Our-Universal-GlobalWorldNations CoalescentCrimesCourt-Jurisprudent-Justice vs. International-CriminalCourt-The-Hague=Racist-White Supremacy-Superiority-Superpower-Sickness-Syndromes-SinisterSnakeSerpent-SATAN-via-AmeriAfrindian-ArtistCHD COLORKINGDOM-NewWorld-CreativeArts!!!

YES, The Original Creator AmeriAfindian ArtistCHD; reveals COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: GlobalWorldNations vs. Globalization + New World Organization Order vs. New World Order!! Via We The Public People Power-Plan + Positive Protest! Reported-Revealed via: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com.

An All And In All, inclusive vs. exclusive, international members of the whole wide world web, and family community of societal citizens. Baring nobody, excluding no one and including each and every single system of governance, presidency, ruling leaderships, etc.

The present day International Criminal Cour at The Hague, is racially rigged, setup and politically propped up with predominately Euro-Caucasoid Caucasians. These notoriously known White Racist of historical times to this current Institutionalized Racism right now today. And nobody in their sane, right, self-loving African & Asian minds, would willfully join another hateful-hostile-hideous head of the White Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes, of Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!! Revealed via: http://artistchdrealivisoin.wordpress.com.

Furthermore, knowing these truths to be proved self-evident, these “pale face” European Empire builders are still stealthily attempting to CONTROL & DOMINATE, humanity worldwide. And has formed their systematic-systemic evil conspiracies among member colluding-coalition Caucasian white skinned appearing pale pink pigmented people, to remove from legitimate political power positions Black & Brown dark skinned Melaninated leaderships. Having them killed, assassinated, referred and turned over to the crazy Caucasoid ruled alleged ICC. On fabricated-trumped-up charges and rubber stamp indictments. Hand picked puppet props and trained parakeets as Big Black African Affronts framed as Tribunal judges-juries!

 BUTT BUTTRESSED blatantly being modern day slave master whip “Cracker” criminals carrying out his missions. None of which, runaway slave catchers love them selves; Butt are possessed by the demons of self-abnegations and self-denial and self-hate! And the illegal UN-Security Council & ICC; in no truthful ways, methods, means honestly represent our  Law & Order Organizational GlobalWorldNations, International Community!!!

Certainly, the very seed roots to the so called “Roman Statute”; is bogusly bias and blatantly bigoted. Seeing how historicity, makes it abundantly clear that the very European name “Rome” has Racist-Sexist-Fascist-Egoist-Supremacist foundational beginnings. Attempted to conquer the world of humanity via it’s Devilish White insanity and inhumanity!!

And in addition to these reveaedl truths, European nations were in fact the most criminal psycopaths and killer sociopaths, engaged with the North-Trans-Atlantic Slave Trades. The crucial-critical crazy CaucAsians, ungodly, unholy hatred committing mass genocides, murderous crimes of dark colored skin human beings; wheresoever, the bad bio-seed genotype trait roamed-went-landed, invaded, settled and occupied indigenous lands. And has absolutely refused until this very present day, to pay REPARATIONS + PUNITIVE DAMAGES for our RESTORATION-RECOVERY.

Therefore and thereby, this flagrant failure to monetarily fund the subjected victims offspring, children as Afrindians, African American Blacks has no justifiable excuses and just alibis. For not paying up at once due to their Devilish White Behaviors. Causing severe suffering genetically infected upon the generational African in America. And the psychological and physical pains of Enslavement here on the domestic homeland front continental United States of America. Thus these satanic acts and deeds fatally forfeits any possible legitimacy, rightful claims of the so called International Criminal Court, also shown and portrayed for what and who they truly in fact of reality are: Culpable Mental States of corrupt, Court of Criminalizing Jurisdiction Injustice!!! Vehemently proclaims: CKNWCA: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com

Surely from a sound minded rational and reasonable approach, My Artistic True-Up U-Turn Universal IniVersal RealiVision = REAL-LIVE-VISION; indicated sanely that not the United States of America nor Europe’s continental geographic map locations of landmasses, shall host TheUniversal GlobalWorldNations Coalescent Criminal Courtof our MuliplexRacialBody of Current Cultural Color Complexions!!!

ORIGINATING OUR USA PROMISED LAND: initiates Planetary Sphere Sovereign Jurisdiction. And this wording specifically and strictly means by updated definition: The Unified Statutes of AmeriAfrindica. Completely composed, consummately comprising all inhabitants of indigenous tribal families-clans, native Indian nations, countries, continents, islands of the whole Americas. Authorized to challenge-call or summon to court for hearings of alleged Racist Crimes Committed against LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth & HER Healthy Happy Healed Humored Holistic HUE-MAIN “RACE”!!!

MARCUS-MOSIAH-GARVEY+Frederick Douglass+ Booker-Taliaferro-Washington +AmeriAfrindian Ascend ArtistCHD= Cross-HorusHart-Divinity Ancient Africa’s Ancestral Authority = We The Public People Power-Plan+PositiveProtest via ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts or simply: http://cknwca.wordpress.com

Moreover our Truest Justice Jurisprudence + Love Peace & Harmony is absolutely not based on the old-dying system of false democracy‘s hegemony hypocrisy. Thus, unlike the domineering ICC, who has selected and or voted for one of their European Caucasoid Caucasians as a Prosecutor, supposed to be prosecuting criminals of the worldly body. Neg-a-tory No!

Butt, as darker shaded, tones-tanned-tinted people of color, let us never submit nor ever “Ratify”, justify and rectify, another gravely prejudiced pale pink person of European & White Anglo-American origins, be the Almighty Lord God sitting in the Judgment Seat of power over our dearly loved lives. Likewise, denounce-renounce The Vatican’s Popes-Pedophile Priests-Bishops of the falsified Christian Catholic & Protestant Churches of Christianity’s CHRISTENDOM, Portrays: COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com.

Historicity strongly dictates that We’s & Us’s don’t do this idiotic accepting Eurocentric Dominance & Continental Controls, And StopPointBlankPeriod, stupid sucking up ignoramuses, bootlicking as self-hating brown nose sellout stooges. Expressly who I’ve named to be; BluishBrownishBlackish human bangs; inclusively, The “White Devils”; Black Jackass Uncle Tom Demons!!!

WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER-Plan + Positive Protests: Have healthfully “DIVESTED” our own selves of all radical racist religions; inclusively, false Christianity’s insanity of inhumanity, 2. Fake Mohammad The Prophet Islamic Muslims madness, 3. Europeanized Racist white Jews of Judaism coupled with Israelis of The UN implanted State of Israel!! (Also, divesting from: Hindus Hinduism, Buddhists Buddhism, Mormons and anybody else’s religious politics!)

Simplified and broken back don’t to basic understanding, easier to comprehend, no one can represent, sit in seats of the decision making MultiplexRacialBody of Governance, Committees, Commissions…., being and or belong to a traditional-conventional recognized to be RELIGION. And by this very same token spoken, nobody can be elected-appointed or placed into or upon a position of power and influence, as a member of the collective current cause, being a registered voter beholding to a specific, purported to be and or established POLITICAL PARTY. Reports-Reveals: CKNWCA: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com

Our New World Wisdom + Wiser Words: Meaning that an enhanced-elevated-evolved creation has now today come into a living manifest state of bodily beings. In a raised conscious-cognizant conceptual awareness, of unique ideas and in perfected practical policies, applications and implementations. Without bias-bigotry or prejudice, please permit my explaining exactly what I’m talking about: RACSIM is defined also to mean actual -realized discrimination against, committing mass crimes against Planetary Sphere Mother Earth’s “Human Race”!!!

QUESTIONS: Where Will WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER-Plan + Positive Protest: have The International GlobalWorldNations Coalescent Criminal Court of Jurisdictional Justice located? Well this answer actually requires the use of the Solar Sexus Souls’s Spiritual Sixth Sense, Genus Genesis Genius Faculty: Composed Constructive Creative Imagination!!!

Indubitably, AmericAfrindian ArttistCHD envision via insight and foresight; reveals how that it shall sensibly be stationed, positioned, placed on grassroots common CyberSpaceAge Dignity Digital Divinity Domain of our 21st century ColorComplexTrex. Internationally interchangeable, realistically flexible, mobile movable from one location to another, in Organizational Order to carry on fluid investigations, prosecutions, indictments and sentencing. In accordance the governance of our MultiplexRacialBody of Current Cultural Color Complexions: black-brown-red-tan-yellow-white-pink pigmented people universally and globally and worldwide!!!

COURT CONVENES, Online over the Internet’s World Wide Web. Digitized media broadcasts, via networks, TV – Video + Radio-Audio sound systems. This artistic approach permits everybody to hear and see what going on and by whom the decision are being made by, where-why-when. Their names and faces as a mandatory must be portrayed publicly, exposed to the audiences of participating views and listeners. No one is allowed to be locked out of witness our Commissioned-Called-Chosen Official Leaderships. Equal open opportunities of OPERATIONS COMMUNICATIONS!!!

DYNAMIC EQUILIZED BIO-BALANCE: As opposed to any artless formations of a Domineering or dominating-controlling country, nation, or racial-ethnic-cultural groups of societal citizenry. Because The IGWN+CCC-JJ, has its established Constitution based upon the aggregate Whole & UNIFIED ONE!!!

Might I explain and expound: Each and every individual, no longer a realized “race”; butt of a single self-identified racialized group; only has also one contributing vote. Plainly saying: if you consider yourself a black or particular Per-Sun or person of the scientifically seen to be Africoid-Negroid, this constitutes one vote. Or if you think or believe yourself to be or belong to the scientific identified Caucasian Caucasoid persuasion, or of the Yellow Mongoloid members so be it. The max for any distinctive looking, unique appearing… number of member is an equaling two = 2.; Female & Male, Man & Woman, Patriarch & Matriarch!!!

Those are our Majors first and foremost empowered. Next our Minors, represents the total break down into sub-parts, smaller units of local-state-county-city seats. There is no Supreme Superior Court Rulers-Presidents-positioned at the pinnacle top platform of Her Precious Perfect Pyramid. Because our Art Form of Justice is solely-solemnly built upon the solid ironclad prove TRUTH, or else there can be no TRUE JUSTICE & LOVE PEACE HARMONY, among Womankind-Mankind = Humankind

 BUTT” Positively no negative husband and wife so called holy matrimony and wedlock in a lawful marriage relationship of the Electro-Energy Entity Emotions; LoveSexRomance. Because the old-fashioned convention of traditions are proved to be beyond doubt; a major-mainstream difficulty and problem to have to solve. And we don’t have any more time-resources-energies the waste and expend uselessly on trying to figure out the disputes and arguments going on between the sex-genders, Womanhood & Manhood!!!

Howsoever, my our full focused attention, completely and calmly concentrate on worldly affairs and how they impact our immediate lives and near future livelihood. Two Sexes & Only ONE HUEMAIN “RACE”!!! Portrays; CKNWCA: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com.

BUTT NO No no, in any ways am I saying that men and women, females and males are never to have sexual intercourse-private affairs. That’s their prerogative business, not ours. Butt, being legally-lawfully married dethrones one from their highest upper position of empowerment. So called girlfriends do not count nor obstinacy is a required desire. Only serious restriction-rules-regulations are instituted and enforced against the concept of husband and wife. Accepting only Celibacy by dictionary definition and meaning, against being married! Which qualified all potential participants of our Prioritized Top Sacred Society; that’s no longer a secret society of elitist ruling supper-class citizens; in cahoots working in collusion with the Evil-Conspiring Criminally Corrupt Corporate Capitalists of Monstrous Money Green Gluttonous Greed!!!


THE LETHAL VENOMOUS HAGUE: “Gaddafi planned civilian killings, Hague court says BENGHAZI, Libya (Reuters) – The International Criminal Court has evidence Muammar Gaddafi’s government planned to put down protests by killing civilians before the uprising in Libya broke out, the ICC’s prosecutor said on Tuesday.” http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20110405/wl_nm/us_libya

YES: It is being made abundantly crystal clear, how that the so called International Criminal Court; is only another branched out head of the exact same Racist White Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndrome of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN, Lucifer The Hateful DEVIL!!!

It obviously appears that the collection of European Caucasoid Caucasian creatures; are of the carbon copy bad biological genotype traits of all the rest of the criminal corporate capitalist countries. Yet the USA does not recognize them, the ICC, mainly because they are the worst of all crime figures running the United States Government & Presidency. And has opted out of being a member party nation under the jurisdiction of these European self-righteous judges and juries, that are also fraudulent. And in factual reality, don’t and can’t possibly truly represent our entire International Community of our GlobalWorldNations vs. Globalization!!

Furthermore, the ICC has an outstanding history of being bogusly bias bigots, who only seem to want to select, charge and arrest black Africoid Officials of homeland Mother Africa and Her vast regional nations. Seek to criminalize all the strong armed Negroid leaderships who oppose all artless forms conceivable of wicked white western Racism, Colonialism, Imperialism. And this substantive due process requires on many cases, the getting rid of the sneaky-slick-stealthy snakish Black Jackass Uncle Tom Demon constituents of the “White Devils”!!!

However deceptive, they choose to pick out and prop up a few Black African females; Matriarchs of a few countries, to use exploitatively and expediently as BIG BLACK AFFRONTS, to the dark skinned males of the Patriarchs ruling and running their own countries. Pitting and pitching men and women against one another to further devilishly divide and conquer both sex-genders. This is their racist-sexist-fascist-egoist-supremacist patterned pathways to racial discriminate against non-whites. No different than how the United States of Anglo-America operates their Criminal Injustice System, where the majority of those presently, indicted-jailed, incarcerated, sentenced and imprisoned are people of color. Poor Native Indians-Mexican Americans; and a lesser numbers of impoverished Whites in State & Federal penal institutions. And at a higher 78-90% rate African American Blacks. Building their hideously hateful, giant monster and savage barbaric beast , poisonous fanged blood sucking vampire empire: PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!!!

Moreover after these serpent snakes premiered their own racial groups warlord; Slobodan Milosevic, they proceeded presiding and pursuing none Europeans to try to damnation. And, those at the illegitimate alleged International Court at The Hague hate rebellious Blacks of the African native inhabitants, or else, they would be also seeking to condemn, charge, arrest and put on trial, the rest of these more violent murderers who appear to be “pale face” white Eurocentric leaderships worldwide truthfully international. Especially those killers and mass murderers of the USA & UN implanted State of Israel and the White Jews originally out of Europe. This clearly constitutes racial prejudice, bias, bigotry and hateful hostilities of hypocrical hegemony!!! 

 “Slobodan Milošević ; Serbian Cyrillic: СлободанМилошевић; 20 August 1941 – 11 March 2006) was President of Serbia and of Yugoslavia. He served as the President of Socialist Republic of Serbia …” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slobodan_Milosovic


Blog: http://artistchdrealivision.wordpress.com


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