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Our USAA+ PROMISED LANDS = World War 3+4_Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD = Ancient Africoidian Africa’s Ancestry + Artistry_COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts = Arch Angel Ark Ankh Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra Z-Blac-Keys + Z-BlackRayz!

December 1, 2012



The Re-Elect U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, proclaimed that this is the United States and it always will be The United States!! Butt, believe my telling y’all the total truths, he do not necessarily KNOW, what the hell upon planet earth he’s talking about! Period.

The dis-United States of Anglo-America Al Qaeda is already heading for Urban Race Riots & Civil War + America At Guerrilla War! And also, Barack has no true knowledge about his personal assignment, anointing and appointing. Colorblind to his Divinely Decreed destiny, Devil Dam-nation!!

The dis-United States of America Anglo-Al Qaeda, as I’ve envisioned, being broken up into smaller countries-counties-cities, of self-determination, self-governance.

No such thing as “all Black”; this-that or the other. Only our originating organic organisms: Multiplex-Rayzial-Body biological balanced beings. And of the Electromagnetic Field ColorComPlexTrix = z-blackxz, z-bluexz, z-brownxz, z-whitexz, z-pinkxz pigment people’s public planetary populations.

Our Unified Statutes of America + Africa = USAA+ PROMISDED LANDS.

The decent good GREAT WHITE HOPE ABOLITIONIST Minded Men & Women, fighting fearlessly, for full foundational financial freedoms, from State & Federal U.S. Government tyranny. Although, We’s & Us’s see State tyranny everyday of the week, month and year. “White Supremacy”!

Therefore, it is extremely hard if not impossible to unite with so called Caucasian Caucasoid citizens, overall and in general. Meaning that the divide conquest of the American citizenry, social-society, has effectually been achieved. Successfully served to ensure disunity, distrust and disagreements!

So then the U.S. Federal Government, President Barack Hussein Obama, Commander In Chief, is advancing, advantageously, as avatar avenger! As it is well written: “Let My People Go, Or Else”; face Urban Race Riots & Civil War; America At Guerrilla War!

Thereby summoning the Lord & Savior & Melanin Messiah, to come riding in on his ‘Half Black & Half White’ Horse “Mutts Like Me”! The New World Order Abraham Lincoln, ancient biblical Moses, ‘Jesus Christ’, to set the poor-impoverished, enslaved captives free unto the perfect law of liberty.

Defeating the number one Evil Enemy Energy Entity: State of Texas Criminal Injustice Illegal System Satanists. Setting all entrapped, enslaved people of color, melanin members, dark shaded skinned soul sisters, blackish-brownish brothers of Africa’s ascension at civic liberty. Yes jailed, incarcerated, imprisoned Africans in America; expressly, on petty Crack Rock Cocaine cases, fraudulent felony forced confessions, coercive convictions. Plea Bargains based bogusly on intimidation and induced Fear!

In these Redneck Racists’ Modern Day Underground Legalized Slave Trade Market; Jail House Prisoner Corruption Racket!!!

Righteously reverse all illegal-unlawful court cases of being in possession of a so called “Controlled Substance”. Reverse each and every imposed indictment, sentencing laws of tyranny, based on arbitrary arrests, unconstitutional searches and seizures of body persons, private possessions. Through all of these felicitous felony convictions of a racial hatred.., and restore our original HueMainKind HueMainRights!

Unfortunately, “White” males such as Mr. Alex Jones, talk show radio program, don’t realize these truths as stated herein. Yet he has a major part of the perplexing puzzle. While missing out on other Blac-Keyz and correct combination of causes, circumstances, climatic conditions. Him not yet realizing that the racist redneck radicals, who have armed themselves, did so initially to try to intimidate African & Mexican Americans. Thus to shoot and kill people of melanin color-complexions. As local city-county cops, Sheriffs, Police-Chiefs, and regular angry Anglo-American Al Qaeda corrupt crooks!

Therefore, We’s & Us’s need mean military forces, foreign and domestic, to come to our rescues. Civil War is inevitable to compel these “succeeded” from the Union; Private Prisons, insurrection-commonly called Correctional Centers, operated, ran by petty police “pale faces”; again: to “Let My People Go”!!! Freely released from the Prison Industrial Complex!

Disarming the Southern States has a melanin mandate. First and foremost of all others, has to loose their civil rights to own and carry a firearm, weapon of any gunpowder type. Assault rifles, shotguns, automatic, handguns too! The very same manner in which they systematically robbed ‘African American Blacks’ of our self-defense weapons. What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander! Karma, what goes around comes back around! ‘The chickens comes back home to roast‘, nest, and lay hens eggs. Yes colorful Easter Sunday; The First Coming of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, and ‘The Second Coming of United States President Barack Hussein Obama! Having gallantry, holding the moral high Battleground of Calvary!!!

“Restoring The Republic”; reinstating the States Constitutions, Declaration of Independence, fraudulent “Founding Fathers” that Americanized Africans keep on hearing, means absolutely nothing! Who wants to return to physical slavery, “Black Exclusionary Laws” “Black Enslavement Laws”; Jim Crow Segregation Laws? Nobody in their right minds do! What wealth, riches do Wexz & Usxz has to conserve?

Reinstating, reinstalling, restoring our original organisms HueMainRights, of HueMainKind, and under one HueMainLaw!!!

Likewise, if this means that the States are strategically defeated, destroyed, in the surreptitiously midst, that the U.S. Federal Government, has been brought by, or overpowered by big banks, of “The Globalist”; then too bad, so be it!

Let us completely comprehend USA’s history of hatemongering, hangings, wicked witchcraft WhitTie whip Crackers, Eu-Rope-ans around Negroes necks, then lynched, set to fire blazes, beatings, burning bodies, maimed and murdered unmercifully!

Now today, they are loosing everything owned, in their possessions as valuables, weapons, farms and ranches, livestock and agriculture.

Yes Mr. Alex Jones, Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul, Jesse F. …Dr. Vierra?, “Patriots”; “Constitutional Lawyers“, and many others, are being informed to what they are actually up against. And in fact “The States are racists” Ku Klux Kkan; mentalities = fact of reality!

Those so said “Constitutional Principles” never applied to those of Ascendant Africa here in America. Considered less than a human being; under the law of unequal protection and no due process of law, for We‘s & Us‘s. So then to see succession and witness these States suffer from their own White Supremacy Superiority Sociopathy, it’s a celebration time! Halleluiah, Atom Amen-Ra. Praise the Lord & Solar Savior SUNGODD DEITY!

Conscious Con-Science Cosmic CREATOR: Ya see what I’m saying, there are powerful forces of the Ethereal Realm That Be, overseeing these worldly affairs. (extraterrestrials) Including, controlling, the U.S. Presidency, Oval Office, Capitol Hill Washington D.C. Has harness the Pentagon, Military machine might, Army-Navy-Air Force – Marines.

Still slaves, never has been set free at last, so then I pray tell yawls, NOW, TODAY, is the time! To escape, runaway, burn the corporatist plantations down, and even beat the bloody brains out of sorry suckers, stooges, sellout Black Jackass Uncle Toms, Sambos & Self-haters!!!

Son of SUNGOD + Our USA PROMISED LAND = Unified Statutes of AmeriAfrindica + Africa by AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD ascendant ancient ancestral African-Africoid via ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts pt3

World War 3+4 by ArtistCHD tracks 1-5 vocal + musical Cyber-Jazz-Blues-RapP; HipP & LapP!!

1. ArtistCHD– WorldWar_p1-s1a_m (12:00)

2. ArtistCHD– WorldWar_p1-s2b_m (12:54) 

3 ArtistCHD– WorldWar_p1-s3c_m (11:23)  

4 ArtistCHD– WorldWar_p1-s4d_m (11:52)

5 ArtistCHD– WorldWar_p1-s5e_m (12:23)

YES I Am The Original Creative ArtistCHD Avatar Avenger Son of SUNGODD DEITY Arch Angel Ankh Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra; of Z-Blac-Keyz and of Z-BlackRayz!!

My mastermind melanin messiah mental models, militarized methods. Expressly defining the meanings of newly created words of wealthier wisdom. Paralleling paradems/paradigms.

Yet Wexz & Usxz now know who and what is termed racism and racists. And these truths shall surely, seriously hurt or harm human being who did not know that they were actually practicing political policies of, racism’s renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religions!

I’ve made a meaningful shift away from calling We’s & Us’s Africoidians of the Americas and Africa, a “Race”. Butt, better beneficially bestowed blessed by being of Z-RAYZ! I’m dealing with chemistries, physics, scientific artistries: sunrays, light-rays, color-rays, x-rays, gamma-rays. Those give people coloration complexions, plants and animals as living organisms.

Contagious contamination: By many of those traitors who tell you how much they love you, love blackness, and things that would distract one’s attention, from who and what they truly are = misleaders! Knowingly and unknowingly, intentionally and unintentionally, wittingly and unwittingly. The negative realities, results are just a bad as ever, even worse!

Religious racism roots = the real roots to racism! Plus+ each and every religiosity that followed in suit, resulted as extensions – branches – limbs – twigs – leaves; to ‘The Tree of Evil’ Enemy Energy Entities. Equals – falsified Christianity’s insanity, inhumanity, inducted, imposed inquisitions of the Roman Empire – Roman Catholic Church oncoming Christians. Thus criminally concocting the person name Jesus, attaching it to the title CHRIST. Creating a foundational formula of an alleged ‘Jesus Christ” Lord & Savior & God!!!!

Slavery was born out of the above activities, religious politics. And Africoidians of Africa being enslaved came about after this Eu-Rope-an CaucAsian Caucasoidian Christian concept was adopted and practiced as a politicized policy of racist Rome. Roman renegade rouge Reptilian Religion Race!

Then after Christianity, came Islamic Muslim Mohammedans of Asiatic Arabs & Eurasians. An additional manmade manufactured mythological man, male person being, who never truly existed as a human being. Born baby! Reveals Dr. Professor Walter Williams, melanin mastermind messiah man.

Later on then came lastly, the Jews Judaism, religious worshipping of the fraudulent Christian biblical allegory-stories. The Old Testament Holy Bibles, Torah, Pentateuch…, etc. All fraud in fact lies of leading liars!

Albeit, my main interest is concerned with so said “Blacks”; African Americans, ‘Colored People’ and ‘Negroes – Negras’! Who willingly, wantonly, wish to believe in these terrorist thug tormenters, torturers. Slave masters!

And I’m including, these self-proclaimed Pan-Africanists, “Conscious Community” alleged “all Black” liberation radio, black power, black militants, who are associated – affiliated with any of these stated religions; in the aforementioned paragraphs. They are guilty as concurrently charged!

Perpetuating their own self-enslavement, ‘Post Traumatic Slave Sickness Syndromes’.  They have rationalized these Slaver Satanists, evil enemy Eu-Rope-ans as adversarial agents, antagonist aliens, Asiatic Arabs & CaucAsians commonly called “Whites”! And their sinister self-hating, satanic self-enslaving habitual harm and hurt caused by their persistent involvement, warrants the punitive penalty of Death! Equals = Good SUNGODD Deity’s Divinely Decreed Destruction, Deliberated Devil Damnation!

Futhermore, The SPIRITIOUS SUPER-STORM SANDY, was not only a whirling wind wake-up call to corrupt criminal Caucasians, “Whites”,  living on the scenic shorelines, sand beaches, coasts, in expensive-extravagant mansion homes;  butt, also, a sure warning to inner city urban dwellers, “Blacks & Browns”; whosoever, they might be?!

Admonished-Cautioned-Warned: About forming these friendships, allies with melanin skinned brothers and sisters under the guilty guise of uniting our efforts and “working together for progress”. Such sick rationalizations = self-deceptions and gross distortions of reality, which is religious. Ya see, crystal clear, the only answer is to “Divest” ourselves of all Racist Religions!

Remember to take dutiful NOTES vs Votes: That these traitorous violators, are not the under-class citizens below the poverty line, on welfare-food stamps or SNAP. ‘Obama Care and receiving free “Obama phones”. They are of the working class, middle section of society, dictating demonocracy dietary dinner democracy. Religiously hating hogs, swine, pigs-pork, beef, chichen, fish, dairy-cows-calves milk, = meat eaters…, and hating on Solar Sexus Soul Food Divine! Spiffy self-serving Vegans & Vegetarian “Blacks”; who are Europeanized Americans that think they are Africanized. Soulless sisters and bigoted brothers who are LOST! Reference research; The VegePlanTerRain:

PANORAFRICASPORA: After all, Africans of Africa were captured and entrapped by those Islamized, Muslimized, Christianized “blacks” or Negroidians. Bribed-brainwashed dumb down dupes. And they have never changed their terrorist mentalities, intentions on dominating and controlling Africoidian Americans. “Black Supremacy”; paralleling para – demon-strations of wicked witchcraft WhitTie Supremacy Sociopath Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes of the sinister snake serpent System SATAN!

NOTE vs. Vote: 1. There is no such of thing and never has historically been, in ancient ancestral Africa, “Indigenous Religions”! And those who keep on saying these untruths, starting in January 1, 2013…12:00 am Sunday New Years Day, are being Divinely Decreed Damned with curses of calamities. No pitiful excuses nor sorry alibis are acceptable, for bogusly broadcasting this falsehood and untruthful religious belief. In fact of reality Africa’s ancestry and anointed artistry, has and have a Spiritual way of living, a MAATRIX that is Spiritious RealiVisious vs. Religious, A Universal IniVersal RealiVision vs. Religion!

Misleading “all Black” mentalities: They are the very ones helping to keep Africans in the Americas in captivity, inclusively, the dis-United States of Anglo-America Al Qaead. Spearheading historical hatred, through the ways and means that I am revealing to y’all. Those proclaiming to be ‘The Number One Talk Radio Show & Network’; second to none, etc., etc., etc. All none sense, foolishness! And it is written, they shall surely receive “The Greater Damnation”!

Howsoever, such stooges are stuck on stupid, unrepentant, unremorseful having no regrets for the gross damages they themselves, are causing. Due to the resistance to The Highest Heavens Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How to tell the total truths 100%+

Moreover, We’s & Us’s are not talking strictly about those melaninated members, brothers and sisters who call themselves Christians, while wearing the true ChristLikelyen Crosxz. Butt, those who are wrongly wearing my Anointed-appointed-authentically authorized ANKH! This exclusively belongs to our original organic Ancient Africa Ancestry & Artistry + Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra! Solar SUNGODD DEITY’s COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts!!!

And to associate and affiliate it with Westernized, Europeanized, Americanized Racist Religions, is a direct disregard and indirect disrespect towards Africa’s ancient Kemet & Egypt = KEMEGYPT! Yet they talk about honoring and paying homage to our ancestors of ancient Africa? Hades Hell Fires No!

Nobody automatically reaceives ritual rights of Passage, past my mastemind melanin militarization, nor has a special, Top Secret Spiritious Security PASS.  Firewall fortified, financial fitness foundation: To Stop-Point-Blank-Period, wheeler dealer con-men, calling themselves of the “Conscious Community”. Claiming to have our best interests at heart. Holistic humanity in-hand healthily. They can’t ever be totally trusted! No transparency nor truth!


1. HueMainRight_p1-s1a_m (17:26) mp

2. HueMainRight_p1-s2b_m (17:37) mp3

3. HueMainRight_p1-s3c_m (16:45) mp3

4. HueMainRight_p1-s4d_m (17:28) mp3

5. HueMainRight_p1-s5e_m (17:34) mp3

My Main page:


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1. huemainkind_p1-s1a_m (17:51) mp3

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4. huemainkind_p1-s4d_m (17:20) mp3

5. huemainkind_p1-s5e_m (17:10) mp3



YES: I am revealing to y’all and to the whole wide world web, this short story about one of our living…. Of course, still alive and well, African Americans of z-Blackxz, z-Bluexz, z-Brownxz pigmented per-suns of these dis-united States of angry Anglo-America Al Qaeda. Smile humorously and happily, basically because this true brother and sister, were saved by ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE. Spared the death penalty, divinely decreed devil damnation! Listen up to his story told truthfully, proclaimed personally in his own words and recorded voice.
Indubitably, the mastermind melanin messiah man Mr. Junious Ricardo Stanton, intellectual genius. “Positively Black”;” Digital Underground”. Who crashed his vehicle while he and his dearly love wife were driving on a highway. On or about a Sunday afternoon…? About three weeks ago today, Monday, August 27, 2012.…4:09 San Antonito, Texas time documented herein: COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.

Click here to hear mp3:
1. sungodd_p2-s1a_m (16:33) mp3
2. sungodd_p2-s2b_m (16:33) mp3
3. sungodd_p2-s3c_m (15:49) mp3

4. sungodd_p2-s4d_m (17:04) mp3

5. sungodd_p2-s5e_m (17:08) mp3


1. crimenemy_p1-s1a_m (16:45) mp3

2. crimenemy_p1-s2b_m (16:41) mp3

3. crimenemy_p1-s3c_m (14:50) mp3

4. crimenemy_p1-s4d_m (16:58) mp3

5. crimenemy_p1-s5e_m (17:03) mp3


YES: Wexz & Usxz, as Africoidians of Africa + America, are ordered and commanded by The COMFORTER COMMANDER CHIEF COLOR KINGDOM NWCA. Thus to truly page homage their national flag, emblem, official HARAMBEE Cote-Coat of Arms, and surrender sincere respects to the true Kenyans.

Indubitably, I AM expressly talking all about the country called Kenya, of z-blackxz, z-bluexz, z-brownxz, Afri-Originals + z-whitxz and z-pinkxz pigmented persons, public people population. Our Albin-Original brothers and soulful sisters who are actual Afrindians and or Africoidian of HueMainKind.

TRUE AFRICARAMBEES & Authentic Authorized HARAMBEE vs. Falsified Harambee hatemongers, false “Black” brothers and sisters, inclusively, wicked witchcraft Whit-Tie whip Crackers.  Specifically those who are in factual reality,  thieves, thugs, guilty gamling ghetto gangsters, and politicized profiteers! Claiming private property, possesions, belonging solely, to our Occupyeering organic dark shaded, toned-tanned-tinted skinned Africans. Melaninated members along with indigenous, inhabitants; as mutated membranes commonly called albinos. Exclusively, Kenyans!

Therefore, y’all know that the title and name Harambee, has been hijacked, by predatory parasitic pirates, all black flag foolish fakers, skull and crossbones criminal crooks, wheeler dealer con men and women of wicked witchcrafts, and as raging werewolves hiding hideously in innocent looking lamps clothing, shy sheep’s woolly hair, and surreptitiously sneaking around snakelike serpents, stealing Satanists. Who has no conscience about their habitual taking what lawfully, legally, constitutionally belong to our poorest and most impoverished people in Africa.

REVEALING: Capitalizing corruptions as asinine ass axis of evil enemy energy entities. All that they can think of is themselves, how much money that can trick other naïve and gullible ‘African American Blacks‘, to give financial funds, economic support, and be compassionately charitable with donations into their profiteering bank accounts. Therefore yawls, be informed, admonished, cautioned and warned: BEWARE!

Meanwhile I Have personally summoned some seriously severe sentencing, divinely decreed devil damnations, concurring curses, and has SPIRITIOUSLY, blocked off and out all possible-potential, better beneficial bestowed blessings. They shall surely see no positive progress, improving in their endeavors, talk radio shows, broadcasts, business dealings, nor any other successful achievements. Especially those who exists like this theivery, online over the Internet’s World Wide Web in several number; and you are to use your search engines to locate them. And be an eyewitness, thus you  may testify against all adversaries of Africa’s Kenyans.

So  solenmly see these truths totally told via CKNWCA.  And, as I AM, courageously counter-combating them in a consuming competitive commission calling Cause of Class Action. Avenger Avator AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, is a brave and bold Warrior + Valiant Victor; winner who is very much in knowledge about these things. They each, and every one of them are thoroughly investigated, observed; watched, and are on official listings; and they…no personal names given herein; this report. Howsoever, they have only one other opportune option. And that is to truthfully, repent, with righteous regrets and real remorse. Justly and rightly give credit, recognition and honor with it is dutifully due. Or else…! What’s Up?

And not until these thuggish thieves and treacherous tricksters, learn how imperative, and of paramount importance, it always is, to be original, creative and unique. Never glibly, on the sly fox cool, contrive to use somebody else‘s name, identity, title, logo, trade mark, in efforts to advance themselves, and to promote their politicized-racializedt agendas, whatsoever, they might be?!

Furthermore so, y’all know how that nobody, baring none, automatically receives a ritual right of passage, past my mastermind melanin militia, Up Top Spiritious sacred secret security One has to honestly earn their personalized PASS__ Period.

1. Africarambees_pt1_ses_1A_voc_mass (10:42) mp3

2. Africarambees_pt1_ses_2B_voc_mas (9:21) mp3

3. Africarambees_pt1_ses_3C_voc_mas (9:12)  mp3

4. Africarambees_pt1_ses_4D_voc_mas (10:24) mp3

5. Africarambees_pt1_ses_5E_voc_mas (10:36) mp3

KNOW Now Today: That the truer African leaderships are being assassinated, murdered, serially killed off, one by one. In airplane crashes, poisonous pharmaceutical pills, polluted prescriptions by profiteering physicians. As they pick and prop up various villainous proxies, presidential political pundits, to do their Westernized, Europeanized Americanized Anglo underhanded capitalist corruptions.

After all revolutionary militant minded men are killed, then, they allow their criminal colonizing CaucAsian Caucasoid creatures in to raid-rob-rape, rip off the African countries clean cultures, rare rich royal resources. And they also establish themselves as fraudulent leaders, kings and queens, who will wantonly turn a colorblind eye and a death ear to what invading, intruding, intervening Europeans & Euro-American Anglos are demonically doing.

Also give permission to fake brothers and sisters as sellout stooges; posing as all black, this that or the other fraud in fact lies of leading liars. Internationally abusing and misusing the title name Harambee!

Be not misled nor devilishly deceived. Divest yourselves of all criminal corruption, cease aiding and abetting oppression of the suffering societies of Kenya’s Africoidians. Thus to truly save your own solar sexus souls, businesses, entrepreneurial enterprises, and economic incomes, and financial fitness = $$$