WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER Plan+Positive Protest = X-leftwing Liberal Democrats-rightwing Conservative Republicans, two poisonous political party heads of the same Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!

YES: THE dis-UNITED STATES OF ANGLO-AMERICA. President Barack Hussein Obama black brother brown bloody body bomber. Surely stressing the Humanitarian Catastrophe-Crisis.  The Building of Blood Sucking Vicious Vampire Empire of Negative Nasty Nose Neo “New Nazis” NATO; “Medieval Crusaders” interventions-intrusions-invasions-interferences.
LEFT WING LIBERAL DEMOCRATS & RIGHT WING CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS two political parties of poisonous propagandists, supremacists, imperialists-colonialist. Inclusively egoists-sexists-racists-fascists. Racially profiling, targeting-aiming their crazy criminal Caucasian Caucasoid creatures cruise missiles, firing their racist rockets into the bodily continental VegePlanTerRain of  geographical northern LOVE GODDESS Mother Nature Earth Africa Libya = HER Humanity-Humankind Orginal Africoid-Negroid HueMain Birthplace BlackBlueBrown“RACE”!!!
The AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, vehemently proclaims: Down with both bogus bias bigots, they “must stand down”, each of them “have to go”, because WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER Plan + Positive Protest; as a madated must have total and complete and consummated “REGIME CHANGE” our our environmental-atmospheric current climate herein our USA PROMISED LAND + GLOBALWORLDNATIONS!!!
Unified Statutes of AmeriAfindica!!!
AN AMBITIOUS EGOIST  BROTHER OBAMA: Although this is a talented and gifted good speech making lost black brother. He is a perfectly polite polished poisonous political per-sun. And righteosus rhetoric talking young immature man, Euro-America’s United States President Barack Hussein Obama Bomber!!!
APATHY & COMPLACENCY & INDIFFERENCE: And in his National Address 3-28-2011.…acted ignorant and indifferent towards the hateful-inhumane historicity of racist white Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes. Thus of antagonist-adversarial Anglo-America. A true  viral-vital national interest. A domestic homeland front of civil conflicts, labor disputes, crazed class collisions ; generating Electrifying Energy Entity Emotions of anger, mass media madness, hegemony hostility hatred. Culminating into combative currencies in wrathful weather patterns, devastating thunder storrms of tornado twister terror!

Butt Bad Brother Barack = Coconut brown on the outside and supremacy superority-inferior white NAZI on the inside: psyches himself out by playing colorblind. Authorizing and giving the official orders for racist whites to bomb Mother Earth Africa. Which make him as worse or hateful as Adolf Hitler, seeing how the US Presidential Oval Office & Government Body are the “New Nazis”; Al Qaeda terrorism policy practicing political “Medieval Crusaders”!!!

OBAMA the bullying bomber:  He is clearly another pitiful puppet propped up, sycophant, contradictory-equivocating sellout white house Negra colored boy bailout broker. And a real living mansion minded modern day 21 century Black Jackass Uncle Tom  Ace of Spade sellout stooge.   And comically a laughable funny looking little tree squirrel monkey man. Hanging from his long tail-telling leading lies, swinging on the fig tree limbs and branches of the United States Government body!!!

Barack Rock Ofense + Stumbling Stone Defense: Faithfully forthcoming, MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses”; inevitably, predestined in doing as he is ordered by his Vatican-Pope & Elitist Rulers dictate to him. Making this Melaninated brown skinned African American, “I’m Half black & half white” “Mutts like me”, extremely lethal and dangerous. No doubt, the bombing Obama Barack the ‘rock of offense and stumbling stone’, devil damning black beaver block,  is a sure terrorist threat to the divine-dignity of sovereign nations worldwide!!!

DANGEROUS DEADLY DRUGS: Due to the toxic environmnetal living conditions, chemical drugs laced foods-drinking waters being a detriment to wholesome earthly human health; plant and animal life art forms. Collective compelling circumstantances of crucially critical cultural climatic “CHANGE”. For sure I’m also talking about certain Changes of Regime via INTERVENTION DIVINE!!!
WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER Plan + Positive Protests War Crimes Committed Aggression Against Earthly Humanity By Racist Supremacist- Capitalist – Colonialist, Imperialist Whites = USA-EUROPE- negative nasty nose neo “new nazis” NATO!!!
Devilish-Demonic Democrats & Racist Republicans: “Must Stand Down”; ‘Have to step down’; “Must Go” to Heavens Hades Hell Fires-Flash Flooding Flames Fatally-Finally Finished.  “Regime Change”;”We have a responsibility to act”!!!

YES My True-Up RealiVision Artistic Analysis + Sensible Synthesis: A fraud in fact lie of satanic liars! Osama bin Laden killed and “Buried At Sea“? = BS! Unless positively proved beyond any rational reason to doubt! Untrustworthy media news reports habitually as a widespread political policy practice pattern. And the dis-United States of angry Anglo-America’s alleged “al Qaeda”; is and has always been their imaginary man made up make believe manufactured myth. This enemy energy entity never truly existed whatsoever, in the real-live world. Mr. Bin Laden is only one person who learned to hate white people back as they are possessed, also, by the deadly demons of hatred. Understandably so!

“OSAMA IS A FALSE FIGUREHEAD” and so is OBAMA. The United States cowardly engaged the fragrant violation of Pakistan’s sovereign government and nation under International Laws!!! They did not know ahead of time of the deadly attack. Even though, after the fact, these hand picked propped up puppet government officials, ‘coconuts brown on the outside and white on the insides’, “chocolate chips”, black and white Zebras, and those who are sellout uncle toms, brown nose sycopants sucking up to the USA because they want the American people’s hard earned tax monies in the multi-millions. Therefore, in spite of the civilian population of Pakistan against foreign intrusion-invasion-intervention, these cowards act as though they like Eurocentric western powers. Regardless of them mass murdering the pregnant females- women folk and their small babies-kids-children flying overhead in cowardice Caucasian Caucasoid criminal creature drones = unmanned aircraft!

YES EXPECT RETALIATIONS: However, encroaching upon sacred lands without permission of the people collectively, attacking suspected terrorists and or alleged “al Qaeda” militants are wrong doings and evil acts. That most assuredly warrants Pakistan’s anti-American damnation and denouncement. Terrorist repercussions-retribution-revenge!!! Even these Africa & Asia & Middle East death sentences of leaderships, sons and grand sons…, is a set-up on a foolish-unwise so called African American Black man, meaning an assassination attempt on U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, First Lady wife Michelle and their two lovely looking girls = children!!

BEWARE: Osama’s death true or false is an attempt to further divide the disunited-divided American society. Over jubilate the multitudes, pacify populations of people, distracting their attention away from the dying economy, high unemployment rates-joblessness, bankruptcies, etc.. And, so that they can’t organize their domestic Labor Union rebellions-protests-demonstrations effectively, against their U.S. Presidential Oval Office and government’s warmonger-hatemonger military madness machines worldwide. In which wicked western Whites are the most monstrous racist-terrorists themselves = FACT of TRUE REALTIY!!!

 PATRIOTS RALLY: Orchestrated by Elitist Superpower privileged-class rulers hiding behind black brother brown bomber Obama. Plus faker phony dishonest alleged “DNA TESTS” that supposed to had matched  Osama’s family’s bio-blood line. Butt, I vehemently say for y’all in your righteous sane minds, never trust nor believe in the fraudulent lies of devilish liars. Distractors and dictators of no true democracy. And, having employed their criminal clandestine stealthy strategic maneuvers, as preplanned timing to deflect our public opinions. Thus to attempt to derail, abort prematurely and sidetrack the current uprising revolutionary rebellions in America; stating that both the left wing Liberal Democrats & right wing Conservative Republicans, as a mandated “must step down“; they have “to go“ due to our urgent need for total “Regime Change“!!!

DULY NOTE: And these happy go lucky patriotic parakeet pets and dummy puppet parties playing out in the inner-city urban streets waving the U.S. Flags, is their rallying warmongers stupidity. Ingoring the fact that hundreds of thousands of young American soldiers-Marines-military troops, were slaughtered in wicked warfare directed by U.S. Presidents orders, “directed by me” to go insane-crazy in their heads due to mental trauma and distress disorders having a haunting conscience of self-condemantion-domestic damnation to homicides and suicides!!!  Obama proclaims his Criminal Culpable guilt to fault and set blame for all the needless deaths too!

CITIZENRY CRAZED: Gullibility and naiveté, having an idiotic mentality, being a psychotic over-reaction by institutionalized racism of racists of the white Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes. Concocting and creating their mental delusions and insane mindset illusions of historic figures to demonize and denounce and condemn to warfare attacks. Yet insanely don‘t expect any violent-bloody-deadly retaliations coming from those who suffer from being enslaved, captured then tormented and tortured while imprisoned. So these fools generate some fictitious “al Qaeda Organization” = “enemy combatants”, thus  to assalt with terrifying violence and devilish destruction; non-whites, expressly people of cultural color complexions. Which is the very inhumane nature of the “Savage beast…barbarians”; psychopath political policies and sociopath practices of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN USA!!!

DIRECTED DISTRACTIONS + MIND CONTROLS: Mass media madness and brainwashing techniques programming poisonous propaganda. Thus to try and justify their insane military invasions, interventions and occupations of foreign lands, sovereign nations and small countries, being controlled and dominated by the “axis of evil” conspirators. Of the wild wicked western world of Europeans & American Caucasian Caucasoid criminal creatures. Who have mass murdered millions of helpless-defenseless-innocent citizens-civilians worldwide; inclusively pregnant females and their small infant babies and little kids. Especially overseas in Iraq & Afghanistan; and now killing many multiple numbers of human beings, by blatantly bombing LOVE GODDESS Mother Earth Africa’s Libya. In the same sorry surreptitious names of fighting for “democracy“, “protecting the citizens”; “humanitarian” aid-medical missions-help, and y’all name the rest of this cowardice crazy capitalist-corporatist-colonialist crap!! 

WISELY: We The Public People Power Plan + Positive Protests, are never distracted from focusing on the main-major internal affairs and national domestic conflicts here at home of the dis-United States of America. Thank you.

Albeit DEAD = DECEASED BODY, there is a slight possibility that Mr. Osama bin Laden died years ago, for whatsoever, reasons, including natural and failing health medical conditions, which happen daily in all countries. People die! And his body could have been buried and or entombed inside the compound of military bases-personnel, etc. Probably already embalmed, and ceremonially as in Islamic Muslims religious customs, and wrapped with white cloths. Meaning that perhaps, America’s Agent Spies, only took his dead body out of his casket-tomb-coffin? Then maybe took DNA CODE samples of a hulled out corpse!?. Then allegedly killing him in active fire power of commandos who supposed to be so brave, courageous and honorable WARRIORS!!!

MAINSTREAM MEDIA Propaganda Warfare! Butt KNOW the total told truth that, when these murdering assassin cowards interred the building structure, if in fact true, they shot dead unmercifully the housed civilians, Pakistani citizens living inside the home at that time. At least three other people are said to have been killed. Who? And it is worthy of taking these important notes, that all of the Eurocentric – Westernized-Americanized mainstream news media networks, Internet, video-audio broadcasts, are reporting this story as if they know for positively sure, USA, shot Osama dead,

YES, FALSIFIED FABRICATED NEWS MEDIA REPORTING: Which is a crying out loud shame of immature reporters on the ground and in the stations making such direct, yet unsubstantiated death claims. Assuming more than what has been displayed to exist. No evidence shown, no proof portrayed, and nothing but their bogus bias bigotry; bold faced faking words, politicized-religious rhetoric and produced propaganda presentations. And might I remind y’all, all of their media madness is based on hearsay, hand me down gossip, speculation, guess work, conjecture, however absolutely no valid-solid ironclad factual PROOF! Thus it all constitutes pure insanity and inhumanity, crazy sociopath beliefs, psychopathic rationalizations-self-deception and gross distortions of truthful reality!!!

YES DEAD & DECEASED, now that the USA, has retrieved Mr. Osama bin Laden’s dead body from his resting tomb-casket, which has probably been lying-in state of slumber for several years to date, yet the USA is falsely claiming to have just killed him by fire powers! Therefore, they hope that the show shall go on seeing how that the strategic stage has been secretly set. Meaning the Federal Government & Pentagon + President Obama, can try to glibly shift the warfare games over into the continental geographic land masses of LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature! Thus moving the military terrorist troops to their new “Africon” base in Libya near Tripoli and or stationed in Cote D’lvoire = Ivory Coast?! Relocated out from Iraq & Afghanistan! Stealthy strategic maneuvers to be in proper position to combat Yellow-Red China & Russia of Asia, in the great battles of good and evil. Officially counting down to Armageddon’s Prophetic Holy World War III = 3.


The Awesome Forces of Mother Africa Earth’s Divine Nature =LOVE GODDESS + SUNGOD’S INTERVENTION DIVINE Wrathful Weather of Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship = retaliations-repercussions-retributions-revenges!!! Terrifying tornado twisters, horific hurricanes, fatal flash flooding, blazing long hot summer droughts, raging forest-grass-brush fires, deaths and destruction. And y’all just wait and see all hellish hate break loose; coming right back against these Euro-Americans who are the leaders in this criminal Western warfare wickedness. Pay back is a Mother F….er!  
Directly for all of the Racist Murders &  merciless military madness bombings, and killings of non-whites worldwide!! Furthermore, ’most assuredly’, I can clearly see why so many angry Africans in America and people of color call these racist “White Devils”” Honkies” & “Crackers”!!  No more wonder?
And I also solemnly say: They got to go! Leave the face of our planetary sphere earth. Because they never assume any responsibility for the damages and deaths that they personally and collectively caused others. It’s always somebody else’s fault to blame as they keep on killing and murdering Asians and Africans, Mexic ans, Native Indians; inclusively, attempting and actually assassinating Official Government Leaders of foreign sovereign nations. And their satanist acts of aggression is never going to be justly acceptible, in fact unacceptible!!!

USA & Europe = NATO, foolishly thinks that they can control, dominate and rule our GlobalWorldNations: “But Russia, which has criticized the allied campaign, said it had “serious doubts” about NATO’s assertion that it is not targeting Gadhafi and his family.”

“The disproportional use of force, all the more so, beyond the mandate of U.N. Security Council Resolution No. 1973, which in no way stipulates the replacement of the Libyan leadership, is leading to harmful consequences and the death of civilians,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement carried by the official RIA Novosti news agency. “We are again calling for strict compliance with the provisions of the decisions made by the international community on the Libyan conflict, for an immediate cease-fire and the start of a political settlement without any preconditions.”

Therefore, as I’ve artistically envisioned, Yellow=Red China + White Russia’s Caucasoid CaucAsians shall sensibly, eventually, attack in retaliations their racial groups of hateful heathens, false Christians of criminal corporatist capitalist CHRISTENDOM!!!!

 And the white pyschopaths and sociopaths as a madatory must, be terminated one way or the other, sooner than later; by and according to INTERVENTION DIVINE = ARMAGEDDON Prophetic Holy World War3   

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