country who are under the legitimate Jurisdiction of our USAA, then receives full protection from indictments intended to be carried out by snitches, spies and undercover Uncle Tom sellout stooge “AGENTS”!! This Decreed Divine Protection is the best, better benefit blessing to barter and bargain by!

12. MONGOLOID MONSTERS: They are an “Axis of Evil“ Empire, in which The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth‘s Divine Nature + Heavenly Father SUNGOD, Divinely Decreed Damned by Curses, Justice & Judgment. Taking back from them, the best-better benefit blessings…. for foolishly thinking that they were so much more meaningful, smarter, intellectually intelligent; than Africa‘s Africoid and African Americans. And they had lots of ‘Little Black Sambos” posted in picture windows in Japan. = Fact!


The Libyan Soldier: The True Heroes of NATO’s War Wed, 08/24/2011 – 13:02 — Glen Ford….

1. Africa’s Libyan societal citizens, are smart enough to know better than to trust this White western wishing well worthless National Transitional Council. Because they realize that these are treacherous treasonous traitors of Europeans. And were with the murderous mad men of mean Mr. Muammar Gadhafi, at one time recently. Before calling themselves defecting, and joining the Revolution and Rebels.

2. Moreover, the mass murders were carried out, under the leaderships of the very same mentality of mad men, misleading the Rebel Warriors. Pitting & pitching dark skinned people of color against light skin people and vise vera. Now acting as if they are sanely sound minded military members. Butt, intelligent Libyans are organizing against them, and don’t want their faces to represent their new governance, city councils, Congress, Senate, Presidency, Executive-Judicial-Legislative Branches.

3. Next let us look forward for the criminal cowards of the NTC; to attempt to impose their will upon the African Libyan civilians. Those who were not necessarily involved with any type of violence in the city streets; whatsoever. And quietly waited for their time to come out and voice their approval or disapproval of these implanted imposters of the capitalist Caucasoid Caucasians of Europe. And they know that the billions of dollars frozen by the United States of America, should never be given to these trashy terrorist tyrants! Although they need our African American + US Presidential HELP!

5.This is the FALL Uprising Organizing gracefully gallant groups; to take back controls of their country from foreign influences. And it seems to me these are our non-racist, common sensibility compassionate comrades, and compatible cultural color complexions of our MultiplexRacialBody. And calmly composed of : blackish-brownish-reddish-tannish-whitish-pinkish pigmented people’s population. Period.

6.YES: certainly it’s far too late to talk this type of criminal crap! Seeing how that terrorist war crimes have already been cruelly committed by corrupt criminals of the traitorous-treasonous-treacherous National Transitional Council cowards. Damages done! Now they are to be arrested, charged, and sentenced to life in prison and or given the death penalty!

7. YES: certainly it’s far too late to talk this type of criminal crap! Seeing how that terrorist war crimes have already been cruelly committed by corrupt criminals of the traitorous-treasonous-treacherous National Transitional Council cowards. Damages done! Now they are to be arrested, charged, and sentenced to life in prison and or given the death penalty! Period.


via Ms Cynthia McKinney Mother MAAT

“Loyalist forces in Libya must immediately stop such killings of captives, and both sides must commit to ensuring no harm comes to prisoners in their custody.”

“Final Comments: The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) reports continued fighting in Tripoli, inflicting many casualties.

Moreover, many injured can’t be treated because of ongoing violence, inadequate staff, and enough supplies and capacity at local hospitals.

In addition, “numerous arrests” were made, “including foreign nationals.” Their welfare is very much at risk, especially those singled out for revenge.

Fierce fighting also continues around Misrata and elsewhere. The end of conflict is nowhere in sight. Brega “look(s) like a ghost town.”

In different areas, people are endangered by unexploded ordinance, as well as shortages of food, clean water, drugs, other medical supplies, and spotty or no electricity. Washington-led NATO turned Libya into a hellish inferno – step one before occupying and exploiting its resources and people. Months ago its wealth was stolen. Ahead will be its future if Libyans don’t struggle and win their freedom.”

For Black Agenda Radio, I’m Glen Ford. On the web, go to

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at



1. YES “THINK AND GROW RICH“: In organizational order for the Blackxz & Brownxz common communities of the United States of America, is to expand extensively beyond and outside the boarders of their local neighborhoods. Growing and going not only nationally, butt, internationally. Expressly Africans in America aptly, are to move into more meaningful monetized markets of making materials, manufacturing fine fashion fabrics. Aesthetic authentic artwork, applied as part and parcel to our Spiritual Renaissance Movement, Self-empowerment improvement. Printing textiles through Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs.

2. SAPIENS SALVATION: Specific Specimen Species: = Sacred Spiritious Symbols Secure Safe Secrets. Sensibly, soundly, sanely sent via SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM.

3. Self-employing our and genesis genius gifts of All Mighty Divine Grace; endowed and bestowed upon the Original Created HUEMAIN “RACE”!! Tapping into the truest tested talents. Plus knowing how that We’s & Us’s need to take back the natural resources of our own homeland Mother Africa for Africoid Africans. And now is the time to truthfully tell our historicity in full Freedom of Artistic Expression. The oil money, diamonds, gold, minerals all belong to our inner city communities of the Americas; North-Central-South!!!

4. Albeit, butt, z-BLACKXZ, living herein the continental North America, are to be the overcoming leaders worldwide. The ones to free continental Africa from foreign forces, esp., the terrorist Islamic Muslim Arab Al Qaeda alien “AGENTS”. While at the very same time dealing with the false Europeanized Christians of Christendom’s Christianity, insanity and inhumanity. Even if this means that they keep on killing each other off in bloody battles, as we often see today. Because, these are the substantive due processes of elimination and extinction; = good GODSUN Devil Damned riddance!! And our brothers and sisters may then choose to cross over the built bridge, called ChristLikelyen, creatively constructed for them as a ritual rights of passage = PASS! Read:   

5. Furthermore, why permit or let or allow these Asiatic Arabs & Semitic Middle East or West Asian yellow people come inside our living locations and rip us off?!. Treat us rude and mean with contempt; then we walk around with our heads buried in the sand, underground like scared ostracizes having no brave brains. And why must we worry so much about somebody else’s holocaust, yet forget to think about our very own AmeriAfrindian holocausts? This has to cease and StopPointBlankPeriod. TO LOVE THY SELF!!!

6. CERTAINLY YES: The Asiatic yellow ocher looking Libyan F…ed Up big time, on both or all sides. And are overall and in general most vulnerable victims of their own subjectivity, unappreciative attitudes towards the stately good that their leader Mr. Muammar Gadhafi give them for free of financial charge.

7. Let us not feel sorry: So then this ungratefulness is being currently charged against them today. They are facing pure-d-poverty! Stagnation, slum ghetto lifestyles with no one else, outside themselves to set blame and point the evil finger at! They were racially prejudiced against the Native Afrindians and systematically discriminated against We’s & Us’s. To keep true Africans dependent, helpless and defenseless. As servants, submissive mercenary workers doing menial jobs with little pay; degraded in their own indigenous lands = Egypt-Tunsia-Libya for sure!

8. So let us flock down upon them while they are weakened, weary and worried about their present and future welfare. A lost generational offspring of their invasive forefathers and mothers who raped African females, and robbed Rare Rich Royal wealth from LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature.

9. BRIBERY OIL MONEY All to spread pervasive Mohammandan Muslim Islam; now revealed to be contrary to popularized opinions; never to truly help z-Blackxz. So should we; also, let the chips fall where they may. And letting history repeat itself according Sublime Will’s Powers of Intention!!!


MY MILITARY MISSION WORLDWIDE TOUR+Adventure-Exciting Exploration-Expedition-Travels _ US Navy–USS Camden AOE-2 Operations Communications Division, Signalman, Morris Code, Flashing Light, Semaphore, Pyrotechnics, big eyes visual land-air-watch_1970s active duty _civilian 1980s

1. I NOT ONLY HAD+HAVE A DOLLAR DREAM BUTT A VISION SUBLIMELY INSPIRITED: And saw a portrayed picture crystal clear and cultured clean, back in the mid-1980s in Seattle Washington, where I lived and was Stationed in Bremington, during my military mission abroad, around the whole wide world + West Pac US Navy Aoe-2 USS Camden –1970s. And the above floating portrait picture presentations, are my factual evidence and solid ironclad proof, of my personal experiences, expertise and exercised energies. I do this because, just saying some things without backing them up, is almost unbelievable or even deemed worthle$$.

1a. Butt, believe my informing y’all, that this artwork is invaluable, worth weatlh in return capital cash currency profit gains, almost instantly. Thus to invest your meaningful mercy money today with The Comforter Commander Chief ColorKindomNWCA: Is the best better benefit blessings + progressively-productive-positive paid-paved PATTERNED PATHWAY = Prosperity + Personalized Potent Power!

2. CERTAINLY YES: The Asiatic looking Libyans foolishly and fatally F…ed Up big time, on both or all sides. And are overall and in general most vulnerable victims of their own stupid selfish subjectivity, unappreciative attitudes towards the good that their leader Mr. Moammar Gadhaf give them for free of financial charge. So then this ungratefulness is being currently charged against them today. And obviously to my mind, is that the straight haired lighter skinned citizens; were envious and jealous with strong dislikes and even racial hatred of the hard working migrant-mercenary members of naturally nappy, kinky, curly-woolly hair and beautiful blackish-bluish-brownish shin colorations.

2a. INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM: Is Africa Libya’s down fall from financed fitness and free gifts of grace. Likewise it’s all good, it’s all grave-y. They are facing pure-d-poverty! Stagnation, slum ghetto lifestyles with no one else, outside themselves to set blame and point the evil finger at! As predatory birds of prey, searching for potent seeds to eat, feed and feast on for our own healthy survival.

2b. As righteous red hot weathly winged draggon flies finding financial fortunes: So let us flock down upon them while they are weakened, weary and worried about their present and future welfare. A lost generational offspring of their invasive forefathers and mothers who raped African females, and robbed Rare Rich Royal wealth from LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature. Let the chips fall where they may. And letting history repeat itself according to Sublime Will’s Powers of Intention!!!

3. YES TODAY; Now is absolutely not the time to try and topple, overthrow, overpower the United States Federal Government body. And this strictly means no more meaningless “anti-war activist” groups attempting to overturn the existing empire builders of capitalist corporate conglomeration.

4. Basically because, in the last past 10 years or so, they have not a single dent in the system’s structure, nor altered the course of warfare events, whatsoever! And the total truth told, is that they are senselessly ineffective and inefficient. With lost leaders who are colorblind, trying to lead the blind ‘ and both falls into the dirty ditches’!

5. Al though, it is the premium prime place to appeal appropriately to the sitting-seated Officials better judgments and common sensibilities. Apparently most Whites don’t have any, or at least very little, SPIRITUALITY, which, innately, instinctive, intuitively; calls for our original creative leaderships to take total charges. And everything is already in tact, in political position, esp. a recognized to be; ‘Black African American U.S. President, Barack Hussein Obama, so be happy and glad and proud to be an AmeriAfrindian!

6. This True-Up Testing Time Is a Period of Transition–Transformation– Transfiguration: Meaning that as long as these crooked-corrupt capitalist corporations, can currently claim cash capital, make multimillions and billions of dollars, doing the rightful things, they can be only the happier. However, negative name calling, constant criticism, condemnation, causes a naturalized resistance. Which works two ways, for us or against us, for them or against them.

7. REVELATIONS: Therefore what AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, is doing, is also, building bridges by which they may choose to cross over on. Indubitably, invest wisely into: SACRED SPIRITIOUS SYMBOLS SECURE SAFE SECRETS = $$$$ Our Trust Vault, Pentagonal Pyramidal Storehouse, CKNWCA Compass Bank & Fortified Fortress & Financial Fortune$ And y’all remember to Dutifully NOTE vs Vote: to avoid being bankrupt broke, having a heart attack and stroke!!

Because THE FIRST ONE HAS COME, HAS ARRIVED AND IS HERE. Forevermore, everlasting Love Life Light Locks;  as spiritually prophesied via prophecy….. this is our COLOR + KINGDOM + NEW + WORLD + CREATIVE + ARTS.

8. WE’s & US’s are sick-tired-fed up with following White mis-leaderships, and are no longer going to do so!  BLACKXZ+BLUEXZ+BROWNXZ are the FIRST GLOBALWORLDNATIONS.

8a. Not and never were ‘second and third world nations’! And it is wiser to keep him_Obama brother_ in the Oval Office for another four years. Then, anoint-appoint his dearly beloved wife Michelle, to serve society as the next U.S Presidentress + Love Goddess Mother Matriarch Madame MAAT. Or how about Ms Cynthia McKinney? Two options coming sooner or later on The Event Horizon!

9. Having said that with eloquent grace; now lets put pressure on his blackish-brownish butt! Start some seriously severe sunburns during summer’s ending sunsets. Either the bomber Barack Obama Hussein insane, ceases acting so sane, and break the yoke of slavery; from the Americas to Africa; or else?!

10. Howsoever happily shifting sensibilites: Reaching outwards, extending financed freedom, economic justice and monetized liberty to the enslaved captives; who look just like he does, Melanaisn Africoid-Negroid predominantly African!

11. SPIRITIST vs. Capitalist-Communist-Socialist_ colonialist-imperialist. And the latter 5 names are subordinated toward the former framed word at first place. So then y’all, I am not going backwards over what was or has already to done or tried in passed times of modern day history. Particularly back in th days of Marcus Garveyites, B.T. Washington, W.E.B. Dubois, Frederick Douglas, so forth and so on. Seeing how that they tried doing things their way, by hoping to be able to reason rationally with wicked Whites; butt, apparently fail fatally.

13.  BOTTOM LINE  Because, they didn’t and still don’t want to be reasonable and sensible on subjects that obviously benefits blacks in a better blessed manner. So what more do we need to know right now today, other than F….what they believe or think or say. Lets not give a damn! To Heavens Hades Hell Fires with them all as far as I’m concern, if in fact, in spirit and in truth, they hate me or CK-NWCA THE COMFORTER!!! 


1. “We are in an extraordinary situation so let us use our imagination to create an extraordinary way of looking at it.” (Dr. H. Clarke)

2. Our Ostensible Open Window of Optional Opportunity: “We Have A Responsibility To Act” (U.S. President Obama) Because it is a necessitated need to react-respond realistically readjusting; to current climatic changes in circumstances with courage and meaningful mercy money making, manufacturing modes. Musical Metaphysical Mediums, massive methodical mastermind melanin media, messiah mental models, mechanical military might!!!

2a. SPRITICIANS = SPIRITICS: Summoning Sunsets + Sunrises: A divinely deliberated dance to make it rain, producing cloudy skies and flash flooding inundating showers of electrifying thunder storms. Yes, harnessing The Powers of The Ether That Be viaThe Awesome Forces of Mother Africa Earth’s Divine Nature!!! And this prerequisite performance play means that by ’divesting” ourselves of all religious polices, imposed historically by White Euro-CaucAsian Caucasoid creatures & Yellow Mongoloids monsters. Equals Spiritics vs. Politics + Spiritious vs. Religious!!

3. Throughout modern history: We’s & Us’s have been out of succinct successors of our ancient ancestral Africa authorities. Who cut us off because of our disobedience, stubbornness; as if they disowned us as their offspring-progeny. Admonishing-Cautioning-Warning hard headed hateful heathens to shift sensibilities, soundly and sanely and succinctly. Due to being so far out of proper alignment with our preceding Spirituality or Spiritality; recklessly replacing it with a meaningless menacing mentality. Causing our intuitive instincts to become deadened, Pineal Gland ‘Third Eye” colorblind, calcified and frozen into iceberg dysfunctional defects.

4. UNFORTUANATE FATES: And this leads to being somewhat naïve and gullible, easier to be misled astray; religiously and politically. A stereotypic disconnection, that stupefies the sensibilities and numbs the intellectual intelligence. Rendering or leaving us vulnerable to outside influences, invasive violent violations of our sovereign immunity. Therefore, today Africa Libya is our rallying protest cry commission calling cause of action!

5. “What we do for ourselves depends on what we know of ourselves and what we accept about ourselves.” “I am referring to the essential selfishness of survival.” (Dr. H. Clarke) And poetically portray + performance play: TO LOVE THY SELF.

6. Truly this a our strategic talented test of times: To gallantly go for it, and victors and winners takes all. Only dividing the spoils between our internal nations of the Unified Statutes of America Africa or AmeriAfrindica = USAA!!!

7. YES: New World Creative Arts COLOR KINGDOM = THE COMFORTER’S Commanded Commission Calling Cause, Clean Cultured Currency Cash Capital, Climatic Charged Changes, and Center Carbon Core, for conferring compatible companions and compassionate caring comrades. Simply said assigned, anointed, appointed. And plainly put in place and perfected position, as a deliberated delegated domain. Defined to mean, meeting place, realistically rendered rendezvous, umbrella unifying connection links, intertwined–interrelated canopy, coordinated correspondents, courageous cooperative conglomerates, of calmly composed common contextual character contents. Everybody adjoining activists, whosoever, they may be, are to willingly, wantonly, wishfully permit themselves to become subordinately encompassed completely in circumference. Consummately circled by this Sublimely Inspirited, innovative enterprise; of expertly exercised expressions of aesthetic-authentic-authorized artistry!!!

8. Surely the so called Arab Spring, offspring of invader, occupier parents, rebellious risings, upheavals, internal turmoil, combustible crazy criminal conflicts; are Africa’s Africoid, Afrindians, African Americans, AmeriAfrindians chance to escape; circumstantial caged containment controlled confinements. The special occasions to advance our actualized artistries that are magnetized-melaninized-magnetized membranes. Thinking in terms of biological, physiological, psychological patterned pathways. Going straight through the opened windows of opportunities, to take over controls of our livelihoods. Seeing how that these “pale face” Arab Islamic Muslim Moroccans, Liberians, Tunisians, Egyptians, Libyans, Somalis, Yemenis, Pakistanis, Indians of India, and other strategical locations of original geographical Africa’s lands are destabilized.

9. A DIVINELY DECREED DEVIL DAMNATION: Of summoned curses has removed their best-better benefit blessings, due to the internalized, invidious, insidious Institutionalized Racism. Discrimination directed against all Negroidians, Afrindians of the historically conquered African VegePlanTerRains!!!

10. Our originating, co-creating ancient African ancestors are the actual artistic authorities, operating behind these invisible scenes, going undetected and invisible Eco Energized Entities, exercising extreme efficiency = effective efforts. Breaking back down to grassroots ground level zero of monetary-financial-economical naught = nothing -0%.

Faithfully + Finacially Fortunate For Failed Unfortunates As Mother Earth Nature is also, destablizing White America, upper-middle-lower classes across the mass of lands of the map. She is helping us along with our SUNGOD, via viiolently vicious weather warth. Hitting the inhumane hateful Euro-Americans harder than anybody else, repeatedly and rapidly today. And this destablization gives We’s & Us’s, unprecedented opportunities; who are aware, ready and prepared to advance our strong burning desired to be indepentently freed from fate’s finalizing fatalities. Indubitably, The End Time Days of Reckoning: Trials & Tribulations are now beckoning!!! 

11. Moreover, if We’s & Us’s feel sorry for their terrifying holocausts, then, our minds might simply just keep on forgetting about taking care of our very own hideously hostile hateful HOLOCAUST!!!

12. Therefore, let us no longer be lazy, shiftless and backward “Negroes” and “Good Colored People”! Relearn how to be “long-winded” readers, researchers, and scholastic students synthesizing information and analyzing collected digitized data. We can no longer afford to simple Simon sadly setting silent saying nothing worthwhile, call small talk or talking big shit! Our minds are ceasing complacency, apathy and indifference, setting aside demonic differences, existing outside of religious politics, now that they are eliminated and exterminated from our present Emancipation Proclamation +Dedication, Deliberation Declaration & Divine Decreed Delegation!!!

The Great Grand Mastermind Melanin Messiah Mr. Dr. Henrik Clarke reveals-reports “In essence, Pan-Africanism is about the restoration of African people to their proper place in world history. The Arab slave trade in East Africa (that started before the trans-Atlantic slave trade in West Africa) shattered the foundations of African nations and cultures. These catastrophes would scatter African people to the four corners of the earth. Further, in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Europeans began to colonize most of the world: they not only colonized the world but they colonized information about the world. And in order to create a rationale for the Atlantic slave trade, Africans were left out of the respectful commentary of history.”



1.YES it is well wisely written “When Akhenaton came to the throne more than 3000 years ago, Egypt dominated the world. Egypt’s Golden Age gradually waned and the pride and splendor that had marked the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Dynasties gave way to internal strife and confusion. Wars of conquest and colonization had drained much of her military and economic strength. In the meantime, as the nations to the south grew more powerful, they became predatory toward Egypt, which had once been their master.” (Dr. Henrik Clark)

2. YES: History has a strong tendency, and member minds a strong propensity; to repeat themselves. Simply just check out the English language wordings, you go to your dictionaries to define the meanings of : “conquer”; “colonization”, military, “imperialism”, “dominated”. And after you do your homework studies, then, ask your own self, what were they thinking? Were they not being warmongers and hatemongers? Did they capture other Africans and or Asiatic west Asians as Mongoloid Middle Easterners? What part did arrogant ambitious egos play? Did they force their wicked will upon anybody domestic and or foreigners?

3. It is many times written by our well respected African Africoid historians, theologians, archeologists, scientists, anthropologists, biologists, intellectual scholars; that internalized “strife” and combustible “confusion” ; civil conflicts broke our ending ancient African ancestral world of supremacy superiority sickness syndromes, to a screech halt. Making us vulnerable to outside influences, immunity breakdown in national natural defenses. Envy and jealousy, generated the inside family divisions, separations, segregations and ethnic-cultural discrimination against one another. Selfishness, self-centered controls that dominated the educational system’s apparatuses, keeping the commoners outside these priestly domain of richness, royalty and wealth. Then they openly invited their white and yellow skinned alleged friends in to share and enjoy, the centuries, of acquired technological know how or accumulated knowledge. That was devoid of spiritual or SPIRITIOUS WISDOM!!!

4. BRAVELY + BOLDLY ‘COME COURAGEOUSLY & FOLLOW My True-Up-U-Turn Universal IniVersal RealiVision vs. Religion & Politics!! The “Think And Grow Rich” among a Rare-Rich-Royal 10% to 12$ few; as compared to the overall general whole overpopulating people. Those unformatted 88% to 90% generating their own internalize turmoil and unsolvable politicized personal–private and public policy practiced problems.

6. And our historical hateful and hostile antagonist adversaries, realizes and can obviously hear and see how that our leading civil rights groups, are at extremely severe odds with the “New Black Panthers”; Rebelling Revolutionary Army Militants, and are remotely distanced from the Pan-Africanist Movement, African-centered industry, education and artistries. And these superficial phony White friends, are smiling in our faces and laughing at us behind our backs. Poling fun and games and making jokes about how: “Stupid Ass Blacks”: “Dumb Ass Negroes”; now re-enslaved again by them; Euro-Americans. And how ‘Blacks” can’t stand each other, always fighting and fussing, arguing and disagreeing among themselves, then black the White man for their failure to get along; in Love Peace & Harmony!!!

7. No doubt there some legitimate truths about the above statements butt, by CK-NWCA THE COMFOETER, calling them together in my Humane Holistic Headed Hit List of Leaders, as individual persuns, they are offered optional opportunities to change their predisposition and spiteful attitudes. Drop the axs, set aside the grudges, lay down the guns, stop the culinary culture insults-slander and silly sarcasm… let go of the racist religions and pisonous polluted politics. Or Else, gong down deadly deep in depth defeat with the wicked White whip “Crackers” and the inhumane “Honky Ideologies” that are Divinely Decreed Damned!!!

8. SPIRITIOUS SACRED SYMBOLS Secure Safe Secrets, say solemnly that only Spiritualized Solar Sexus SoulFood, faithful followers of financed fortunes, can completely comprehend the encompassing eco-electron energy emotions: Love1Sex2Romance3. A choice Rare-Rich-Royal small number of about 10% to 12%.

9. Subtract those calculations from 100% = your correct answer figure by your own self, in basic elemental terms of simple arithmetic or grade school-high school classroom math.

10. Moreover, this means that We’s & Us’s have relearned how to save something back belonging solely to Africans living in the Americas. Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs that are meant to be and intend for the Negroid_Africoid HueMains + PerSuns = Sons of SUNGOD + Daughters of Mother Nature Earth!!!

11. Because it seems to my mind and cell membrane and bright brilliant brain, that too many of our old-Kingdom’s Kings & Queens, intellectual scholars and academics gave far too much vital information away for free. To feel good and to impress the foreign forces who later became Africans Arab & European slave masters and white whip “Crackers” as crazy criminal CauAsian Caucasoid creatures!

12. Apparently they learn eventually to dislike or hate the racial Big Black Affronts, superiority supremacy, making them feel inferior, deficient and dysfunctional defective. So the turned against the gift of grace givers! Who had totally forgot about how much more meaningful and monetarily profitable to had been freely giving to the other African countries that gave their all first and foremost to create civilized greatness and grandeur.

13. Butt bogusly, by bigoted bias, forsaking their own kindred countries women and men, unwisely, hey decided to please Semitic Asiatic Arabs and EurAsians as CaucAsians. Giving up all of their secrets, sacred scripts, writings, meanings, etc. Parallels, as today’s integrationist Uncle Tom Devil Blacks, are doing. And what I specifically mean is sellout as stooge suckers to these three mainstream major man made, manufactured racist religions: false Christianity, Judaism, and Islamic Muslim or Moslem!!! These are internal secret societies spies, foreign faker friends, and actualized “AGENTS”!!!

14. Nevertheless, as our ancient ancestral saying goes, copied and plagiarized from spirituous none religious Africa: “To Everything There Is A Season, And A Time To Every Purpose Under The Heavens.” And now is the perfected time to StopPointBlankPeriod, these Whites who want to steal, raid, rob and rape our creative concept and original idea, then refuse to honor our dignity and self-respect.

15. Therefore, only humankind, mankind, womankind, who has a positively productive Pineal Gland, MASTER1 Melanin Media generating hormonal spiritual substance…, can consummately comprehend and actually apprehend Ameriafrindian ArtistCHD. Scientific Special Spies Specimens!!!


1. Idoitic Ignorance Instigated by Anglos of America, perpetrating racism in these countries. They are to be held accountable, in spite of what the ignorant renegade rouge rebels did inhumanity. These NTC leaders are responsible, along with White America; who fail repeatedly to take controls of their U.S. Federal Government, Presidents, Congress and Pentagon’s military machine might of mass murders. Also, Europe’s NATO coalition criminal Caucasian Caucasoids, created the conditions, arming the racist rebels, so that they could commit crimes against dark skinned Africoid Libyans of Africa. With their major mainstream media, instigating racial strife, discontent and hostility hatred, among dark and light pigmented people of color. “Do you know right from wrong” Gaddafi asked? And I say hell no! Ignoramuses are idiots who are easily misled astray, by foreign westerners white witchcraft wickedness and “axis of evil” conspiracies!!!

2. However, these revealed actors, faker revolutionaries are puppets pulled by strings, in Washington D.C. Capital & Presidential Oval Offices of pyschopath killers. Yet don’t know it due to their deep blinding hatred of Gaddafi and sons and family love ones!

3. Butt there’s no sorry excuses and alibis for murdering mercenaries who in fact did indeed surrender their arms. Therefore all those taking these pictures of themselves so happily are to be brought in to justice; hunted down like the dogs that they are, and put on trial for manslaughter, crimes committed against humankind. With their foolish faces being shown, sadomizing with loaded weapons in the buttocks of captured prisioners, beating to death, tormenting and torturing dark skinned Libyans as Africa’s Africoid citizens. Ignoramuses celebrating and having their evel acts filmed, recorded on their cell phones, ipods, news cameras as evidience to be used against them as soon as possible. Every individual citizen involved can be traced through their Service Providers, located by names, personal identities, private locations and home addresses. Intelligence gathering of our USAA conducted engagement, proficiently and positively proving the legal cases against those of a Culpable Mental State of Guilt.   Sure solid ironclad proof of Religious Radical Rebel RACISM!!!

4. Sinister Snake Serpents of SATAN: Setting the whole wide world on flaming fires as wild wicked werewolf wars. And completely comprehend that a total regime change has been Divinely Decreed. Meaning territorial transformation, transition, transfiguration!!!


5. FRAUD IN FACT LEADING LIARS: Because, an eye witness account by a citizen countryman of Sirte, told Al Jazeera news reporters, that he and others knew for sure and for many days, that Gaddafi was there. And he was the main reason that his fighters fought fearlessly and gallantly. With his son also on the scene commanding their trained troops to keep on defending the true highest number of Libyan civilians. Although this man says he ‘kept quiet because, Gaddafi might try to escape or commit suicide.‘

6. NO No no, not at all in the least can the National Transitional Council, be trusted to carry on or conduct an internal investigation, into their own orchestrated and caused crimes. That’s like asking the chicken snakes to guard the hen house and count the eggs, to see what went wrong and how many are missing in action. And this notion about some independent investigation, using the very same White organization of Europe or America, is ludicrous, ridiculous and absurd. A truer independent inquiry would be some one like Russia, China, South America, indigenous Africoid Africans, as real outsiders. Because, all others, inclusively, “Human Right Watch“; “Amnesty International“, are co-compliant conspirators, working in cahoots collusion with these terrorist forces that are Americanized and Europeanized coalitions. Capitalist corporation financially funded foundations. Having imbedded spies, agents as those who covertly circumvent truth and justice!! Equals = a sham and shame!!


7. Snake Serpent Smokescreens and subdue camouflages to hide the killers true faces; and to make the people of the public believe that something humanely is being done about the “summery executions“ and unholy, ungodly death squads. None of them are trustworthy!!!
8. US led NATO MASS MURDERS:”This latest massacre seems part of a trend of killings, looting, and other abuses committed by armed anti-Gaddafi fighters who consider themselves above the law,” Bouckaert said in a statement.” “The cause of the blaze was unknown, but residents say that it was due to an electrical fault, and that the depot, the only such facility available to Sirte’s residents, had previously been bombed by NATO. “There is no other source for petrol in the area of Sirte except for here. It was bombed by NATO before, and there is some damage to its electric system,” said Saeed, a resident of Sirte. “Electricity was reconnected for half an hour, and the fuel storage unit exploded. This was the reason. Basically the reason is NATO.”

9. REVELATIONS: If in truth the stated human right groups and humanitarian aid organizations, were no werewolves themselves, and companions of corporatist capitalism, then, they would first of all charge NATO and the USA and European national leaderships, of committing crimes against humanity. Instead of bowling things down to a few poor ass renegade rouge rebels who acted out their racial hatred toward Libyans as z-BLACKXZ, z-BLUEXZ, z-BROWNXZ. And if they had any legitimacy, honesty and integrity, the investigations would be aimed at those who armed these ignorant, untrained citizens, in the first place; which led to terrorist racism. Howsoever, none of them do have truth on their side, butt, are adversarial AGENTS, of “THE GREAT SATAN”!!! (Iran)
10. “Brian Becker, National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition, says the calls for a no-fly zone over Syria are in fact “prescription for military intervention,” borrowing a “page from the playbook for Libya,” as it knows it can come to power only with the support of NATO.

Because the Syrian regime is stronger militarily and has more allies in the Arab world than the Gaddafi regime did, Becker explains, the Obama administration is trying to promote civil war in Syria in order to use is it as a pretext for direct intervention. NATO’s operation in Libya was not the great success proclaimed by the alliance, but rather a “massacre and crime against humanity.”

“When you have no casualties on one side and thousands on the other, that’s not a war, that’s a massacre,” Becker states. “That’s not something to be proud about. That’s something that should land [NATO] in the dock in the International Criminal Court.” Posted today: Sunday, October 30, 2011…2:17pm.

11. DEPRIVATION OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH; The majority who the mainstream media has silenced their protest voices, cries and pleas for the USA & NATO, to stop shooting them to death and bombing their homes, schools and businesses. Certainly this is an Evil Conspiracy conducted by Caucasoid Caucasian cowards; to massacre members and mass murder human beings. Using the racist rag tag team rebels and the propped up proxy puppets to hide their “pale faces” behind, shifting blame so as to perpetrate sorry scapegoats. Meaning that beyond any rational reasons to doubt, the Whites of European origins, knew exactly where in Gaddafi’s birthplace hometown, he was putting up his heroic stance!!!  Reports-reveals: 
12: THE COURAGEOUS COMFORTER COMMMANDER CHEIF COLOR KINGDOM NWCA: Operations Communications Division Divinely Decreed. Sublimely Summons spiritual, strict strategical maneuvers, military machine might, more meaningful methods, artfully applied, by AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD!!!


DIVINELY DECREED + DELIBERATED DECLARATION DAY of HUEMAINLAW: Officially Constituted concisely on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2012 at 12:00 am. Yes I solemnly and spiritually summons The Eternal Universal Powers + Forces of the Ether that Be, to install, instate, institute this respectful request. And AmeriAfrindain ArtistCHD, the Inspirited Solar Sexus Soul presiding over and residing inside my living human body organism, now Know instinctively, intuitively for a surety, and confidently so, that this decision as a declared decree by divine deliberation!!!

MOTHER MATRIARCH MAAT HUEMAIN LAW + HueMainKind Legislation: By creative conception meaning by definition, things that belong as native or natural to all human beings, worldwide. Essential elements, substances, material matter such as nourishing – nutritional, healthy food, fresh water to drink freely, secure shelter, clean clinical aid and safe medications. This law governs so named civil rights and human rights. With HueMainLaw being an all and in all encompassing principality. The dominate domain that completely covers citizens causes, consummately, thus those that are fundamental needs, requirements, as opposed to being only wants, wishes or desires!

ArtistCHD’s Real-Live-Vision + The Prison Industrial-Complex + Pharmaceutical Institutional Convex via ColorKingdom NWCA

The Black Jackass Uncle Toms self-hatred of Love GODDESS Mother Earth Nature Africa’s AmeriAfrindians and AfriNatindian Ascendants!!!


September 25, 2011
SOLEMNLY SACRED Son of SUNGOD’S spiritious prayer: Our Heavenly Father SUNGOD, shining serenely in the crystal blue skies, honored hallowed is your name. Your ColorKingdomNWCA has come, upon planet LOVE GODDESS Mother Nature Earth; as it is in the heavens CyberSpaceAge. You have given We’s & Us’s this delightful day, our daily dinners, bread and butter, milk and sweet honey, and fresh clean rainwater to drink and healthful foods to eat. And you are the only ONE who can forgive trespasses against humane, spiritual, natural and universal laws, and not mankind-womankind-humankind.

We can only lead our own selves into terrible temptations, in order to mislead others astray; withstanding, having a sober mind-body and brain to freely think and reason rationally, herein held accountable thereby. It is our personal responsibility to maintain and sustain its good health. And when we pay homage and honor to your glorious majesty, our Solar Sexus Souls are delivered from all wicked evil conspiracies. Divinely decreed protected from all enemy energy entities; whatsoever and whosoever they might be. Forevermore this is your ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts, free gifts of grace, the forces of power and the glory, and everlasting Love Life Light Locks. Amen Amon.

1. YES: I AM clarifying what I mean by being descendants and mutants; expressly, the CaucAsian Caucasoid creatures, as offspring children and or progeny of their parental guardians Africa Africoid Negroid HueMainKind.

2. Biological + physiological scientists studying the genomes, genotype traits, genetic structures of human beings and how some have evolved creatively and others are only mutations of the original stock or initiating family tree trunk and seed roots.

3. My True-Up U-Turn analytic artistic analysis, equals = a soundly sane sensible scientific, synchronizing symphonic synthesis. The direct and approximate results, says that I AM, an actualized AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, ancient ancestral Africa Africoid ascendant. Moving upwards, advancing, ascending to the highest heights. As opposed to being what is commonly called by many members, a descent of Africa. Because, in my perspective view, as artfully envisioned, and based on science; the only real descending humankind is the Caucasus cave CaucAsian Caucasoid creature and branching member Mongoloids.
4. They have not at all evolved, whatsoever, in the least. And are by definition going back down and backwards toward an animalistic actuality. Therefore, are a degenerating, disease of the skin which is cancerous and melanoma membrane prone. Having no healing cure, and has to come back through the gene-pool’s deep dark in dept Melanin HueMainKind ov-z-BLACKXZ & z-BLUEXZ & x-BROWNXZ!!
5. These pinkish-whitish pigmented people’s populations, are reverting, receding, regressing recessively, away from being civilized citizens of societies. They have gotten much worse over the many years, centuries of time periods. Predestinated to demonically descend, devilishly discriminate against nonwhites. Seeing how that they came about into being inhumane by unnatural ways, of a viciously violent virus, skin disease due to enzymatic-hormonal dysfunction, defective Pineal Gland generator of Melanin! Leading to lack of use or neutralized, frozen, calcified clogged up SPIRITUALITY!!!
6. Therefore, fomenting flaming warfare worldwide, spreading internalized interruptions, interventions, intrusions off into sovereign societies and socialized systems. These inborn, innate, intrinsic unnatural factors, bio-genotype traits, and environmental elements, historically follows faithfully within them, wheresoever, they go. No material matter whether or not any malicious intent is carried out, or ill-will imposed on indigenous inhabitants.
7. OK Y’ALL’s,: If in spirit and in truth and in reality of fact, African Americans, also, called Blacks, choose to refer to themselves, as being “Descendants of Africa”, so be it. Howsoever, it would be wiser to reconsider this popularized notion, hand me down, second classified category Caucasian concept, out of Europe & Asia!!

8. Moreover, in their deliberated, degenerated, demented mindsets, have allowed their would be properly functioning Spirituality producing Pineal Gland and it Melanin hormonal generation, also become inoperable. Semi-frozen, partially calcified, clogged cut off and shut down!!! Disconnected to their/our Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!


Libya – NATO – Al Jazeera – HIV vs AIDS + CK-NWCA = AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD

 1. YES NEWS: now nasty naughty nose negative neo “New Nazis” NATO, has fought for the flaming glory news report story; they pull back their bombing raids on Mr. Muammar Gadhafi’s fearless fighters. So that the radical religious racist rag tag team terrorists, can get themselves killed off in greater numbers. No longer having to disband and disarm them later on. Neutralizing their deadly dogged asses_. Having no place left for these wild-wicked warlords to live in a civilized Libyan-African society. They all as a mandated must do, is decisively die! This was a stealthy-sneaky trick of treachery, right from the very beginning of Europeans & angry Anglo-America Al Qaeda, intervening with military machine might. Equals = investment intrusion intervention!!!
2. Fortunately: Now today, the bloody Battleground of Calvary, is more or less in dynamic equalized bio-balance!! A perfected strategic state of internal affairs, to level the playing fields of frightful fights; between both sides. Gadhafi’s maneuvering mass murderers + the NTC’s massacring military members of civilians and military mercenaries alike. These countrymen were pitted-pitched against each other by both sides, criminal commanders seeking political power positions, at the incredible expense and high cost of Africa Libya’s social citizenry. Brothers against brothers, cousins and relatives warring against one another… and nobody can ever possibly win victoriously. Equals = Fact of True Reality!!!
3. These rebels are not true revolutionaries, begging Whites as Europeans & Americans to come to their rescue, fight their battles for them, in cowardice Caucasoid overhead, aerial bombardments. So that these other on the ground cowards can call themselves brave warriors. No, this is simply just not going to ever happen. Dupes are dummies. They are to pay dearly with their own lives as they have taken others lives! Period.
4. Moreover, the radicalized racism was instituted–instigated by the Pink & White owned, operated, ran and or influenced major mainstream media, Al Jazeera Arabs included. Now controlled and dominated by the European Caucasoid CaucAsian persuasions. As expected! Losing their honesty and integrity. Hiring enough “pale faces” to twist things into their favor and to grossly distort realities on the grassroots ground. A genotype trait, traced throughout historicity, of the Europeans and or Euro-Americans!!!
5. Nobody, baring no one, can ever get the totally told truths out of these people called Whites. They never has/have ever lived a lifestyle based on truths. It’s not of their innate-intrinsic natures being mutations of the original created Negroid-Africa Africoid HUEMAINKIND.
6. Except for a 10% to 12% Rare Rich Royal few Great White Hope Abolitionist Minded Men & Woman: They never can evolve into civilized citizens who are living in Love Peace & Harmony, among other Melaninated humankind, womankind, mankind. They are warmongers and hatemongers, divide and conquer criminals, having no regrets, remorse, repentance whatsoever. Always trying to survive; recklessly, negligently and irresponsible immature “Johnny Come Lately”. As all other living wild ass animals and crazed creatures are doing, regardless of the deaths and destruction they cause upon the surface of planetary sphere earth’s living body organism!
7. Corrupt Caucasoid creatures came into being inhuman; via lepers of leprosy, Africanized Albinos of albinism; then Europeanized during the freezing weather’s wicked wrath. During the Caucasus caves cold-ice ages, frozen formations, etc. Stabilizing into pinkish-whitish skin coloration = less sunlight-radiant energy exposures. And this is the sad state that these pearly pale pink pigmented people’s populations are compelled to remain. Fomenting killer civilian conflicts, bloody warfare worldwide. Until extinction-extermination – elimination. Equals = subjected viciously violent viral victims of environmental elements + repressive-recessive genetic factors. Diseased descendants, [of Africoids] who are predestined to die off due to Divinely Deliberated Decreed Devil Damnation + Curses = Justice Judgment, of LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature’s Wealthy Womanhood Witty Wisdom + Worthy Worship! Reinforced by Her SUNGOD. Thank yawls very kindly =
Reveals + reports: COLOR KINGDOM NWCA: and listen later on to my musical MP3 HIV vs AIDS!! 
The Military + Prison + Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex!!!
Documented – written today, Sunday, September 25, 2011… 12:25 pm.
PS: “Libyan NTC fighters pull back from Sirte_Fighters regrouping after forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi mount strong resistance in former leader’s home city. Last Modified: 25 Sep 2011 11:58”  In spite of their personal shortcomings, they are the best yet media


1. YES: We’s & Us’’s have some perhaps, well meaning members who have fail to artfully apprehend and completely comprehend what I AM saying by helping to save the whole HUEMAIN “RACE”.

2. And out of their arrogant ambitious egos, are committing self-inflicting spiritual suicide! An automatic activated retaliatory retribution is Divinely Decreed against them and theirs, associates and affiliates, inclusively, close relatives and love ones too!!! This is Weaponized Wrathful Weather Warfare with winning WARRIOR VICTORS and Lost Losers!!!

3. For example instances: These wannabe brave black bastards are bogus bigots who are blatantly bias against AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD + CKNWCA THE COMFORTER COMMANDER CHIEF. Therefore, make cowardice-indirect personal attacks as backstabbing verbal–vocalized assaults. In hopes of demeaning, diminishing my wealthier words of wisdom, in proclaiming in my Melaninated Musical Metaphysical Mediums, how I AM, meaning specifically Me & Myself, and not everybody else as so called African Americans.

4. That means strictly my individual calling cause of actionable artistry. So when y’all hear me singing in poetic lyrical CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP; also be quite crystal clear about foundational full Freedom of Artistic Expression Exercised Executively! And allow no one to prejudice your positive open thinking minds!

5. Fact of True Reality: There is only ONE single scientific studied bio-genetic Humankind “Race”! And that is our originator-creator composition, being a HUE_MAIN member of the Sapiens Species Specifics! Equals = Africa’s Africoid Africans. Also Afrindians, named Negroid Natindians, native born birthplace of initiator of HUMANITY!!!
6. Moreover, everybody else, such as the identified-classified CaucAsian Caucasoid Whites and Yellow Mongoloid members are mutations and not creative evolutions; as is our originally created creatures. Thereby making the backwards ass ace of spade spooks, “Negro” slave mindsets, satanically stupid as idiotic ignoramuses!!! Equals = Black Jackass Uncle Tom Devils & Demons = Racists + Selfhatists + Uncletomists – SEFLHATISM + RACISM + UNCLETOMISM!!!

7. YES, We’s & Us’s are the single SELF_ human being. Thus this surely does mean that my Sublimely Inspirited Commission Calling Cause, is an actualized artistry, authentically authorized action. To redeem, deliver and save Who? Surely Self! To “Know Thy Self” TO LOVE THY SELF!!!
8. Troy Davis’s Death & Murder by Racist Whites = UrbanRaceRiots CivilWar Revealed–reported today: Wednesday, September 21, 2011…3:23 pm.

Artistic-AfriEconomics + Spiritics vs. Politics = ChristLikelyen vs. Christian + RealiVision vs. Religion = ChristLikelyenity vs. Christianity = KindheartKinkyKing AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD= Christ-HorusHeart-Deity= Divinity = ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts.


1. YES: Our Africa’s Ancient Ancestors, of the approximately calculated chronicled time periods + number of years-centuries-millennia and dates somewhere starting before = B.C.H.D. = CHRIST-HORUSHEART DEITY = DIVINITY. As We’s & Us’s righteously re-write our own healthy, healed, happy, holistic historiography = historicity of antiquity + prehistorical presences, period.

1a. “Horus is one of the oldest and most significant deities in the Ancient Egyptian religion, who was worshipped from at least the late Predynastic period through to Greco-Roman times.”

1b. Howsoever, at those time periods ancient ancestral Africoid Africa, had no Europeanized so called “religions”! Also had no relationships with them out of Europe’s CaucAsian Caucasoid concoctions or conceptions. And in fact, artwork attributes, talented tribes had their/our own unique RealiVisions as Spiritualized services. Seeking and searching to artistically apprehend and aptly appreciate our SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!! So lets be crystal clear on this truth!

1c. B.C.H.D. + A.C.H.D. And my two evolutionary creations or creative evolutions in wordings are wiser written to mean by definitions, what We’s & Us’s desired for them to mean. This is what I name to be a True-Up U-Turn in directions and distances and dimensions. In organizational order to reestablish–reinstate–reinstall–restore our ancient ancestral African Africoid wisdom and knowledge of what it is to know about Dynamic Equilibrium Biological Balance!!

1d. COMPATIBLE + COMPLIMENTARY: Corrected and comprehended time frames and periods beginning or genesis genius and their ending zones and finalizing full freedom of artistic expression. These are multiple facets–faces of a unified realized rendition. Not needing to be in opposition toward one another; butt, compliments as attributing accompaniments. Therefore I’ve started with CHRIST HORUSHEART DEITY = DIVINITY.

1e. Equanimity + Equinox + Equator: Equals = during our aesthetic-authentic artistries and arriving artistic renaissance time periods. Constituting continued composing of art forms from B.C.H.D. through A.C.H.D. = Art Christ-Horusheart-Deity. Artfully actualized at the Carbon Core Center; creation cradle of HueMain beings_ born as a birthplace + birthright better beneficially blessed. Righteously on the equator date line of lineages. In geometry, as in my artwork drawings of HER earthly VegePlanTerRain, the interconnecting geometric lines at this punctual point, unifies = UNIFICATION.

1f. I’m talking about at the exact heart beat impluses, rendevous interconnections, pulsating precise location on humanoid originating creation… of Africoid Africa. Inclusively, referring to prehistoric inheritance and Predynastic and Post Dynastic history, to our present period 21st century CyberSpaceAge COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. CKNWCA + ARTISTCHD. = Art Renaissance Intelligence Time Started Today. Plus CHRIST = ChristLikelyen-Horusheart-Renaissance Intelligence Started Today. Our optional vocabulary!

1g. CHRIST equals = the Sons of SUNGOD, Sacred Spiritious Symbol of Love Life Light Locks, inseparably related and permanently connected to Horusheart of our Solar Sexus Souls. In which indwelling divine being is an eco-electron energy entity solarized and colorized deity. Or god-self! A true ChristLikelyen vs. Christian!! Read: Also I strongly emphasize, for y’all to dutifully NOTE vs Vote: That today’s definition demotes, denounces, and divinely decrees damnation to misinterpreted ideas, CaucAsian Caucasoid concocted concepts, and English language word “Religious”.  And my True-Up U-Turn rendition, realistically reinstates-reinstalls-restores realistic righteouness named: SPIRITIOUS!!!!

1h. Howsoever, the old world, old-fashioned, old-timers who wishfully wrote in these terms of Africans “religious worship”; are to be by-gone days. With all due regards and just respects to their scholarly and academic education, they fail so short of the Glory of SUNGOD. And we all have our shortcomings too!

1i. Butt, this label “religion” is a racist one that has historical negative connotations, criminal conflicts cloaked inside innocence as a pretention or false face. Thereby, it is a prerequisite maneuver in strategy to save and redeem our Sacred Spirituality, by-passing the calcifying clogs to our Pineal Gland Melanin Media. Which is the bogus blockage that causes communications operations, disconnection with our GODSUN’S COSMIC CREATOR

1j. Likewise: And now with this repaired wording of wisdom; SPIRITISTS paralleling ARTISTS, authentically is actualized. Thus our on coming, even not yet born babies, kids, young children, are to come into our New World Wisdom, wealthy words wiser than their Europeanized parents. And no longer copycat mimicking their de-Africanized mothers and fathers who were wrongly taught the White man’s racist religions. And our ANKH = Sacred Spiritious Symbolis believably based on non-biblical SPIRITISM!!! 

1k. ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts: incarnations of Horus the Christ child; is born again, saved-redeemed, grows-develops into manhood maturity, then manifests himself as kindhearted kinky Kings of Kingdoms. MASTER1 Melanin Media–Messiah Mental Models. The offspring of the powerful forces of The Ether That Be, progeny of our Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR. And are actualized artists throughout antiquity, reappearing, recurring, reincarnating today as co-creators and innovators and originators. Generational bio-genotype seeds planted in potent soils = Solar Sexus Souls. Germinating into Original Creative ArtistCHDs.

2. ARTISTIC ANALYTICS + SYMPHONIC SYNTHESIS: Meaning strictly–specifically an aesthetic_authentic actualized artistry, completely SPIRITIOUS vs Religious!! Having absolutely nothing to do with wicked witchcrafts and sinister sorceries of European werewolf White whip “Cracker” CaucAsian Caucasoid creature crazy criminals crap. Because, they came into being inhumane heathens of hideous hate hostilities, meaningless member mutants much later on. [evolved from Albinos and Lepers] As ‘savage beast behaving barbarians’; warlords sabotaging the truest Love Peace & Harmony, as it is today…, that they came/come into contact with on continental-geographical Africa’s + America’s VegePlanTerRain.

Origin mythology: “Horus was born to the goddess Isis after she retrieved all the dismembered body parts of her murdered husband Osiris, except his penis which was thrown into the Nile and eaten by a catfish,[5][6] and used her magic powers to resurrect Osiris and fashion a gold phallus[7] to conceive her son. Once Isis knew she was pregnant with Horus, she fled to the Nile Delta marshlands to hide from her brother Set who jealously killed Osiris and who she knew would want to kill their son.[8] There Isis bore a divine son, Horus.”

Copycat Plagiarists European Pinks & Whites: perverted our mythical meanings. Adversely misinterpreted our artistic intentions, by wrongly naming our spiritualized practices, ceremonies and customary ways of worhip… with his wicked word “Religion”. One that he has used to mass murder members of humanity, commit criminal CaucAsian Caucasoid genocides and homicides. To justify captivities and enslavement of humankind–womankind—mankind. Thus, glibly using Africoid Africa’s scriptural symbols to seize political power and controls and dominance over others. Seeing how he has no real Spirituality. So this ungodly–unholy cowardice creature imposes his religious racism, and falsified biblical Christianity, to hide his innate insanity and inhumanity. = Psychopathy & Sociopathy!!

3. Like wise named Prehistoric periods, which has no written words in history to read, translate nor decipher in gross errors, making many meaningless mistakes. Basically because, authentic authorized artists constructed creative objects, animation16-transition-.gifuniquely original and imagined things through their/our minds’ bright brilliant brains. Drew pictorials, carved images, sketched symbols of sacred secrets that are still today totally safe and secure. Under the Top Security of Love Life Light Locks!!!
4. Nobody has received a Capital Cash Currency Clearance PASS = ritual right of passage! ‘Z Landxz ov z-BLACKXZ + BLUEXZ +BROWNXZ. Who are the true founding fathers and mothers of the whole of humanity. Healthy and unhealthy, sane and insane, good and bad, right and wrong, so forth and so on. And according to our Great Grand Masterminds…, Africans on Africans, Africoids on Africoids, “Black on Black Crime & Violence”; and also invented, installed-instated an artless form of internalized slavery. Some time after “Dynastic” Egyptian artistic renaissance periods and pyramid building. Before being infected and aflicted by egoist arrogant ambitions. Greed and gluttony. Which resulted in a criminal conquering craziness, capturing other relatives, cousins, family members, tribal clans to colonize, dominate and control. In cause and physical effects + psychological affects; de-civilizing countries, that were surely small self-sustained, self-sufficient and alternatively independent!!

5. FALSE SISTERS & BROTHERS; These were our lost sheep and goats; who went remotely far astray, being hard headed, stubborn and disobedient. Deviating perversely from what our ancient ancestors had taught and practiced for thousands of years. In advance to any recorded, alleged European documented or chronicled historicity. Our historiography began back in Africa’s grandly great genesis genius. Having its unique genus and genre, progeny and prodigy!

6. However, somewhere, predating the “Johnny Come Lately” Pinks & Whites, a few misleading members of Africans of Kemet or Egypt, Nubia, Ethiopia, Sudan; decided to become arrogant ambitious egoists; Imperialists-Colonialists. Which is blatantly bad business! Dealing devilish dishes of deceitful dice, yet thinking it tasted delicious to those who were subjected victims of their domineering and profiteering pleasures. Control freaks! Hoarding up riches, stockpiling wealth, technologies, education, sciences in the sole possession of a falsified–faking to be;  Rich-Rare-Royal few.  Butt were degenerates and undesirables, artless–cultureless and low lifes of no class values.  Gallantly grabbing gold, demanding diamonds, stealing silver, and enslaving human beings. Constantly taking and never givng back a fair and equal return in favors, and gifts of grace!

7. LOADED DEVILS DICE: Under the apparent cicumstances, criminal conditions, those who wisely submitted–submissively; did so unwilfully, out of trembling fright and fears for their safety, well-being and lives. Mental scare tactics strategically stated. The animal riding warriors were militarily mean looking and terrifying, just by their physical presences or imposing–intimidating appearances. Equals = psychological coercion. So there was very little need to whip their captives, nor beat upon their bodies and force compliance by cruel torment and torture. In most cases; as I have envisioned. Because, these were real kindhearted, peaceful and loving people = domesticated tribal families, friendly, truly civilized-cultured citizenries, sane-sound-sensible societies, small and independent and self-suficient!

8. Nevertheless, the very inhumane nature of these acts and deeds defines; corresponding realities called captivity. Consequently today even, none of us can cleanly escape these true realitites and actual occurrences, historically to date. And it certainly constitutes criminality; = DEVIL BLACKS or DEMONIC BLACKXZ!! And the English language, wording is defined to mean invasive, intrusive CONQUESTS = CAPTIVITIES!!

8a. Furthermore, these True-Up evidences being broadcast boldly and bravely herein; gives solid ironclad proofs. That the very same insane, bad seed genotype traits of treasonous traitors, “Agents” are presently operating right now in today’s religious political platforms. Functioning as:

The Black Jackass Uncle Toms self-hatred of Love GODDESS Mother Earth Nature Africa’s AmeriAfrindians and AfriNatindian Ascendants!!!

9. OK YAWLS, after we go all the way back into ancient history of the solidified state of Africa, removing layer by layer, track by track; then and only then are our eyes enabled to clearly see the crystal clear problem with HUMANITY; and how it culminated into INSANITY & INHUMANITY!!

10. Moreover, for We’s & Us’s to truthfully ‘overcome’ today and not someday; it is imperatively a paramount prerequisite; as a commanded mandate must do, is face our own selves frontward in the reflecting mirrors of life’s time periods throughout historical happenings. Healthful and unhealthful, civilized and uncivilized. So that helpful healing happens herein; our USAA PROMISED LANDS.

11. All of the evidential proofs are still starring sinners or sinister sisters and bogus brothers in their self-forsaken faces. And “race”; in this exclusive sense of the word, has negatively nothing to do with it! The lack of trust or distrust in one another is a Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndrome, passed downward through generational offspring, infants-babies, young kids and children of their parental guardians; mothers and fathers. Based soundly on certain Natural + Spiritual Laws!!!

12. It’s a genotype trait that may influence, infect or afflict these adults today. An innate tendency or propensity to engage warfare against other tribal clans, inclusively, inner urban city grown-up gangsters, punk politicians, for monetary profits and capitalist cash currencies. Inherited ante-European conquests or predating Asiatic conquests of captivity’s enslavements!

12a. As antagonist adversarial agents, aliens, al-qaeda genotype germs, bad bacteria, inclusively, some sinister cell membranes acting as enemy energy entities. Very well hidden, hard to detect, extract and isolate from the healthy humane hormones, proteins and or enzymes!!!

12b. Meaning that to cure and heal humanity’s insanity, We’s & Us’s BLACKXZ + BROWNXZ; are to take the leading roles as Saviors & Servers of our SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT; For self-empowerment improvement!!!

13. Honestly and truthfully revealing and reported by True-Up U-Turn AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD. So then, if ya want to study history, then let us no longer romanticize and glamorize it, deceiving the true self’s wealthy wisdom. Positively Period.

14. So Sadly Selling Soul Sisters & Brothers out and into slavery’s servitude. In and among themselves = no whites, pinks and yellows. According to trustworthy, honest African-Centric historians and theologians. Howsoever, this is the patterned pathways in which I have personalized their findings, artistic analysis and symphonic synthesis. And I can crystal clearly see the parallels of Dynamic Equilibium Bio-Balance!!

15. These stunted, stuck staunchly stupid, still “Negroes” = slave mentalities, uncle toms, here in our 21st century CyberSpaceAge, starting about back in year 2000, also decided to become sellout stooges sucking up to their hateful “Honky” dory allegory story untruth telling; wicked White whip “Cracker” slave masters! Big Bucks Daddy duped-bribed-brainwashed the mainstay civil rights groups, and prominent propped up puppet politicians as faker black leaderships, etc.

16. The U.S. Federal Government used them as stooge suckers, with financial fund pledges-promises in huge sums; butt, failed to deliver that much mercy money. Only a few hundred thousand Christianized crumbs from his deceptive dinner table of capital cash currency. Idiotic ignoramuses who are now hiding their sorry cowardice blackened faces for being colorblind faith following fools. Selling their own racial-ethnic-cultural groups out into Mass Member Medical Murders–Clinical Slavery– Systemic-Systematic Suicides-Homicides-Genocides!! For further information, reported revelations read:  “The African AIDS HOAX”! And boldly and bravely listen and hear MP3: HIV vs. AIDS!!

17. Dire Consequences: From about the assumed 1st_ 2nd_3rd Dynasties, of Ancient African Egyptian-Ethiopian-Nubian, Kush, Sudanese, Nile Valley Civilization and Protectorate States, all Heavens Hades Hell Fires broke-a-loose. Too many rulers, kings and queens, became renegade rouges, raiding, robbing, raping one another, to whatsoever, self-enslaving extent and or degree. This obviously wasn’t a racial problem; butt, an existing human or inhumane problem. Surely to this measure it occurred! And it was wickedly wrong! They were afflicted by blurred vision!

18. So then yawls, I’m stripping back the heavy laden layers of hateful history, African_ Asian _ European_ Russian _ Arab invading interlopers. Lustfully learning from what they saw their parental persons doing, by acts and deeds, unjustly and unrighteousness, etc. Leaderships by examples!

19. YES, the oldest humans found by anthropologists and archeologists, bio-scientists, are Africoid-Negroid females of humankind. She has been discovered on several continents so far. And this truthfully means that these African migrating females, as I’ve envisioned, took with them their new born babies who were weakly, sickly, suffering from the contagious disease leprosy and or defective conditions of the Melanin hormonal producing Pineal Gland, generating albinism. These are mutated members of the Africoid huemain family; who are not evolved entities!

20. And I can crystal clear see a real-live-vision, that she kept these infants safe and secure, nurtured, cared for, nursed, doctored on them for many years. Until they started to heal, stabilize and grow physically stronger and healthier. Mother Nature’s Earthly Wits were working with Womanhood’s Wisdom Worship!

21. These females kept their kids in the cold Caucasus Caves, fed them, hunted for food, mostly vegetation, roots, insects, reptiles, caterpillars, butterflies, bees, birds, fish=seals, rodents, seeds, grains of a variety of types. She eventually died off, having very few African males around to perpetuate Her darkened skin pigmentation. At least procreation was limited!


1. LUCY + LUZIA: I’m talking about skeletal remains, bones, of actual human beings in the Americas, far before any others: Asiatic or CaucAsian, Caucasoids and Mongoloids. Who apparently didn’t even exist at these  prehistorical time periods. And couldn’t have possibly been the original occupiers, natives or Natindians, indigenous inhabitants, who were and now are the truest AmeriAfrindians = Z-BLACKXZ & Z-BROWNXZ!!

2. Moreover, as far as anybody knows, 200, 000 – 100, 000 years ago, planetary sphere earth, was still one great–giant PYRAMIDAL art form. Then somehow, opened up and out into flowering formations. Blossoming beautifully into a ColorComPlexTrix. Varieties of plants = vegetations growing gloriously by the free gifts of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!

3. Likewise, these migrating Matriarchs of MAAT Motherhood, didn’t necessarily have to cross huge ocean-seas to travel to other parts of the earthly planet. Only by close quarters across land and small bodies of water as rivers, lakes, creeks and streams. Even swimming distances at some places and in other locations using their wooden boats of sorts. And yes, seafaring vessels are being unearthed and many already kept in various art museums and or government protected private places. Basically because these racist Whites & Pinks, still don’t want for the worldwide public people’s populations to know all about Africa’s Africoid original creative artworks, crafts, inventions and discoveries, etc.

4. AS I’VE ENVISIONED: Howsoever her truest African sons helped their mothers migrate and gave them protection from other hostile haters of these infected children with Pink Pigmentation, and White & Black & Brown blotched skin colorations, She instinctively and intuitively knew that the hot arid weather wrath, were far to much for these lighter complexioned citizens. They couldn’t adjust sanely and soundly and sensibly to a socialized society; having no more connecting links to innate-intrinsic-inborn SPIRITUALITY.

5. Africoid members, did manage to settle down in these ice-age freezing cold climates, adapting “Hottentots”. And as evidenced by the dark skinned Eskimos of Alaska’s Afriasiatic tribes, plus+ Negrindians discovered in Asia’s West-Mid-Far East. China & Japan & Indonesia & Australia!!

6. NO No no, not at all do we need the Albino Pink & White man’s OK, stamp of approval; nor his permission, to write wiser words with wealthy meanings; to our own history and ancient ancestral Africa. Expressly, as Artistic ASCENDANTS vs degraded Descendants!!!

7. SELF-HATRED & SELF-DENIALS: So then, now here some of us are today trying to kill each other off. The lighter skinned Africans in America, has never as of yet, reconciled their differences with the darker skinned African Americans; also vice versa. And this internal warfare, strife, envy and jealousy, prevails pervasively throughout so called “Black Communities” nation wide and worldwide too!!

8. AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD’s Universal IniVersal RealiVision, reveals realities righteously and truthfully. Seeing how that no one wanted or wishes to talk openly about the constant concurring conflicts between, the heroic Frederick Douglas of middle-C brown skin, and darker brown skinned Mr. Marcus M. Garvey, and the lighter tanned brown skinned Booker T. Washington, and the fairer tinted brown skinned W.E.B. Bubois; and Andrew Carnegie of colored skin. And the “Talented Tenth” vs. the presumed Untalented Ninetieth!! = Irreconcilable Differences!!!

9. Still some suckers are trying to hide their self-hatred behind the White man’s racist religions: Christianity, Islam/Muslim, Judaism!!! Constantly attacking the other ones culinary cultures, food stuffs and dietary dinner meals and the way they eat habitually meats and vegetables of sorts. Castigating and denigrating their apparent Gay members, brothers and sisters. Accusing one another of being spies and “AGENTS”…., traitors and snitches!

10. Yet they all seem to me to be doing this to some senseless degree or meaningless amounts. Immaturity abounds, in slander and personal negative name calling, the other ones who they disagree with “sick”; “needs help”; “freaking psycho babbler”: “pickled pigs feet eaters“; ’poke chop…chitlings dribble juice‘…this-that or the other self-degrading gar_bage. Lacking adulthood and deficient in manhood. This very same Satanic sarcastic slander is used by those historical and present day white racists. And nobody wins victorious!!!

11. CURRENTLY CRYSTAL CLEAR: In abundance to my eyes, is that HE + SHE = HER + HIM = Heavenly Father SUNGOD & LOVE GODDESS AFRICA MOTHER NATURE EARTH; are leveling the playing fields. Bringing back down to ground level zero of monetary naught, white dominance and controls, ownerships and operations. Reestablishing… THEIR…Dynamic Equalized Bio-Balance!!

12. BUTT; Believe my telling y’all that, while still in the surreptitious midst of these climatic currency charged changes; African Africoids living herein America, have an accountability problem that has to be personally–individually and collectively dealt with successfully and proficiently. Meaning as the Battlegrounds of Calvary are neutralized, Eurocentric Anglo-America Al’Qaeda is devastated destructively by seriously severe storms, wildfires, flash flooding–inundating rapid rains–rushing river waters wrathful weather, etc, nonwhites have to do the rest.

13. Or else… silently sink along with the wicked White whip “Crackers” stinking-sinking ship of make believe everything is just alright. Manufactured myths that means nothing worthwhile; because of being colorblind “Honky” dory allegory story tellers of untruths. A Europeanized history based upon and bogusly built by bias bigotry and on a sinister stack of fraud in fact lies of leading liars. And this is the real-live-vision as my True-Up Up-Turn ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts:

14. Our Transitioned-Transformed-Transfigured Ancient Africa Ancestors, are actually giving grace, offering We’s & Us’s justice one more time. And they are removing the White man’s stable system into the realms of destabilization, destruction and deadly dire demise. Then what and who shall Africans in America and else where hide their self-hate behind? Our originating, initiating Forefathers and Foremothers are finished pleading our cases, begging for their offspring children to grow-up into matured-cultured clean adults. CONCLUSIVLLY!!!


 A. YES LISTEN UP CLOSELY AND READ-READ-READ: This is the part where he gets hot and passionate about; us divesting ourselves of all of the dead man’s manufactured religions concocted by the racist white man. And to throw this European male image of Jesus Christ, and this fictitious “God” concept and throw them into the nearest garbage can. Along with this Islamic Muslim and ‘black Israelite Hebrew-Jew’ bull shit too!!! 10.Dr. Walter Williams Euro-Man’s Religion

B. Mr. Mighty Manhood “Muammar Gaddafi has issued a defiant audio message, accusing international forces of seeking to occupy Libya for its oil and other resources and warning them to prepare for guerrilla war. In a message broadcast on a Syria-based television channel on Thursday, the deposed Libyan leader called on NATO and the UN to end their intervention in Libya and said that Libya’s tribes would not accept their presence in the country. The international community has forced Libya into a civil war, he said. “Imperialism is hated by Libyan people, who can accept it? All people will fight against imperialism,” he said. Gaddafi called on NATO to end air strikes.” Document today Friday, September 2, 2011…1:28 am.

C. White Racists:  Use-Exploited Expediently The Existing Racism, Prejudice, Bias, Devisive Disscrimination Against Africa Libya’s  racial hatred of darker, toned, shaded,  legitimate native African Africoid citizens. By the lighter skinned asiatic Arabs. A situation sadly set up many years ago via the major mainstream Trio Religions: false Christianity, faker Islamic Muslims and Judaism!!! =invidious-insidious  INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM + UNCLETOMISM!!!

D. YES: After y’all finish reading the following reported revelation, then proceed to go to this posting. Because you shall surely see, that these undercover white American racists and Europeans, in psychotic denials that they are hateful of nonwhites, has not gotten away Scott free for their insane terrorism!!! 

E. The killings nationally and mass murdering worldwide, and expressly now in Africa Libya. In spite of what any one of them, Euro-American CaucAsian Caucasoid citizens say, they are behind the wicked wars of inhumanity and insanity. If not one then the others!!!

F. PARALLELS: And I have taken the diligent time and persevering efforts, to let y’all know that they are severely and seriously paying a heavy price for the damages, deaths and destruction of Africa’s Africoid & Afriasitic indigenous inhabitants. Afrindians + AmeriAfrindians!!

 G. Read the Weather Wrath repercussions, retaliations, retributions, and revenges as KARMIC reactions:

The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature = Wrathful Weather = Wealthy Womanhood Witty Wisdom Worship = restitutions-retributions-revenges-retaliating terror + Color Kingdom NWCA THE COMFORTER + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD

THE BLACKXZ & BROWNXZ HUMANE HOLISTIC HEALTH HEALING HIT LIST: Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Phillip Valentine, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Mr. & Mrs Obama, Ms Cynthia McKinney, Ashra Kwesi, Pastor Ray Hagins, Cornel West, Mr. Michael Eric Dickerson, Mr. Tyler Perry, Chris Rocks, Andrew Young, Ms Oprah Winfrey, Sara Suten Seti, Dr Leonard Jeffries, Mr. Bill Cosby, Anthony Browder, Rev. Eddie Williams, Mr. Mark Dean, Ms Marimba Ani, Dr. Walter Williams, Dr. Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti?, Dr. Ms Alveda King, Dr. Ms Michelle Rene, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte?_ Redemption + Salvation for Mr. Bishop Eddie Long who was misled astray by false Christianity; Mr. Collin Powel who soldout on Iraq WMD myth, Ms Maya Angelou-poet, , ……and this outstanding listings is an artwork still in progress. ….>>>

THE BLACKXZ & BROWNXZ  HUEMAIN HOLISTIC HEALTH HEALING HIT LIST: Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Phillip Valentine, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Mr. & Mrs Obama, Ms Cynthia McKinney, Ashra Kwesi, Pastor Ray Hagins, Cornel West, Mr. Michael Eric Dickerson, Mr. Tyler Perry, Chris Rocks, Andrew Young, Ms Oprah Winfrey, Sara Suten Seti, Dr Leonard Jeffries, Mr. Bill Cosby, Anthony Browder, Rev. Eddie Williams, Mr. Mark Dean, Ms Marimba Ani, Dr. Walter Williams, Dr. Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti?, Dr. Ms Alveda King, Dr. Ms Michelle Rene, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte?_ Redemption + Salvation for Mr. Bishop Eddie Long who was misled astray by false Christianity; Mr. Collin Powel who soldout on Iraq WMD myth, Ms Maya Angelou-poet, Dr. La Francis Rodgers-Rose, Dr. La Francis Rodgers-Rose, Dr. Marimba Ani, Dr.  Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti ……and this outstanding listings is an artwork still in progress. ….>>> via COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.

EQUALS = Those Africans in America who are summoned, called and chosen to stand up and fight back bravely, boldly at once, immediately without delay. Indubitably, UNIFYING their bright brilliant brains, against all conceivable artless forms of: Racist White Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndrome, of the System’s Sorcerer Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!

The dis-United States of Angry Anglo-America Al’Qaeda Arch Angel Alien Adversary Antagonist Agents + Cast Ya Note = don’t Vote! via COLOR KINGDOM NWCA + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD

August 24, 2011
                                                THE QUARINITY FOUR4:  
animation8-colorking-rotate.gifWE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER Plan + Positive Population Protests = Sons of SUNGOD  Master’s Mind Melanin Messiahs + Co-Creators+Originators of our Cosmic Conscience Conscious CREATOR’S Summer Sunrise Awareness Awakening. The Love Life Light Locks of our Solar Sexus Souls via The SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!
 MAAT Matriarch + Patriarch = female-male =Animated +
AFRICA Mother Earth Nature Sacred Symbols Secure Safe Secrets:


YES:  COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: is an authentic-aesthetic art form, formula, formation in and of itself.  Has valued worth in visual color_sight seeing therapeutic attributes of healing and curing various unconscious conditiions, in an Africa’s ancient ancestral approach, = miracle-magical-mystical methods + mastermind messiah mental models = MASTER1Melanin Media + Musical Metaphysical Mediums.

Energized eye excercies_mindset-brain coordination and synchonizaion. Simply and plainly just by positively liking-looking; delighted–deliberated = directly at the animation artistry: Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs.

TRULY: They are in my mind, unquestionably, unifying friendly forces for fulfilling fitness, fame and financed fortunes = faithful fates $$$. Its elemental energy entities, extends excellently expressed and expertly exercised; full Freedom of Artistic Expression. Butt booming boldly, bravely, courageously, came upon the scene herein+therefore; Extremely EXPLOSIVE = EXPANSIVE = EXCELLING + EXCITING = EXPEDITIOUS EXPLORATION!!! = 100%+

HOW DOES CKNWCA ARTWORK? Well it purifies poisonous politicized pollutions, publicized propaganda propagated by mad major mainstream media, mass murdering mentalities. It cleanse current causes of actions, sterilizing the stinking stench of Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes!!!

Neutralizer, disarming their militaristic mindsets by counter-forcing, counteracting, their terrorist techniques of intimidation, fear tactics, bullying bluffin’ fakin’, huffin’ an-a puffin’ an-a wolfin’s to blow the healthy house down. Butt be boldly brave I pray tell y’all, Reclaim and retain your determined dynamic equilibrium bio-balance!! = Courage + fearlessness!!

CLOSING  RANKS+FINACIAL FLANKS Fortunately forthcoming in a fast flash: And this First Comming… as prophesied in ancient ancestral Africa Egypt; thousands of years ago, Before The Common Era = B.C.E. has hence arrived, is here right now present today.

Definitely, does not try ‘to get along’ with enemy energy entities; attempt to convince the inconvincible, hardheaded hateful heathens, stubborn stuck on stupid sellout stooges.  Nor intend to attempt to unite incompatible politicized parties, perverted politicians, persons and impure populations of people. Refusing to play poisonous party politics. Declining to incorporate confusion, chaos, conflicts, crooked corrupt contagious contaminations, into what has to be productive-progressive, positively pure perfections. Perfectly imperfect performance plays, although, cognizant, consciously correct, clean cultured cash capital Currents = Characters.

Certainly charged for failing to tell the total truths. Although, were wisely warned repeatedly, over and over again, for at least the last past 35 years or so. By our Grand Mastermind Melanin Messiahs, African-Centered, Afrocentric scholars, academic intellectuals, African artistic creative genesis geniuses, historians, authors, anthropologists, archeologists, and their like kinds. Multi-talented gifted giants of gallantry!

Therefore, I waste no valued time arguintg and fussing and fighting; without a powerful force behind me and mind. That COSMIC CREATOR who called-chose, commissioned AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, is buttressing, behind this courageous cause of action!

And from what I’m gathering by in depth deep research studies, so called Whites & Blacks & Browns & Yellows, citizens, have been fully informed. Told throughout this stated time period until today. And has elected, decided that it is more monetarily profitable, to ignore, disregard with reckless indifference-apathy and complacency.

Thereby these circulating consequences, and currencies are causing cataclysmic climatic changes. Criminalogy Charged! Those that are deadly dire! Electrifying, frightening and fear inducing. Severely serious “shock and awe”. And laziness, backwardness, “Niggerishness”; devilishness, ungodliness, unholy selfishness… shall surely soon come to pass!

NO No no, twisted tong troll trailer trash white wicked witchcrafts, nor bogus bias blatant brown-black bull shit: Criminal crazy CaucAsian Caucasoid creature corrupted crap! Basically because to contrive to do so, surely shows a lack of cautious, careful comprehension; of how the various Naturalized Laws in Mother Nature Earth, and Laws of Infinite Intellectual Intelligence of the Universal Mind artworks and networks. This is the primary principal reason why so many multitudes of mass marches fail to impact the existing establishments!!!

WARNED-ADMONISHED-CAUTIONED; Consequently causing very little if any at all positive productive internal climatic changes in the awesome arsenals, artillery arteries of military might, closed-clouded-calcified-clogged current events. Due to the incongruent, inconsistent, incompatible partners of politics who were included with their strongest street walkers, in demonstrations and protest petitions against their/our standing government body of unhealthy leaders. Their poisoned posteriors are unmoved and still staying seated in political power positions as they please!!!

Meaning, in no uncertain terms, and for sure, in spite of the rebels, revolutionaries or militants mass marching, their religiously radicalized-rationalized reasons really works against themselves. Because they do not necessarily understand the truest things about organizational order and spiritual Law!!

For one primary principal example: Attempting to mix religious politics with their/our mass member march movements. Expressly idiotic ignoramus Islamic Muslims of the Nation of Islam, coupled with the combustible Christian Churches of Christians. Then on top of that terrible decision making, lack of apprehension…., they try to include the wild ass ace of spade heathens hateful hostilities. All three elements who are opposing forces and contrary enemy energy entity emotions!!!

COLOR KINGDOM NWCA’S SURE SHIFT: This is decisively why I have devised, developed decisions based soundly and sanely and sensibly on compatibilities, congruent companions-accompaniments that compliment one another. Be though that they may be, smaller in sizes, a little lesser in numbers. A choic few = 10% to 12% Rare+Rich+Royal strict streamline and bio-bloodline!! 

YES: If in fact and in truth, you consider yourself as being a bold-brave WARRIOR + VICTOR; Queen & King, Prince & Princess, god and goddess, then dare to invest your money, not needed where your mouth is; butt, righteously BUY NOW = $$$.

Perfect Price + Pay + Purchase, prayerfully pretty please, our exhibited artwork. Gracefully gifted, gallant, graphic-geometric-scientific specimens, Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs. Become enthused, delighted-enlightened, enlivened and self-empowered. Basically because they were originally created exquisitely, exclusively for Rarities, Rich Royalties.! Afford the costs and never whine, cry, and complain!

FACTUAL REALITY OF TRUTH 100%+: All those, each and every one them, who are going under the Title name Harambee, and not portraying-honoring and paying just respects to this posted Cote of Arms; which is exquisitely exclusive to Africa’s Africoid Kenyans; are criminal crossbones pirates. Fraud in fact liars, phonies and fakers!!! Baring nobody, black-brown, pink or white! Period.

Rock Offense+Stone Defense True MAAT+HARAMBEE Africa Kenya Coat of Arms = National Emblem +Ancient Africa Ancestral Authority AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD+Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts = WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER+ Positive Protests!!! pt1

HUGE COMPRESSED IMAGE FILES: Howsoever reduced in dimension, they are of the most meaningful, highly healthful, humanely humored, holistic healing. Scientific chemistry as a mental ministry in animated artistry of quantified qualities.  = Specialized specific species specimens + potent personalized POWERS!!! SACRED SYMBOLS SECURE SAFE SECRETS:

Courageous Cause of Action Now To StopPointBlankPeriod Self-hate; UNCLETOMISM & INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM!!

ATOMS: Artistic attributes that are truly talent tested, authorized-authentic and actualized aesthetics. Particular pieces of artwork, unique kind of atom, molecule, ion, or particle = my CKNew World Creative Artistry’s molecular species of specimens. Created through the calmly composed constructive creative imagination of “The Power of Intention”. (Dr. W.W. Dyer)

SCIENTIFIC STUDY now today appearing asutely on Applied Arts Display: Consecrated, riches, royalties, rarities made to impress upon the minds and cell membranes and brains, of those who are better beneficially blessed, by the truest things that they visually see, portrayed panorama picturesquely. = REAL-LIVE-VISION.

RARE + RICH + ROYAL: Applied art forms, creative concepts having a contextually conceived character contents, currently cleansed cultural cause of affectual actions = artfully.

Our 21st century CyberSpaceAge: SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT; Cleaning up our own dirty filthy acts and devilish deeds for self-empowerment improvementIndubitably,  an actualized Artistry’s UNIFICATION!!!

YES: A prerequisite, mandatory must mind overcoming mass material matter march in the multi-millions of masterminds = MASTER1 Melanin Media + Musical Metaphysical Mediums!!!

Artists are actively advancing; astutely–aptly actualizing. And all of the religious and political persons or people are receding rapidly into realized recessions = regressions + repressions!

WE’S & US’S: Have a positive precedence to carefully compare complexities and color complexions: Preponderant places in prehistoric positions of personalized potent powers. Overwhelming evidentiary solid ironclad proofs. Love Goddess MAAT Matriarch Mother Nature Earth AFRICA Ancient Ancestry’s grandly-great gracefully gifted, Giza Pyramid Builders = bio-blood base of kindhearted KINGDOMS of kind kinky haired KINGS.

Also, are the very exact same ones, biological-genotype trait; inclusively which, who are being buried live, well within an oppressive-repressive-depressive societal system of; mostly middle classified citizenries, nationally, internationally and all around our GlobalWorldNations!!!

Herein our world, therefore, can no longer afford to permit ourselves to be used glibly, exploited expediently, to support somebody’s particular political party. Never again allow ourselves to be pundits, proxy puppet puns paid, and employed as hired hands of the underhanded religious causes. Because both bothersome bandits, are trying to tyrannically rule over us True Artists.

Fighting over who can control and dominate decisions designed by artistries! Putting value and worth into our artwork, butt, too many times devaluing and robbing-raping the Natural Born Artists of our worth. Especiallly while we are still well, healthy and alive!!!

NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM TO TOTALLY TRUST: Thus they are stealthily attempting to make us second-third-fourth class citizens. Somewhere positioned below them! In a submissive–subordinate stature or state of still life. = Inactivated, unless some one of the tyrannical untruth tellers, acknowledges and or accept what we portray, present and depict. And if and when we stoop so low down dirty, involving the Original Creative Art forms, formulas, formations, with their religious political pestering, parasitic-predatory posturing–pandering … them we also under sell our own selves. Our COSMIC CREATOR FOBIDS!!!

DUTIFULLY CAST YOUR NOTE: And cast not your Vote! Because The Talent Tested True-Up U-Turn ArtistCHDs, are surely shifting sensibilities. Deliberated + liberated. ‘Divesting’; freeing to liberty, fulfilled FREEDOM of EXPRESSED ARTISTRY!

Further still, Son of SUNGOD, AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, don’t necessarily endorse any of them stated thereof the religious-political establishment. And without prejudice-pre-judgment or bigeted bias…., onlyh post what some of them say, proclaim, protest about, so forth and so on. Afterwhich cross examinating them through in dept investigation, critical analsyis, CK-NWCA renders its symphonic synthesis.  Trusting totally, in none of them, whatsoever!

Indubitably including the untrustworthy medical orthodoxy, where Sick Sinister Scientists = “Science Soldout” (Dr. R.V. Culshaw Ph.D.) Read her case story:

Unfortunately for fools falling for fate’s failed state of internalized affairs, they are having no other choice to make, and are being collectively compelled to comply without compromise.

What I’m saying is that, the idiotic ignoramuses, who think or thought that they were wise, so smart and intellectually intelligent; are sucked into an abysmally deep down White Well & Black Hole on honesty. Of hopelessness and despair and survival desperation. Leaving them the only other option, which is to wittingly with wisdom, look upward, straight into the bright brilliant brain, everlasting long-leading Love Life Light Locks, of GODSUN’S salvation. His Solar Sexus Soul Savior Server of our SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM!!!

The self-determined, destined, deliberated Diaspora, deceptively called descendants; butt in factual reality artistic ascendants of Africa’s ancient Egypt. We’s & Us’s came across the ocean-seas sailiors in seafaring ships stacked stories high and hulls deep on an even keel, bow and stern, starboard and port. Encompassing consummate geographic land map-masses, thus travelling talents transiting the entire earthly VegePlanTerRain:

We’s & Us’s got the (“Hottentots”) Heavens Hades Hell fires out of Africa; far in advance, of the uprising of the ‘ink black’ conquest of Spain by arrogant ambitious egoists. Who arrived upon the historical scenes in an aftermath, of Africa Egypt’s civilized greatness. And these nasty naughty nose negative conquerers; were wisely cut completely off from better benefit blessings; therefore, sought bounty and booty bogusly.

They stupidly instated-invented or instigated the installation of corrupt-contaminating-contagious criminality on the African continent. Consequently cutthroats who violated our Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR!!

TRUE ARTISTRY + SPIRITRY: = Spiritary vs Miiltary!! None of us were ever enslaved, not by bogus bigoted blacks, bias browns, nor yankee yellows and wicked whites. We came cultured clean, carried by the currents to the America’s; North-Central-South, using our invented calendar and compass companions. Courageous adventurers and explorers. And are the same water warriors with worldly wisdom!

Even having the know-how or knowledge to relocate, resettle, reinstate and reinstall our civilization. As Mexico’s Olmecs and many years or centuries later on, by the Bering Straits?…the oncoming crossing crowd, culture, combining Asiactic ethnic groups… in mixtures comprising Aztecs = AmeriAfrindians.

Likkewise: And many times, we ventured off continental Africa, to escape the onslaught of alien beings, angry Anglo-Al’Qaeda & asinine ass Arab Al Qaeda!! Pale pink pigmented people, fair face fakers, foolish foreigners invading-intervening-intruding into internal affairs of self-governances. Preserving Independent thinking, and of course first and foremost of all, full fledged Freedom of Artistic Expression = Victory = VICTORS!!!

And the historic, heroic huge sculptured STONE HEADS, ostensibly-open to visul view; some wearing strong SPIRITARY strenghts, maybe mistaken military mighty helmets. Albeit wearing beauteous braids and spiritual Love Life Light Locks, surely shows abundantly clear and concise, that our personal presence predated any artless forms of slavery. Plus our cosmic conscience Know nothing about enslavements of other PERSUNS = HueMains

Arabs have never has any respect for true artistic African culture, not historically nor right now today. They started the East African slave trade of Africoid-Negroid humane beings, 600 years before the other; “pale face” white Europeans did, And due to their total disregards to the self-respect and dignity of the BLACKXZ!!! So listen up closely to what one of our grand masterminds vehemently proclaims:

“Pt 8/9 Islam -Dr.John Henrik Clarke”

Pt 9/9 Islam -Dr.John Henrik Clarke 

At this critically crucial juncture in historical times, about 1492, the Arabs betrayed the trust of Africa’s Aficoid Islamic Muslim Moors. And formed their “axis of evil” conspiracy with the Roman Catholic Church, to enslave the BLACKXZ. “Something which we should never forgive” them for! Period.

YES: Somewhere over the magnificent ColorComPlexTrix rainbow, Blackish Brownish bomber brother beloved Barack Obama Hussein insane U.S. President, is wittingly or unwittingly attacking Arab asinine assholes. By bravely-boldly bombing butts blatantly bad; being barbaric beastly behavior! Yet do he know this is his military might mission?

Howsoever, I prophesied forewarning of his arrival, forecasted the fatal fates of those “pale face” Arabs, who enslaved Africa’s Africoid for 1000 years. One way or the other the big bomb bombardment Pay back is a real live Mother…F…er!!!

SENSIBLY SHIFTING: So yawls, justly and righteously read on down these posted blog lines, to see another way of looking at things; as it is well written: “Change The Way You Look At Things And The Things You Look At Change”; (Dr. W.W.Dyer) !CHANGE YOU CAN TRUST’!!! (Obama)

DEFINITIVELY: 1. Deleted…sellout whites into religious politics and the stooges of The Nation of Islam Muslims of Louis Farrakhan. Bad decision!

Therefore, unless I check them out thoroughly, trust not the leadership of a single one, expressly, White males; whatsoever. They help us only when it seems to be convenient; profitable, and serves their own purposes, causes and intentions, agendas, criteria, etc. Don’t dare your selves to foolishly, unwisely, participate in any of their anti-US Government Marches and demonstrations. Be not deceived because, unless I specify othewise, they all are going under the deceptive guise of anti-war activists. So yawls BEWARE!

DUTIFULLY NOTE: That they have to be compelled to PROVE themselves worthy of our support systems, hard earned money, and currency cash capital. Expressly, I AM talking strictly and specifically about The New Black Panther Party, plus, particularly, The Nation of Islam Black Islamic Muslims; militants and rebels and revolutionaries, living–Live & Well, right herein the continental dis-United States of Angry-Anglo-America Al’Qaeda.

COLOR KINGDM New World Creative Arts: is as  actualized redemption + salvation of Afrindian Artiworks. Taking it all back from faker brothers and sisters; who are still mental slaves = “Negroes” & “Colored People”; by self-definitions. And in my personal view by defined meaning: = “NIGGERISH”!

DIVINE Delivering Deliberator Denominator; And y’all are your own self Liberator! So know that the AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD can courageously point certain things out; butt, you personally and individually and collectively have to do something to help yourselves out of the deep dark holes in the dirty cemetery graveyard grassroots ground. SPIRITUALLY DEAD!!!

Never on the surface of planetary earth, did African Africoids grow and develop on the very same levels, equal degrees, comparable measures, added numbers, all at the same time period. And the overwhelming majority, were not True Artists, who were well versed leaders of the discovered civilizations. Our originating-initiating artworks, speaks loudly for themselves evidently for Real-Live-Vision. And our/my Universal IniVersal RealiVision vs Religion = SPIRITIOUS vs Religious + SPIRITICS vs Politics!!

Truthfully Too: The larger populations of native-Indian indigenous inhabitants, probably couldn’t even sketch skeleton bones, or draw elementary stick pictures!? Less known being bright brilliant brains of expert craftsmanship’s and artistries. Creating carriers, sailing ships, surfing seafarers and big boat builders. Creator orinators of the talent tested truths: HER PRECIOUS PERFECT PYRAMIDS!!!

Therefore, when an authentic ascendant artist actualized, arrives again upon the scenes, these lost White House Negras and field “Negroes”; don’t remember how to recognized We’s & Us’s. Our artful air seem so strange, unfamiliar, odd and even weird, to their learn ignoramus idiocy!

And some stuck on stupid starts to call AmeriAfrindians negative names, make indignant insults and sickening sarcastic remarks about our culimary culture = Solar Sexus SOULFOOD.  Arabism animal animosity via Uncletomism!! Thus these vicious verbal personal attacks, of which I shall suffer not to mention herein. Howsoever, I am a retaliating-revenging, worthy WARRIOR +  Vindictive VICTOR!!

YES, no rational reason to doubt, THEY, as a mandated must do, stand up on the front lines of bloody battles, fighting fearlessly back against these renegade-rouge racist white cops, males and females alike. Shooting American Africans down in hot-heated blood, cold hearted hatemonger-warmonger crazy criminal CaucAsian Caucasoid creatures, insane, psychotic killers. We’s & Us’s need solid ironclad proof, that these Arabized-bastardized-bitchwitches have Africans in America’s best interests first and foremost at hand.

Furthermore, all of these “bowtie wearing” warriors, looking all ugly, mean spirited and bad ass aces of spades, have to be totally talent tested. And not one more dollar bill is to be spent on their commercialized products, donated, nor any type of membership dues paid any longer. These “hate groups”; understandably so; are to StopPointBlankPeriod, all of their tuff talk and do deeds that show clearly how manly they really are.

Or else, be called cowardice criminals who only are willing and ready to conspire against other; “Black Muslims” who their so called “Honorable” leaderships deems denounced, detested and dejected. Brother Malcolm-X Little Big Red, and Khalid Muhammad as Mr. Harold Moore = Black Militant. Those two who faced betrayals; two-face back stabbing gossips and systematic-systemic assassinations, character wise, medicinally-mentally and of course, physically caused to DIE earlier and younger!! Deprived of their longevity by envious, jealous, strife filled Nation of Islam, and in Min. Louis Farrakhan’s day and or on his assigned duty post and watch to date: Wednesday, August 17, 2011..12:00pm.

Conclusively, African America BLACKXZ, are commanded by the late great Commander in Chief; The Honored Dr. Henrik Clarke Sir. Who vehemently proclaims, that these Islamic Muslims, those calling themselves “All Black”; are to be held RESPONSIBLE & ACCOOUNTABLE!!

And challenged, citied-criticized crucially for failing financially to invest in community schools, businesses, colleges, manufacturing industries therein. After receiving millions of dollars from oil money capital gains, petro profit of Africa Libya’s Mr. Muammar Gadhafi. Thus they are themselves, one of the major problems and difficulties inside these poorest-impoverished ’Black Neighborhoods’. Along with these other modern day Black Jackass Uncle Toms, slave “Negroes” of the wicked white whip “Cracker”; “Honky” dory devils. Let us defy and denounce them, until the leaders make good faith on their promises, and force The Nation of Islam & Christendom; to assume the proper roles in which we demanded; and that is to serve We The Public People Power Plan, Plus+ People’s Population Protests!!!

STRAIGHT TALK As the Official United States President, of all America; Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, shall not, can not and never will be able to tell We’s & U’s the total truths. Because, he’s not in the politicians posterior position of power to do so, while staunchly seated upon Washington D.C. Capitol Hill White House!

And this means, that those who want to know much more about what he is doing as the Commander In Chief of the Pentagon’s Military Machine Might, is to look deeply in depth and disregard the national debt. Search off into world historicity. See things from within this contextual contents of characters + charters of common sense law. Then, maybe_perhaps one will witness him avenging the historical robberies, and viciouslyviolent rapes of young under aged female BLACKXZ. Our woman folk forced into servitude and as sex slave girls, by Whitish Arab Males = Arabic asinine assholes; throughout history unto this exact present day of our 21st century CyberSpaceAge.

Furthermore, military man, [Arabist Islamicized ] Commander–Colonel Gadhafi, was or is a smart mastermind. Butt, Bararck Obama the Christianized bomber brown bodied boy, of MASTER1 Melanin Media = Messiah Mental Models, and as Sons of SUNGOD, are much more meaningfully masterful. Militarily strategic. This is why U.S President ordered the blatant bombardment of north Africa Libya. It’s that invasive, intrusive, intervening, interfering militaristic mad man’s mentality. On both sides of my Sharp Two-Edged Sword, double edged razor blade and ten inch jack knife. Arabs are attempting to glibly spread pervasively; strict Islamic Laws!!! Thus contagiously further contaminate continental Africa’s VegePlanTerRain; 

And CK-NWCA; cuts both Christian & Islamic Muslim asunder, head leaders severed in haves as has been have nots. Because, I’m on none of their sides and is solemnly against politicized racist religions!!!  AFRICA Mother Earth Natue takes care of Her own, and don’t need no nonsense. Good GODSUN Devil Damned Riddance!

So I say cleanly, come out fighting fearlessly, and may the best, better beneficially blessed Warriors win. Protect and defend yourselves at all times, trust nothing and trust nobody!!

Consequently Dire: So Mr. Obama, seems to have a personal beef with Mr. Gadhafi. And Barack has elected to use the most powerful military might; back against the Islamic Muslim Arabianizing of Africoid Africa. And is ordering heavy aerial drones to fire flames, upon suspected “enemy combatants”; in what is actually; North East Africa. Now named West Asia and or The Middle East.

And our giant grandmasters, scientists, archeologists, antropologist and historians, who were or are African-Centered, Afrocentic–Africanized, etc, confirms our Negroid, Afrindian extence in these areas throughout prehistory or recorded history. Also, this means that somewhere along the lines of various time periods; these kindhearted,  friendly, peaceful, loving populations of blackish-bluish-brownish skin pigmentations, were ambushed, violently attacked, physically assaulted and massively murdered by invading ’Savage Beast Behaving Barbarians’!

The Pink Humankind eventually evolved into the White humankind Stabilized into who we witness in appearance today, as being “pale faces” and Europeans, EurAsians and CauAsian Caucasoid creature. Consequently shifting into becoming the Yellow Mongoloid Humanknd, due to the environmental elements and biological intrinsic factors.

And they are those now occupying lower Africa; in which I see as being North_ east and west continental land masses. Just flip South Africa upside down and downside up. Then see how things starts to look quite different!

YES TOTALLY TOLD TRUTHS: AFRICA: There is no true so called “El Nino” nor “ alleged “La Nina” patterns; as the meaningless, mad media males as Whites make up their manufactured myths. They see something over continental Africa from satellites, then fabricate an existence of a name other than the apparent and obvious. Which is, and always will be Mother Nature Earth AFRICA’S patterned pathways of weather, atmosphere, activated directly by our Heavenly Father SUNGOD or GODSUN!!!

These Euro-Caucasian Caucasoid creatures, are trying to control what we believe and think, and dominate our minds with his grossly distorted naming and labeling. And this is exactly how our historicity get buried live and lost. So lets keep it all realistic when dealing with weather, which is worthy wealthy womanhood’s witty wisdom worship. She producing and He generates the storm clouds, rains-water drops, heat waves, hurricanes, tornado twisters, and freezing cold climates and hot climates. Nothing else need to be added to this equation of duality, FEMALE + MALE, HIM + HER; as they actually are SUN & EARTH; FATHER & MOTHER; PATRIARCH & MATRIARCH!!

THEY BOTH: As I prophesied, predicted, predetermine in advance, before hand, how these TWO = Compatible Pairs-Partners, would retaliate in revenges, restitutions, retributions; reacting to the USA’ s “axis of evil” actions by using military cruise missiles. Criminally attacking, violently assaulting LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature.

And shooting tons of rockets into HER continental VegePlanTerRain. And some after their first foolish warmonger, hatemonger racist bombings, the United States interior, infrastructure, got hit hard by serial killers, terrifying tornado twisters. On one end, and on the other washed away down stream by inundating flash flood waters from raging-rushing rivers. Plus, in addition, suffered severely extreme sun spells, long hot summer dry and deadly droughts!

In fact SUNGOD, setting the states of Arizona & Texas on blazing Heavens Hades Hell Fires!!! So whasha takin’bout? These are the truest facts of reality! And y’all ain’t seen nothing’ yet!!!

YES The USA is paying a heavy price and so is Europe. Moreover, as far as him and the USA Government wiping out the Arabs & American middle class citizenries certainly. Charging them for the costs of warfare. Because, look at things this way, they are the most racially prejudiced, working class groups, who set upon their pre-judging posteriors in crooked kangaroo courts, condemning BLACKXZ, African Americans of the lower and sub-classes of societies. And are the hire hands as crooked criminal cops too!! They own and operate and un the privatized prison, correctional units and jail houses of the cities. The are the judges and virtually all White juries, who have filled the state and federal prisons up, overcrowding the jail cells with 90% Africans in America.

Plus, Libya’s Leader Mr. Muammar Gadhafi, hired Africa’s Africoid indigenous Indian natives as mercenaries, some military, and others to do menial work, low paying jobs. Humiliation & Embarrassment. Superficially, this just may seem like an honest deal, butt believe my telling y’all, that this is Niggardly-Cowardly-Backwardly way to demean, degrade-denigrate, defy, denounce, deduce, demonized, those who are the rightful original owners of Africa. It constitutes an AFFRONT to Systematic & Systemic SLAVERY!!!

Sacred Symbols Secure Safe Secrets via AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ascendant Ancient Ancestral Africa Egypt+Olmecs-Aztecs = UniverseManDeity via ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts

 Sacred Symbols Secure Safe Secrets AFRICA Mother Earth Nature + Unification of Artists-Aesthetic Aurthorized-Actualized Authentic Artistry pt2


DEFINITIVELY Conclusive: Smile ‘n lovin’ faith always with a happy healthy, holistic humane healing humor = We’s & Us’s + yawls…
YES: THE dis-UNITED STATES OF ANGLO-AMERICA AL’QAEDA. Alien Predator President Barack Hussein Obama black brother brown bloody body bomber. Deserving AN HONORABLE SALUTE or a Dishonorable Discharge?! 
Containment Control Commands COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. Indubitably Love Peace & Harmony!!!  Immediately established upon the surface of our evolving-revolving planetary sphere earth’s GlobalWorldNations. vs “Globalization”!! Meaning by definitions, radicalized-racialized RELIGIONS & POLITICS polluted poisons “must go” = be put down, destroyed and wholesomely replaced with our Sublimely Inspirited = SPIRITICS!!!

 “There is not a nation of the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of these United States at this very hour.” Frederick  Douglass reports-reveals 

Anglo-AL’QAEDA ALIEN vs Arab Al Qaeda, angry asinine ass arrogant egoists-racists-fascists -sexists-supremacists media monsters. And exposes unidentified-never truly verified flying objects; now identified as the invisible ones = invidious-insidious Institutionalized Racism…inflicting severe damages. Clandestinely victimizing unaware and uninformed Africans in America = called “Blacks”!!!

“Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind…what we sow is what we reap. And when we choose actions that bring happiness and success to others, the fruit of our karma is happiness and success.” (Dr. Deepak Chopra)

“The United States is known to have possessed three types of weapons of mass destruction: nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and biological weapons.

“Nuc uler”: The U.S. is the only country to have used nuclear weapons in combat. The U.S. also used chemical weapons in World War I. It had secretly developed the earliest form of the atomic weapon during the 1940s under the title “Manhattan Project“.[1] The United States pioneered both the development of the nuclear fission as well as the hydrogen (nuclear fusion) bomb. It was the world’s first and only nuclear power for four years before being joined in the “nuclear club” by the Soviet Union.”

“Karma is the eternal assertion of human freedom… Our thoughts, our words and deeds are the threads of the net which we throw around ourselves.” (Swami Vivekananda) 

REVELATIONS + PROPHECY = Indubitably these are the words of wisdom written, sent out in two thousand E-mail messages, and blogs posted all around our Global-World-Nations, only hours after the devilish dis-United States of America angry Anglo-Al”Qaeda, violently violated U.S. Constitutional-Statutory-Internal Laws, including, Native-Natural Laws, Universal Laws, and Karmic Spiritual Metaphysical Laws!!!  As it stands today in our present…, flagrantly attacking, blatantly bombing the very COSMIC CREATOR’S cradle-birthplace of HIS & HER Happy Healed-Healthy-Humored-Holistic HueMain “RACE”!
Which Libya is a member country-nation-state of. And it is SHE who shall deliver the hardest blows back against the USA, Europe & Arab leaders, and everybody else who has joined these thugs. Divinely decreed curses courageously summoned against all involved-Evil Conspirators who are in profiteering-racketeering cahoots collusion working with the wicked western nations of hatemongers and warmongers.
Certainly I mean strictly, completely and consummately all coalition allies, excusing nobody and baring none! No rite/right of passage nor PASS!!! Furthermore since this divinely decreed summons was issued, the repercussions are devastating and has been extremely dangerous and destructive against these antagonist American Anglo-Al’Qaeda Arch Angel Adversary Aliens = inhumane beings!!!
YES MONKEY MAN’S MANDATE Alien Predator Presidents: As the USA destruct – destroy – demilitarize and de-weaponize their Biological & Chemical weapons of mass destruction; allegedly, they stealthily and surreptitiously started to concentrate their primary focus on mind containment controls of the public people’s populations. As an actualized  A+ Son of SUNGOD, Messiah Melanin member, he can do all that too! Monkey shine, tap dance to hip hop gangster rap, rhythm and blues, pop-hard crack rock cocaine, banna boat bigoted be-bop and of course cigarette tobacco ADDICTION!
So very terrifyingly talented and exceptionally gifted it’s almost unbelievable. And he don’t even know who he truly is?!. The Arch Angel Avenger! Revenging the ancient African Arab Al Qaeda slave trades of Africoid Africa, for at least 1000 yrs. Rapping and robbing “Black” females of their virginity, sexuality and wealthy womanhood witty wisdom worship. Butt do Obama know this is his Top Sacred Secret = Criminal Commander In Chief Commission Calling Cause of Military Action?
MEANWHILE: He believes in ‘change you can trust’……believe and depend on = joblessness, unemployment, faiing health uncared for, yet expect ya to keep the hope and colorblind faith based on bogus baloney bullying big brother.  Surely Obama is full of treacherous tricks, gambling games… here domestic and over there foreign monkey business white Devils’ Mint messes man made, ‘kind of fuzzie’. Long lost tails of terrorist tales and not yet found!!!

MEDIA major mainstream mass mentality murders = “Menticides”; = manmade mediums manufactured myths.” = MENTAL VIRONS or “Mind Viruses” through the agents I name to be: PYSCHOGONS = PYSCHOGONICS!!! The g is pronounced as in j or G = J.

The United States of America, is an expert authority on mind control apparatus applications and mental mechanisms of understanding advanced psychology. Americanized Weaponized Warfare via Fabricated Fraud in Fact Lies of Leading Liars!

Stridently strong emphasis placed in the application of imposing prejudicing political propaganda poisoning on persons and places of public people’s populations. Perpetrating prejudicial mindsets. Those that are activated to be used as ammunition or munitions, aimed at selected targets and racially profiled ethnic and cultural citizens of colorful complexions. Groups of darker-shaded-toned-tanned MELANINIZED members of internal and external societies.

Expressed in basic, elementary, plain-o-simplified wordings, just ask these fundamental questions: Why waste or spend money on actually acquiring chemical and biological weaponry; when it is more cost effective to cause foolish and unwise citizens to…THINK…or… BELIEVE… that you did? And, is it not more effective to fool the mind into thinking that it is sickly, believing that they are ailing, and or infected with a contagious virus or deadly disease; than to invest millions into really bio-chemically engineering them?

Certainly there are no Geneva Conventions, Chemical War Convention, Offensive Biological Weapons Treaties, nor any other types of bans and restrictions and international prohibitions. Absolutely nothing to make these hatemonger and warmongers, racists-sexists-fascists-supremacists-egoists to Stop-Point-Blank-Period. None other than the most mighty powerful forces of SUNGOD + LOVE GOGGESS Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!

Read the paralleling retaliations and retributions = repercussions: >>>>

Our original ancient ancestral AFRICA actualizing the COSMIC CREATOR’S  causes of actions as Stone-Defense + Rock-Offense. Meaning commanding the Powers of the Ether that Be via The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature and Her SUNGOD’S Love Life Light Locks!!! Later on read full blog:

 YES: The AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD soundly, sanely, sensibly says that (Christianized) Barack Hussein Obama the blackish-brown bomber boy, is inflicted and infected with what I name to be predatory= parasitic: MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses”!
Also, they are analyzed and artistically snythesized to exist as extremely excitable enemy energy entities: inflammatory infectious contagions called: PSYCHOGONS as opposed to Pathogens!!=  predator PSYCHICIDES: = Euro-centric Caucasian Caucasoid creature concocted criminal crazy crap = Wicked Witchcraft Westernized-Weaponized Major Mainstream Media Mass Murders = “MENTICIDES”!!!
Firstly fabricated are  their dispiriting  man made-manufactured myths; induced and imposed via Europeanized-Americanized religious politics: = SPIRITICIDES = blocking-obstructing-redirecting-misdirecting, neutralizing and or destroying innate-intrinsic-inborn natural native Africa’s SPIRITUALITY!!!

Menacing Mad Monster Media mind gambling games for lotto losers betting on bogus bull shit sold to them as a ticketed chance to win big bucks, git rich quick, coupled with winning wars against the deck of race cards played under the tricky table by “Al Qaeda” terrorists.  [21st century cyber-space-age approaches instead of the chemical-biological-nuclear weapons of mass destruction = casualties!]

Angry Anglo-America Al’Qaeda = Arch Angel Alien Adversary Antagonist Agents: Suffering seriously, severely Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, of the imaged constructive creatively conceived concept the: System’s Sorcerers Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!


Received -Documented Today, Tuesday, July 26 2011…3:00pm

YES: Ms Cynthia McKinney’s E-mail message to my box: These are the organizations that they put together as a battle plan, strategy to overcome someday. So then yawls, pretty please do in deed read all of my “long-winded” True-Up Story Book Bible Blogs. Butt for right now today try to keep an open mind without bias or prejudice judgments and proceed forwards accordingly in LOVE PEACE & HARMONY.

E-Mail Message in part: “Africa Ascension, World African Diaspora Union (WADU)-ATL, The Nation of Islam, All African Peoples Revolutionary Party (AAPRP)-ATL, the Religious Heritage of the African World – Pan African Ministers, the African Community Centers, UNIA/ACL, The Georgia Green Party, International Action Center, African Association of Georgia, the New Black Panther Party, The Dignity Delegation, Sankofa United Church of Christ, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), The Shrine of the Black Madonna, First African Church, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, The Congo Coalition…”

YES, The AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD shall surely SYNTHESIZE + ANALYZE, Her/their composition for contagions. Contagious contaminations currently causing criminal circumstances, chaotic combustion, civil conflicts and corrupting citizenries of many multitudes of countries-counties-cities, nationally, internationally and worldwide!!!

Maybe perhaps what I’m saying shall seem to be hurtful, harmful, howsoever, might you be strictly mindful of who and or what my intentions are meant to reveal. She and others have made their decisions and selected their choices according to their individual and personal and collective understanding and or lack of in depth understanding thereof, herein. So be it, fine and dandy!

 COLOR KINGDOM vs Christendom & Islam!!  BUTT: Righteously off bat at the SPIRIT’S spur of the moment, I have dutifully detected and is now casting my electrifying-shocking NOTE vs. Vote!! All systems of thought, organizational order of the finalizing finishing commission calling cause of action today, strictly requires the ultimate self-discipline. It is Divinely Decreed decisively, to be a mandated must do, and that’s to come clean, currently crystal clear cultured colorations = citizens = civilians!

MY ARTISTIC FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION = TRUE-UP U-TURN Universal IniVersal RealiVision vs. Religion & Politics!! = REAL-LIVE-VISION. This means a substantive due process of elimination, examination, extermination into extinction, all and every one of these man made, manufactured mythological RELIGIONS!!!!

Indubitably, the aforementioned paragraphs, are REVELATIONS. Problem Solving Solutions. Positively portraying our one and only other options, opportunities to opposing occurrences. Enemy Energy Entities who or that has infiltrated, penetrated the polluted politics presented in the proliferated propaganda political party platforms. Expressly The Nation of Islam Muslims; compounded by false Christians of Christendom’s Christianity!! Constituting crazy cycles and culminating into a viciously violent-villainously viral infectious infestation of intruding-invading infiltrators. = Treasonous traitors = terrorist betrayers!!!

AGENTS = ALIENS = ANTAGONISTS = ADVERSARIES = ANGLO AMERICA AL’QAEDA & ARAB AL QAEDA, SPIES. Thus glibly attaching themselves to our efforts to totally liberate to full freedoms, first and foremost, Africans of Africa’s Africoid Americans. Commonly called “Coloreds”; “Negoes”-Slaves, “Blacks” and African Americans.

They flock around to freak feast – feed on like blood sucking leeches, predatory parasites, and fly down upon every grassroots seed growths of green gifts of grace to the humane “Race”. Acting as Angels of light, truth and justice, butt, are expert ‘fakers, wheeler dealers and con men and women’. Even fooling themselves into their own ill-will, yet believing that they are total truth tellers, which they have no true knowledge about how to comprehend TRUTH.

Moreover, every unwise, naïve and gullible leadership who fail to intellectually and intelligently reason rationally with these United States Federal Government’s CIA & FBI snitches, sellout sycophant stooges, stand to be utterly misled. Thereby, emotionalized feelings, potentially, misleading others to trust these notoriously known radicalized racist religions and the purported political personnel. And I vehemently profess and loudly proclaim, that y’all never again on your precious lives permit or allow or let yourselves again, be duped-bribed-brainwashed idiotic ignoramuses!!

No longer colorblind foolish faith followers: place our beliefs in untrustworthy policies playing poisonous polluted politics with our dearly loved lives. Political prisoner persecution and prosecution no more!

CAUSE & EFFECTS/AFFECTS: These stated publicized-politicized religions are acting agents of the westerner wicked witchcraft white whip; “Crackers”!!! They are formulated to clandestinely, secretly, slowly, silently implement INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM!!!

Therefore, might We’s & Us’s start sensibly sane and sound minded, by compelling all purported or self-proclaimed leaderships, to be held accountable. And We The Public People Power Plan + Positive Population Protests, are solely responsible for carrying out our current commission calling CAUSES OF ACTIONS!!!

Historicity has inhumane habits of repetitiously repeating itself. With all just respects and regards to Ms Cynthia McKinney, She obviously has made her own choices to pick these reported groups of a political and religious nature, etc. Exercise freedom of choice and free speech rights, in the way that they feel will work well. So shall We’s & Us’s see?!

Albeit, I’m more of an Inspirited = Spiritious vs. Religious persun and huemain being. Surely no academic intellectual giant or some monster mentality of so call higher learning. Because basically, I KNOW, things, universal–global phenomena, via the patterned pathways of Intuitive Instincts Spiritualized, Solar Sexus SoulFood for thoughts = WISDOM. And in reality of fact, FunkySoulSongSeason!!!

Thereby, I have learned to StopPointBlankPeriod, making unwise, unintelligent decisions and taught my own self how not to ever again trust the untrustworthy. And these are some everyday common sense lessons through experiences, encounters, contacts with various collective data, empirical evidential proofs and elemental information. Artistically Analyzed + Soundly-Sanely Synthesized!!!

COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, faithfully filtered back out, all of the man made, manufactured myths = MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses” = Pathogens + Psychogons!!

Similar to and symbolic of decontaminating our city’s drinking waters flowing from faucets or municipal hydrants. Removing members, parties = particles of poisons and pollutions and politics. And also, neutralizing those who persist to present themselves as difficult problems to solve or dissolve into a liquidated solution, in organizational order that they be extracted, eliminated and terminated!

Inflammatory fluids fatally finalized in a whole step instead of half-steppen’ marginalized or minimized. Plus+ there can be no righteous reconsideraton reconciliation = “atonement”; nor unity until righteously realized and actualized ACCOUNTABILITY!

OKY DOKY YAWLS: Lets see for sure that all, each and every single political promise, is backed up with a written and signed contract, that is legally and lawfully binding. Because, this puts or places We’s & Us’s in a self-empowered position, to punitively punish those who break our confessional contracts.

AVOID BEING HEART BROKEN & BANKRUPT: And also, every small detail is to be artfully worked well within the context and character and contents of said agreements. Knowing exactly where every dollar bill and cents are going and for what specific purposes and why?! Remember y’all, to dutifully take NOTES, before ya run out brainless and vote just to have heartbreaking stokes!!!

Seeing how these antagonist agents, contagions, pathogens, psychogons, habitually hangs on to our healthy healing bodies, faking to be friendly members. So that they can keep our immunized-spiritualized systems weakened, worried, weary, withered and worthless!

View Image

COLORCOMPLEXTRIX:  TOP SECRET SACRED SAFETY SECURITY PASS: Rite/Right of Passage, is not and never will be granted or given to any one or combination of these terrorists and racist religions!! They are senselessly sucking out and consumming community resources = Eco-Electron Entity Energy Emotions. Swallowing up all of the spiritual values and directly interfering with The Magnetic Flield of ColorComplexTrix = Electric Currencies.

Draining neighborhoods as if they were medieval-middle age Europeanized blood sucking vampire bats!!!

DIVEST”: Denounce, detest, angerly avenge, ask them where in the hell on earth is the loot, give us the money, cough it all up now. Or else be punitively punished! And or courageously condemn them, baring none, to a Divinely Decreed Damnation of Curses, instead of better benefit blessings. A one way ticket back up off of planetary sphere of LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!

Hold them accountable for all of the money they have harvested and still are collecting in communities across our USA PROMISED LAND. Through meaningless Mosques-Temples, Churches, Cathedrals, Synagogues. Force these firsthand financial issues and economic tissues, boldly and bravely. Trust nobody! And it is now today spiritually written wisely well: The idiotic ignoramus who trust in mankind, is a foolish faith follower!’ And inevitably and unavoidably experience “shock and awe”!!


Butt I vehemently proclaim that it is only the same old sorry ass Euro-centric excuses to practice their Western White Witchcraft in aircrafts. Flying overhead as cowards killing people of color; under all satanic  disguises; smokescreens and covers of deception. Even fooling themselves by psychotic rationalizations-self-deceptions and gross distortions of true realities. Casting colorblind spells as poisonous potions of political-religious racist terrorism!

Via the Angry Anglo-America Al’Qaeda asinine ass alibis to assault Africa’s continental lands. And to further destabilize-debilitate their independent economies, destroy their city infrastructures and pit/pitch Africans against each other, etc.

And most of all he, the defeated White males are sensing their demise and deadly down falls fatally. So they collectively forms these Eurocentric coalition criminals in desperation, and to try and keep himself affloat aboard his USA pirate cross-bones slave master whip “Cracker” ship. Seeking to oppress-depress-repress all people of colorful Melanin skin pigmentation, in hopes of inducing inferiority complexes upon them. Wrongly thinking that this shall save his sorry soul, if in fact he actually ever had one?!.

Therefore, both Pro-White Western Christians of Christianity’s insanity of inhumanity and the also, historic white supremacist “pale face” slave master whip “Cracker” Arab Islamic Muslims; “must go”; “have to stand down”; as a MASTER1 Melanin Media Militating Mandate!!!

 “AU’s stance on ICC warrant: Meanwhile, the African Union [AU] on Friday said it will not execute an ICC arrest warrant issued for the Libyan leader. African leaders at the AU summit in Equatorial Guinea said the warrant issued last week “seriously complicates” efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Libyan conflict. The warrant “seriously complicates the efforts aimed at finding a negotiated political settlement to the crisis in Libya, which will also address, in a mutually reinforcing way, issues related to impunity and reconciliation,” it said. An assembly of the summit decided that “AU member states shall not  cooperate in the execution of the arrest warrant,” according to a text of the  decisions.” Last Modified: 02 Jul 2011 01:45.

Arab slave trade:  The Arab slave trade was most active in West Asia, North Africa and East Africa. By the end of the 19th century, such activity had reached a low ebb. In the early 20th century (post World War I) slavery was gradually outlawed and suppressed in Muslim lands, largely due to pressure exerted by Western nations such as Britain and France.[2] However, slavery claiming the sanction of Islam is documented presently in the African republics of Chad, Mauritania, Niger, Mali and Sudan +

THINK: So why would any so called African American Black in their right mind want to name themselves “Mohammad” or some other Arab name and think that they are of Africa and have escaped the “honky ideology” of the racist white whip “CRACKER” Caucasoid Caucasian criminal?!

Because the exact same Roman Catholic Church Popes-Priests-Bishops & European Emperors created and concocted all three of the major media mainstream religions: 1st Christianity/Christians of allegedly Christ, then 2nd = Islam/Muslims of allegedly Mohammad, then 3rd Jews/Judaism of Yahweh!!! Specifically and strictly in that truest historical-chronological order! And absolutely not going by the fictitious-falsified Bible records as a reference because it has never been legitimate and correct in chronology. Period.

SPIRITLESS SIN-ISTERS = XXX666 MINISTERS: It is highly inaccurate and terribly wrong to think, believe that the 3 stated religions are Spiritual in nature; because, they are the very opposite; spiritless. They strongly contradict each other, and strictly opposed one another!! And along with each and every one of their leaderships as popes-priests-bishops, preachers-pastors-deacons. And it is also a fraud in fact devil lie of satanic liars!

VICIOUS BLOOD SUCKING MODERN – MEDIEVAL VAMPIRES & BIAS BIGOTED BATS!  Inside their internal guts; of ugly documented historical warmongering and racist hatemongering.  Thus it is unholy and ungodly, to propagate political propaganda poisons about some spiritual blessings by Catholic or Protestant-Baptist Christian Church practices of worshiping their falsified “God”; white male person being in bodily flesh; allegedly “Jesus Christ“. And none of this Criminal Caucasian Caucasoid crazy crap; has absolutely no connection to Ancient Ancestral Africa’s SPIRITUALITY!!!

Only about 10% to 12% of the (non-religious + non-political)  Good Light skinned mutant members have an activated Pineal Gland generating Melanin hormone production. Which is the SPIRITUALIZING Equalizing Elixer. Magical miracle making mysteries, enabling our Musical Metaphysical Mediums. And the other 88% to 90% of Devil Whites, are innately destined-doomed to die off more rapidly now today, as some of We’s & Us’s can clearly see. They are hopeless and helpless. So at once and for all; get the Good GODSUN Devil Damned Heavens Hades Hell Fire out of LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!


YES WINNER WARRIOR not as of yet VICTOR: Insane Hussein Barack Obama bomber brownie black brother, brilliant bright brain, United States President Official Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces, Pentagon’s Military mad men of mighty machinery of mass member murders!

Howsoever, in criminal cause and physical effects + poisonously polluted political psychological affects, is performing an excellent job in the most dutiful decision making mindset. Perhaps he knows or maybe unwittingly he does not realize what he is doing by blatantly bombing the Mohammedan Islamic Muslims of the so called Middle East.

 Which is actually North East Africa, and along with the areas of North Africa, Somalia and else where. Defacing devilish Christendom’s  USA, by blatantly self-destructive behaviors, and on the other hand destroying Islam. Constituting a substantive due process going on as a dormant–latent Summer Sunrise Awareness Awakening. Equals = Heavens Hades Hell Fires!!!

Upsetting and setting a blazing burning raging ring of fiery flames flash flooding the entire region and geographical locations as prescribed by politicized physicians. The poisonous pill to kill, main and murder those who invaded continental Africa on various historical accounts and current events. A sort of Spiritualized yet delayed KARMIC reaction to the long-standing enslavement of the African Africoid people’s population by “pale face” Asiatic Arab Al-Qaeda Aliens. Thus imposing an Islamic Muslim hate ideology upon the indigenous inhabitants, clans—tribal family members of the Native Afrindians.

After which religious indoctrination of non-religious, non-political populations of people, they expediently exploited them. Used these naïve and gullible, kindhearted-friendly and nice Africoid African “Blacks” and Moorish Arabinized Negroid huemain beings as spearheads or arrow-heads pointed at European White Catholic Christian Crusaders.

Thus encouraged and trained the Blackish-Moorish Africans, to artfully apply their ancient ancestral authentic authority = sciences-technologies-know how via Eygpt….to convert to warfare weaponry combatants. Then directed the battle ready militarized men, to invade, conquer, occupy places like Spain & Portugal for about 700-800 years, to name the two main ones. And in spite of the Blackish Moors bringing their advanced learning, knowledge and wisdom to them, they still were invaders and foreign occupiers misled by their Arab companions of religious radicalized racist Islam & Muslims. Posing as friends and allies!! Which built up for seven centuries of extreme resentments, civil discontent and unrest among the Spaniards & Portuguese.

They must have felt so inferior in the presence of these apparently superior Africoid Arabs & Africans Moors. Disliked the Blackness affronts, arrogant ambitions and egoist attitudes of supremacy and imperialism!

So the plotted and planned, and contrived to overthrow them and eventually did so indeed successfully. And soon after Spain & Portugal fail, had fatally fallen financially and morally into decadence, the desolation of despotism and divinely decreed damnation!!! And stooped down dirty underhanded, so low-life as swine and scum, thus invested with the North Trans-Atlantic Slave Trades of Africa.

Moreover; These Caucasoid Caucasian Whites of European realized this stratagem, eventually throughout the ages, and starting recruiting, proselytizing as many of Africa’s Africoid inhabitants as they possibly could. To counter-combat the Arab Al’Qada Alien advances, etc.

So this required a strictly enforced colonization of these captured and contained Africoid Africans. Entrapped between these two hatemonger–warmonger European & Asian factions. The viciously viral warfare gambling games gallantly greedy and gluttonous. This ravaging rage, ensued, happened or came about. All sides fully armed, they clashed and collided, as we well see them doing right now today, in the very same geographical locations, for centuries. And this is one of the main reasons Africans in America, AmeriAfrindica + Afrindica; are wise to let these terroist and racist religions go. Read this valuable information to free your own selves at last for a fresh financial beginning. Wash ya hands and COME CLEAN!!!

In reality, they are militaristically attacking and assaulting the geographical VegePlanTerRain of LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!. Therefore, through the patterned pathways of powers vested in Me-Myself + I AM The Originator Creator AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD. Decisively Decrees Divine Damnation in Judgment + Justice + Curse, against, all, each and every one of these mankind made, manufactured mythological politicized RELIGIONS.

This hit-list includes the first three major-mainstream media mass murdering religions: Christendom’s Christianity of Christians, 2. Mohammedan’s Islamic Muslims, and 3. Judaism’s Jewish of Jews. And all subsequent religious faiths of fates accordingly: Hindus & Buddhists of Buddha! Because they are all foreigners and antagonistic arch angel adversaries of the originating-initiating-migrating African Africoid HUEMAIN “RACE”. Scientific Specific Species Sapiens!!!

Surely as I’ve learned many experiencing lessons, read volumes of historical literature…, I have also captured an overall and general Big portrait picture in panoramic perspective views. An encompassing overview of our entire GlobalWorldNations.

Likewise, I hear and have read and do in fact comprehend and apprehend the key combination collective data; by which to unlock the closed doors of totally told truths. And our most talented, intellectually intelligent Afrindian scholars, educators, orators, lecturers, authors,…, have made meaningful messages crystal clear, that today’s countries called: Iran, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Palestine–Israel, Syria–Lebanon, Arabia, and this particular land mass, belongs to Africa. And is of continental Africa!!

Moreover, and at some point in time in ancient or recent history, Asiatic clans started invading in hideously hostile hatemongering and occupying warmongering mentalities. Others simply migrated into Africoid lands as friendlier families; butt, they also intermingled and intermarried and intermixed with the Blackish-Bluish-Brownish Afrindians. Producing the bio-genetic-generations of Afroasiatic tribes. Who also clashed and collided with the Europeans, while others warmly blended in naturally crossbreeding and interbreeding, generating the Eurasians. And eventually they all united, one way or the other, willfully and or by force, creating the evolved: AfriCaucAsian or AfriAsiatiCaucasians!!! Our MultiplexRacialBody: black-brown-red-tan-yellow-white-pink pigmented people’s populations.

These are who I name to be the Sons of SUNGOD, MASTER1 Melanin Media, Messiah Mental Models + Musical Metaphysical Mediums. We’s & Us’s retained our dominantly unique Negroid facial features, wavy-curly-nappy-kinky hair textures of Love Life Light Locks. And Obama is one of my younger strategic brothers, of ancient ancestral Africa of Egypt. And Her Empire composed of many smaller or larger surrounding cultural countries, cousins and relative ethnic clans and racial realities. Inclusively Ethiopia, Nubia, the Nile Valley civilizations, and North East Africa now called the Middle East.

Albeit, this talented bomber blackish brownish brother, is lost, suffering from an identity crisis. Saying to the nations and international community: “I’m Half Black & Half White”; “Mutts like Me”! What a mindless monkey man?! Nevertheless, whether one knows it or not, he is carrying out direct and indirect orders and commands from our Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR!!!

RELIGIONS: Are the major mainstream media mankind made–manufactured mythic weapons of mass destruction of humanity’s sanity. Therefore, as a mandated must; be brought back down to the grassroots ground level of zero percentage of naught = NOTHING!

And to do this feat, overcome this courageous challenge, facing humankind, it is inevitable and unavoidable under the current cataclysmic climatic changes, that human beings worldwide painfully suffer sorely, a Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndrome. Due to being fed polluted political poisons for so very long.

So y’all can Count Down To Armageddon’s Prophetic Holy World War III=3; A better benefit blessing in surreptitious disguise to set the enslaved captives free, Unto the perfect law of liberty!!!

MR. MUAMMAR GADHAFI: Is presently being blatantly bombed by blackish brown brother Barack Obama Hussein insane; United States President Official Commander In Chief of Pentagon’s Military mad monster machines!!!

And dutifully take NOTE: That historicity is inseparably linked to, permanently connected with what is happening right now today. No material matter whether one chooses to agree or disagree with these factual realities. There are rational reasons for these religious-political warfare bloody battles being engaged and waged against disputing factions, etc.

And further on down these blog posts, I go deeper off into the entire story from a historical past and current events perspective. And might I simply say that my main commission calling cause of action, ‘by all and any means’ mandated as a necessitated need to be, is to decisively de-Christianize, de-Islmicize–Muslimize, de-religicize the whole entire continent of Love Goddess Mother Africa EarthNature!!!

Consequently Dire Direction: This truly means that multitudes of religious radicalized racists, sexists, fascists, egoists, supremacists, colonialists, capitalists, are to face their finalizing fatal fates! No more long lectures, scholarly speeches by our highly intellectual intelligent African-Africoid Americans. Giants of grandly gifted genesis genius, and Dr. Cheik Anta Diop, Dr. Ben J., Dr. Henrik Clarke, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, and some sanely sound minded other great historians-scientists-anthropologists and archaeologists, etc. They have passed practically all by…, butt, a Rare-Rich-Royal few remain still living today and are fighting fearlessly back against these enemy energy entities ofv- Angry-Anglo-America Al’Qaeda & Arab Alien Al Qaeda!!!

Rock Offense+Stone Defense True MAAT+HARAMBEE Africa Kenya Coat of Arms = National Emblem +Ancient Africa Ancestral Authority AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD+Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts = WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER+ Positive Protests!!! pt1

Angry Anglo-America Al’Qaeda = Arch Angel Adversary Antagonist Agent Aliens = aerial attacks-assaults-military missiles-rockets fired onto continental Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Nature = Official “RACE” WAR reveals COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts + The AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Co-Creator Originator Son of SUNGOD’s COSMIC CREATOR!!!

 AN HONORABLE SALUTE = Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Ben J. + Dr. Hendrick Clarke, Dr. Anta Diop via COLOR KINGDOM NWCA by AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ascend Ancient Ancestral Africa’s Egypt + Kemet+Nubia+Nile Valley Civilization =To Love Thy Self+”Know Thy Self+ Negroid-Africoid Original Olmecs + Afro-Asiatic Aztecs!!!

BEWARE & BELIEVE THEM NOT: These wicked witches of the White western world and their devilish delusions and demonic mental illusions cast by sinister sorcerers can never again at all be trusted. They will do just about anything to hang on to power positions of politicized poisons and religious spell blinding potions; concocted inside a caldron of lies and deceit!!!


Son of SUNGOD + Our USA PROMISED LAND = Unified Statutes of AmeriAfrindica + Africa by AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD ascendant ancient ancestral African-Africoid via ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts pt3



HIS SLAVE MASTER WHIP “CRACKER”!!! Butt Bad Brother Barack = Coconut brown on the outside and supremacy superority-inferior white NAZI + AZT killer chemical concoctions,  on the inside,. Very talented-gifted and diverse. He’s all of that too!! And  psyches himself out by playing colorblind.

Authorizing and giving the official orders for racist whites to bomb LOVE GODDESS Mother Nature Earth Africa. Which make him as worse or hateful as Adolf Hitler, seeing how the US Presidential Oval Office & Government Body are the negative naughty nasty nose neo “New Nazis” NATO; Anglo-America Al’Qaeda terrorism policy practicing political “Medieval Crusaders”!!!

MELANIN Mastermind Messiah OBAMA the bullying blackish brown bloody body bomber and blatant bogus bright brilliant brain. :  He is clearly another pitiful puppet propped up, sycophant, contradictory-equivocating sellout white house Negra colored boy bailout broker. Swinging on the tree of death penalties that lynched and hung Blacks by their necks until dead. 

CULTIVATED CAPITALIST CAPITOL HILL DIVERSITY: And a real living White House Hell Hole… mansion monkey minded modern day 21 century Black Jackass Uncle Tom  Ace of Spade sellout stooge.   And comically a laughable funny looking little tree squirrel monkey man. Hanging from his long tail-telling leading lies, swinging on the fig tree limbs and branches of the United States Government body!!!

Barack Rock Offense + Stumbling Stone Defense: Faithfully forthcoming, MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses” = PSYCHOGONS!! Inevitably, predestined in doing as he is ordered by his Vatican-Pope & Elitist Rulers dictate to him. Making this Melaninated brown skinned African American, “I’m Half black & half white” “Mutts like me”, extremely lethal and dangerous. Coconut brown on the outside and white on the inside. a de-Africanized Zebra striped sycophant-side-stepping sellout stooge; war criminal?! No doubt, the bombing Obama Barack the ‘rock of offense and stumbling stone’, devil damning  sure terrorist threat to the divine-dignity of sovereign nations worldwide!!!

EVIDENTIAL PROOFS of how the Wicked Western World Whites are trying to destroy and destabilize, the heath and happiness and holistic healing of the people‘s populations of Africa! “The head of the African Union has expressed concern over the flow of weapons into Libya after France revealed it had dropped arms into rebel-held areas of the conflict-stricken country earlier this month. AU Commissioner Jean Ping, who chairs a meeting of African leaders in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, on Thursday, said that weapons distributed in Libya would contribute to the “destabilisation” of African states.

What worries us is not who is giving what, but simply that weapons are being distributed by all parties and to all parties. We already have proof that these weapons are in the hands of al-Qaeda, of traffickers,” said Ping.” Documented today, Thursday, June 30, 2011…2:42pm.

DULY CAST YOUR NOTE vs Vote!! And remember and never forget that there is absolutely and positively nothing that these: specific, wicked White Americans & European Caucasoid Caucasians, can say or do that will ever justify them attacking and assaulting continental geographical VegePlanTerRain of LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!


TO LOVE THY SELF: Shall shed not one speck nor once of Eurocentric falsified Christian racist religious “Forgiveness”; wasted on these hateful humans.  And only the truest art form of Divinely Decreed Curses + Judgement + Justice shall serve our COSMIC CREATOR’S SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM, according to Native-Natural Laws + Universal Laws + Spiritual Laws!!

ABSOLUTELY NOT & NEVER CAN BE: Are any people of darker shaded-toned-tanned MELANINATED skin color; responsible for nor are the causes of the White Eurocentric nations economic down falls, financial failures and monetary fatalities. Not illegal migrants or legal immigrants-. Because their own individual-personal and collective bad habits have caught up with them, beginning back when they all were greedy gluttons of criminal culpable guilt. Thus investing and involved with building their empires, Caucasoid Caucasian cities-countries, off of free forced labor.

Yes, expressly in criminal cahoots with the historical Africa’s African Africiod slave trades of Negroid Blackish-Bluish-Brownish native indigenous inhabitants. Enslavement of the Original HueMain Beings “RACE”!!!

Consequently dire after centuries of forming evil conspiracies against WE’s & US’s; sharing the better benefits in profit gains, and excessive-extravagant spending and buying and selling…., has all run their courses. A pillaging plunderers rage of “savage beast…barbaric” behaviors are swiftly coming to their end’s wits.

Their terrorizing grace periods; to repent and have honest regrets and moral remorse… are over and being finalized. The so called Greek good-o-days of white privileges and Romanized-Europeanized-Americanized economic advantages are being terminated, exterminated-eliminated, which ever way ya want to turn these truths around. So be it = Good SUNGOD Devil Damned Riddance!!!


REAL REVELATIONS: I Have duly noted in my discoveries, that these naturalized phenomena were always happening right before our very own two eyes, butt, blindly our vision is so blocked off by bogus bias and blatant bigotry. Meaning that as these atomic-nuclear bomb making manufacturers drop tons of them (inclusively missiles-rockets), upon the surface of our revolving planetary sphere; and explode these hateful hostile weapons beneath ocean-seas or underground; Mother Earth Nature, reacts. She responds in retaliatory revenge, retribution and restitution!!!!

Causing Collective Compensating Cataclysmic Currency Climatic Changes = Curses; as punctual punishment or punitive damages; GOOD SUNGOD Devil Damnation against the nations wrongful western world wicked witchcraft.  And as a Musical Metaphysical whirling wind of terrifying tornadoes are tormenting and torturing the patriotic terrorist of the Anglo-Al’Qaeda USA.  

Thus in fact about 18 military members, dis-Service soldiers, Marines are committing suicides. Predominantly weakened-scared-hysterical, distressed and nerve Iraq-racked minds of white males. Afghanistan they couldn’t sanely understand under angry Anglo America Al’Qaeda ‘s command. The dire deadly consequences for violating and trespassing against our SPIRITUALIZED LAWS!!!

And they all were and are suffering severely sorcery’s satanic serpent snake, sinister system’s supremacy superiority superpower sickness syndromes!!!

COMMON SENSIBILITIES: Should show everybody all around our GlobalWorldNatons; that Her body is a living organism. And She’s disturbed, pissed off and upset; Her wrathful weather anger is shown, strategically against the violators of Native Naturalized Laws!!!

However some of these arrogant ambitious egoist jackass white males, ignores and knowingly disregard Mother Africa; [inclusively denigrates and dishonors and disrespects the African Union]. And foolishly think that She is separate from Mother Earth and segregated away from Mother Nature. Butt they are all ONE in the exact same!!!

They are simply stupid ass hole jerks. Immature mutant offspring freaks of nature and coming out of the Africoid-Negroid HUEMAIN “RACE”! 

Consequently initiated into being, as a mutated vicious virus;  (leprosy= lepers _ albinism =albinos).

To this present day: And some seriously suffering a genetically dysfunction of Messenger RNA & Mitochondrial DNA CODES = deficient-defectively evolved PINEAL GLAND MELANIN = lacking SPIRITUALITY = psychologically misfit lowlife cheap “white trash!” Who has gotten into political power positions as psychopaths and sociopaths = Official State & U.S. Federal Government body-branches of losers and lost leaderships!

And in my repeated estimations; only about 10% to 12% Caucasoid Cauc-Asians are saved, spared, redeemed and delivered. Able to carry on life’s functions as decent human beings who are a Rare-Rich-Royal few = better beneficially blessed. And the rest approx. 88% to 90% are anima-psoter-colork.gifto now today face dooms day glooms and more to come real soon; tsunami tidal waves and high tides rapidly increasing by the mellow moon. Plus+ SUNGOD’S = Heavens Hades Hell Fires on THE EVENT HORIZON!!!

YES EARTH: alive and well! And any one in their rightly sane minds, healthy thinking brain, can easily tell that there’s no more place for the military weapons of mass destruction; here on our planet earth!

CULPABLE CRIMINAL CAUC-ASIAN CAUCASOID: Creatures causes these militarized mutant mindsets to proliferate = spreading polluted poisons pervasively across the land masses, seas-oceans-waterways and skyways. And each and every one of these Anglo-Americanized and Europeanized nations who are manufacturing, distributing-delivering and selling these hatemongers-warmongers weapons of unholy and ungodly insanity and inhumanity, are guilty as charged. They are collectively criminals who “must go”; “have to stand down”; got to be destroyed, eliminated and ultimately exterminated out of existence into extinction!!!

YES: Mr. Barack H. Obama & his wife Mrs. Michelle, are both cut completely off from their; what would have been inborn- naturalized- Africanized- Spirituality. They decided and elected to go for the big bucks, capitalist cash currencies; meaningless money instead of coming cultured cleansed, uncorrupted, truthful and honest. And I’ve documented precisely when they went wrong wickedly, devilishly deviated from truth and justice. So then, he nor her has any spiritualized powers to use back against the white owned-operated and ran governmental system. They chose to accept the huge money bribes, brainwashing and duping the dumbfounded. Read; .

Without prejudice or bias, because, they proudly said these extremely harmful, and severely injurious things openly and publicly in their own spoken words as black tokens. Doing so; while on a terrorizing touring mission in Africa’s Kenya, betrayed Africoid Africans…, Solar Sexus Soul soldout some years ago before his U.S. Presidency!

Therefore he is self-enslaved and has to follow the strict orders of what his white whip “Cracker” Caucasian Caucasoid masters dictate to him. Yes, for sure, UcleTomism is impure and has no healing cure…. and we all make our own decisions; right or wrong, good or bad, sad or mad!!

The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature = Wrathful Weather = Wealthy Womanhood Witty Wisdom Worship = restitutions-retributions-revenges-retaliating terror + Color Kingdom NWCA THE COMFORTER + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD


SILENTLY SHIFT FOCUS & CONCENTRATE SOLELY ON WHAT’S ON THE EVENT HORIZON RIGHT NOW TODAY!!! = Medicinal Medical Mass Murders, Clinical Chemical Criminal Concoctions called cures. Systematic-Systemic Slavery and Grave Genetic Genocides!!! Pretty please politely proceed with pleasure >>>

A Poisonous Political Propaganda Psychological Processed Particles. = Psychopathy = Psychotic = Psychopath pharmaceutical prescription pill peddling-pushing pimp physicians = party. Financially funded and monetarily supported by puppet politicians, propped proxy pundit presidents. And not a pathological process where diseases are caused. Yet they are mass producing and distributing toxic treatments with contaminated chemical drugs in vaccines and alleged or supposed to be clinical medications to help heal and cure hospital patients or simply sick people. 

Butt Brainless Bun Heads, they are meaning to perpetrate poisonous products, polluted farmed crops and livestock animals to feed the buying customers and dump tons of contaminated grains upon hungry or starving populations of people worldwide. Those native Indians who were wickedly witch crafted by western white Europeans. Wreaking havoc on the immune system, causing acidic combustion, confusing the cell membranes into a chaotic: “METABOLIC DEFECT” = dysfunctional and degenerating digestive operation!

IMBALANCES: After which dietary damages done, the body’s cells starts to hoard excessive fat weight, converting just about everything one chooses to eat; whatsoever, these food choices are. Baring none! Thus, leading to and ending up being morbid obesity, diabetes = actualized adiposity!

The KARMIC resulting, dire consequences that are inevitable and unavoidable; due to a lifestyle of living inside a big bubble of fairy tale land, folklore fables, fictitious figures and slave masters = cruel criminals converted into being national heroes to be honored and customarily celebrated on special occasions.

Buttressed by the Sunday Easter bunny chicken eggs; colored in grassy-bushy basket cases, Santa Claus-Rudolf the red nose reindeer mentalities. A country historically attempting to sustain itself based on a faulty foundation of racial rapes-robberies, plunders and pillages, conquests-invasions-occupations, mass murders and indigenous inhabitants genocides! Their grace period of getting away with it all is over!!!!

MENTICIDE“: Make believe something of illness exists to justify systematic and systemic People’s Population Containment Controls!!! A self-righteous effort = evil conspiracy, among and between the ruling elites… to reduce and or eliminate the fast pace overpopulating persons. A societal citizenry who refuse to discipline and control their promiscuous sexual behaviors, and or basic desire to keep on having large families and too many babies being born, unloved and uncared for properly, etc. Who is to set fault and to blame?

So then somebodies, think that it is their responsibility to hold these loose citzens accountable, although, at the very same time as bias bigots and hateful hypocrites, the superpower class… are also getting pregnant and producing intended kids. Assuming that they can really afford?!$

EXPECT: Mad mankind massively murdering millions…quietly-silently-slowly-stealthily… while still in the surreptitious midst of making multi-millions of dollars in gainful capital cash currencies, huge profit shares, economic dividends and to reap stupendous financial fortunes of fame = $$$ 

SICK SINISTER SCIENCE SOLD OUT ON HUMANITY’S SANITY: No liquid floating so named to be harmful and injurious viruses; found to be attacking the workings of the healthy immunity response of the living physical cells, flesh and blood, bone and marrow. Which the human body organism has billions of innocent, by-stander retro-viruses, as a native or natural internal due process of life itself, causing absolutely no harm or danger to any cell membranes. Nor are any such dangers to the immune system. An Honest-Trustworthy-Clean Scientific fact! And today’s symptoms of sickness syndromes are mostly resulting from the major-mainstream mass murdering media madness mentalities. The Mind’s Fear Factor!

TERROR: Scaring and frightening citizens to foolishly take hasty actions that are over-reactive. As some people feel forced to do things in a hurry, and a reckless rush, without taking careful precautions, asking key questions. While expecting to receive the correct answers by various religious political leaderships.

Butt they get the wrong answers and incorrect information intentionally; yet the people of sorry societies assume that trustworthy tyrants exist. And they unwisely act on faulty judgements, taking risks by consuming some legalized lethal dopy-drugs. Generating irritated-irrational feelings and aggravated emotions, and run off to bloody deadly warfare battles; to kill the presumed enemies.  

Civilian conflicts, started up deliberately and purposely. Which militaristic viral invasions are deliberate distractions, causing civilians to look only in its directions and concentrate on the deaths and destruction physical war weapons are doing. As opposed to medicinal and clinical chemical warfare! That is killing hundreds of thousands daily and even millions of human beings yearly worldwide!!

EYEWITNESS & SEE A WIDESPREAD PRACTICE & FLAGRANT PATTERN: Although the land-water-air attacks are three dimensional as stated below in the next paragraphs. Thus as politically poisoned patriots, pain-pill poppers, drug addicts, alcoholics, military murderers, and end up more so in the devilishly deadly deepest dire depressions!!!!

“Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind…what we sow is what we reap. And when we choose actions that bring happiness and success to others, the fruit of our karma is happiness and success.” (D. Chopra)
 PATIENTLY: Over the last past 10 years, I Have given all of them, human rights and civil rights organizations, so called “All Black” Liberation media, “BLACK POWER”; “BLACK MILITANTS”; “Buy Black” … anti-warlords, and every other stereotyped faction; the benefit of the doubt. Albeit, not a single one of them are forthcoming with the totally told truth. And as a direct and proximate results they have no potentials for ever being proficiently effective.
Walking around everyyday dong nothing positively productive, and setting down on their big butts in idle time wating. They are certainly intellectually alive; butt, spiritually dead = deceased in living spirituality. Consequently has not yet ever even put a small dent into the present power structure, and existing political media apparatuses. Some offer only a higher percentage of truthful information, than the traditional news media, major mainstream and conventional communications networks. Lets say approx. 75% to about 85% = deficient!
Worshipping unworthy drugs, alcohol, dope and beng dumb. And expect to have an improve living standard and better life. Howsoever to earn and then receive a top secret-sacred security PASS as a rite/right of passage, past Universal-NaturalSpiritual Laws, requires truth to be uncovered completely and totally told 100%+

Butt: They collectively has knowingly, intentionally, deliberately, and purposely ignored the more meaningful and mindful wars going on through the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex 1st as the TOP PRIOIRITY PRINCIPAL!

Misleading: Then these anti-war activists has turned a colorblind eye away from seeing all of the Institutionalized Racism of the Prison Industrial Complex2nd; when an overwhelming number of Africans in America as Negroid citizens are being unjustly enslaved by the criminalizing injustice system of the white Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes of the Sorcerers System’s Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!

UNFORTUNATELY: having confused-chaotic priorities that are seated improperly in places that are less urgent. Anti what specific types of war? Is the principally important question to ask? 

Because their main focus is only aimed at the physiological-mechanical Military Industrial Complex3rd, disregarding the factual reality that they are all inseparably related, permanently connected to each other in a conglomerated criminal capitalist Caucasoid Caucasian Corruption! So the undercover prejudice white males seek to try and ignore these totally told truths!!!

Anti-Life & Pro-Death to our Enemy Energy Entities!!= Means that one is to be against antagonist adversaries states of being, in whatsoever, artless forms they manifest or show themselves to be?! This includes every conceivable conceptual idea that they are named as to identify who they are in existences.

big_skelleton.gif - (133K)DEAD Skeletons Specifically such as spiritually deceased populations of people pervasively. They are dead to the world as far as it concerns total truth telling by trustworthy scientists and medical  practitioners as physicians.  Staying silent to keep their lucrative paying career jobs. Fearful of getting fired! Staying quiet about various vicious viruses that are truly real; yet combined with fraudulent fabrications, to confuse the mindful thinking of too trusting, gullible and naive citizens. Foolishly faith following what ever their local and mainstream major media dictates to them is truthful, right and corrrect!
Inclusively what I name to be the most viciously violent viral infections of the human psychology: = MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses” = PSYCHOGONS = Psychecides symbolic representation typical of homicides and genocides.  As man made, murdering manufactured myths.  Claiming subjected victims, and deadly diseases as killer cancers caused by corporatist criminalized chemical concoctions!  Later on read:
Likewise, pro-death to INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM, concocted and created by the racist white Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes!!! = SSSSS. Plus in addition the by-products that they generate into being; expressly snitching stooge sellouts, sucking up coconut-chocolate chip-zebra, cowardice yellow sap suckers, brown nose self-haters and Black Jackass Uncle Tom demons and devils….cotton picking coon ass high steppin’ fletcher… humorously and artistically speaking!
YES: I’m talking about all those that are patriotic hatemongers and warmongers, U.S. flag waving idiot ignoramuses,  acting satanically possessed as if there were devilish demons, inhabiting their human body’s brain and controlling their mental thinking or psychological processes. Leaving them without any protective immunity against their invasive attacks and assaults. Due to them, I suspect, for not having an in tuned and in touch contact-connection with the SPIRITUAL LAWS. Pineal Gland Melanin…, and those extensively explained reasons are stated in another posted blog:
A decisively decreed divine curse against its hideously hostile hateful heathen unnatural presences. These are mean media made monsters of the mainstream Anglo-American Al’Qaeda  middle class, crazy citizens who are racially prejudiced against non-whites. None deserve to be able to enjoy the remaining green grass and glorious forests, mountians, hillsides and ocean-sea shores anymore. Due to being the primary ones polluting these lovely looking scenic routes…,  with their toxic politicized pollution poisons.
SPIRITUALLY-SOLEMNLY SILENT: So shall Son of SUNGOD burn their blatant butts out, blow them away, symbolically speaking. Although,  specifically and strictly those who are of a Criminal Culpable Mental State of being guilty of homicides and genicides for generations and until this present day. Meaning their offspring children who have themselves grown up into immature adults, Apathetic-Indifferent and Complacent.
FREEDOM OF ARTISTIC EXPRESSION = Free Speech: They are the reptilian replicas of their historic parents who were also of the XXX666 Mark Monster of the ‘Savage Beast Barbaric’ Behaving Bastards & Bitches; = bad bio-seed sexual deviants!! So may the forceful powers of the Ether That Be; wash their doggish doom’s day gloom gluteus maximums down flash flooding river waters, rapidly etc., etc., etc.
 As I have diligently studied and learned by close observations, crystal clear concentrated focus,  Seeing and experiencing this invasive, invidious and insidious INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM. For positively sure, I’m qualified to make those judgment calls. Via the Pineal Gland’s “Third Eye” = mind’s MASTER1 MELANIN Media = Musical Metaphysical Mediums. And it has always been for Real-Live-Vision. No joke, no make believe, no wishful thinking, no devilishly dicey gambling game; butt a reality of factual truth!
Yes it is essential to my/our Sublimely Inspirited Commission Calling Cause and Artistic Adminstry. They; the racist whites and self-hating blacks and browns, are the exact immediate ones who are systematically oppressing-repressing-depressing the impoverished; yet potentially productive, poor down trodden masses. Likewise having ample or extra income to waste or spend, they are also the pharmaceutical–prisons-military mass murderers; as stock market investing bias bigots and bogus bandits and vicious viral villains! None named are INNOCENT!!!
HELL No, not at all are we to be praying for them to stay alive and well, healthy and strong; because, this foolish religious notion, falsified Christian concepts…militates against our best interests and better beneficial blessings!!!
REFUSE TO TURN THE OTHER CHEEK: They are deemed to die! As wicked weeds being pulled up and plucked out of the grassroots green garden gounds and colorful crops of Her VegePlanTerRain.
UGLY CREATURES on their insides, in spite of how nice-kind-pretty they might appear to look on the superficial outside. And none of them have to apologize, feel sorry about anything…, no longer have to repent, have regrets, pay reparations-restitutions for damages done, nor have to show any moral remorse for historical and present enslavement of others. A clean change of heart to kindness is not the call of today; butt, as a Sublimely Inspirited commission calling cause of action; is Anti-life for them and this truly means Pro-death to them totally!!!
SENSITIZED SYNTHESIS: Nevertheless, there are multitudes of anti-war activist groups, going against this that or the other opposition towards political policies of the United States Government. So be it, fine and dandy.
Butt, believe my telling y’all based on historical factors, plus adding the present elements up together and an actualized artistic analysis, these problems can’t possibly be solved through the so called learned intellect. Because intellectualizing on these critical issues and tissues, is the direct and indirect cause of the difficult problems; initially in the first place. Due to faulty religous and political reasoning that is irrational, yet thought to be rational.
Therefore I have created the concept of being better beneficially blessed by actualizing SPIRITICS vs Politics!!
anima Beavis_6
CAUCASOID CAUCASIANS  Criminal Confusion, and Combustible Chaos!!!  While people of color are caught trapped in the sickening midst of them all. And in psychological terms many wrongly think that this is a sign of intelligence to be applied as a solution, by which, correct answers arrives as a calculated results. However it = equals: RATIONALIZATION = SELF-DECEPTION = GROSS DISTORTION OF REALTITY!!!

REAL REVELATIONS: Protest groups going around in constant cycles of confusion and chaos, (psychotic states), always thinking and believing that their next big protest demonstration marches will be the key breakthroughs. Hoping faithfully that their next pilgrimage and fact finding missions overseas into foreign affairs, shall serve as an indicator of revealed and uncovered truths. Can crack open the case! Or assuming that their next national mission on speaking tours, giving lectures and attending conferences, are going to impress upon the minds of State & Federal Officials; any types of urgency. Nevertheless, their exposed political power positions persists. They just don’ t budge!  The blant bombs still goes off = BOOM!!!

WANA-BE SOMEBODY’S LEADERSHIPS; The blind following the colorblind and both fails and fatally falls into the dirty ditches of the swine’s sloppy mess mixed with bogusly blatant, bigoted bias bull’s shit and more crazy criminal Caucasian Caucasoid creature crap!!!


AFRICOID: Only a natural born “Black” man of matured and cultured clean: SEXUALITY + SPIRITUALITY, has the innate-intrinsic intuitive instincts to correctly guide as a Love Life Light Locks leader of truth and justice, freedom and liberty = spiritualizedsolarizedcolorized, energized entities.

Not a leadership of physical bodies whatsoever! Yes, sanely-soundly shinning summer sunrise = the one and only brilliantly bright brain! Deserving and meriting AN HONORABLE SALUTE! My Militaristic MP3:

And instead of a politicized electoral cast ballet vote; I The AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Africoid cast his dutiful yes Note for himself.  Courageously breaking out of the enslaved-entraped captured mentality of not thinking for my own self. As a qualified and bona fide, Solar Sexus Soul of the great genesis genius of a MASTER’S Mind Melaninated number One Son of SUNGOD. Via the patterned pathways of LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature. Reveals: COLOR KINGDOM NWCA. How about you? To Love Thy Self!

SPIRITICIAN vs. Politician!! SPIRITICS vs. Politics!! In other plain-o-simple English language words, all legitimate leaderships are to Stop-Point-Blank-Period. playing poisonous partisan politics with the people of the public living here on the planet. There can be no possible political nor a religious correct answer to a problem solving solution to the many mulitudes of difficulties and troubles!!

WRONGFUL LEADERSHIPS: Highly mistakened and themselves misled. = The constant enticing citizens of voting ages to get registered for the next election campaigns. To pick their favorite candidates as official politicians. And this is where the persistent and perpetual problems keep on occurring. Trusts betrayed!  When will we or they ever really learn from past history, recently just yesterday too? A vicious viral cycle! Because, even with any single one of them having the best of good faith intentions, setting corruptions aside, they themselves are actually misled too!!

Thorough Deep Cleaning Current Climatic Change of Racist Regime: There can be no religious nor political problem solving solutions in the minutest least bit. Not even a microscopic amount! And in truth, it requires as a mandated must, having a middle-NEUTRAL-grassroots ground level Center Carbon Core!!! Equals = Spiritious vs. Religious, Spiritics vs. Politics!!

Moreover, it is imperatively important, that citizens of societies fully understand that they are dealing with a human nature states of beings. Living bodily organisms having an indwelling spiritual energy source; what I name to be a Solar Sexus Soul. And it not only is strongly opposed to these Eurocentric concepts; butt, truly detest and denounce and reject them constitutionally and consummately!!

LISTEN UP CLOSELY: This blog posting is revealing to y’all exactly what have to be done to make our efforts effective like never before. I compose the essential elements, ingredients, groups together in a symphonic orchestration of PURIFICATION + UNIFICATION:

DUTIFULLY DOCUMENT & MARK MY WORDS OF WISDOM: Our Top Priority Primary Principal Position, Non-religious and non-political Cause of Action, is artfully addressing straight forwards this terrorist torture–torment upon the human mind and cell membranes: THE DEVIL WHITES demonic falsified-fraudulent “HIV” —“HIV/AIDS” = ‘AFRICAN AIDS HOAX’!!!

I AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Divinely Decreed Summoned Curses to everybody, each and every person–individual and or collective group. and I don’t “give a rat’s ass” who they are or think that they are. “Dumb ass Negroes”; “Stupid ass Blacks”!! As long as they persist or insist on ignoring and disregarding my messages sent to them by E-mails, many times over a ten years period, they shall never be effective. Nothing they do or try to do will work well to generate or produce positive, progressive changes in the existing climate of cataclysmic currencies!!!

Yes, they are to keep on having absolutely no impact upon these Eco Electron Energy Enemy Entities!!! Chark it up and check out: HIV vs AIDS: http://hiv-aids-myth.wordpress.comand listen up closely to my MP3 Musical Metaphyical Medium:

YES INTERVENTION DIVINE: The MASTER1 Melanin  Media = Musical Metaphysical Mediums + Messiah Mental Models. Play Powerful MP3-hear for free:
Direct Link MP3: 

WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER Plan+Positive Protests = X-leftwing Liberal Democrats-X-rightwing Conservative Republicans, two poisonous political party heads of the same Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!

July 1, 2011


                                                THE QUARINITY FOUR4:  
animation8-colorking-rotate.gifWE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER Plan + Positive Population Protests = Sons of SUNGOD  Master’s Mind Melanin Messiahs + Cosmic Conscience Conscious CREATOR’S Summer Sunrise Awareness Awakening. The Love Life Light Locks of our Solar Sexus Souls via The SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!
 REFLECTIVE REAL REVELATIONS = REPORTS on RACISM:: “Libya says NATO strike kills 19 civilians Officials say attack targeted key Gaddafi aide, but NATO says it bombed “a legitimate military target”.The Libyan government says 19 civilians have been killed in a NATO air strike on the home of one of Muammar Gaddafi’s top officials, a day after the Western military alliance admitted killing civilians in a separate attack. Libyan officials took reporters to Surman, 70km west of Tripoli, to the site of what they said was a NATO air strike on the home of Khouildi Hamidi.
The officials said the attack on the home of Hamidi, a member of Libya’s 12-strong Revolutionary Command Council, led by Gaddafi, took place on Monday morning. Rescue teams were looking for survivors while reporters visited the site.Reporters were then taken to a hospital in nearby Sabrata where they were shown nine bodies, including those of two children, plus some body parts, which the officials said were all of people killed in the attack. The state-run Jana news agency later reported on its website that eight children were among 19 people killed in the attack. The dead included members of Hamidi’s family, it said. The government said Hamidi himself was not hurt.”
The dis-United States of angry Anglo-America led killers, Caucasoid Caucasian criminals of war and western wicked witchcraft.: These murdering Racist DEVIL WHITES psychotically claim: ‘Legitimate military target’! The very same sorcerers sick sinister saying they used over in the nonwhite, places where loving kindhearted people of Melaninated skin colorations live as families in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, and Iraq; and now Africa Libya, Tripoli. Thus glibly hiding their hideous hatemonger-warmonger pale pink poisonous political propaganda; whip “Crackers” cowardly behind Obama, Osama, Uncle Toms, the Taliban, Gadhafi; the alleged lengendary “al Qaeda”, and or militant rebel revolutionary religious radicals. These are clandestine cloaks, covers, and Klannish hoods of attire to disguise racist white supremacist sins and crimes committed against earthly humanity by thier terrorist insanity!
POPULATIONS OF COLORED SKIN PEOPLE killed by crazy criminal Caucasian Caucasoid creatures: “Civilian deaths have raised serious misgivings about the UN-authorised NATO intervention in Libya among the most ardent supporters of the ongoing air campaign. Italy’s foreign minister and the outgoing head of the Arab League have each called for a halt to hostilities in the war-torn North African country. Franco Frattini told members of parliament on Wednesday that the suspension of military operations in Libya was “essential” for immediate humanitarian aid, while Amr Moussa, the Arab League chief, called for a political solution to the crisis.”  Documented today, Wednesday, June 22, 2011….6:53 pm.
Yet these racist witch-bitch-bastards insanely say that they “regret any civilian casualities.” Butt I say how much more psychotic can they get? They have no honest regrets, nor moral remorse!!
YES:  No doubt in My Mastermind Melanin Media;  that these hostile hateful Eurocentric nations are attempting to have as many of these indigenous inhabitants, native human beings, citizens and civilians kill off one another on both sides. As Secular societies_ as Christendom’s Christians vs Islamic Muslims vs Judaism Jews!!!  They concocted and created these anti-Anglo-American warlords. Puposely plotted and planned far in advance…, to have their insane excuses rectified among themselves as satanists and racists; yet acting innocent of the criminal charges. While white America & Europe persist to murder as many people of black-brown-red-yellow toned and tanned skin pigmentation that they possibly can contrive to. Justifying in their own demonic, patriotic-psychopathic and sociopath mindsets of Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!

REAL REPERCUSSIONS For Committing Crimes Against Earthly Humanity: due to media manufactured murderous military madness insanity. “Troubling new data show there are an average of 950 suicide attempts each month by veterans who are receiving some type of treatment from the Veterans Affairs Department. Seven percent of the attempts are successful, and 11 percent of those who don’t succeed on the first attempt try again within nine months. The numbers, which come at a time when VA is strengthening its suicide prevention programs, show about 18 veteran suicides a day, about five by veterans who are receiving VA care.”

“When the Arab League agreed on the idea of having a no-fly zone over Libya it was to protect civilians but when civilians get killed this has to be condemned with the harshest of statements,” said deputy secretary-general Ahmed Ben Helli.

However, I vehemently say that they, the white “pale face” Arab leaderships, historic slave masters invading and occupying, Mother Nature Earth Africa…, should have known much better, and did in fact know how the long-standing historicity of; some if not most, European and American whites are notoriously known killers, rapists-robbers and mass murderers. The Arab League and or Arab Emirates, have no justified honest excuses nor rational reasons,  alibis, for their evil-co-conspiring coalition; in cahoots with these crazy criminal Caucasian Caucasoid creatures. Regardless of what our self-loving Blacks as Africans and decent good Great White Hope Abolitionist mnded men and woman told them, to not join in this INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM.
Therefore, they are responsible in part, for killings on all sides, rebels and pro-government warriors and citizens lives taken; in this major mainstream media made war zone. And guilty as charged for the many deaths and destruction too!! Period.
 Albeit SEXUALITY + SPIRITUALITY =  Artistic Freedom of Expression Cultured Clean & Matured Free Speech HueMain righteousness. And, setting blame, charging fault, assessing guilt so forth and so on, fine and dandy, be it so. BUTT, it is still these three major-mainstream religions as named herein, that are BUTTRESSED by believers on both sides or supported by all politicized parties belonging to somebody’s stereotyped religions. And until the populations of people “Divest” themselves of each and every one of them, and get back in touch with their individual  inborn-instinctive intuitions, and Spiritualized Solar Sexus Souls, then there can be no everlasting Love Peace & Harmony.
Never can this healthful reality ever happen as a potential possibility, on this revolving, rotating planetary sphere living body organism earth. Only bloody wars and uncivilized conflicts can occur. Prove me wrong if ya can! Howsoever I’m positively RIGHTEOUS!!!
USA led murders warrants wrathful weather by the Awesome Forces of Mother Africa Earth’s Divine Nature. Long hot summer droughts, grass-brush burning blazes, ferocious  forest fires flaming, raging river waters flooding across America & Europe.  With retaliatory KARMIC reaction deaths and destruction! And in all other geographic locations who try to sit back silent, apathetic-indifferent-complacent, not saying a word or doing anything to force these racist bastard-bitches to Stop-Point-Blank-Period. Cease in their bloody hatermongering and military warmongering wicked western witchcraft and psycho sorcery = suffering Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!
 YES: My Mastermind Melaninated Musical Metaphysical Mediums = True-Up-U-Turn Shift Story Book Bible Blogs; The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature and Her Wrathful Weather of Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship; explains the facts, evidences, proofs and truths to y’all. Giving freely the reasons behind unnatural nations disasters, the correlaling-corresponding causes of some severe Cosmic Currency Cataclymic Climatic Changes. Rendering the why-when-where-what ever one needs to not necessarily think or believe intellectually; Butt, intuitively-instinctively-spiritually KNOW HOW via The Afrindian HOLY GHOST SPIRIT OF TRUTH POWERED KNOWLEDGE!!!

The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature = Wrathful Weather = Wealthy Womanhood Witty Wisdom Worship = restitutions-retributions-revenges-retaliating terror + Color Kingdom NWCA THE COMFORTER + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD
Additonally, all afflilated-allied coalition forces of countries aligned with these DEVIL WHITES = crazy Caucasian Caucasoid creature criminals, inclusively, Mongoloid mosters and Negroid Black Jackass Uncle Tom Demons,  are fatally facing finalizing dogs dooms day gloom soon!!!
PREREQUISITE: Population Containment Controls is a  Divinely Decreed Devil Damnation mandated must!!!  Approx. 88% to 90% must go, leave life here on the surface of our planetary sphere bodily earth.  Saving and sparing only an estimated 10% to 12% redeemed and delivered from dangers of the world’s populace of people. In organizational order that healed heads,  healthy hearted humane living beings may have some long-lasting: Love Peace & Harmony

  THE END TIMES DAYS OF RECKONING: Trials & Tribulations Are Now Beckoning: MP3 Music-Metaphysics Medium sound track spiritualized instrumental:    or shopping cart purchases:   = your personalized power! + play-hear-listen for financial free $$$ = yes MySpace:

USA led Naughty Nasty Nose Negative Neo New NaziNATO has acknowledged responsibility for an air strike that killed a numer of civilians in Tripoli, the Libyan capital. A statement from the alliance said that a military missile site was the intended target of a raid on Sunday morning but one of the weapons did not strike it and may have caused civilian casualties. Speaking to Al Jazeera, Oana Lungescu, a NATO spokesperson, said NATO’s killing of civilians was a “sad incident that we deeply regret”.”We had targeted a missile system to the north of Tripoli and it appears that one of our weapons malfunctioned and caused these civilian casualties on the ground,” Lungescu said.”

REMEMBER to dutifully take notes: as this racist wacky white witch-bitch bastard talks about no “independent verification” of the deaths and damages. Yet apparently she refuse to look at the facts right before her own two Caucasoid Caucasian eyes and see. Butt, she and other Europeanized-Americanized political propagandist news reporters, journalists-columnists, psychotically deny the obvious as usual to try and slyly protect and glibly defend White people’s devilish murders of people of color = MELANINATED skin pigmentation.

REASONS BECAUSE = “TRIPOLI (Reuters) – Libyan officials said on Sunday a NATO strike had hit a civilian house in the capital and killed several residents, an allegation which, if confirmed, could sow new doubts inside the alliance about its mission in Libya. A NATO spokesman said the alliance was taking the reports of civilian casualties very seriously and it would try to establish if it was a NATO bomb which had killed the residents.

On another front in the four-month-old battle to force out Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, a doctor in the city of Misrata said eight rebel fighters had been killed and 36 wounded in fighting with government troops. In the early hours of Sunday morning, reporters were taken by Libyan government officials to a residential area in Tripoli’s Souq al-Juma district where they saw a body being pulled out of the rubble of a destroyed building.

Later, in a hospital, they were shown the bodies of a child and two others who, officials said, were among a total of seven people killed in the strike. “There was intentional and deliberate targeting of the civilian houses,” deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim said at the site. “This is another sign of the brutality of the West.” Documented today, Sunday, June 19, 2011…9:46 am.

COLOR KINGDOM NWCA + My MASTER1 Melanin Media News Reports-Reveals today, Thursday, June 16, 2011… 9:16 am: “DUBAI_Veteran militant Ayman al-Zawahri has taken command of al Qaeda after the [unproven but claimed USA] killing of Osama bin Laden, an Islamist website said on Thursday, a move widely expected following his long years as second-in-command. Bin Laden’s lieutenant and the brains behind much of [the alleged legendary USA man made media manufactured mythical], al Qaeda’s strategy, Zawahri vowed this month to press ahead with al Qaeda’s campaign against the United States and its allies.”
In Truth, none of us truly know if in reality this or any other numbers of these Islamic Muslim warriors, refer to themselves as being “al Qaeda”?1. Big key question? Butt, surely some perhaps presumptious, untrustworthy westernized-Europeanized news reporter and media claims he said all of these spoken words. However we all do indeed fact, KNOW, he is an active anti-Anglo-American militant man against the ills… of Racist White Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes, of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!! = “AGENTS OF AMERICA” = Dr Zawahri supposed to had said?!.
RETALIATORY TERRORISTS Reacting to USA & EUROPEAN & RUSSIAN TERRORIST AGGRESSIONS “The general leadership of (the non-existent organization) al Qaeda group, after the completion of consultation, announces that Sheikh Dr. Ayman Zawahri, may God give him success, has assumed responsibility for command of the group,” the Islamist website Ansar al-Mujahideen (Followers of the Holy Warriors) said in a statement posted on a website.”
TRUE FACTS OF REALITY: “What were you doing today between 1:00 and now?  The people of Tripoli endure the trauma of repeated bombings in their immediate environment.”

BUTTRESSED SHOCK & AWE” aweful operations: Furthermore, I vehemently proclaim that these terrorist threats are the sick sociopath-psychopath political policies, which in physical effects and in emotional affects, are biological warfare!! Thus meant to upset, disturb and destroy the Africa Libyan citizens natural bio-Arcadian rhythms = sleeping cycles. The bogus bombing raids are racist realities being played out under all manner of falsified irrational reasons, as aerial attacks on Mother Africa Earth Nature’s production of the hormones that generates MELANIN.

FORTUNATELY: And also freely gives We’s & Us’s our intrinsic SPIRITUALITY = Spiritious vs Religious!! View in new window: 

Moreover, bestowed better benefit blessings, to give us our innate-native tanned shades-tones and darker colorations; which the Lilly Whites can’t make enough of through their, more than likely, calcified criminal Caucasian Caucasoid PINEAL GLAND. Consequently killing off millions of their own good seed bio-genetic traits due to their apparent common decency and melaninated-colored skin people lovers of natural SUNGOD  tans and tones and tints.

SPIRITUALITY + SEXUALITY: Are the most powerful Eco-Electron Energy Entity Emotions: LoveSexRomance. So they seriously study the genetics and biology of the Africoid, Negroid, Mongoloid racial-ethnic-cultural groups, in order to learn alternative ways of neutralizing, deactivating and even causing communication destruction between ourselves and our COSMIC CREATOR!!!

These terrifying day time and night time combined dropping of bombs and shooting missiles, firing racist rockets into civilian populations, is also intended to disturb and disrupt the hormonal making of Seratonin and Melatonin!!

By which we are signaled to awaken during the rising day light hours and to fall asleep during the darkened night time hours. Assaults launched against our clicking clock  cycles, healthy heart beats-rates and pulses, so that they are excessively elevated up to dangerous pressure zones. Intentionally inducing hypertension!

Deliberately in hellish hopes to cause heart attacks and instant deaths. The constant crazy pounding and blasting the people of color’s inner cities urban areas. Places of employments, business buildings, schools, hospitals and homes of the citizenries! Attempting to impose ill-will that causes undue stress and alarming disarming distress!!!

IMPULSES OF THOUGHTS PULSATING: And they purposely are trying to harm, hurt and injure the minds of the soundly sane psychologies of these young impressionable school age children and small kids, infant babies and pregnant females carrying them inside her body before birth.

So that as these offspring are conceived and born alive, they are highly unstable, stunted in stature, and not well. Having wrecked nervous and immune systems, health conditions, delayed maturing processes, slow learning, difficulties growing healthy, strong and developing intelligence in brain capacity, etc. Trying to make inferiority come true where natural superiority exists wholesomely in reality!

Certainly Mr. Moammar Gadhafi has nothing to do with these intrinsic factors of European inborn hatred of humanity. As they create enemies so that they can hopefully hide their hideous heathen hatred behind as sinister shields of armor, to protect them from exposure for who and what they actually are demonic Damned Devil Whites vs  Good GODSUN WHITES!!