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September 25, 2011
SOLEMNLY SACRED Son of SUNGOD’S spiritious prayer: Our Heavenly Father SUNGOD, shining serenely in the crystal blue skies, honored hallowed is your name. Your ColorKingdomNWCA has come, upon planet LOVE GODDESS Mother Nature Earth; as it is in the heavens CyberSpaceAge. You have given We’s & Us’s this delightful day, our daily dinners, bread and butter, milk and sweet honey, and fresh clean rainwater to drink and healthful foods to eat. And you are the only ONE who can forgive trespasses against humane, spiritual, natural and universal laws, and not mankind-womankind-humankind.

We can only lead our own selves into terrible temptations, in order to mislead others astray; withstanding, having a sober mind-body and brain to freely think and reason rationally, herein held accountable thereby. It is our personal responsibility to maintain and sustain its good health. And when we pay homage and honor to your glorious majesty, our Solar Sexus Souls are delivered from all wicked evil conspiracies. Divinely decreed protected from all enemy energy entities; whatsoever and whosoever they might be. Forevermore this is your ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts, free gifts of grace, the forces of power and the glory, and everlasting Love Life Light Locks. Amen Amon.

1. YES: I AM clarifying what I mean by being descendants and mutants; expressly, the CaucAsian Caucasoid creatures, as offspring children and or progeny of their parental guardians Africa Africoid Negroid HueMainKind.

2. Biological + physiological scientists studying the genomes, genotype traits, genetic structures of human beings and how some have evolved creatively and others are only mutations of the original stock or initiating family tree trunk and seed roots.

3. My True-Up U-Turn analytic artistic analysis, equals = a soundly sane sensible scientific, synchronizing symphonic synthesis. The direct and approximate results, says that I AM, an actualized AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, ancient ancestral Africa Africoid ascendant. Moving upwards, advancing, ascending to the highest heights. As opposed to being what is commonly called by many members, a descent of Africa. Because, in my perspective view, as artfully envisioned, and based on science; the only real descending humankind is the Caucasus cave CaucAsian Caucasoid creature and branching member Mongoloids.
4. They have not at all evolved, whatsoever, in the least. And are by definition going back down and backwards toward an animalistic actuality. Therefore, are a degenerating, disease of the skin which is cancerous and melanoma membrane prone. Having no healing cure, and has to come back through the gene-pool’s deep dark in dept Melanin HueMainKind ov-z-BLACKXZ & z-BLUEXZ & x-BROWNXZ!!
5. These pinkish-whitish pigmented people’s populations, are reverting, receding, regressing recessively, away from being civilized citizens of societies. They have gotten much worse over the many years, centuries of time periods. Predestinated to demonically descend, devilishly discriminate against nonwhites. Seeing how that they came about into being inhumane by unnatural ways, of a viciously violent virus, skin disease due to enzymatic-hormonal dysfunction, defective Pineal Gland generator of Melanin! Leading to lack of use or neutralized, frozen, calcified clogged up SPIRITUALITY!!!
6. Therefore, fomenting flaming warfare worldwide, spreading internalized interruptions, interventions, intrusions off into sovereign societies and socialized systems. These inborn, innate, intrinsic unnatural factors, bio-genotype traits, and environmental elements, historically follows faithfully within them, wheresoever, they go. No material matter whether or not any malicious intent is carried out, or ill-will imposed on indigenous inhabitants.
7. OK Y’ALL’s,: If in spirit and in truth and in reality of fact, African Americans, also, called Blacks, choose to refer to themselves, as being “Descendants of Africa”, so be it. Howsoever, it would be wiser to reconsider this popularized notion, hand me down, second classified category Caucasian concept, out of Europe & Asia!!

8. Moreover, in their deliberated, degenerated, demented mindsets, have allowed their would be properly functioning Spirituality producing Pineal Gland and it Melanin hormonal generation, also become inoperable. Semi-frozen, partially calcified, clogged cut off and shut down!!! Disconnected to their/our Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!


Libya – NATO – Al Jazeera – HIV vs AIDS + CK-NWCA = AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD

 1. YES NEWS: now nasty naughty nose negative neo “New Nazis” NATO, has fought for the flaming glory news report story; they pull back their bombing raids on Mr. Muammar Gadhafi’s fearless fighters. So that the radical religious racist rag tag team terrorists, can get themselves killed off in greater numbers. No longer having to disband and disarm them later on. Neutralizing their deadly dogged asses_. Having no place left for these wild-wicked warlords to live in a civilized Libyan-African society. They all as a mandated must do, is decisively die! This was a stealthy-sneaky trick of treachery, right from the very beginning of Europeans & angry Anglo-America Al Qaeda, intervening with military machine might. Equals = investment intrusion intervention!!!
2. Fortunately: Now today, the bloody Battleground of Calvary, is more or less in dynamic equalized bio-balance!! A perfected strategic state of internal affairs, to level the playing fields of frightful fights; between both sides. Gadhafi’s maneuvering mass murderers + the NTC’s massacring military members of civilians and military mercenaries alike. These countrymen were pitted-pitched against each other by both sides, criminal commanders seeking political power positions, at the incredible expense and high cost of Africa Libya’s social citizenry. Brothers against brothers, cousins and relatives warring against one another… and nobody can ever possibly win victoriously. Equals = Fact of True Reality!!!
3. These rebels are not true revolutionaries, begging Whites as Europeans & Americans to come to their rescue, fight their battles for them, in cowardice Caucasoid overhead, aerial bombardments. So that these other on the ground cowards can call themselves brave warriors. No, this is simply just not going to ever happen. Dupes are dummies. They are to pay dearly with their own lives as they have taken others lives! Period.
4. Moreover, the radicalized racism was instituted–instigated by the Pink & White owned, operated, ran and or influenced major mainstream media, Al Jazeera Arabs included. Now controlled and dominated by the European Caucasoid CaucAsian persuasions. As expected! Losing their honesty and integrity. Hiring enough “pale faces” to twist things into their favor and to grossly distort realities on the grassroots ground. A genotype trait, traced throughout historicity, of the Europeans and or Euro-Americans!!!
5. Nobody, baring no one, can ever get the totally told truths out of these people called Whites. They never has/have ever lived a lifestyle based on truths. It’s not of their innate-intrinsic natures being mutations of the original created Negroid-Africa Africoid HUEMAINKIND.
6. Except for a 10% to 12% Rare Rich Royal few Great White Hope Abolitionist Minded Men & Woman: They never can evolve into civilized citizens who are living in Love Peace & Harmony, among other Melaninated humankind, womankind, mankind. They are warmongers and hatemongers, divide and conquer criminals, having no regrets, remorse, repentance whatsoever. Always trying to survive; recklessly, negligently and irresponsible immature “Johnny Come Lately”. As all other living wild ass animals and crazed creatures are doing, regardless of the deaths and destruction they cause upon the surface of planetary sphere earth’s living body organism!
7. Corrupt Caucasoid creatures came into being inhuman; via lepers of leprosy, Africanized Albinos of albinism; then Europeanized during the freezing weather’s wicked wrath. During the Caucasus caves cold-ice ages, frozen formations, etc. Stabilizing into pinkish-whitish skin coloration = less sunlight-radiant energy exposures. And this is the sad state that these pearly pale pink pigmented people’s populations are compelled to remain. Fomenting killer civilian conflicts, bloody warfare worldwide. Until extinction-extermination – elimination. Equals = subjected viciously violent viral victims of environmental elements + repressive-recessive genetic factors. Diseased descendants, [of Africoids] who are predestined to die off due to Divinely Deliberated Decreed Devil Damnation + Curses = Justice Judgment, of LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature’s Wealthy Womanhood Witty Wisdom + Worthy Worship! Reinforced by Her SUNGOD. Thank yawls very kindly =
Reveals + reports: COLOR KINGDOM NWCA: and listen later on to my musical MP3 HIV vs AIDS!! 
The Military + Prison + Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex!!!
Documented – written today, Sunday, September 25, 2011… 12:25 pm.
PS: “Libyan NTC fighters pull back from Sirte_Fighters regrouping after forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi mount strong resistance in former leader’s home city. Last Modified: 25 Sep 2011 11:58”  In spite of their personal shortcomings, they are the best yet media


1. YES: We’s & Us’’s have some perhaps, well meaning members who have fail to artfully apprehend and completely comprehend what I AM saying by helping to save the whole HUEMAIN “RACE”.

2. And out of their arrogant ambitious egos, are committing self-inflicting spiritual suicide! An automatic activated retaliatory retribution is Divinely Decreed against them and theirs, associates and affiliates, inclusively, close relatives and love ones too!!! This is Weaponized Wrathful Weather Warfare with winning WARRIOR VICTORS and Lost Losers!!!

3. For example instances: These wannabe brave black bastards are bogus bigots who are blatantly bias against AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD + CKNWCA THE COMFORTER COMMANDER CHIEF. Therefore, make cowardice-indirect personal attacks as backstabbing verbal–vocalized assaults. In hopes of demeaning, diminishing my wealthier words of wisdom, in proclaiming in my Melaninated Musical Metaphysical Mediums, how I AM, meaning specifically Me & Myself, and not everybody else as so called African Americans.

4. That means strictly my individual calling cause of actionable artistry. So when y’all hear me singing in poetic lyrical CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP; also be quite crystal clear about foundational full Freedom of Artistic Expression Exercised Executively! And allow no one to prejudice your positive open thinking minds!

5. Fact of True Reality: There is only ONE single scientific studied bio-genetic Humankind “Race”! And that is our originator-creator composition, being a HUE_MAIN member of the Sapiens Species Specifics! Equals = Africa’s Africoid Africans. Also Afrindians, named Negroid Natindians, native born birthplace of initiator of HUMANITY!!!
6. Moreover, everybody else, such as the identified-classified CaucAsian Caucasoid Whites and Yellow Mongoloid members are mutations and not creative evolutions; as is our originally created creatures. Thereby making the backwards ass ace of spade spooks, “Negro” slave mindsets, satanically stupid as idiotic ignoramuses!!! Equals = Black Jackass Uncle Tom Devils & Demons = Racists + Selfhatists + Uncletomists – SEFLHATISM + RACISM + UNCLETOMISM!!!

7. YES, We’s & Us’s are the single SELF_ human being. Thus this surely does mean that my Sublimely Inspirited Commission Calling Cause, is an actualized artistry, authentically authorized action. To redeem, deliver and save Who? Surely Self! To “Know Thy Self” TO LOVE THY SELF!!!
8. Troy Davis’s Death & Murder by Racist Whites = UrbanRaceRiots CivilWar Revealed–reported today: Wednesday, September 21, 2011…3:23 pm.

Artistic-AfriEconomics + Spiritics vs. Politics = ChristLikelyen vs. Christian + RealiVision vs. Religion = ChristLikelyenity vs. Christianity = KindheartKinkyKing AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD= Christ-HorusHeart-Deity= Divinity = ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts.


1. YES: Our Africa’s Ancient Ancestors, of the approximately calculated chronicled time periods + number of years-centuries-millennia and dates somewhere starting before = B.C.H.D. = CHRIST-HORUSHEART DEITY = DIVINITY. As We’s & Us’s righteously re-write our own healthy, healed, happy, holistic historiography = historicity of antiquity + prehistorical presences, period.

1a. “Horus is one of the oldest and most significant deities in the Ancient Egyptian religion, who was worshipped from at least the late Predynastic period through to Greco-Roman times.”

1b. Howsoever, at those time periods ancient ancestral Africoid Africa, had no Europeanized so called “religions”! Also had no relationships with them out of Europe’s CaucAsian Caucasoid concoctions or conceptions. And in fact, artwork attributes, talented tribes had their/our own unique RealiVisions as Spiritualized services. Seeking and searching to artistically apprehend and aptly appreciate our SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!! So lets be crystal clear on this truth!

1c. B.C.H.D. + A.C.H.D. And my two evolutionary creations or creative evolutions in wordings are wiser written to mean by definitions, what We’s & Us’s desired for them to mean. This is what I name to be a True-Up U-Turn in directions and distances and dimensions. In organizational order to reestablish–reinstate–reinstall–restore our ancient ancestral African Africoid wisdom and knowledge of what it is to know about Dynamic Equilibrium Biological Balance!!

1d. COMPATIBLE + COMPLIMENTARY: Corrected and comprehended time frames and periods beginning or genesis genius and their ending zones and finalizing full freedom of artistic expression. These are multiple facets–faces of a unified realized rendition. Not needing to be in opposition toward one another; butt, compliments as attributing accompaniments. Therefore I’ve started with CHRIST HORUSHEART DEITY = DIVINITY.

1e. Equanimity + Equinox + Equator: Equals = during our aesthetic-authentic artistries and arriving artistic renaissance time periods. Constituting continued composing of art forms from B.C.H.D. through A.C.H.D. = Art Christ-Horusheart-Deity. Artfully actualized at the Carbon Core Center; creation cradle of HueMain beings_ born as a birthplace + birthright better beneficially blessed. Righteously on the equator date line of lineages. In geometry, as in my artwork drawings of HER earthly VegePlanTerRain, the interconnecting geometric lines at this punctual point, unifies = UNIFICATION.

1f. I’m talking about at the exact heart beat impluses, rendevous interconnections, pulsating precise location on humanoid originating creation… of Africoid Africa. Inclusively, referring to prehistoric inheritance and Predynastic and Post Dynastic history, to our present period 21st century CyberSpaceAge COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. CKNWCA + ARTISTCHD. = Art Renaissance Intelligence Time Started Today. Plus CHRIST = ChristLikelyen-Horusheart-Renaissance Intelligence Started Today. Our optional vocabulary!

1g. CHRIST equals = the Sons of SUNGOD, Sacred Spiritious Symbol of Love Life Light Locks, inseparably related and permanently connected to Horusheart of our Solar Sexus Souls. In which indwelling divine being is an eco-electron energy entity solarized and colorized deity. Or god-self! A true ChristLikelyen vs. Christian!! Read: Also I strongly emphasize, for y’all to dutifully NOTE vs Vote: That today’s definition demotes, denounces, and divinely decrees damnation to misinterpreted ideas, CaucAsian Caucasoid concocted concepts, and English language word “Religious”.  And my True-Up U-Turn rendition, realistically reinstates-reinstalls-restores realistic righteouness named: SPIRITIOUS!!!!

1h. Howsoever, the old world, old-fashioned, old-timers who wishfully wrote in these terms of Africans “religious worship”; are to be by-gone days. With all due regards and just respects to their scholarly and academic education, they fail so short of the Glory of SUNGOD. And we all have our shortcomings too!

1i. Butt, this label “religion” is a racist one that has historical negative connotations, criminal conflicts cloaked inside innocence as a pretention or false face. Thereby, it is a prerequisite maneuver in strategy to save and redeem our Sacred Spirituality, by-passing the calcifying clogs to our Pineal Gland Melanin Media. Which is the bogus blockage that causes communications operations, disconnection with our GODSUN’S COSMIC CREATOR

1j. Likewise: And now with this repaired wording of wisdom; SPIRITISTS paralleling ARTISTS, authentically is actualized. Thus our on coming, even not yet born babies, kids, young children, are to come into our New World Wisdom, wealthy words wiser than their Europeanized parents. And no longer copycat mimicking their de-Africanized mothers and fathers who were wrongly taught the White man’s racist religions. And our ANKH = Sacred Spiritious Symbolis believably based on non-biblical SPIRITISM!!! 

1k. ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts: incarnations of Horus the Christ child; is born again, saved-redeemed, grows-develops into manhood maturity, then manifests himself as kindhearted kinky Kings of Kingdoms. MASTER1 Melanin Media–Messiah Mental Models. The offspring of the powerful forces of The Ether That Be, progeny of our Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR. And are actualized artists throughout antiquity, reappearing, recurring, reincarnating today as co-creators and innovators and originators. Generational bio-genotype seeds planted in potent soils = Solar Sexus Souls. Germinating into Original Creative ArtistCHDs.

2. ARTISTIC ANALYTICS + SYMPHONIC SYNTHESIS: Meaning strictly–specifically an aesthetic_authentic actualized artistry, completely SPIRITIOUS vs Religious!! Having absolutely nothing to do with wicked witchcrafts and sinister sorceries of European werewolf White whip “Cracker” CaucAsian Caucasoid creature crazy criminals crap. Because, they came into being inhumane heathens of hideous hate hostilities, meaningless member mutants much later on. [evolved from Albinos and Lepers] As ‘savage beast behaving barbarians’; warlords sabotaging the truest Love Peace & Harmony, as it is today…, that they came/come into contact with on continental-geographical Africa’s + America’s VegePlanTerRain.

Origin mythology: “Horus was born to the goddess Isis after she retrieved all the dismembered body parts of her murdered husband Osiris, except his penis which was thrown into the Nile and eaten by a catfish,[5][6] and used her magic powers to resurrect Osiris and fashion a gold phallus[7] to conceive her son. Once Isis knew she was pregnant with Horus, she fled to the Nile Delta marshlands to hide from her brother Set who jealously killed Osiris and who she knew would want to kill their son.[8] There Isis bore a divine son, Horus.”

Copycat Plagiarists European Pinks & Whites: perverted our mythical meanings. Adversely misinterpreted our artistic intentions, by wrongly naming our spiritualized practices, ceremonies and customary ways of worhip… with his wicked word “Religion”. One that he has used to mass murder members of humanity, commit criminal CaucAsian Caucasoid genocides and homicides. To justify captivities and enslavement of humankind–womankind—mankind. Thus, glibly using Africoid Africa’s scriptural symbols to seize political power and controls and dominance over others. Seeing how he has no real Spirituality. So this ungodly–unholy cowardice creature imposes his religious racism, and falsified biblical Christianity, to hide his innate insanity and inhumanity. = Psychopathy & Sociopathy!!

3. Like wise named Prehistoric periods, which has no written words in history to read, translate nor decipher in gross errors, making many meaningless mistakes. Basically because, authentic authorized artists constructed creative objects, animation16-transition-.gifuniquely original and imagined things through their/our minds’ bright brilliant brains. Drew pictorials, carved images, sketched symbols of sacred secrets that are still today totally safe and secure. Under the Top Security of Love Life Light Locks!!!
4. Nobody has received a Capital Cash Currency Clearance PASS = ritual right of passage! ‘Z Landxz ov z-BLACKXZ + BLUEXZ +BROWNXZ. Who are the true founding fathers and mothers of the whole of humanity. Healthy and unhealthy, sane and insane, good and bad, right and wrong, so forth and so on. And according to our Great Grand Masterminds…, Africans on Africans, Africoids on Africoids, “Black on Black Crime & Violence”; and also invented, installed-instated an artless form of internalized slavery. Some time after “Dynastic” Egyptian artistic renaissance periods and pyramid building. Before being infected and aflicted by egoist arrogant ambitions. Greed and gluttony. Which resulted in a criminal conquering craziness, capturing other relatives, cousins, family members, tribal clans to colonize, dominate and control. In cause and physical effects + psychological affects; de-civilizing countries, that were surely small self-sustained, self-sufficient and alternatively independent!!

5. FALSE SISTERS & BROTHERS; These were our lost sheep and goats; who went remotely far astray, being hard headed, stubborn and disobedient. Deviating perversely from what our ancient ancestors had taught and practiced for thousands of years. In advance to any recorded, alleged European documented or chronicled historicity. Our historiography began back in Africa’s grandly great genesis genius. Having its unique genus and genre, progeny and prodigy!

6. However, somewhere, predating the “Johnny Come Lately” Pinks & Whites, a few misleading members of Africans of Kemet or Egypt, Nubia, Ethiopia, Sudan; decided to become arrogant ambitious egoists; Imperialists-Colonialists. Which is blatantly bad business! Dealing devilish dishes of deceitful dice, yet thinking it tasted delicious to those who were subjected victims of their domineering and profiteering pleasures. Control freaks! Hoarding up riches, stockpiling wealth, technologies, education, sciences in the sole possession of a falsified–faking to be;  Rich-Rare-Royal few.  Butt were degenerates and undesirables, artless–cultureless and low lifes of no class values.  Gallantly grabbing gold, demanding diamonds, stealing silver, and enslaving human beings. Constantly taking and never givng back a fair and equal return in favors, and gifts of grace!

7. LOADED DEVILS DICE: Under the apparent cicumstances, criminal conditions, those who wisely submitted–submissively; did so unwilfully, out of trembling fright and fears for their safety, well-being and lives. Mental scare tactics strategically stated. The animal riding warriors were militarily mean looking and terrifying, just by their physical presences or imposing–intimidating appearances. Equals = psychological coercion. So there was very little need to whip their captives, nor beat upon their bodies and force compliance by cruel torment and torture. In most cases; as I have envisioned. Because, these were real kindhearted, peaceful and loving people = domesticated tribal families, friendly, truly civilized-cultured citizenries, sane-sound-sensible societies, small and independent and self-suficient!

8. Nevertheless, the very inhumane nature of these acts and deeds defines; corresponding realities called captivity. Consequently today even, none of us can cleanly escape these true realitites and actual occurrences, historically to date. And it certainly constitutes criminality; = DEVIL BLACKS or DEMONIC BLACKXZ!! And the English language, wording is defined to mean invasive, intrusive CONQUESTS = CAPTIVITIES!!

8a. Furthermore, these True-Up evidences being broadcast boldly and bravely herein; gives solid ironclad proofs. That the very same insane, bad seed genotype traits of treasonous traitors, “Agents” are presently operating right now in today’s religious political platforms. Functioning as:

The Black Jackass Uncle Toms self-hatred of Love GODDESS Mother Earth Nature Africa’s AmeriAfrindians and AfriNatindian Ascendants!!!

9. OK YAWLS, after we go all the way back into ancient history of the solidified state of Africa, removing layer by layer, track by track; then and only then are our eyes enabled to clearly see the crystal clear problem with HUMANITY; and how it culminated into INSANITY & INHUMANITY!!

10. Moreover, for We’s & Us’s to truthfully ‘overcome’ today and not someday; it is imperatively a paramount prerequisite; as a commanded mandate must do, is face our own selves frontward in the reflecting mirrors of life’s time periods throughout historical happenings. Healthful and unhealthful, civilized and uncivilized. So that helpful healing happens herein; our USAA PROMISED LANDS.

11. All of the evidential proofs are still starring sinners or sinister sisters and bogus brothers in their self-forsaken faces. And “race”; in this exclusive sense of the word, has negatively nothing to do with it! The lack of trust or distrust in one another is a Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndrome, passed downward through generational offspring, infants-babies, young kids and children of their parental guardians; mothers and fathers. Based soundly on certain Natural + Spiritual Laws!!!

12. It’s a genotype trait that may influence, infect or afflict these adults today. An innate tendency or propensity to engage warfare against other tribal clans, inclusively, inner urban city grown-up gangsters, punk politicians, for monetary profits and capitalist cash currencies. Inherited ante-European conquests or predating Asiatic conquests of captivity’s enslavements!

12a. As antagonist adversarial agents, aliens, al-qaeda genotype germs, bad bacteria, inclusively, some sinister cell membranes acting as enemy energy entities. Very well hidden, hard to detect, extract and isolate from the healthy humane hormones, proteins and or enzymes!!!

12b. Meaning that to cure and heal humanity’s insanity, We’s & Us’s BLACKXZ + BROWNXZ; are to take the leading roles as Saviors & Servers of our SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT; For self-empowerment improvement!!!

13. Honestly and truthfully revealing and reported by True-Up U-Turn AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD. So then, if ya want to study history, then let us no longer romanticize and glamorize it, deceiving the true self’s wealthy wisdom. Positively Period.

14. So Sadly Selling Soul Sisters & Brothers out and into slavery’s servitude. In and among themselves = no whites, pinks and yellows. According to trustworthy, honest African-Centric historians and theologians. Howsoever, this is the patterned pathways in which I have personalized their findings, artistic analysis and symphonic synthesis. And I can crystal clearly see the parallels of Dynamic Equilibium Bio-Balance!!

15. These stunted, stuck staunchly stupid, still “Negroes” = slave mentalities, uncle toms, here in our 21st century CyberSpaceAge, starting about back in year 2000, also decided to become sellout stooges sucking up to their hateful “Honky” dory allegory story untruth telling; wicked White whip “Cracker” slave masters! Big Bucks Daddy duped-bribed-brainwashed the mainstay civil rights groups, and prominent propped up puppet politicians as faker black leaderships, etc.

16. The U.S. Federal Government used them as stooge suckers, with financial fund pledges-promises in huge sums; butt, failed to deliver that much mercy money. Only a few hundred thousand Christianized crumbs from his deceptive dinner table of capital cash currency. Idiotic ignoramuses who are now hiding their sorry cowardice blackened faces for being colorblind faith following fools. Selling their own racial-ethnic-cultural groups out into Mass Member Medical Murders–Clinical Slavery– Systemic-Systematic Suicides-Homicides-Genocides!! For further information, reported revelations read:  “The African AIDS HOAX”! And boldly and bravely listen and hear MP3: HIV vs. AIDS!!

17. Dire Consequences: From about the assumed 1st_ 2nd_3rd Dynasties, of Ancient African Egyptian-Ethiopian-Nubian, Kush, Sudanese, Nile Valley Civilization and Protectorate States, all Heavens Hades Hell Fires broke-a-loose. Too many rulers, kings and queens, became renegade rouges, raiding, robbing, raping one another, to whatsoever, self-enslaving extent and or degree. This obviously wasn’t a racial problem; butt, an existing human or inhumane problem. Surely to this measure it occurred! And it was wickedly wrong! They were afflicted by blurred vision!

18. So then yawls, I’m stripping back the heavy laden layers of hateful history, African_ Asian _ European_ Russian _ Arab invading interlopers. Lustfully learning from what they saw their parental persons doing, by acts and deeds, unjustly and unrighteousness, etc. Leaderships by examples!

19. YES, the oldest humans found by anthropologists and archeologists, bio-scientists, are Africoid-Negroid females of humankind. She has been discovered on several continents so far. And this truthfully means that these African migrating females, as I’ve envisioned, took with them their new born babies who were weakly, sickly, suffering from the contagious disease leprosy and or defective conditions of the Melanin hormonal producing Pineal Gland, generating albinism. These are mutated members of the Africoid huemain family; who are not evolved entities!

20. And I can crystal clear see a real-live-vision, that she kept these infants safe and secure, nurtured, cared for, nursed, doctored on them for many years. Until they started to heal, stabilize and grow physically stronger and healthier. Mother Nature’s Earthly Wits were working with Womanhood’s Wisdom Worship!

21. These females kept their kids in the cold Caucasus Caves, fed them, hunted for food, mostly vegetation, roots, insects, reptiles, caterpillars, butterflies, bees, birds, fish=seals, rodents, seeds, grains of a variety of types. She eventually died off, having very few African males around to perpetuate Her darkened skin pigmentation. At least procreation was limited!


1. LUCY + LUZIA: I’m talking about skeletal remains, bones, of actual human beings in the Americas, far before any others: Asiatic or CaucAsian, Caucasoids and Mongoloids. Who apparently didn’t even exist at these  prehistorical time periods. And couldn’t have possibly been the original occupiers, natives or Natindians, indigenous inhabitants, who were and now are the truest AmeriAfrindians = Z-BLACKXZ & Z-BROWNXZ!!

2. Moreover, as far as anybody knows, 200, 000 – 100, 000 years ago, planetary sphere earth, was still one great–giant PYRAMIDAL art form. Then somehow, opened up and out into flowering formations. Blossoming beautifully into a ColorComPlexTrix. Varieties of plants = vegetations growing gloriously by the free gifts of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!

3. Likewise, these migrating Matriarchs of MAAT Motherhood, didn’t necessarily have to cross huge ocean-seas to travel to other parts of the earthly planet. Only by close quarters across land and small bodies of water as rivers, lakes, creeks and streams. Even swimming distances at some places and in other locations using their wooden boats of sorts. And yes, seafaring vessels are being unearthed and many already kept in various art museums and or government protected private places. Basically because these racist Whites & Pinks, still don’t want for the worldwide public people’s populations to know all about Africa’s Africoid original creative artworks, crafts, inventions and discoveries, etc.

4. AS I’VE ENVISIONED: Howsoever her truest African sons helped their mothers migrate and gave them protection from other hostile haters of these infected children with Pink Pigmentation, and White & Black & Brown blotched skin colorations, She instinctively and intuitively knew that the hot arid weather wrath, were far to much for these lighter complexioned citizens. They couldn’t adjust sanely and soundly and sensibly to a socialized society; having no more connecting links to innate-intrinsic-inborn SPIRITUALITY.

5. Africoid members, did manage to settle down in these ice-age freezing cold climates, adapting “Hottentots”. And as evidenced by the dark skinned Eskimos of Alaska’s Afriasiatic tribes, plus+ Negrindians discovered in Asia’s West-Mid-Far East. China & Japan & Indonesia & Australia!!

6. NO No no, not at all do we need the Albino Pink & White man’s OK, stamp of approval; nor his permission, to write wiser words with wealthy meanings; to our own history and ancient ancestral Africa. Expressly, as Artistic ASCENDANTS vs degraded Descendants!!!

7. SELF-HATRED & SELF-DENIALS: So then, now here some of us are today trying to kill each other off. The lighter skinned Africans in America, has never as of yet, reconciled their differences with the darker skinned African Americans; also vice versa. And this internal warfare, strife, envy and jealousy, prevails pervasively throughout so called “Black Communities” nation wide and worldwide too!!

8. AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD’s Universal IniVersal RealiVision, reveals realities righteously and truthfully. Seeing how that no one wanted or wishes to talk openly about the constant concurring conflicts between, the heroic Frederick Douglas of middle-C brown skin, and darker brown skinned Mr. Marcus M. Garvey, and the lighter tanned brown skinned Booker T. Washington, and the fairer tinted brown skinned W.E.B. Bubois; and Andrew Carnegie of colored skin. And the “Talented Tenth” vs. the presumed Untalented Ninetieth!! = Irreconcilable Differences!!!

9. Still some suckers are trying to hide their self-hatred behind the White man’s racist religions: Christianity, Islam/Muslim, Judaism!!! Constantly attacking the other ones culinary cultures, food stuffs and dietary dinner meals and the way they eat habitually meats and vegetables of sorts. Castigating and denigrating their apparent Gay members, brothers and sisters. Accusing one another of being spies and “AGENTS”…., traitors and snitches!

10. Yet they all seem to me to be doing this to some senseless degree or meaningless amounts. Immaturity abounds, in slander and personal negative name calling, the other ones who they disagree with “sick”; “needs help”; “freaking psycho babbler”: “pickled pigs feet eaters“; ’poke chop…chitlings dribble juice‘…this-that or the other self-degrading gar_bage. Lacking adulthood and deficient in manhood. This very same Satanic sarcastic slander is used by those historical and present day white racists. And nobody wins victorious!!!

11. CURRENTLY CRYSTAL CLEAR: In abundance to my eyes, is that HE + SHE = HER + HIM = Heavenly Father SUNGOD & LOVE GODDESS AFRICA MOTHER NATURE EARTH; are leveling the playing fields. Bringing back down to ground level zero of monetary naught, white dominance and controls, ownerships and operations. Reestablishing… THEIR…Dynamic Equalized Bio-Balance!!

12. BUTT; Believe my telling y’all that, while still in the surreptitious midst of these climatic currency charged changes; African Africoids living herein America, have an accountability problem that has to be personally–individually and collectively dealt with successfully and proficiently. Meaning as the Battlegrounds of Calvary are neutralized, Eurocentric Anglo-America Al’Qaeda is devastated destructively by seriously severe storms, wildfires, flash flooding–inundating rapid rains–rushing river waters wrathful weather, etc, nonwhites have to do the rest.

13. Or else… silently sink along with the wicked White whip “Crackers” stinking-sinking ship of make believe everything is just alright. Manufactured myths that means nothing worthwhile; because of being colorblind “Honky” dory allegory story tellers of untruths. A Europeanized history based upon and bogusly built by bias bigotry and on a sinister stack of fraud in fact lies of leading liars. And this is the real-live-vision as my True-Up Up-Turn ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts:

14. Our Transitioned-Transformed-Transfigured Ancient Africa Ancestors, are actually giving grace, offering We’s & Us’s justice one more time. And they are removing the White man’s stable system into the realms of destabilization, destruction and deadly dire demise. Then what and who shall Africans in America and else where hide their self-hate behind? Our originating, initiating Forefathers and Foremothers are finished pleading our cases, begging for their offspring children to grow-up into matured-cultured clean adults. CONCLUSIVLLY!!!


 A. YES LISTEN UP CLOSELY AND READ-READ-READ: This is the part where he gets hot and passionate about; us divesting ourselves of all of the dead man’s manufactured religions concocted by the racist white man. And to throw this European male image of Jesus Christ, and this fictitious “God” concept and throw them into the nearest garbage can. Along with this Islamic Muslim and ‘black Israelite Hebrew-Jew’ bull shit too!!! 10.Dr. Walter Williams Euro-Man’s Religion

B. Mr. Mighty Manhood “Muammar Gaddafi has issued a defiant audio message, accusing international forces of seeking to occupy Libya for its oil and other resources and warning them to prepare for guerrilla war. In a message broadcast on a Syria-based television channel on Thursday, the deposed Libyan leader called on NATO and the UN to end their intervention in Libya and said that Libya’s tribes would not accept their presence in the country. The international community has forced Libya into a civil war, he said. “Imperialism is hated by Libyan people, who can accept it? All people will fight against imperialism,” he said. Gaddafi called on NATO to end air strikes.” Document today Friday, September 2, 2011…1:28 am.

C. White Racists:  Use-Exploited Expediently The Existing Racism, Prejudice, Bias, Devisive Disscrimination Against Africa Libya’s  racial hatred of darker, toned, shaded,  legitimate native African Africoid citizens. By the lighter skinned asiatic Arabs. A situation sadly set up many years ago via the major mainstream Trio Religions: false Christianity, faker Islamic Muslims and Judaism!!! =invidious-insidious  INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM + UNCLETOMISM!!!

D. YES: After y’all finish reading the following reported revelation, then proceed to go to this posting. Because you shall surely see, that these undercover white American racists and Europeans, in psychotic denials that they are hateful of nonwhites, has not gotten away Scott free for their insane terrorism!!! 

E. The killings nationally and mass murdering worldwide, and expressly now in Africa Libya. In spite of what any one of them, Euro-American CaucAsian Caucasoid citizens say, they are behind the wicked wars of inhumanity and insanity. If not one then the others!!!

F. PARALLELS: And I have taken the diligent time and persevering efforts, to let y’all know that they are severely and seriously paying a heavy price for the damages, deaths and destruction of Africa’s Africoid & Afriasitic indigenous inhabitants. Afrindians + AmeriAfrindians!!

 G. Read the Weather Wrath repercussions, retaliations, retributions, and revenges as KARMIC reactions:

The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature = Wrathful Weather = Wealthy Womanhood Witty Wisdom Worship = restitutions-retributions-revenges-retaliating terror + Color Kingdom NWCA THE COMFORTER + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD

THE BLACKXZ & BROWNXZ HUMANE HOLISTIC HEALTH HEALING HIT LIST: Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Phillip Valentine, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Mr. & Mrs Obama, Ms Cynthia McKinney, Ashra Kwesi, Pastor Ray Hagins, Cornel West, Mr. Michael Eric Dickerson, Mr. Tyler Perry, Chris Rocks, Andrew Young, Ms Oprah Winfrey, Sara Suten Seti, Dr Leonard Jeffries, Mr. Bill Cosby, Anthony Browder, Rev. Eddie Williams, Mr. Mark Dean, Ms Marimba Ani, Dr. Walter Williams, Dr. Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti?, Dr. Ms Alveda King, Dr. Ms Michelle Rene, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte?_ Redemption + Salvation for Mr. Bishop Eddie Long who was misled astray by false Christianity; Mr. Collin Powel who soldout on Iraq WMD myth, Ms Maya Angelou-poet, , ……and this outstanding listings is an artwork still in progress. ….>>>

THE BLACKXZ & BROWNXZ  HUEMAIN HOLISTIC HEALTH HEALING HIT LIST: Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Phillip Valentine, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Mr. & Mrs Obama, Ms Cynthia McKinney, Ashra Kwesi, Pastor Ray Hagins, Cornel West, Mr. Michael Eric Dickerson, Mr. Tyler Perry, Chris Rocks, Andrew Young, Ms Oprah Winfrey, Sara Suten Seti, Dr Leonard Jeffries, Mr. Bill Cosby, Anthony Browder, Rev. Eddie Williams, Mr. Mark Dean, Ms Marimba Ani, Dr. Walter Williams, Dr. Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti?, Dr. Ms Alveda King, Dr. Ms Michelle Rene, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte?_ Redemption + Salvation for Mr. Bishop Eddie Long who was misled astray by false Christianity; Mr. Collin Powel who soldout on Iraq WMD myth, Ms Maya Angelou-poet, Dr. La Francis Rodgers-Rose, Dr. La Francis Rodgers-Rose, Dr. Marimba Ani, Dr.  Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti ……and this outstanding listings is an artwork still in progress. ….>>> via COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.

EQUALS = Those Africans in America who are summoned, called and chosen to stand up and fight back bravely, boldly at once, immediately without delay. Indubitably, UNIFYING their bright brilliant brains, against all conceivable artless forms of: Racist White Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndrome, of the System’s Sorcerer Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!