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U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama Abraham Lincoln + Son of SUNGODD DEITY AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD + COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts Atom Amen-Ra Z-Blac-Keyz Z-BlackRayz. Divine Decreed Deliberation + Dependence Declaration Day. Freederation Full fledged financial freedom = setting enslaved captives free unto the perfect law of liberty 2015!

January 24, 2015

animation8-colorking-rotate_ASUNGODD GENERATOR Geo-Genoblests vs Globalists, GlobalWorldNations vs Globalization: Saving Solar Sexus Souls. They’re Love Life Light Locks + The FREEDERATES, feeding food to freed fellow countrymen and countrywomen. Those that are financially free from faulty foundation funding, from the International Monetary Fund = IMF  Fully free from the Federal Treasury printing up any amount of dollars it desires. Free from the International World Banks.
anima blue_and_brownNeeded Nobles who saves genes, genesis gifts of grace! Everybody is saying sovereignty, separate into singles, sections, stratified STATUTES. While Alex Jones show says, “secede” from the Unionist Federal U.S. Government; herein, the redneck racist State of Texas! What do yawls say? Are We’s & Us’s already divided, segregated? Who always has refused to unite with ‘African American Blacks & Browns, Redbones & high Yellows’?


THE STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS: “Ya know, just over a decade ago, I gave a speech in Boston where I said there were no liberal America or conservative America; Black America or White America; but a United States of America!!!” Professed U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, on Tuesday, January 20, 2015… 8:00 pm CST. San Antonio, Texas. 

Detrimentally Distracted: Are all Americans, the collective citizenry, is constantly bombarded by bogus beliefs. This “Black victim” and “White cop” killers. “Black Lives Matters” meaninglessness mess. Yet it is the overall in general petty police patrols, officers offending others of our origins. They’re all militaristic mad men, trained to shoot and kill civilians – citizens herein the USA. There’s no; “Black America or White America”; professed U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, The State of the Union Address, Wed. Jan. 20, 2015…8:00pm. Period.

“RACISM” & TERRORISM: Are one in the same, synonymous similar to the terrorist tyrants, Sociopath Slavers Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes. Simply said: “White Supremacist – Sadists – Sexists – Satanists!!!

CKNWCA: Defines what a terroristic threat is to We’s & Us’s. And do not need to wait on Euro-Anglo-Americans, to decide what realities means in our view. Some say that we have to change our language and I say that the twisted terminology, that far too many of us often use, is self-destructive and detrimental to telling the total truths 100%+. Therefore, that true change starts within us, from on the inside of our operating minds. And nothing outside of our bright brilliant brains!

YES: There is no letting up on the persistent protesters. Those American citizens; of each-every Ethnicity, who are sick and tired and fed up with the entire evil Eu-Rope-an empire. They intend to stop the Slavers  Satanic Sociopath System and sink it successfully. Seeing it submerged!

The demonstrators are marching on Washington, DC, Capitol Hill. Demanding that the Oval Office of the United States President Barack Hussein Obama, force the prejudice Patty police and crazy CauCrazian criminal cops, from further violating the Human Rights and Civil Rights of Aboriginal Africoidians, Afro-African-Americans, Afrindians, Amerindians – Afrasians and as; I am Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1.
Nevertheless, there’re those thinking that this is going to simply just blow over, and die out sooner or later. Butt, this is it, and the happy Honky dory go lucky lackluster leaders, are actually lost losers. Not realizing that today, a compelling cosmic creative chemistry and conscientious circuitry of circumstances and concurrent civic conditions, are consummately cognizant, commanding complete climatic charged changes!!!
The Boastful Banking Bully Boys & Big Brother’s bottom-baseline, is being bankrupt broken back down to the; national nitty gritty grassroots grounds of gangrene grotesque growths!
TRULY: The biggest business will not be as usual; butt, unusual. Certain citizens blatantly blocked off from reaching their jobs, employment enterprises. They aren’t able to even enter the building being burned, bombarded by renegade rouge revolutionary rebels. They’re trying to strangle and choke the barbaric behaving beast, they same way that it did them; as helpless and defenseless Africans in America! (“This is not a white and black problem!’) This all about how humans are being held hostages, inside Hades hell holes of hideously hostile hatred of holistically healthy humanoids:


“Protesters flood California highway, throw rocks, bottles at officers, police say”

“By Holly Yan and Joe Sutton, CNN updated 10:04 AM EST, Mon December 8, 2014 (CNN) — From the streets of California to the stores of New York City, protesters are making sure no one forgets the case of Eric Garner. But some are doing so more violently than others. Demonstrators flooded a highway in Oakland, California, late Sunday night, prompting a heated standoff in the freeway between protesters and the California Highway Patrol. Some threw explosives, bottles and rocks at officers, authorities said. Highway Patrol Sgt. Diana McDermott said it wasn’t clear what type of explosives were thrown, but she said some in the crowd had Molotov cocktails and M-80 firecrackers.” 
“Another California freeway shut down as ‘Week of Outrage’ gets under way By Holly Yan and Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN updated 11:22 AM EST, Tue December 9, 2014″(CNN) — It’s become a nightly ritual. When dusk descends, so do they — by the hundreds, in cities coast to coast. And the protests over police brutality after recent deaths of unarmed black men might only intensify. Organizers are calling this week a “Week of Outrage,” culminating in massive demonstrations planned for Saturday in New York and Washington. Eric Garner Jr., the son of the man who died after a New York police officer held him in a chokehold, said he was proud of how protesters are carrying on. “It made me feel proud because I don’t have to share this moment by myself and my family,” the son told CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront.” 
US PRESIDENT OBAMA Brown Brother: “What I told the young people who I met with — we’re going to have more conversations over the coming months — is, ‘This isn’t something that is going to be solved overnight,’ Obama said in an interview with BET. ” ‘This is something that is deeply rooted in our society. It’s deeply rooted in our history.’ “

Check out:

EXECUTIVE ORDER:National Emergency – US President Baraack Hussein Obama Oval Officer Commander In Chief!!!

Today, Thursday, December 4, 2014…10:28 pm
YES: The Executive Officer’s Orders: Fighting fearlessly for full fledged freedom; from asinine a-s-s angry-Aryan-Angloidian-America. As an Americanized Aboriginal Africoidian. Availing All Alpha-Alkebulan-AfricAspora!!!

“I’m half black and I’m half white”; “mutts like me.” “I gave the order”; “We have a responsibility to act”; it’s a “humanitarian mission”. ‘This time it won’t be like before’ basically because, ‘I as United States President has a vested interest’ in freeing My melanin membrane members. People of Cosmetic Coloration Complexions!!!
I AM A Master Mind Melanin Messiah; A+ Son of SOLARSUN Server Savior. Strategically Saving Sovereign Solar Sexus Souls. Safely – Securely – Sacredly!
Obam-Abraham Lincoln-Liberty = Long-lasting Lords Love Life Light Locks. Executor’s Emancipation Proclamation + Prioritized Promocracy vs  Democracy Dictators Demonocracy!!
Brave Brown brother Barack; He’s a native natural fact; And not the color blind black; Superficial surface skin sunshine slack; As an African-American actualizing act.__

Here he comes riding his palomino pony white and brown; As if Tonto? through the terrorized Trigger town; And not the Lone-Ranger roaming round renown; Who is this unmasked man coming down; From up on high is he some cloud seeded clown; The ONE to force “The White Terrorist Dominators” destructively drown; Co-creating clean cultured capital cash currency crown.__

Executive Order National Emergency The U.S. Federal Government Mandate complete controls over each-every Sociopath Satanic Slave State of America!!!

Rapine ‘Racist” renegade rouge Reptilian Race of ruthless robbers, raping raiders. And as a collective citizenry, gun packing prejudiced patrol police Patties, predatory pink pigmented ‘pale faces’. They have foolishly fail to control themselves, thus therefore, they as a Mandated Must, be completely controlled. (‘To save The Union’ = USA? Or else, ‘a great falling falling away’ = Emerging Exodus End Time Days of Reckoning; Trials & Tribulations are now beckoning?!)

BUTT: Better beneficially born blessed; by bestowed baby birth of our one only optimized; USAA+ PROMISED LANDS = The Unified Statutes of America + Africa.
Curfew containment controlling; instead of petty predatory police patrolling. ‘A cage for every file – hateful – deceitful bird.’

Divine Decreed Deliberated Demands, Demarcations, Deified Declarations. Duly Devil Damnation; Demonic Destruction – Desolation.
Commander Chief Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR: Commands Citywide – Countywide – Countrywide, Cross-continental corals; concentration compounds-civic camps, correctional cell centers. Coming consummately cultured cleansed – criminal corruption cured!

After Aboriginal Africoidians are hanged high, lynched and Nationalist Negroidians necks noose-d, then they try to tell We’s & Us’s how to reply – respond – react! Thus to faithfully follow their guidelines and ruthless Roman rule of law. Yet these Caucasus cave crawling cannibalistic cold climate Caucasoidan creatures, CauCrazians are lawless – unlawful, uncivilized and unholy!!!

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, may have signed The Emancipation Proclamation, butt, he never Ratified nor actually Freed any African slaves and entrapped – enslaved Am-e-ri-cans and as AmeriAfrindians! Lets be quite crystal clear on this truth! OK Y’all?

Twenty First Century, Modern Day Underground, Legalized Slave Trade Market & Jailhouse Prisoner Corruption Racket. Evil enemy Euro-Americans inordinately investing into, inside, Their Prison Industrial Complex!!
Mad monster men’s; mass marketing money making melaninated membrane members. Invidious insidious institutionalized incarceration – imprisonment via insane inhuman, human trafficking and kidnappings and killings!!
Politically prostituting poisonous pharmaceutical prescription pills, polluted policy pushing pimp physicians. Profiteer Practitioners Pharmacides & Genocide’s!!

Psychopaths politically plotting + picking on our youngest school children, giving them psychotropic drugs, cancer causing chemicals = criminalizing concoctions called clinical cures. Forcing parents to have their kids inoculated – injected with vicious vaccine viruses violating humanity-humankind. Purposely producing psychotic and or psychopathic personalities, perpetrating + perpetuating personalized problems. Poisoning the public people’s planetary populations!

UN; The United Nations & International Community: as I’ve imagined and envisioned; are arming all Africans ‘n America. As Africarmor Arthiest Actionaries – armories – artillery – arteries!!!

Seeing how a significant number of Africans ‘n America, alleged and assumed as; “Black Americans”; went before the UN Councils – Conferences – Commissions-Charters – Courts, filing Human Rights Violations against the States & US Federal Government.
Particularly, political prisoners of Color being tormented – tortured – tender tissues traumatized – terrorized!

Leveraging Learned Leadership Lessons: The UN can fly in cargo planes and equipment and more military machinery. ‘A Humanitarian Mission’. Donating dump-trucks, cement trucks, technologies, computers communications commands, airspace satellites stations-systems. Inclusively, all tactical types of gear, protective suits, head-helmets, bullet proof vests, combat boots – shock shields, stun-guns, tasers, tear gas canister and masks. Armored vehicles, tanks as need be. Every thing that the Ku Klux Klan killers, Aryan-Anglo-Americans, Skin-Heads, Neo-Nazis, have, We’s & Us’s are armed also!

Urban-Race-Riots & Civil War; America at Guerrilla War. Concurrently counting down to Armageddon’s Prophetic Holy World War III = 3; A benefit blessing in surreptitious disguise, to st the entrapped – enslaved captive free, unto the perfect law of liberty!
Native Natural Nationalized NATINDIAN; Indigenous Inhabiting Indians; human rights = HueMainRights. To have – hold, own – organize – officially operated our own organic organisms. Bio-bodily beings.
Totally set free from each – every evil enemy energy entity = Ebola Engineering Eugenicist Eu-Rope-ans = evilly evolved Europeans of Europe & early Eurasians of Eurasia!!

YES: Westernized world warmongers, werewolves – warlocks – warlords – wizards, wicked witchcraft WhitTie whip Cracker CauCrazians – cowardice Caucasoidian Cro-Magnon crossbred citizens. Crazy capitalist – colonialist corrupted criminals, crooked cops. Devilish demonic DNA Codes cursing criminality!

Nationally: Never to be confused nor mistaken for our; Clean Cultured CaucAsian citizenry. Approx. about 10% to 12% Saved – Redeemed & Divinely Decreed Delivered!
And also approx. about 88% to 90%; (Hitler’s humanity haters) are as asinine a-s-s angry Aryan-Angloidian-Americans, (Adolph’s) antagonist adversaries and alien agencies. Always acting against ascendant Aboriginal Africoidians, Afro-African-Americans, Afrindians – Amerindians – Afrasians and as I Am Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1 via JESUSTICE1 Justice Judgment!!!

Spiritually + Soulfully – Mentally – Physically: counter-combating, internalized injurious injustice! Justice and not Jesus; in which, never – ever existed herein; “White America”! Mutant militaristic; invaders – rapine raping raiders, ruthless robbers, and obscene-offensive occupiers!!               
Negative nasty naughty nose Nationalized Neanderthal Neo-Nazis NATO. Evil enemy entities = Ebola engineering eugenicist Eu-Rope-ans = evilly evolved Europeans of Europe & Eurasia! Executioners!!!
Howsoever: They’re hideously hostile – hysterical and hate healthy humanity-humankind = Hue-Mainity – HueMainKind; and of the HueMain-Rayz; Unified under one HueMainLaw!!!
Therefore frightfully fearing for their own lives, by the simple sight, seeing somebody born biologically blessed, big and bold and brave Brothers. Who artificially appear to be bluish-blackish, basic brown; redbone and high-yellow. Superficial surface skin shades, tissue tones – tans – tints too! Ref.
Thank yawls very kindly from the kindhearted kinky KING of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts:
PS: “Free At Last” Full fledged financial funded fearlessly fought for freedom! “MONEY MASTER THE GAME” (A.T. Robbins 2014)
WEXZ & USXZ Wants & Wills; Ten percent to Twelve percent of the USA’s WEALTH = $$$100%+ RARE ROYAL RICHES – RIGHTEOUS RESOURCES. Four Hundred Years of Slavery: “Let My People Go”; or else, Divine Decreed Devil Damnation; Declaration-Destruction-Desolation!!!


YES: There is no letting up on the persistent protesters. Those American citizens; of each-every Ethnicity, who are sick and tired and fed up with the entire evil Eu-Rope-an empire. They intend to stop the Slavers  Satanic Sociopath System and sink it successfully. Seeing it submerged!

The demonstrators are marching on Washington, DC, Capitol Hill. Demanding that the Oval Office of the United States President Barack Hussein Obama, force the prejudice Patty police and crazy CauCrazian criminal cops, from further violating the Human Rights and Civil Rights of Aboriginal Africoidians, Afro-African-Americans, Afrindians, Amerindians – Afrasians and as; I am Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1.
Nevertheless, there’re those thinking that this is going to simply just blow over, and die out sooner or later. Butt, this is it, and the happy Honky dory go lucky lackluster leaders, are actually lost losers. Not realizing that today, a compelling cosmic creative chemistry and conscientious circuitry of circumstances and concurrent civic conditions, are consummately cognizant, commanding complete climatic charged changes!!!
The Boastful Banking Bully Boys & Big Brother’s bottom-baseline, is being bankrupt broken back down to the; national nitty gritty grassroots grounds of gangrene grotesque growths!
TRULY: The biggest business will not be as usual; butt, unusual. Certain citizens blatantly blocked off from reaching their jobs, employment enterprises. They aren’t able to even enter the building being burned, bombarded by renegade rouge revolutionary rebels. They’re trying to strangle and choke the barbaric behaving beast, they same way that it did them; as helpless and defenseless Africans in America! (“This is not a white and black problem!’) This all about how humans are being held hostages, inside Hades hell holes of hideously hostile hatred of holistically healthy humanoids:

The Declaration of Independence” Day 4th of July, means nothing more than having a big BBQ cookout. Fine and dandy, so be it. And these sick Southerners, Texas redneck racists, realize today that they are; also, captive slaves to the same sinister System SATAN, as all other ethnicities of melanin coloration complexions. ‘Poor white trash’; impoverished peckerwoods, “Crackers”; Honkies, Patties and “New World Order” N…words!!!
They have no sovereignty nor serenity. I often hear talk radio show host Mr. Alex Jones, proclaiming that The State of Texas should “secede” from the Union = U.S. Federal Government. “Take back our country”; Constitution of their ‘Founding Fathers’, etc. And I vehemently ask, really?
AfricAsporAgenda: Americanized Africoidians, Afrindians have no founding fathers, nor legitimate Constitution, herein these dis-United States of Anglo-America Al Qaeda. Angry antagonist adversaries, alien agents.

What Declaration of Independence for Wexz & Usxz? So let our minds militarize melanin media, methodical messiah mental models making more meaningful sense, soundness, saneness. Dependence Day Divinely Decreed, Declared Deliberated & Deified!!!

OBAMABRAHAM Lincolnocks + Africancipation Promoclaration vs. Emancipation Proclamation & Declaration: undresses, unclothe, disrobes the USA’s masquerading rapists and ratified racists and robbers, radical renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religions. Sovereign Suppremacist Secessionists, 99, 000 in Texas filed petitions to withdraw, pull out of the Federal Union. Butt without the dark shaded skinned slaves, who will serve submissively to these terrorist TEXANS?  Who well feed them, after our official Occupyneers MitiAfrica, take over the farm lands that they took from the Negroe, Blacks & Browns and good Colored People? Surely these historical redneck racist religious reptilians are simply going to be forced to do without. Yes sink into poverty’s poor dooms day! Stave to death?!


“Being A Cop In St. Louis Showed This Man How Racist The Police Really Are” “For Redditt Hudson, the reason behind the calamity in Ferguson, Missouri and the surrounding area is nothing new. Hudson — who served for five years as a cop in nearby St. Louis — said in a HuffPost Live interview Monday that his time on the force showed him how discriminatory the police can be.

Hudson, now a board chair for the Ethics Project, told host Marc Lamont Hill that the best chance the police in St. Louis, and around the country, have to undergo reform is now, with the criticisms and changes coming from the inside.

“I think we have the best chance, or an excellent chance, to further the movement that you’ve seen grow out of Ferguson and New York and other places by giving our voices, that cannot easily be discounted. Because the police like to say, ‘Well, man, you don’t know what I have to deal with. You don’t know what my training is. You don’t know what I’ve faced in a given moment,'” Hudson said. “I’ve been shot at enforcing laws in this state. I sat next to you in the academy class. I know that you don’t police in this community the same way you can police in other communities.

“In Ferguson, when you talk about righteous rage, what I think many Americans are finally coming to understand is something that we’ve known for generations,” Hudson said.”

Promocracy_color neg image

anima StormWicked Witchcraft WhitTie Whip Crackers Captivated Africans of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trades, were and still are forced into inordinate independence, and a civil right to pay the prices for food and shelter that has proven to be unaffordable. Even the independent commercialized bottled waters, claiming to be “purified water”; is contaminated with corrupted fraud in fact lies of leading liars. Containing chemical concoctions too!  So therefore, it is wisers, smarter to be Dependent on them being made to clean it up,  sweep and mop up the toxic wastes, from the airways and waterways and land masses. Nobody can afford to think independently of these truer necessities of HueMainKind Life!

Certainly centuries of mis-eduction, disinformation is being dismantled, under the Africoidian Americaized U.S. President Barack Huessein Obamas’s Administration Abraham Lincoln. Oval Office Capitol Hill Washington, D.C. Commander In Chief of the Pentagon!

STANDARDIZED IMAGE: His physical-biological bodily browned image, is our optimized, orgasmic, opioid, objective Occupyeers organic-organism. Melanin Mastermind Messiah Mental Model-Media. Superficial skin color, artificial appearance, epidermal pigmentation, speaks for itself. An ObamAbraham reflection of currency changes, climatic conditions changing circuit charges. Here to set the enslaved captives free unto the perfect law of liberty!? Yes The Freederation + Feederation!!
The full story book blog  is posted at:

As ancient Africoidian Olmecs of Olmecca, who are authentic Arthiest AmeriAfrindians, native-natural indigenous inhabitants, called Indians in English language wording, are also We’s & Us’s. Those who left our original creative artworks as positive proofs, efficient-effectual evidence existing right now today. And as the name America came into being known on the geographical map; so be it, fine and dandy!

Nevertheless the slavers are now themselves slaves. And, this entire empire of Eu-Rope-an blood sucking vampires, is hatefully held hostages in bondage by bias bogus bigots, hatemonger hypocrites, and racist renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religion.  A reflective reality of what they concocted. The truest Slave Master of all HueMainity, living upon the planetary sphere earth. A METAL VIRONXZ, Psychogen = “mental virus”; infecting, infesting the gene-pool, contaminating our originating blood lines and clean cultured cells, melanin membranes and corrupting our bright brilliant brains. Due to duping, bribing, brainwashing! They forced their bad blood line and degenerating genes upon We’s & Us’s!!

Unknowingly or  knowingly, unintentionally or intentionally, unwittingly or wittingly, The United States President Barack Hussein Obama-Abraham Lincoln; is the reincarnation, rebirth, reborn benefit blessing bestowed biological bodily being: Multiplex-Rayzial-reality. An A+ Son of SUNGODD DEITY, as well as I AM  The Original Creative ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Avatar Avenger via Arch Angel Ark Ankh Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra, of Z-Blac-Keyz and of Z-BlackRayz!!!
He do not necessarily; Know, all of these things in their truest sense. Howsoever, it is my job, courageous career comminssion calling cause, to reveal and to portray the pictures to yawls. PanorAfricAspora!
Ya see, crystal clear, how that Africans in America, z-blackxz, z-bluexz, z-brownxz, pigmented people are under violently vicious attacks. Adversarial assualts, while some senseless, soulless sisters, and so said ‘Black brothers’, still stay stuck stupidly, on these foreign invasions as dietary deceivers, demonic dietitians and nasty nose negative nutritionist Negras. Adopting an antagonist asinine ass alien agent, that in essence, is Anti-Africa. They embrace evil enemy energy entities, Eurasian-CaucAsian criminally corrupt culinary concepts and idiotic ideologies. Bringing them back inside the under-class communities of color complexions, claiming to be experts, authorities, university scholars, college educated ‘Negroes’! These are ya truest N…WORDS!!
Politicized profiteers vs Original Occupyneers. Attempting to dictate dietary dinner dishes; Veganism & Vegetarianism, to those of us who eat meats, animal flesh + fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, grains, dairy. Yes, doing so at liberty, generating, healthy holistic, healing humored happiness, as we please with genuine joy. Equals = SPIRITIOUS Solar Sexus SOUL FOOD DIVINE!
Albeit, better beneficially blessed, “Obama Care”, as I’ve envisioned and imagined, shall surely serve societies as a Savior. Finally feed the fallen flocks through what I have named to be, The USAA+PROMISED LANDS FEEDERATION!!! Equals = free food, full fledged financial freedom = $$$

Racist Eu-Rope-an WhitTie sociopath supremacy
Polarized Poem:

The main problem with humanity; Is Sociopath Supremacy Superiority insanity. Invidious insidious inhumanity_ A seriously severe sickness syndrome; Infecting indigenous inhabitants where over they roam; Messing up and down generational genetic-genome; Sinister societies of Satanists in Europe and the USA here at home._
Caucasian Caucasoid citizens commonly can call; Naming themselves as “Whites” being superiorly supreme above all; Effectually enslaving everybody who refused to install; Prejudiced personalities the throne of their imaginary “God” to enthrall; Drawing and paining portrait pictures to appall; Made in an angry Anglo-American image on a racist recall; Wicked witchcrafts whipping WhitTie walls; Hatemongers lynching hanging living humans they halls; Enslaved Africoidians in the Americas I say truthfully to y’all; To summon total destruction and their terrorist down fall.__
Black Superiority Supremacy, has historically to this present day, been paralleled paradigms, piecing political posteriors; to “White Supremacy”. These alleged and assumed “all Black” based beliefs, are regressive, regenerative religions and reactions to Renegade Rouge Reptilian Race Religion. Not real revolutionaries, butt, Reactionaries!

Meaningless militant mentalities, only fighting against other African Americans, Negroes, Colored People and N..words. Intentionally intimidating the most vulnerable, susceptible sectors of social settings, already sickened societies. The indigent, impoverished poor down trodden mass melaninated membrane members. So seriously severely subjected sufferers!


YES: “Thomas Jefferson (April 13, 1743 (April 2, 1743 O.S.) – July 4, 1826) was an American Founding Father, the principal author of the Declaration of Independence (1776) and the third President of the United States (1801–1809). At the beginning of the American Revolution, he served in the Continental Congress, representing Virginia and then served as a wartime Governor of Virginia (1779–1781). Just after the war ended, from mid-1784 Jefferson served as a diplomat, stationed in Paris. In May 1785, he became the United States Minister to France.”
RACIST: Thomas Jefferson said that “Blacks smelled bad and were physically unattractive”’ And openly proclaimed that the enslaved Negroidian of Africa; “Blacks” were “inferior” to the supremely “superior” Americanized Anglo Saxons. “Whites” Yet he had a 13yrs old African teenage girl as his sex slave, and at 16yrs old she was impregnated, got pregnant by him as his mistress. By today’s laws that’s a felony act, crime of Statutory Rape. What a contradictory crazed Caucasian male, and blatant bigot! He also said that we were requiring “less sleep” than others, to justify working his slaves unmercifully, even unto their timely deaths. No question he, just as his peers were inhumane and psychotically insane! Holistory Heritage Health pt5 .

YES EARNED HEROIC HONORABLE SALUTE: John Brown (May 9, 1800 – December 2, 1859) was an American abolitionist who believed armed insurrection was the only way to overthrow the institution of slavery in the United States.[1] During 1856 in Kansas, Brown commanded forces at the Battle of Black Jack and the Battle of Osawatomie.[1] Brown’s followers also killed five pro-slavery supporters at Pottawatomie.[1] In 1859, Brown led an unsuccessful raid on the federal armory at Harpers Ferry that ended with his capture.[1] Brown’s trial resulted in his conviction and a sentence of death by hanging.”

COURAGEOUS Caucasian Caucasoidian Character: “Brown’s attempt in 1859 to start a liberation movement among enslaved African Americans in Harpers Ferry, Virginia electrified the nation. He was tried for treason against the Commonwealth of Virginia, the murder of five men and inciting a slave insurrection. He was found guilty on all counts and was hanged. Southerners alleged that his rebellion was the tip of the abolitionist iceberg and represented the wishes of the Republican Party to end slavery. Historians agree that the Harpers Ferry raid in 1859 escalated tensions that, a year later, led to secession and the American Civil War.”
                                              DeiTrix DieTrix_colorDeoTrox DoeTrix_color ned image
your front designyour back design
The Alex Jones Show said: “Jesus said this”; alleging and assuming that he ever existed. He also has good intentions, colorblind foolish faith following faulty “Founding Fathers” fiction, fallacy fairytales, fraud in fact lies of leading lost liars!

Yes Chriyst is HorusHeart Divinity. “Jesus never lived as biblically believed as a bio-bodily being. Therefore are; “The Globalists” & “The New World Order” not trying to rid the planet of these religious racists? Are all of these Christians of Christianity, Islamic Muslims, Jewish Judaism worshipers, of the “Luciferians” “Sethians” and radicalized Reptilian Religion Race?

I profess that anybody still stuck stupidly blindly believing in a human bio-bodily being by the name “Jesus world2.gif Christ” as Lord & Savior & “God”; is actually feeble minded. Deserving of demonic death and  devilish destruction!  The very same Satinic Sociopahty that has historically and is still destroy human lives, today, all around our optical; GLOBAL WORLD NATIONS!
Wiped off of the surface of planetary sphere Mother Nature Earth and Her Healty Healing VegePlanTerRain. Purifying, purging, people’s psychological poisons, physiological pollution politics, perverse populations = continental containment controls = eliminations, executions, exterminations, extinctions = evil enemy Eu=Rope-an Eugenics!!
“Eve’s Bayou” dvd
Alex Jones also personally proclaimed online, today Monday, June 24, 2013… 1:45 pm, talking to a lady calling in to tell her story about some alleged: “Blacks”; young teenagers standing in front of her and family’s car. Stopping them from leaving, while calling them negative names of insulting sorts? She said they eventually drove off, as the youngsters through some rocks at them leaving, etc.  Surely she saved herself serious head aches, and troubles with the law. By getting the Hades hell flaming fires out of Dodge City. Simply putting some distance between her vehicle and those threatening or causing fears. Real or imagined!
Trigger happy hater hog head Alex went ballistic. Giving this “White Woman” blatantly bad advice and Satanist strong sinister suggestions. He loudly proclaimed “reverse racism”! Which is their own racism in and of itself!

In overreaction, Alex Jones said that if these “Blacks” had stood in front of his vehicle, that he would have ran/run over them! Which would have been first degree murders; under the Supreme Law of the Land. Warrenting The Death Penalty herein The State of Texas. The US Constitutional Rights of every citizen of America; to freedom of Speech, to express themselves, without his Terroristic Threats of committing homicides!
SUICIDAL: He went on to vehemently say; that if anybody threatens him or his family, wife and children, then he will not hesitate to shoot them dead! Apparently as accused, he and many other militia, are aiming their assault riffles at African Americans and people of coloration cosmetic complexions. FACT!

BUTT; here we are again with angry-Anglo-American Al Qaeda = WhitTie males militaristic mentalities. Firearms, weapons wicked witchcrafts, gun lover psychopath persons, prompting the United States Federal Government to disarm these terrorist tactical “Crackers”! Criminally crazy Caucasian Caucasoidians!

The gallant call of Calvary: Led by Courageous Commander Chief US. President Barack Hussein Obama Abraham Lincoln. And if in factual truth; Alex and his mad militia men want bloodly Urban Race Riots & Civil War; America At Guerrilla Warfare, then let the good games go; ‘bring it on’, commense the sporting events, so be it!
By the way, when an individual feels “threatened”; are they hysterically hateful, in the first place? Do they have mental problems such as fears and phobias of darker toned shaded Americans? Have so said “Whites” ever enslaved, entrapped, captured, tormented, tortured these mad youths herein the USA? Are the Anglo-American jails and prisons filled with innocent, non-violent Afrindians, Indigenous Inhabitant Indians, AmeriAfrindians today?

YAWLS DECIDE: Should Alex Jones come up or come down?!

Peregrine Poem:

Beware that false leaders will always attempt; To tell y’all that their religious ministers are equally exempt._ From public scrutiny seafaring shrimps; Political pollution poisons pushing prostitute physician pimps; To get you to accept their legal legged limps; With whining wicked witchcraft WhiTie wimps._Prosonxz_color
Terroristic Threats are thrown out at weaker brothers and soulful sisters by the arrogantly ambitious aggressors, evil enemy energy entity egoists. Using high volume vulgarity, fear inducing profanity, ugly worded obscenity. In high hopes of influencing or forcing them to join one of their “Black Liberation” alleged armies of asinine asses. Making people of cosmetic coloration complexions, frightfully fearful of not naming themselves as being bio-bodily “Black”! So yawls better BEWARE!

Priosnxz_color neg image

Polarity Poem:

Yes I’ve made my distinction between truths and lies; The Whitexz opposing the wicked witch whipping WhitTies._ Those who I’ve deemed decreed divinely do dies; Due to the rapid increasing hot-heat that fatally fries; Cream colored cosmetic complexioned citizens cancer cells cries.__
Corrosive corruptions is infecting infesting the Federal – State and local levels. Continental and countrywide contaminations, circulated all around the nation and worldwide. Inclusively infiltrating the complete community citizenry, county and city. The filthy rich, wealthy and impoverished poor!
Those who have hoarded up lots of gold, anticipating on the collapsed U.S. dollar and financial foundations…, are in for a wide awakening weather wrath. It would be unfair to those of us without gold owned, so we are preparing authentic artworks as a supportive supplement security and digitized dollar. Capital Cash Currency collateral backing banking bills.

Overall and in general and an aggregate whole, collective group, the Americanized Anglo-Saxons of the USA, States and Federal Government, fail fatally on all political promises, promissory notes, and refused to govern, themselves by the established, legislated laws, rules and regulations. Especially, expressly as it concerns and pertains to Africans in the America United States.

The U.S. Treasury, International Monetary Fund, World Bank bogus bond._ Financial Institutions created creditable, believable debts; Misfortune for themselves terroristic threats._ And the so said Euro-White people. Direly desperate for their thieving terrorist survival satanist steeple, They colluded in contrived coalition conspiracy to keep economics unequal._ Devilishly decided to formulate alien agent almameda; An evil Eu-Eope-an Anglo-American Al Qaeda; To legally and lawfully enslave Africans of America._ AmeriAfindians living upon the North American continent; Systemic systematic slavery silently sent._


Via the Prison Industrial Complex; Criminalized compound concentration camps convex._ A Modern Day Underground Legalized Slave Trade Market; And Jailhouse Prisoner Corruption Racket!!!
Yes the Criminal Justice System of injustice Rayzially profiled against Americanized Africans; is also, linked, connected, locked up with Wall Street Stock Markets; Stockholders, Corporate conglomerate corruptions, criminalities and countrywide crooks.
In fact of reality, I have actual Legal Documentations Stating the replies, responses to several of my respectful request, for a full Federal Bureau Investigation of the high incarceration ratio-rates of Africans in America. I wrote the United States Attorney General Office, and Civil Rights Division repeatedly. And they claimed that my Constitutional Case did not meet their criteria, which requires the rights violations to be: ‘A Widespread Practice And Flagrant Pattern”!
Nevertheless, and I kept informing them that this is exactly what was taking place, from county to city cross-country of the USA. Sending them specific and strictly discipline evidential proofs. And they persisted to deny our petitions, ignored our written letters thus denying justice to the falsely accused, wrongfully arrested, unlawfully detained, illegally incarcerated, indicted, forced confessions of criminal guilt in coercive plea bargain agreements, framed convictions and pretentious prison sentences. Occurring from the early-mid 1990s until this very same date: Tuesday, May 28, 2013…3:59 pm. San Antonio, Texas timeline.

HADES Hell flaming forest fires NO, I will never forgive them, give these racist criminals a Pass, nor their terrorist system of the sinister snake serpent SATAN! Period.

“ACT NOW TO STOP WAR AND END RACISM” = A.N.S.W.E.R.: NYC fast-food workers in historic fight for unionization. Tell President Obama: Insist that Congress raise the minimum wage to $15! Tell friends, family and co-workers to take action!

New York City fast-food workers rally, 11-29-2012

“Today, hundreds of fast-food workers across New York City made history when they boldly decided to strike and protest the mega-billion dollar corporations that employ them. They demanded respect, their right to organize, and an end to poverty wages, which cannot even cover the basic necessities of life.”

butt ass-3BUTT Appropriately Appeal vs Protest & Demon-strate: Positive Plus+ they also have a right to self-respect by owning their business enterprises, entrepreneurial industries, just like the heroic Honored Marcus Mossiah Garvey, and other self-loving Africoidians emphasized and illustrated by actually doing! And CK-NWCA, is an equal opportunity to start small and grow large ownership. Artworks. So who’s responsible for “Blacks”; “Negroes” going so far astray?
“While the CEOs and investors take in billions, food-service workers are all too often sleeping in shelters and relying on social services to feed their children.” I say that’s true to some extent, butt, believe my telling y’all that by keeping on raising the salaries of lower, middle, upper class citizens, effectually equals economic Inflation!
0d7e2d2672034b08The more money made, minimum wage raises, the more the cost of living goes upwards, the food prices increases respectively-resulting in a constant cycle, Capital Cash Currency clash-collision-crash. Devalued Dollar bills and bankruptcy. People are simply greedy, glutonous, never getting enough. And the finalizing fatality is required to force them to Stop-Point-Blank-Period. The system has reached its pressure points, and is about to explode and implode!!
WHAT’S NEW? “The company takes advantage of their workers’
 vulnerability by threatening them with replacement if they dare to speak back or organize. Workers have already been illegally fired in NYC for having had the courage to try to collectively organize with their co-workers – a legally protected right.”
And I say in these helpless-defenseless cases, shut the hell up, be quiet, save ya money, live within your monetary means, lay-low, until a better day. Why keep getting all emotionally upset, argry, madly insane, when one only has to get even and go ahead on upwards as Africa’s Ascendants. This is wisdom! Besides, ‘Obama care’ covers your survival and nothing else!

THINK: Meanwhile you are on welfare-food stamps, SNAP, jobless-unemployed, learn how valuable it is to study to show yourself approved unto your Cosmic CREATOR. Teach yourselves how to learn, new lessons, art forms, that pays off handsomely in the present and future. Stay at home and develope your native-natural gifts of grace, truer talents. Utilize your time laid off, fired from work, to uplift other organic options, pursue positive purposes to produce profits fairly, honestly and culturally cleansed!

Since African Americans are being portrayed up-front, Blackface, on these news reports, it grossly distrorts reality, that there are all types of skin colors, RAYZIAL complexions, ethnic groups working in the fast food industires. And therefore, Wexz & Usxz are no longer the captive slaves trying to save everybody else, so called “minorities” = minors. And has grown up to mature adults, who have learned lessons, that self-sufficiency solves these discriminatory paycheck problems. Period.
                                                       New York City fast-food workers rally, 11-29-2012New York City fast-food workers rally, 11-29-2012New York City fast-food workers rally, 11-29-2012
I AM Son of SUNGODD DEITY, our officiating Guide Arm Barrier, and I vehemently profess, that these good intentioned ‘African American Blacks’, are out of regimented ranks. No truthful leaderships nor Divinely Decreed Guidance & Direction; expressly, by COLOR KINGDOM NWCA. Has been led remotely astray, to think or believe that anybody cares about their personal problems; infirmities, shortcomings. Pull ya selves up by your own bootstraps, shoe strings, belts, neck ties!
Basically because they don’t care and are not compassionately concerned. Politically propagandized public people,minds are polluted, poisoned and are desensitized, don’t feel sorry for subjected victims, whatsoever, in the minutest least. So grow up!  Cease being cry badies. Be grateful for what little ya do have and no longer worry about that in which you are without. Tuff love it out and in and what’s up?!
Y’all Know now, that the overall in general slave masters ship sinks with everyone else aboard. So learn how to swme to safety or drown or die trying! Equals =  STRUGGLE & STRIVE + SURVIVE!!!
Painting Poem:
To the enlighten: Nothing seems to frighten._ The mind of our delighted; Sparkling sunspots sovereignty lighted; Every dull mentality blighted._ Uplifting the spirit so sensibly sighted; Seeing is believing internally unsighted; Future fortunes friendly invited.__
RELIGIOSITIES, are all regressive, recessive, repressive. Technically considered to be junk, garbage, dirty dumps, terrestrial territorial tissue trash. Collectively citizenries that has allowed themselves to stay stupidly stuck, on westernized wicked WhitTie witchcrafts, are also being targeted for an acute continental cleansing, circumstantial compelling cure!

TALENTED TECHNOLOGIES: taking time to take over orderly operations, conscious communications. Citizens continents containment controls, is a mandated must. Religions in their every conceivable conjured concoctions, causes corrosive cancers, criminal corruptions. Hold hostage humankind, to falsified, fraud in fact lies of leading lost liars!
WEXZ & USXZ: KNOW vs. Believe, in the cosmologies, technologies, of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. Perfectly paralleling “The New World Order”!



“I Feel The Angel of Death Flying Over My Head!” (Alex Jones 6-26-2013…2:16 pm)

ALEX JONES SHOW: He sells some seriously severe Satanic stuff. Frightful fears facing humanity due to technologies. His takes on this subject is negative, adversely antagonistic against advancing and ascending Arthiest Actionaries.

Everything and everybody is involved with tyranny, tactical techniques in tormenting tortures. Howsoever, he has his positive points too. Butt, technologies, started back in ancient ancestral All Alpha-Alkebulan Africa. And somebody, a western Eu-Rope-an “White” male or man or men, who looks just like he does, are the sole ones perverting the sciences. If it’s not one of them, then it’s the others! Commonly called Caucasian Caucasoidians!
Meanwhile We’s & Us’s are moving on farwards and upwards, artfully applying technological talent tools to tell the total truths 100%+. In spite of sinister scientists, sorcerers, sneaky stealthy snake serpents of the systemic system SATAN!


NO No no, Wexz & Usxz will not disarm ourselves, until there is MitiAfrica installed, instituted, incorporated inside our Occupyneers Africanized American communities, inner-city urban neighborhoods. The existing State Laws prohibiting possession of firearms, does not have Africoidians in America, best interests at heart. Regardless of the influx of arms inside impoverished-poor neighborhoods. Designed destruction, engineered homicides, murders, bloody killings = “Black on Black Crime & Violence”. Due to invidious- insidious Institutionalized Racism!

Nevertheless, nobody in their right melaninated minds can afford to trust the Ku Klux Klan mentalities, menacing mean mindsets; often in local city-county cops, petty police patrols, law enforcement uniforms and strapped plain cloths, undercover racists, wicked witchcraft WhitTie Sociopath Supremacist Sheriffs & Corrupt Chiefs!!

Howsoever, I Am not an advocate of packing handguns, open-concealed weapons, legally or illegally. Not for the community cops nor for the citizens. Everybody is to be disarmed of pistols gunpowder firearms, all together; baring none!

Only Officially Ordained Military Men; Weaponized & Authorized Actionaries; of The FREEDERATION. Instead of The Federation Unionists U.S. Government. Which has earned an adversarial, antagonist reputation, record of oppression – repression – depression, of Civil Rights & HueMainRights!

Riffles, assault semi-automatic and automatic are strictly, and specifically permitted – possessed by the above stated strategic STATUTES, military machine might. Every district, zone, ethnic-racial community, has its own Occupyneering military police force, reflecting their individual skin coloration, common complexions. As an aggregate whole!

Moreover, the general overall citizenries can buy, keep, have at home in their private possessions, air guns, standard sizes such specifics as bb = pellet pistols of this caliber. Enough to ward off an attacker without excessive force, unnecessarily overpowering an intruder – trespasser – transgressor. No so called rubber bullets operated by gunpowder!

YES: It is good riddance that the middle class and upper class are being “taxed into oblivion”! Basically because, they, collectively, are irresponsible, in that the impoverished poor down trodden mass members are actually oppressed-repressed-depressed, by them, prejudiced people, Held hostages in Hades hell fires of financial confinement, controls without enough capital cash currency = ‘phased out value of dollar bills‘ = virtually worthless = $$$!

BUY NOW at the lowest performance price;  But beware of the mean market money masters mice; Distrust the deceitful Devils’ dirty demon dice;  Saving yourself making no suicidal sacrifice; Letting go of all the lazy leisurely licking lice; Yet serving some self-survival successful slice;  Natural nourishment nutritionally nice.__ Verifying vicious villains volatile vice;  Talents turnovers tow twin times twice.__  

“And by becoming the market; and not trying to beat it, your are the side of progress, growth and  expansion.” (Anthony Robbins)

CAP-IT-ALLY: Customers- Collectors – Counters = co-creating capital cash currency. Commonly called collecting coupons. Customary clippings = CapitAllysm. Center carbon core creation cradle. Completely cleansed cured causes, compassionate concerned – caring computer Cyber Children’s collegiate course curriculum; Command Central Cultivation.  

Diversified + Deified + Dignified:  Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs. Deliberated decisions, Decreed Divine Declarations. Deity’s Dimensional Domain.
Salvation Savings: Sacred Spiritious Symbols + Solar Sexus Soul Saving Songs – Spirit Sensations Sublime SOLARSUN Server Savior selling supervise sales, superstars supreme superior shopping stores. Safe – secure secret sanitary!
Required – Registered – Retained Receipts; = Your rights to receive Rare Rich Royalties + Reap Rendered Resources.

Purchasers Positive Proof of Purchase: Primary Principal Profit Protection. Prospectors  proved picturesque portfolio + prospective profitability – professional projections. Producing pure potency powered Phantom-Phatom-Physics1;  Paramount picture portrayals, providing pyramidal panorama phenomena + PanorAfricAspora! 

Foretelling – forecasting – forthcoming future fortunes + financially funded family foundations. Fortunetellers foremost founded faith + first full fledged funded financed freedom = $$$




Direct Link:

The Ultimate Ultra-Universal Unification: Bringing biological bodily beings, bonded + blended better beneficially baby born bestowed blessed. Coming cultured clean, correct, cured consummately. Creating classy capital cash currencies. Producing powerful portrait pictures!

Mercifully manufacturing, making more meaningful merchant money = 100%+ pure profit potency x first funded founded financial fortunes $$$

anima%20treasure%20chest.gifSimply Some Stepping Stones: Seemingly soulless societies, seeking, searching satisfactions, fighting fearlessly for financial fulfillment. Butt, enough economics is even not enough =$$$

Basically because, it has to be cleanly cultivated capital cash currency, purified + purged, of politicized – publicized pollution poisons – psychotic propaganda policy practices. Sanitized of sinister sciences, sorceresses, satanic sources. Becoming better beneficially bestowed blessed!

Whatsoever seeds sown, surely so shall one reap. In other plain-o-simplified words of wealthy wisdom, money has to be made mercifully. So that it has hearty health + wealth within. They’re innately intrinsic inputs – implants = internally invaluable.

Invest Interest Intelligently-Intellectually into Infinitive Immaculate Imagination; utilizing unity, understanding Ultimate Ultra-Universal Unification.       
The talented total truth telling trustworthy treasury; realized recipe reaping rare rich royalties, righteous returns, rendered resources = $$$
Esoteric Extraterrestrial: Environmental evolving evil energy enemy entities, entering every existence = each ecological – economical element = extremist executioners. 

COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, is our secure safe sacred sanctuary; SOLARSUN STATUTES Stored Stock Shares – Secret Savings The Highest Heavenly Haven. Healthy human household-hidden! 
BUTT BETTER BEWARE: None of the Wall Street Stock Markets, are securely safe for forthcoming future financial fatal fall. Sociopath Slave ships suddenly sunken shock shares – savings = $$$ Regenerative rising risks robbing raping investments and impeding interests. Imploding insurrections!
All Aboard CKNWCA, It is innately – intrinsically, neutral – negative + prospectively progressive positive + projecting protected premium principals. Lets say some simple samples; you’re at the bus stop or depot or train station or airport, ready to board. The vehicle is standing still, going nowhere yet; not moving, forwards nor backwards; upwards or downwards. For rational reasons, it’s time to load-up, paid purchases = PayLoadz per personage passenger percentage. Predictable paved pattern pathways providential proofed profitability =$$$
The capital cash currency carrier car coach, had to Stop-Point-Blank-Period; professional profiteers predatory profit productions. Due to overexposed overrating – overpopulating optimized options, obscene offenses, ongoing opponents opposition!

Takes off of the launching pad, superstar soaring skyrocketing success. Financial funds, fast-forwards and accelerating upwards, into our optimal-orbital objectives; 21st Century Cyber-Space-Age advancing accumulating affluence = $$$
“Past performances do not guarantee future results.” (A.Robbins 2014)

Oncoming offspring outcome; Investment interests insurance income; “We shall overcome”; Bestowed better benefits bountifully become.__
“No matter what anyone tells you, or sells you, there isn’t a single portfolio manager, broker, or financial adviser who can control the primary factor that will determine if our money will last.” (Anthony Tony Robbins 2014.)

BLACKRAYZ: Blessed Beliefs: Better bestowed baby born births – bio-bodily beings big banking bullish bucks backed by believing bounty buying Beauty Booty Butt Babes bio-balance’ best bargains.    

My Master Mind Melanin Messiahs; Mental Models. Manufacturing marketing methods, militarized money making means-modes – mechanisms. Manifesting materialized multimillionaires monuments – movements. Mutual mixing – mingling more meaningful music media = mastered mediums, micro-macro – mega – meta-Musics. 

Investors: Investing into inventive – innovative, instinctive – intuitive; Immaculate Imagination. Involving immediate intellectual inputs, innate – intrinsic – indwelling “Infinite Intelligence” Internalized introspection! Incoming investment interests incurring – increasing industry.

Insight & Foresight: Saying sanely – soundly – sensibly speculate, calmly-cautiously-carefully calculate, ecologically estimate and affluently anticipate. Talented timetables are though things, truly testing and testifying to time!
Now is the time to get in on the real; Rare richness royalties deal; Before it is safely securely seeking seal; Making more meaningful multimillionaires money meal; All aboard CK-NWCA today to teal – till; An exciting exhibition exploration thrill; Taking no  poisonous pharmaceutical prescript pill, For future freedom finances faithfully fulfill.__
This is no gutsy gambling game; ‘Thy Kingdom Come” as clearly came;  You have nobody other than yourself to blame;  For failing to faithfully follow fortunes fame; Now nationalized native name; Nothing negative or positive remain the same; Pay form the posted pictures along with their fitted frame.__
There’s no stacked deck; What the Hades hell heck;  100% Principal Protection guaranteed tech; No need to hang a noose around your neck; Playing around with the shyster snake pits poisonous peck;  Wisely withstand wealth’s wrathful weather wreck.__

Crystal clear conscious cognizant clarity; Compounding compassionate charity;  Producing primary principal protective parity.__ 

As the U.S. Dollar decline in true values and virtues, and worth, compounded by the over all general inflation. A high rising ratio-rate return on investment interests; implosion. Eating up all of your life’s savings! This is the negative nature of the barbaric behaving beasts, big boys banking bullies. They beat you down to the dirty ditches in financial defeat!
Wiping out an entire middle class category of collective citizens. Picking them off one by one, in separate societal sections, isolated groups. So as not to panic the human herds, causing a stamped, rebellious riots and civil war!
These are the losers, so sophisticatedly silenced, slowing and suddenly sunken, successfully subdued. Some so embarrassed and humiliated to death’ committing suicides; or even homicides of inhumane hate!
Therefore, I’ve consciously chose; not to and never try playing their gutsy gambling games. Butt better blessed by, co-creating CK-NWCA’S clean cultured conditions; so that caring and compassionate citizens can cumulatively cleanly cultivated capital cash currency.
Thus to truly saving money, completely cut off extra- excessive spending, buying and consuming far too much food. As the cost and prices goes up, I come down back to the greens grassroots grounds gainful growths = gallantry’s gratitude, gracious gifts.

COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, ARTISTCHD1, Abraham Lincoln movie, U.S. Presidents, Barack Hussein Obama, Slavery, Freedom, Emancipation Proclamation. Racist – Racism, prejudice, Civil War. Assassinations, murders, killings, shootings, homicides. Voting and elections, Washington, D.C. Capitol Hill Oval Office.

COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts Come = “Thy Kingdom Come” “For Thine Is The Kingdom, The Power And The Glory, Forever. Amen-RA Z-Blac-Keyz Z-BlackRayz + Son of SUNGODD DEITY AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD = Christrix Horusheart Divinity, “Behold I Make All Things New” ” And I Saw A New Heaven And A New Earth” Winter Solstice Dec.21, 2012 Spiritual Revelations








Global-World-Nations vs Globalization!! We The Public People Power Plan+Positive Protests = CK-NWCA’s Unification + Down with the two political parties Democrats-Republicans = Racist-Sexist-Fascist-Egoist-Supremacist Washington D.C. Capitol Hill-U.S. Presidential Oval Office!!!

May 14, 2011
COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts
GlobalWorldNations vs Globalization!! Yes we the people political party plan; Are boldly claiming our rightful USA PROMISED LAND; Based on a confirmative action command; So let each and every one of us fully understand; Taking a more militant revolutionary stand; Upon strong demand.__

An all and in all inclusive MultiplexRacialBody government; Based on our SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT; Cleaning up our own dirty corrupt acts for self-improvement.__ Of course taking back what truly belongs to us; The oppressed poor down trodden masses thus; Being positively productive on the grassroots level as a must; As a whole unified global community grade A+; Free to ride in the front-center or back of the bus; With a forward moving 21st century protest fuss.__

Show nough…y’all know what um talkin’ bout….>>> Meaning that we are going straight-honest and clean my dear friend; In the CyberSpaceAge direction which we do indeed intend; Establishing he living conditions that we want to this very end; By not wasting too much time and energy excessively to expend.__

No, we are not condemning and attacking those corporate capitalists; Who are financial monetary mental terrorists.__ But, to parallel them with counter-balancing dynamic revolutionists.__ Applying the sound psychological principles of equalizing; Using unique concept and creative ideas realizing; How innovatively enterprising; Is the science of applied artwork effectively in neutralizing; Any negative side effects by poetically actualizing; Synonyms-antonyms and homonyms sounding so musically surprising.__

Y’all himmie now? Do y’all hear me now? Ha ha ha. Yes, things and happenings and occurrences that may seem alike; But are very different in meaning yet similar by sight; Corporate governance carried out by the stealthy blight; In the secret dark chambers of commerce at silent night; By hate-mongers and warmongers who just love a violent fight; And the opposite to Love Peace & Harmony by their bloody deadly plight.__

Which encompasses their militarization occupations; And socio-economic subjugation-s; Of the global community of its commodification-s.__ Therefore in light of our spiritual concentrations of political organizations and religious congregations: We shall not go back to correct the new world order of Globalization; Instead we shall overcome them by bringing into a state of being our GlobalWorldNations._

That’s a mouth full y’all… check it out…till I catch my second breath…>>>> Via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts original creations; Composed of black-white-red-brown-yellow skin coloration-s; All races of human beings in their entire ethnic pigmentation-s.__ Definitively, let we the people stop attacking Hip Hop gangster rap; Dissipating valuable resources on profane vulgar N..word calling filthy crap; Now that we have a good replacement change to support, adopt and to adapt; Indubitably I’m talking about my CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!


OUR SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT; Cleaning Up Our Immoral Dirty Act for Self-improvement; Now forming our MultiplexRacialBody Government; For life’s happiness, cheer, and joy’s fulfillment

Yes, the Spiritual Soul Subjective Self. Is the Genesis-beginning of our true wealth; The artistic method by which we are rendering us some divine health.__ Meaning that we the people of the whole HOMO SAPIENS Human Race; Inclusively the colors of the black-white-red-brown and yellow skinned face; As individuals and collectively portrayed by the free gift of grace.__ We are in a movement and period of time of sensitivity; Marked by a revival of vigorous artistic and intellectual activity.

1. This is the definitive starting point for solving our personal-individual, collective and worldly problems, by seeking to find the true answers, with them being relating to, or arising within one’s self or mind… in contrast to what is outside. Objectively no. Subjectively yes. The object is to produce a Cause & Effect reality, existing outside and independent of the mind. The subject is us and our internal subconscious mind. Objectively again, we shall be expressing and dealing with the facts; and or our living conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretation. Simply because those feelings and emotions are so very well attached, to the way in which we have been pre-programmed to think and perceive of objects, persons, races, and such things in our lives. What we are doing here, is stepping back and taking a different-better look at the way we see things; so that, .the things we look at change..

2. We are dealing now with the SPIRIT: .a force within a person held to endow the body with life, energy, and power. Meaning SOUL: .the spiritual part of a person believed to give life to the body and in many religions regarded as immortal.” Thank Y’all Very Much. [End of musical song and lyrics.]

YES: CHRISTENDOM’S Congregation Christian Church Concentration Compounds & Prison Camp Criminal Complex = falsified Christianity’s Insanity of Inhumanity!! Citizens caught in an entrapment entanglement of radical religious racialists. The wicked western white web of some supposed to be European Caucasian Caucasoid “God”; Messiah Lord & Savior “Jesus Christ”!! Butt, there is absolutely no historical records, documents, artifacts-artwork showing us how he ever truly existed. No evidential proofs whatsoever, thereby, making these self-righteous worshipers hypocritical haters and bogus bias bigots. Who are psychotically living in a crazed Culpable Mental Viron State of sorcerers delusions and psychological illusions and spells of wicked witchcraft. No doubt duped-bribed-brainwashed into believing in fantasy folklore fallacy fairyland tales of man made manufactured mythologies, allegory stores that are totally unreal, unnatural, and nonsensical!!!
RELIGIOUS POLITICAL ENSLAVEMENT via MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses”. Meaning in essence slavery of the Solar Sexus Soul’s Spirit anim-staineglass.gifIndwelling self.Albeit beneficially better blessed; SUNGOD Shinning Love Life Light Locks brilliantly bright in the crystal blues skies above and all around our GlobalWorldNatons.
And HE commandingly says let MY beloved people go so that they may be Served safely and securely by, HIS secret sacred SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM!!! “Or else, more extremely severe weather whippings, Long-winded wrath and violent vengeance says our COSMIC CREATOR!!!:
Read full blog: ChristLikelyen vs Christian!! Plus my True-Up-U-Turn Universal IniVersal RealiVision vs Religion & Politics! = Real-Live-Vision:
REVELATIONS TRUE STORIES: CNN News report: today Thursday, April 28, 2011…3:31 pm documented time: “More than 230 people have been killed by the wave of violent weather that has swept across the South the past two days. Survivors told of entire neighborhoods reduced to rubble and the terror of tornadoes ripping through their homes and businesses.” “It looks like an atomic bomb went off in a straight line. It’s probably close to a mile wide. There are areas where neighborhoods are completely gone. “It looked more like a Vietnam War site than a hospital. I know one physician who watched two people die right in front of him. There was nothing he could do. “Everything I saw was gone. McCallister’s, major damage. No Taco Casa, no McDonald’s, Mike and Ed’s Barbeque, major damage.”
YA THINK IT’S A GAME?: “All those houses on that little lake are splintered. This thing this afternoon was a monster.””It was like a white cloud just twirling in the parking lot next door to me. All of 15th Street is gone,” he said.
“The earth went to moving. Roots were pulling up. Everything was moving. The house is destroyed. We had to get out through a window. … Alberta is gone. I’ve lost everything.” “We was fixing to go home and heard the siren. We took cover. It’s about all you can do. And then it just blew the roof off.”“There was a lot of fog from the rain, and all of a sudden the fog disappeared, swept into the swirl of the tornado and it sounded awful. I’ve never seen or heard anything like it.”“I heard the roof rip off. The mirror fell over this way and was actually laying on me. And I was just thinking, ‘That’s the end of it for the both of us.’ I know the only reason I’m alive is by the grace of God. He was protecting me and
my son.”
THIS IS FOR REAL-LIVE-VISION: “U.S. tornadoes toll rises over 350, thousands homeless. PLEASANT GROVE, Alabama (Reuters) – The death toll from the second deadliest U.S. tornado outbreak on record rose above 350 on Saturday as thousands of stunned survivors camped out in the shattered shells of their homes or moved into shelters or with friends. With some estimates putting the number of homes and buildings destroyed close to 10,000, state and federal authorities in the U.S. South were still coming to terms with the scale of the devastation from the country’s worst natural catastrophe since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.” Weather report news documented today, Saturday, April 30, 2011… 12:06 pm. CK-NWCA.
“It literally obliterated blocks and blocks of the city,” “It looks like an atomic bomb went off in a straight line, “The death toll in Alabama, the hardest-hit state, rose to 255 on Saturday, with at least 101 more deaths reported in Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia, Virginia and Louisiana. “We’re in the thousands of homes completely gone … It’s not an exaggeration to say that whole communities were wiped out,” “It is like living in some other world. Devastation is everywhere,” said Pastor John Gates of the United Methodist Church in Pleasant Grove, a community with a population of some 10,000 west of Birmingham, Alabama.” “For blocks and blocks, everything is just laid flat,” Straate added. “Our little community will never be the same. Some people say they are just not going to rebuild.”
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“Jesus NEVER Existed says Pastor Ray Hagins “
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Positive Protest = “We Have A Responsibility To Act”!!!  
Love Goddess Cynthia McKinney Madame reveals and reports:
YES: “Brothers and Sisters, All of our institutions have failed us if they do not use their power and act against this crime against humanity being carried out in Africa today.  I received a call this morning from an Ivorian friend who calls it genocide what Sarkozy’s troops are doing there.  Blood, blood, everywhere.  He was able to get out.  But what about the rest?  We must try to stop President Obama.  He has the power to say no.  So far, he is good at saying yes to all the wrong people.  So we must do more than we think we can.  Anything less places more blood on everyone’s hands.  I weep. 
But I know I must do more than weep.  I cannot stand idly by.  Depleted uranium in Libya.  Generations to come will suffer the health effects.  British ground troops joining the U.S. troops already on the ground there.  A report today say that Obama gave U.S. proxy forces on the ground in Libya $25 million in addition to the $200 million they got from an illegal oil sale to Qatar. Now is not the time to be confused by the disinformation artists and their multi-layered scams.  They lied about the 2000 and 2004 elections; they lied about Iraq and then laughed at you for believing them; they lied about 9/11; they lied about the bailouts; and they’re lying now about these Africa actions.  My question is, with a record like that, why would anyone believe them now?”
DEMONIC DEMOCRATS & DEVILISH REPUBLICANS + The USA & UN Security Council & International Criminal Court of injustice travesty thereof-therein, as official “al Qaeda” terrorists in their evil conspiracies, working in cahoots-collusion with other criminal-crazy Caucasian Caucasoid creatures. Attempting to kill off and or imprison and inslave the Original Hue-Main “RACE” of Africa’s Africoid-Negroid, scientific sapiens species specifics!!! Down with all and each one of them stated in my decreed damnations and current curses of chartered currency climatic changes!!!
 Afrindian HOLY BIBLE REVELATIONS, Now standing on THE EVENT HORIZON, under the gravitational pull of a BlackWholesome phenomenon; presently in these terrifying tornado twisting; End Time Days of Reckoning, Trials & Tribulations are now beckoning. Out on the Battleground of Calvary!!! 

 DECISIVELY DECREED: “On the 1st October, 2009, the Leader of the Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement, Colonel Mu’ammar al-Qadhafi, attended the United Nations General Assembly for the first time, and tore up the worthless United Nations Charter. Here is his full speech, translated to English.”

In brief: “In the name of the General Assembly at its sixty-fourth session, presided over by Libya, of the African Union, of one thousand traditional African kingdoms and in my own name, I would like to take this opportunity, as President of the African Union, to congratulate our son Obama because he is attending the General Assembly, and we welcome him as his country is hosting this meeting.

This session is taking place in the midst of so many challenges facing us, and the whole world should come together and unite its efforts to defeat the challenges that are our principal common enemy — those of climate change and international crises such as the capitalist economic decline, the food and water crises, desertification, terrorism, immigration, piracy, man-made and natural epidemics and nuclear proliferation. Perhaps influenza H1N1 was a virus created in a laboratory that got out of control, originally being meant as a military weapon. Such challenges also include hypocrisy, poverty, fear, materialism and immorality.”

HEARTLESS & MERCILESS: And these Racist Religious Radicals = Rag Tag Team Terrorists,  + angry antagonist arch angels Anglo-American Al-Qaeda, HATE him for helping true Africans overcome…who, far before they mutated into the apparent albinos of albinism as pearly pink pigmented “pale faces”.  And, even as diseased-dysfunctional-defective  lepers of leprosy. Basically and foundamentally according what an intellectual genius; “Positively Black” man of the “Digital Underground” intelligently expressed,  and his name is Mr. Dr. Junious Ricardo Stanton Sir. Says they are seriously “sick”, severely suffering from Melanin deficiency psychosis-pathology.

Howsoever, fortunately, there were some saved ones stabilizing naturally via Mother Nature. Coming back into the Mother Homeland Africa as good decent Whites of kindhearted feelings and sane minds and healed-healthy SOLAR SEXUS SOULS.

BUTT, while the wicked Whites followed in persuit as criminal psychopaths and sociopaths,  enslaving and  murdering them, the good seed genotype traits via the “Medieval Crusades” & Dark Ages. Eventually  evolving into what is politically and scientifically called Caucasian Caucasoid Whites; who are the mutant offspring, of our Negroid-Africoid ancient ancestral, original inhabitants of continental homeland LOVE GODDESS MOTHER EARTH NATURE AFRICA!!!

The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature = Color Kingdom NWCA THE COMFORTER + Afrindian Ascent American ArtistCHD

The-VegePlanTerRainVegeLeoAugustan-AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ascendant Ancient Africa Egypt=KEMET = ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts or at:
 REVELATIONS ON THE EVENT HORIZON: The United States of Anglo-America, falsified White Jews & False Christians, in cahoots and in evil conspiring collusion with European nations, are in factual reality of truth, the real and not imaginary “Al Qaeda” terrorists, racists, supremacists, egoists, fascists, sexists. They are the so called permanent members of the terror inflicting UN Security Council, regardless of the General Assembly being in existence. Those whose resolutions nobody, country leaderships, in their righteous African & Asian minds should ever accept!!!
DUE DEATH & DECISIVE DEMISE: So Down with these fraudulent institutions concocted-created by the criminal corporatist-colonialist-imperialist Caucasian Caucasoid creatures. Because, overall and in general, in spite of a Rare-Rich-Royal few common sense decent good WHITES, 10% to 12% only in my estimations; the rest 88% – 90% are blatantly bogus, bias bigots, fanged blood sucking vampires, enemy energy entity empire builders. Those suffering severely from the Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!
YES put down the paid for books, and artfully apply ya own thinking minds, analyze and synthesize collective data, key information independently as an individual first and foremost. Observe your body, listen to your beating pulsating heart and sense spiritual messages coming in talking to your mind’s brain. Then go buy the costly reading material-sholarly literature.

So that you don’t inherit their MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses”. Thus, become unknowingly,  infected by their contagious prejudices, incidentally contacted through your favorite authors and or Afrcian Amercian heroes, who none were perfect and 100% accurate in their judgments on foods, religions, politics. Self-hating institutionalized, Christianized uncle toms. So BEWARE!!!


Butt Obama the bogus bomber, he ignored the violent damages inflicted on Africans in America; past and present on going commission of crimes engaged against dark-shaded-tone-tanned Melaninated members of our nation. And with extremely serious violations of our civil and human rights today. Presently going on as I fearlessly write these revealed reports. He wanna-be “pale face” speaks with forked tong: Duopolistic-Dualistic Double talk!!

The MASTER’S Mind Melanin Messiahs & Mental Models: Both of us are Sons of SUNGOD, Called & Chosen by Divine Commission Calling Causes, sent anointed-appointed as Solar Sexus Souls. Albeit, we are on opposing poles, opposite sides of right and wrong; good and bad. With him being a traitor on the wickedly wrong-bad side of our SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM + COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR.

“He must leave now so the conflict may end.” Secretary of State Capitol Hill Hillary Clinton claimed against African President Gbagbo vs Ouattara. Thus made their combined bogus bias bigotry against; Libya’s Official President & Leader, proclaiming in their white owned and ran mass-mad media, “He got to go”!  Verbally attacking all those self-loving supporters of AfriNegrindian.., African-Africoid black people, of our darker shaded tones-tans-tints of skin  pigmentation. She & He hostilely hate on the emboldened brave brother  Colonel Mr. Mu’ammar al-Qadhafi Sir.

THE DESERT LION GALLANT WARRIOR & VICTOR: Who is apparently hated by wicked western worldly powers, because he is a healthy hearted  Humanist, lover of humanity, and perseveres to establish worldwide justice and truth for all human beings globally, standing on equal footing, small or large countries. Thus in this very same artful approach, AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD portrays in his artwork projects-Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs. In perfected Love-Peace-Harmony with the Universal Laws + Natural Laws!! Clearly illustrating the required and mandated: DYNAMIC EQUILIBRIUM BIO-BALANCE!!

Crystal clear COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts is the correct answer and problem solving solution!!! According to My True-Up-U-Turn Universal IniVersal RealiVision vs Religions & Politics = REAL-LIVE-VISION!!! or at:

HATEFUL HEGEMONY HYPOCRITES: Although some bogus black bastard bigots, use the online Internet’s World Wide WeB to broadcast their digital radio talk shows, butt blatanntly try to criticize and castigate those of us who also employ our computers to communicate information.  Plus we use blog postings to talk through and help get the words of wisdom out to WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER Plan + Positive Protests!!!!


Butt Bad Brother Barack: psyches himself out by playing colorblind. Authorizing and giving the official orders for racist whites to bomb Mother Earth Africa. Which make him as worse or hateful as Adolf Hitler, seeing how the US Presidential Oval Office & Government Body are the “New Nazis”; Al Qaeda terrorism policy practicing political “Medieval Crusaders”!!!

OBAMA the bullying bomber:  He is clearly another pitiful puppet propped up, sycophant, contradictory-equivocating sellout white house Negra colored boy bailout broker. And a real living mansion minded modern day 21 century Black Jackass Uncle Tom  Ace of Spade sellout stooge.   And comically a laughable funny looking little tree squirrel monkey man. Hanging from his long tail-telling leading lies, swinging on the fig tree limbs and branches of the United States Government body!!!

Faithfully forthcoming, MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses”; inevitably, predestined in doing as he is ordered by his Vatican-Pope & Elitist Rulers dictate to him. Making this Melaninated brown skinned African American, “I’m Half black & half white” “Mutts like me”, extremely lethal and dangerous. No doubt, the bombing Obama Barack the ‘rock of offense and stumbling stone’, devil damning black beaver block,  is a sure terrorist threat to the divine-dignity of sovereign nations worldwide!!!

YES: The Terrorist-Racist White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN. U.S. President Obama is secretly, severely suffering from self-hatred of his African inherited bio-blood  lineage. An acute and chronic identity crisis! A predisposition to early childhood internalized conflicts causing him criminalizing confusion. And has elected to take on the very same “savage beast” “barbarian” behaviors of the wicked white witchcraft of the devilish hatemonger, warmonger mass mainstream media madness. Infecting and inflicting fatal pit viper venom into other blackened bodies who are caught off guards, unaware, susceptible to his snaky politicized poisons. Naively trusting in his clandestine camouflages, opportunistic showboating egoist ambitions!

O-well…Freedom of  hypocritical choice, so be it bias bigotry!  Smile ‘n lovin’ faith always with a happy healthy good sense of holistic healing humor, yawls.

 Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is another self-hating racist and hand picked propped puppet coward of South Korea. Invaded and occupied by the racist whites of European origins, expressly, controlled and dominated by the dis-United States of Angry Anglo-America!!!

Furthermore yellow cowardice; and this bogus bias bastard gave the official orders for the UN & French military madness to bomb the national defenses, infrastructure of homeland Mother Africa Earth’s Cote D’lvoire, in the false name of “protecting civilians” and stopping the heavy armor of the incumbent President L. Ghababo Sir. Which is another travesty of justice and truth!!

Reported and revealed via Love Goddess Cynthia McKinney: “At present, the Security Council is security feudalism, political feudalism for those with permanent seats, protected by them and used against us. It should be called, not the Security Council, but the Terror Council. In our political life, if they need to use the Security Council against us, they turn to the Security Council. If they have no need to use it against us, they ignore the Security Council. If they have an interest to promote, an axe to grind, they respect and glorify the Charter of the United Nations; they turn to Chapter VII of the Charter and use it against poor nations. If, however, they wished to violate the Charter, they would ignore it as if it did not exist at all.”

YES: The Fraud in Fact Evil Conspirators = UN Security Council: Must Stand Down“; Must step down“; “Must Go“!!! Simply because basically, WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER Plan + Positive Protest, need total “Regime Change“ of the unwholesome current climatic currencies and compelling circumstances!! As it is well written: “You should be fully aware that we are ignoring the Security Council resolutions because those resolutions are used solely against us and not against the super-Powers which have the permanent seats and the right of veto. Those Powers never use any resolutions against themselves.

They are, however, used against us. Such use has turned the United Nations into a travesty of itself and has generated wars and violations of the sovereignty of independent States. It has led to war crimes and genocides. All of this is in violation of the Charter of the United Nations.” Reveals and reports: COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts.


The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth Nature’s INTERVENTION DIVINE Wrathful Weather of Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship!!!
Wed Apr 20, 9:36 am ET

The Texas wildfires that have scorched over one million acres across the state have not yet subsided, multiple news outlets report. On Tuesday alone, firefighters had to contend with 11 new blazes while still managing the 20 existing fires that have raged for the past several weeks in all but two of the state’s 254 counties.”

PROPHETIC PROOF via NEWS REPORT: Apr 19, 2011; 11:55 PM ET “With severe weather assaulting the United States, historic tornadoes, springtime snow and wildfires have wreaked havoc nationwide. Along with radio and television, social media is playing a more significant role in providing the public with up-to-the-minute weather information during the severe weather.” 

YES in Love Life Light Locks of the Afrindian HOLY BIBLE REVELATIONS: the USA & EUROPE blatantly attacked LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature, with killer cruise missiles; military mass madness bombings upon HER continental geographical map. Now SHE retaliates as I Have divinely decreed: To Heavens Hades Hell Fires, horrific hurricanes, terrifying tornado twisters, flooding, tsunami tidal waves, earthquakes and y’all ain’t seen nothing yet. Down with devilish hatemonger-warmonger Eurocentric-Anglo-America’s INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM!!!!  UNCLETOMISM + SELF-HATE!!!
FEMININITY counter-forcing mean media MASCULINITY. Her Dynamic Equalizing Bio-Balance; all around our GlobalWorldNations vs “Globalization”!! Because: White dominance and male criminal controls of females, and killer conquering of Melaninated darker-shaded-toned-tanned-tinted, human beings worldwide is their only crazy conquest. And is in true factual reality, the major cause and primary generating negative entity-energies producing Circulating Currency Climatic Changes. Prompting SUNGODHIS & HER reactive retaliations via The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth Nature’s INTERVENTION DIVINE. Reveals-reports COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts ‘Thy Kingdom Come” “For thine is the Kingdom”
INTERVENTION DIVINE = ArtistCHD’s RealiVision vs  = the CyberJazzBluesRapP HipP+LapP song lyrics that are most revealing of prophecy-prophesy!! 
YES find some dirt poor white man to blame it all on, butt, he nor anybody else caused the severe Texas drought; other than Mother Earth Nature LOVE GODDESS + SUNGOD!!!  And HE & SHE has their just reasons! Period.
“We’re actually seeing Texas burn from border to border. We’ve got it in West Texas, in East Texas, in North Texas, in South Texas – it’s all over the state…We’ve got one in the Dallas area that’s four fires that have actually merged together.” So what do arson, firebugs, pyromaniacs have to do with these merged natural disasters and wildfire? Very little or nothing at all!!! 
Declaration of Warfare against LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature’s continent by USA-Europe-NATO-Arab League of Racist White Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndrome of Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!! Warrants SUNGOD’S INTERVENTION DIVINE = The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature!!!

“ARLINGTON, Va. (4/20/11) – National Guard members from four states are continuing efforts to thwart Texas wildfires that have scorched 1.6 million acres and destroyed 244 homes, Guard officials said here today.”  Surely something else critical to be thinking seriously about, since they, the white Americans-Anglo Saxons-Jews, “New Nazis”; “Medieval Crusaders” want WAR, so badly, now they got blatantly bad weather  WEALTHY WOMANHOOD’S WITTY WRATHFUL WARS!!!
Sublime spiritualized justice and judgment and curses for bombing the homes of pregnant females, murdering missiles launched into their family homes killing their infant babies small children and sick-disabled elderly folks. Worldwide, Iraq, Cote-D’lvoire-Ivory Coast, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and particularly in Africa Libya!!!!
YES, systematically in effect these are declarations of WAR, against the continent of LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!  Indubitably, the very COSMIC CREATOR’S cradle-birthplace of HIS & HER Happy Healed-Healthy-Humored-Holistic HueMain “RACE”! Which Libya is a member country-nation-state of. And it is SHE who shall deliver the hardest blows back against the USA, Europe & Arab leaders, and everybody else who has joined these thugs. Divinely decreed curses summoned against all involved-Evil Conspirators who are in profiteering-marketeering cahoots with the wicked western nations of Europeanized Chistianized criminals called Caucasian Caucasoid creatures!!! “New Nazis”; “Medieval Crusaders” of insanity and inhumanity. Historic bad-seed-bio-genotype traits = reliigous-political psychopaths and sociopaths!! Rapists-racists-sexists-fascists-egoists-supremacists of LUCIFER THE HATEFUL DEVIL
For a Governor named Rick Perry who refused United States Government’s Federal funds, bailout money, now he begs BIG BROTHER & BIG DADDY!! Have mercy on the State of Texas, help us because our assholes are on wildfires!!

The Department of Homeland Security National Operations Center has upgraded the wildfires to a “Phase One Awareness Event,” which signifies a man-made event, natural disaster or other event that can impact critical infrastructure.”

BUTT their “Honky Ideology” as wicked white whip “Crackers”: are they not aiding and abetting the mass media and military mad men in their bombing the “infrastructure” of sovereign foreign countries? Yes, they absolutely are massively murdering human beings, destroying their houses, businesses, schools, hospitals, national defenses, and livelihoods. FACT of REALITY of TRUTH!!!

anima-spiral-colork.gifEXPECT: A long hot summer drought-severe heat spells, raging forest-brush-grass fires. tidal waves of flash floods. Horrific HURRICANE COLOR KINGDOM COME!!! Massive tornado twisters of tsunami terror. Earthquakes and violent volcanoes. Property destruction and deaths due to the same unmerciful military mass media madness of Euro-Caucasian Caucasoid creatures of criminal corporatist-capitalist Racist White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!
Smile ‘n lovin’ faith always with a happy healthy good sense of humane humore….y’alls.
Absolutely-positively for sure, the only patterned pathway to put a dead end to these white males media madness, along with all other black jackass uncle tom males, brown nose sucking up sellout sycophant stooges; is to force both the right wing Conservative Rebulicans and the left wing Liberal Democrats to depart their two political party poisonous propaganda platforms!!
YES: WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER Plan + Positive Protests: vehemently proclaims: Certainly, beyond any rational room to reasonably doubt,  they “must stand down”; “must go” because our USA PROMISED LAND, as a mandate, must make meaningful “REGIME CHANGE”!!
AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, reveals and portrays our one and only qualified replacement therapy, Spiritual healing of the historic long-standing Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes. The problem solving solutions and correct answers now righteously being presented to our nation and international community. These political pundits now in power positions has to be made to: StopPointBlankPeriod.
SPIRITUALITY: Therefore, in organizational order let us appoint-anoint, as an intelligent interim-intermediate Presidential Per-Sun and Hue-Main being, a caring citizen who I AM naming to be a Presidentress: LoveGoddess Cynthia McKinney Madame. She shall compassionately cause the stabilizing of our internal affairs, policies-political practices that are persisting to destroy the healthy happy lifestyle of all HUMANITY’S SANITY!!! For more info; “We have a responsibility to act”!!!


Out on the BATTLEGROUD OF CALVARY: “Ivory Coast president urges calm after Gbagbo is arrested U.S.  President Barack Obama cheered news of the latest developments in the Ivory Coast.” “This represents a victory for the democratic will of the Ivoirian people, who have suffered for far too long through the instability that followed their election,” he said in a statement. Obama urged Ouattara and the people of the Ivory Coast to begin now the “hard work of reconciliation and rebuilding.” Today, Monday, April 11, 2011…4:50 pm documented via CKNWCA;

Blatant bigot hypocrite wicked white witch woman, “U.S. Secretary of State (Capitol Hill) Hillary Clinton said Gbagbo’s capture “sends a strong signal to dictators and tyrants. … They may not disregard the voice of their own people. “There will be consequences for those who cling to power,” Clinton wickedly warned with ill-will. She has fooled her own self into believing in this psychotic crap, while refusing to report and tell the whole truth, about how the USA is the major and main creating concoctors of tyrannical dictators worldwide. Intentionally taught and directed to oppress-repress-depress their own racial-ethnic-cultural groups of citizens all around the globe.

And she do indeed, try to hide the fact, that their demonic dictatorial mass mainstream media madness, is swiftly coming to a screeching halt. And all of these corrupted criminals of corporatist capitalist-imperialist-colonialist countries, are surely failing and falling fast back down to grassroots ground level zero of monetary-financial naught. And are constantly printing up capital currencies, trickery-treacherous money made without any legitimate collateral backing of insured economics. The nation is Bankrupt!

Financed Fakery and falsehood, in hopes of surviving the demise of their Racist-Sexist-Egoist-Fascist, White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN = LUCIFER THE HATEFUL DEVIL!!!

ARTISTICALLY ENVISIONED GREEN GROWTH: ‘Most assuredly’, this two political party system dies decisively. A decreed mandate must do, come back down to grassroots ground level of Solar Sexus SoulFood Soil of Mother Nature Earth’s VegePlanTerRain. So that our planted seeds of fresh freedoms germinates and come into being healthful healings in wholesome realities. Leading LOVE LIFE LIGHT LOCKS LIBERATION + REVOLUTION + CREATIVE EVOLUTION!!!

Consequently Dire, the 2011 US Presidential Election & Voting for the Republicans & Democrats into our Official public positions of power is surely ending! And interestingly enough, unfortunately finalizing their terrifying time period, while having a so called Black male and female First Lady seated in the White House. Coupled with wicked witch White woman, as The Secretary of State!! Both politically classified as being “Minorities”. Marking the strategic down fall of a self-destructive nation of false Christians & fake Jews & Phony Islamic Muslims, Mormons, Masons, and all other racist religious radicals!!!

REVELATIONS = Real-Live-Visions; by patterned pathways of My True-Up-U-Turn Universal IniVersal RealiVision vs. Religion & Politics via COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.

TRUE REVEALED FACTS: “Why are Africans going to Europe? Why are Asians going to Europe? Why are Latin Americans going to Europe? It is because Europe colonized those peoples and stole the material and human resources of Africa, Asia and Latin America — the oil, minerals, uranium, gold and diamonds, the fruit, vegetables and livestock and the people — and used them. Now, new generations of Asians, Latin Americans and Africans are seeking to reclaim that stolen wealth, as they have the right to do.

At the Libyan border, I recently stopped 1,000 African migrants headed for Europe. I asked them why they were going there. They told me it was to take back their stolen wealth — that they would not be leaving otherwise. Who can restore the wealth that was taken from us? If you decide to restore all of this wealth, there will be no more immigration from the Philippines, Latin America, Mauritius and India. Let us have the wealth that was stolen from us. Africa deserves $777 trillion in compensation from the countries that colonized it. Africans will demand that amount, and if you do not give it to them, they will go to where you have taken those trillions of dollars. They have the right to do so. They have to follow that money and to bring it back.”

AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD kindly says: Freely listen to streaming or downloaded Original Musical Theme Song Sound Tracks MP3: Expressed in my Revolutionary Evolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form; CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP+LapP!!

YES WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER Plan + Positive Protests: as a mandatory must, have our own OPERATIONS COMMUNICATIONS Internet-Network!!! Online World Wide Web broadcasting command station, linking all those Victors & Warriors up together in a unified SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM!!!

Decisively defined to mean Solar Sexus Souls, compatible companions, who strongly desire people’s self-empowerment. TV & Radio & Digital Media strictly owned by, run/ran by, operated by our collective current cultural color complexions and or ColorComplexTrix of our MultiplexRacialBody.

By patterned pathways of AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD‘s Sixth Spiritualized Sense, Genesis Genius Faculty of the Composed Constructive Creative Imagination; it is dutifully dignified to be named: DIGNITY DIGITAL DIVINITY!!!

Fortunately as a better benefit blessing,, no so called White Male or Anglo-American man, Eurocentric Caucasian Caucasoid criminal can own-operate, control and dominate our sources of communicating with and among one another. Simply and plainly because he, is notoriously known to be untrustworthy. Sexist-racist-egoist-fascist-supremacist in his bogusly bias bigotry in news reporting, journalism, columnist writings, broadcasting information to the public people of all national and international societies. Constantly telling his fraud in fact satanic lies of devilish liars. Thus hiring naïve-gullible females to perpetrate poisonous propaganda via Video & Audio mediums. Due specifically to these glib tactics, strategic maneuvers to evade telling the total truth, he has forfeited any possible-potential rights to ever be trusted again. Forevermore banned from having in his sole possession any of these stated weapons of mad media mass mad made-manufactured death and destruction. No more of his crazy corporate capitalist crap, henceforth, here on out and in Love Peace & Harmony vs. USA & Europe’s hostile-hateful hegemony.

DEFINITELY: There can be no private personal ownerships of our major-HueMain CyberSpaceAge 21st century Combinations Operational Order of our GlobalWorldNations vs. “Globalization“!!.

Furthermore, I KNOW, how that Africans in America or Blacks don’t desire to have much of anything else to do with Whites!!!! Albeit, BUTT, allow my saying this for sure too, no, Good God Devil Damned twisted tong “troll” trailer trash = mindless middle classless cultureless  are invited and welcomed. Those specific whites who think that they are somehow better than the low down underdog dirt poor whites. Surely they, the wanna-be middle class spiffy whites…, add up in total numbers to equal the 88% to 90% who we definitely don’t WANT, and they can simply and plainly just go way!

Yet due to their own written words, now being used back against them all, they are, according to DIVINE WILL, decreed cursed forevermore, everlating. Thus  to burned blatantly, in the blazing bottomless pit viper snake serpent’s den and upon planetary sphere earth in the flaming Heavens Hades Hell Fires!!! 

TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS: Because, I experience these negative assholes daily on various blog-forums at Yahoo & CNN, and wouldn’t want any of them to be involved with what WE”’s & US’s are DOING!!! Based on my KNOWLEDGE, our responsibility is to keep their hostile hateful rear ends, drug addicts, psychopapathic-sociopathic problem people, going swiftly down to economic naught, financial ground level zero!!! “Broke & Bankrupt 100%+Defeated to Death!!! Listen to music  MySpace:


Infantile Fetus-Unborn & Born Babies at Birth Right to Live as Human Beings are medicinally mass murdered by serial Killer “Obama announces re-election bid US president releases email and online video announcing his intention to stand for a second term in office in 2012.” Now let all of us see and witness what Woman are highly against him for sponsoring, supporting the historical hate humanity Eugenics of Planned Parenthood’s bloody baby birth control crimes engaged clinically against LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature’s Sublime Will!!


 Yes We’s & Us’s are fearlessly fighting back against the Racist-Sexist-Egoist-Fascist White Supremacy Sinisterr Sickness Syndromes. Down with US President Obama too!!  He’s a mass member murderer on all counts and poisonous pharmacuetical pill pushing pimp. Likewise comprehending that we are more so contending with and combating: The Black Jackass Uncle Toms self-hatred of Love GODDESS Mother Earth Nature Africa’s AmeriAfrindians and AfriNatindian Ascendants!!! 

Dr. Ms Alveda King Madam reveal her MAAFA!

YES PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: Certainly it all ties in together. Hooks up! Form an evil energy entity conspiring currency in a vicious cycle. White Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes, Falsified Christianity’s insanity of humanity, Black Muslims of Islam who like talking big shit and no physical action to back what they say up; an eye for an ey. And, so called Black Israelite Hebrew Jews of Judaism who are still lost in the wilderness of biblical fraud in fact devilish lies of European liars.

UNIFYING OUR RANKS & STRATEGIC FLANKS: All are inseparably related to the White and “Black Holocaust”; Eugenics Genocide of Planned Parenthood, plus the AIDS HOAX, vicious virus myths, “HIV/AIDS” infections rates and false numbers. Hooking up with the so called Christian Black Churches as religious political voting blocks and stockyards of willing and ready ‘raven wolves invidiously hiding in sheep’s clothing looking all innocent, kind and gentle.’

Those who viciously violate the HUE-MAIN rights of men and women in order to gain money, wealth, riches in hopes of becoming POWERFUL!!. Butt, they are proved to be WEAKER than ever before selling out their own racial-ethnic-cultural groups; as Black Jackass Uncle Tom Demons!!!

EUGENICS =PLANNED PARENTHOOD = BIRTH CONTROL = POPULATION CONTROL-Deaths and Destruction of helpless-innocent lives. “Abortion and Black Genocide (Barack Obama and the Negro Project  

HIV vs AIDS = MENTAL VIRONS = Mental Viruses Myths = White+Black Holocaust=Planned Parenthood-GENOCIDE EUGENICS vs AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD’s ARTGENICS!!! pt 1


YES: AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD stays on his post position on active duty days and nights. No unkind types of bull craps can sneak past me and my sensitized, solarized, spiritualized Solar Sexus Soul!!!

Furthermore, nobody can con the ORIGINAL CREATOR ARTISTCHD, into believing bogus balony and bias bigotry. Expressly, my beads have always been pointed straight on target bull’s eye Center Carbon Core. Focused, concentrated directly aiming at those who campaigned so hard for the US Presidency promoting Sen. Barack Hussein Obama.

Briefly, must I say in plain-o- simple words, that all of those who unwisely helped this faker African American, supposed to be a Black man, get his sorry butt into public office, are of a Culpable Mental State of guilt-fault-blame. A Divinely Decreed Devilish Damnation in permanent curses are enacted against these fools. Righteously summoned and artfully applied, due to their stupid idiotic behavior in voting for  the corrupt two party platform election apparatus in the first dog-gone place of disgrace to the human race!!!

WANNA-BE GATEKEEPERS: Hard headed and stubborn from the jump start and the git-go, are also responsible for what he has done wrongly and fail to do rightly. And there is no viable routes for escaping the dire consequences for assisting the election campaigns of this so called Brother Barack whatsoever nor whosoever. CHANGING SIDES DON’T WORK WELL

Rich or poor, BlackBlueBrown Old-fashioned Negroes & Colored People alike are to suffer severely so. The best lessons can come from a trying experience, strokes and heart attacks,, cancers, homicides and suicides. As WE’s & US’s are facing the End Time Days of Reckoning, Trials & Tribulations are now beckoning.. Pay day is here and pay back is a Mother….F…!!!  Y’all check this out, his side of the story….

Mr. Cornel West and the fight for justice: vehemently proclaims that he is highly disappointed in Obama. “The provocative US intellectual discusses issues of race, civil liberties and Barack Obama’s leadership.” And said on, that this man don’t have “the backbone”; hasn’t the strength, fortitude, spine to stand up strongly! And West exclaimed, how the brother is weak, having no real straight forward policy of truth telling, honestly and sincerely. And only uses popularized words that identify with certain problems and difficullties, inclusively, historic-heroic black leaders of the distant past, butt, that’s about all, only political rhetoric and nice English language words that sound good. While he sides up with everything, working against the Poor Down Trodden Masses, nationally and internal community all around our GlobalWorldNations!!! Theme songs MP3: +


BUTT Remember and take crucial and critical notes: Each and every time I use, write or say verbally the English language wording, White Supremacy, I absolutely do not mean that whites are supreme. My meaningful definition is never static; butt, grows, develops as an active artwork, in positive productive progressions. And are in factual reality of truth, creatively evolves and revolves into unique artistic expression. Expressly artfully applied in conjunction, combination compounded composition: White Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes of the Superpower Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN.

There is nobody in their rational reasoning minds who can mistake what I’m saying, nor can any one of common sensibilities, misunderstand the defined meanings of those individual words according to academic dictionary descriptions. Break each single word down to their simplified meanings, and it is made abundantly crystal clear the truest realities of White Racism Institutionalized =  DOMINEERING CRIMINAL CONTROLS!!!

Next, think clearly and know, that when y’all hear me say, or write the combination of wordings, stating that I AM an Ancient Ancestral Africa Ascendant AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD. Because, basically and fundamentally and elementally, my authentic artistic ministry, commission calling cause, is one of ascending, going upwards, elevating and forthcoming. And conversely, in the opposite direction, subtracting, deducting, deducing with a minus, going backwards to my original ancient African historical seed-roots; practical thinking clearly says that’s Descending. It constitutes a descendant African origins which could in reality of fact be only our ancestors from the very beginning, genus genesis of the Homosapiens Sapiens Scientific Species Specifics.

Simply and plainly, it is so apparent and obvious, after rethinking these hand-me-down old slave plantation notions, ideas and concepts, we may be enabled to see exactly that what most or far too many non-whites, esp. Black Africans in America, calling themselves descendants of homeland Mother Africa, are in truth going backwards. Unconsciously and unknowingly programming themselves to come downwards instead of going upwards. It’s a psychological play game imposed upon the brains that assume that in which they don’t actually KNOW about.

Consequently dire, this type of mis-education is effectually a mental training. Can be perceived as being counter-productive, and a self-destructive behavioral belief. Howsoever, CK-NWCA redefines, restores, repairs the damaged psychological conditioning. As those of us are excelling  and successfully advancing in the wholesome direction of supremely sublime achievment, our raised conscious level realize this climbing ascent via long winded struggles. Moving progressively up the rough side of the mountain, bravely and boldly by pulling ourselves up by own two hands and feet. Exercising energy entity emotions of the current cultural climatic changed ColorComplexTrix  

COMPLETE COMPREHENSION: Because, the ideas I offer, are kindergarten and elementary expressions. Easily understood through logic, practical reasoning that’s realistically rational, and sound minded. SPIRITUAL as opposed to Intellectual and faulty intelligence. And as an active Green Thumb gardener, I have for a life’s time observed very closely how that as the seeds planted starts to germinate, spring up out from the underground soil, they gracefully sprout upwards towards the radiant rays of our SUNGOD’s Love Life Light Locks!!!

Likewise, talking for my own individual personal self, I’m creatively evolving, growing and developing in an enhanced, ascendant, uplifted sky reaching search for full truth and justice. Looking up towards the Brilliant Bright Brain & Optical Seeing Eye Shining serenely in the crystal blues skies above and all around revolving.

And I have created CyberJazzBluesRapP; Homemade grassroots seed songs music played from the HipP & HapP!! My Revolutionary Evolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form.

MARCUS-MOSIAH-GARVEY+Frederick Douglass+ Booker-Taliaferro-Washington +AmeriAfrindian Ascend ArtistCHD= Cross-HorusHart-Divinity Ancient Africa’s Ancestral Authority = We The Public People Power-Plan+PositiveProtest via ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts. or simply:

Colonel Mu’ammar al-Qadhafi



“President Obama Gets His Groove Back By Attacking Africans” vehemently expressed bravely by Love Goddess Cynthia McKinney Atlanta, Georgia 5 April 2011.’

Worshiping Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom. Generating great sums of honest made merchant mercy MONEY = 100%+THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH POWERED KNOWLEDGE!!! Promoting positive propaganda’s pure potency artwork Rich Rare Royal specimens via COLOR KINGDOM NEW WORLD CREATIVE ARTS: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.

Our Compassionate campaign financed funs foundation. Conscious raising cognizant awareness drive contributing to the decommissioning, debunking, demolition of the destructive two political party platform players. Thus to level the performance fields in a Dynamic Equilibrium Bio-Balance!!

SHE, surely is Sublimely sent to Spiritualize society. And to… Be…our USA PROMISED LAND’s Leading Lady.., INTERIM President of 2012. A gallant gift of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE, GREEN Neutral Energy Entity of We The Public People Power-Plan + Positive Protests!!!  

ASTUTE STRATEGIC TACTICS + MEANINGFUL METHOD MANEUVERS! Activated Ancient Ancestral Africa Ascended AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD’s Universal IniVersal RealiVision vs Religion = Real-Live-Vision via Son of SUNGOD’s Love Lige Light Locks!!!!

HER, friendly intermediate platonic position means being in-between the existing two political party platform system. Seeing how I have envisioned a severely serious divide between the Left Wing Liberal Democrats & The Right Wing Conservative Republicans!!

“Medieval Crusaders” “New Nazis”; Fussing and fighting and bickering, saber rattling and mud slinging: They have both been historic recurring nightmares in broad open daytimes. Frequently fear mongering, hatemongering and warmongering mentalities of military meanness and mankind media madness. Crucially and critically crippling our entire American aggregate societal citizenry!!!

Furthermore, nobody in their sane minds of righteousness, can tolerate these two heads of the very same “savage beast”’Barbarians” any longer. They are to be removed; by all lawful means and legal methods need necessarily be!

YES, this SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT, is absolutely not all about corrupt corporate capital currencies, nor associated-affiliated with amassing multimillions of dishonest Money, made off of the backs of the Poor Down Trodden Masses. Because common sensibilities says that no one have been enabled to buy freedom and pay for civil liberties in dollars and cents. That’s a religious political fraud in fact lie of liars!! Plus having healthy, honest made MONEY, is positively never any seed-roots to all evils and conspiracies  + $$$ CASH CURRENCIES…

Therefore, might our sound thinking brains of cultured colorations, completely comprehend that natural Hue-Main rights are free for all living Per-Suns, here on the surface of planetary sphere LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa EarthNature as HER, Healthy Happy Humored Healed Holistic Humanity. Of the Originating One Only African Africoid Negroid Blackish-BluishBrownish “RACE”!!!

SPECIFICALLY & EXPRESSLY: Incumbent United States of America’s President Barack Hussein Obama, wrongly thinks and believes that this time around, he can con wiser citizens, and trick them into assuming that all of the filthy rich wickedly wealthy White Elitist Rulers, can get him re-elected to the Washington D.C. Capitol Hill Oval Office again. Butt, don’t count on this occurrence happening in the near future and never again whatsoever, at no other distant time period. Because their bogus bull crap is finally finished, fatally failed Culpable Mental State of internal USA affairs.

Meanwhile, during our Revolutionary Evolutionary 21 century CyberSpaceAge Dignity Digital Divinity, due process; Ms Cynthia McKinney is SPIRITUALLY anointed-appointed to represent our Sublimely Inspired, Divinely In-Spirited Commission Calling Causes. Thus to Repair, Restore, Reinstate, Restitution-Reparation for all unjust damages caused by the historic hostile hatred of both the Democratic Party & Republican Party of poisonous political pundits!!!

BACK BITING BOOTLICKERS: Moreover, in the solemn midst of internal civil conflicts, ugly unrest, violent dissidence, and extreme anger exhibited among and between both sides, Leftists and Rightists, shall our established middle grassroots ground level headed leaderships now today come forward up front line and center face. Standing tall, and proud at attention!

Bravely and boldly casting a NO VOTE! By We The Public People Power-Plan + Positive Protest. Meaning She shall be placed-put into the position of empowerment, as the State & Federal Governments face off against each other as warlords, domestic terrorists threatening the livelihoods of neutral none voters who refuse to participate any more. Submit compliantly to a political party platform that is proved to only be self-serving and cares nothing in the least about We’s & Us’s at all!

FORTUNATELY, None of our self-loving colorful citizens, need to try and rebuild the wheels of weatlh and wholesome health.  Because the primary principles were artfully applied-articulately, by the SPIRITUALIZED Solar Sexus Soul of the Honored Mr. Marcus Mosiah Garvey. The only Negro-Black man that truly put into motions, big brave-bold businesses in actual realities. Remarkably doing so under more extreme living conditions than what the majority of non-whites are experiencing unrighteously today. A Merciful Miracle Merchant Money Making Means = Self-sufficiency 100%+CASH CURENTS$$$= Meaningful MONEY GREEN!!!

NO No no, are our self-loving citizens going to permit themselves being bribed-brainwashed-duped into electing another Arch Antagonist Angel Adversary. Nor are we going to trust any of these notoriously known politicians again and absolutely not!

The Afrindian HOLY GHOST SPIRIT OF TRUTH POWERED KNOWLEDGE = Know How,  decrees and solemnly-silently says, no more meaningless mass media madness and military might maneuvering monsters. After those in political power positions are dismissed, terminated and gotten rid off, even forcefully taken out of office, removed from the premises of public properties; then everybody can decide what person they desire to run righteously for serving our nation as MATRIARCH vs PATRIACH. Qualified female vs male?!. And I honestly say that it is the perfected time and season and purpose to elect by votes Ms Cynthia McKinney.

Duly take special note and always remember, it is never about how much money She has and or is raising during a political campaign, Butt, courageously counting numbers… about being better beneficially blessed with True Love Life Light of SUNGOD’S SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM!!!


CREATIVE EVOLUTION LOVE GODDESS Cynthia McKinney reports-reveals: “A U.S. senator says President Barack Obama’s administration “got it wrong” in its handling of the ongoing crisis in (beautiful African Africoid) Ivory Coast following violent clashes between rival forces, (instigated by wicked white western witchcraft) which has left hundreds dead and tens of thousands fleeing the West African conflict.” (Intentionally and purposely destabilizing and destructively destroying Black people’s livelihoods and good health and wealth = $$$)

(I place strong emphasis artistically!) “In a VOA interview, Republican Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma says the Obama administration is backing the wrong side in the (criminal corporatist) conflict and offered to provide evidence that it was mathematically impossible for Alassane Ouattara to win the disputed November presidential run-off vote over embattled President Laurent Gbagbo. (And these hatemongers of Eurocentric origins are revealed to be fraud in fact satanic liars!!!)

(Expressing my own personal artistic inputs): “I do know that the (racist white supremacists of European Caucasoid Caucasian ) French have always had pretty much control of the government in the Ivory Coast and that’s just the way the French operate, until President Gbagbo got there and, of course, the (blood sucking vampire fanged) French have been running against him ever since that time. (Secretly spending millions of tax dollars bribing-brainwashing-duping weak Ivorian citizens.) And, the current opponent, Ouattara, is no exception; he is the chosen one by the ( hateful warmonger) French and, quite frankly, they rigged the election,” said Inhofe.

(The angry decent good white male exposing other indecent bad “White Devils”); “Republican Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma: “I have shown on the (satanic) Senate floor how they (these wicked western white thieves) took the margin of victory that went to (sellout-bootlicking uncle tom) Ouattara… what precincts they stole that vote at and how they miscalculated it. (Common sensibilities asks the basic questions?) How is it statistically possible for the primary election for (the real honest Black African-Africoid man ) Gbagbo to have received thousands and thousands of votes in that northern part of Cote d’Ivoire and then, in the run-off, he got zero? Statistically, that is impossible,” he added.

However, (our informant) Inhofe acknowledges that his concerns about what he calls a “stolen election” have been overtaken by current events. (overshadowed by bogus-bias-bigoted mass media madness). Inhofe, who is also a member of the (Satanist) Senate Armed Services Committee, says (the meddling-interfering-intervening-invading ) France is leading the (criminal “Cracker“ ) charge to force Gbagbo to step down and cede power to Ouattara. ( Racist whites of Europe trying to make a true African Black man kowtow, bow down to their “Honky Ideology” and worship their “pale faces as gods”!!)

“The (Devil White) French have come in ( committing crimes against dark skinned earthly humanity by their psychotic insanity and inhumanity ), and I don’t know how many thousands of people they have killed because they won’t quantify it. They killed over a thousand in Deukoue, a town in the western part, and those were the people who are Gbagbo supporters. And they said that wasn’t us that killed the people, but it had to be because Gbagbo had no troops there. So it’s a reign of terror by Ouattara and it’s supported by the ( deadly occupations by the illegitimate United Nations and fraudulent ) French… [I] am afraid I’m losing this one, but somebody has to tell the truth,” Inhofe said.

“Absolutely, they [Obama administration] had it wrong. They are wickedly wrong and I have sent friendly letters to the sick secretary of state and to the administration giving them evidence of the evil election. It was totally ignored and so I criticized my own administration, as well as the French,” he added. (Doing my best and my part to help bring back down to earth’s grassroots ground level zero of financial naught, the vicious vampire evil empire USA & Europe!!)

COURAGEOUSLY CAUCASIAN CAUCASOID: “Inhofe also says the (the nasty nose Nazis) United Nations violated its charter by using military force against Gbagbo loyalists. (Which ungodly-unholy-unlawful actions warrants criminal investigations and the forfeiture of the UN‘s empowerment, the end to their regime reign of terror, rapes and robberies!) “They went in (as arrogant assholes) and immediately assumed that it was a legitimate election and, yet, we have all the evidence to the contrary. By the way, there are a lot of people in Africa who agree with me,” he said.” (Yes there’s millions of real African Africoid Hue-Main beings who know these truths in complete agreement, and that these bad-indecent-devilish white invader Eurocentric people, as a mandate must git the Good God Devil Damnation out of and stay out of continental homeland LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!

 SOLID IROCLAD POOF IN IMPOSING RACIST WHITE ILL-WILL: “Western, Arab nations say Gaddafi must go!” “DOHA/TRIPOLI (Reuters) – International powers meeting on Libya’s future called for the first time on Wednesday for Muammar Gaddafi to step aside, but NATO countries squabbled publicly over stepping up air strikes to help topple him. (murder a sovereign nation’s top Presidential Official), In a victory for Britain and France, which are (hideously-hatefully) leading the air campaign (Caucasoid Caucasian criminals) and pushed for an unequivocal call for regime change, the “contact group” of some 16 European and Middle Eastern nations, plus the (USA propped-puppets illegitimate) United Nations, (the racist slave master) Arab League and the (alleged) African Union, said Gaddafi must go. (Domineering devilish Eurocentric control freaks decided that) “Gaddafi and his regime has lost all legitimacy and he must leave power allowing the Libyan people to determine their future,” a final (fraudulent) statement (supposedly) obtained by Reuters said.”

And these (media) fraud in lies of liars falsely claims that the African Union is on their side; however, they are absolutely and apparently NOT!!! “Doha, Qatar (CNN) — (European White skinned) ‘Delegates representing Arab and (not the true) African nations as well as (nasty nose Nazi) NATO coalesced behind the Libyan rebels at a summit in Qatar Wednesday, promising more (Pretext-phony) humanitarian aid and money channeled through a temporary trust fund of sorts.” Furthermore, these white owned-ran-operated news media grossly distort the truth totally untold correctly and honestly. One of the main reasons the world is facing global wars!!!   YES, The “broke…bankrupt” United States and European Nations, along with their allies of self-hating Arab “pale faces”; are Evil Conspirators, who constantly contrive to Control & Dominate other smaller countries of our GlobalWorldNations. Reveals and reports: COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.

Furthermore, it is not a wise or smart thing to do by joining them in any kind of monetary-banking system. Meaning that no non-white government leaderships, Official Presidents and citizens should never hence forth, deposit their nation’s capital currencies, assets, financial funds, into their World Bank, corrupt criminal corporatist-imperialist-colonialist-supremacist possession. Because as soon as a little developing country of people start to disagree with these Racist White westerners, “Medieval Crusaders” and “New Nazis”; they refuse to return this money to their rightful owners. Sitting up on their sorry ACEs determining what’s best for Africa’s inhabitants, continental wise too!

Stealthily seeking to impose their ill-will and force compliance and submission by military might. And conspire with other Caucasoid Caucasian owned and ran nations to withhold and deprive the citizens their sovereign nations what lawfully belongs to them. Always in the falsified name of ousting dictators and “Protecting The Citizens” whose voices no one ever hears as a collective citizenry. Only one sided minority groups of society. Such as falsely claiming that the European meeting, councils are helping to serve “The Libyan People”. What a bunch of bogus bull crap!!!

YES, worldly White nation leaders assume political power positions that warrant criminal arrests for making fraudulent clams that robs and rapes THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH. Meaning that, true world leaderships as an aggregate whole body are ignored and left out of the decision making meetings, etc. Butt NO, absolutely not, do this “contact group” have any legitimacy. And are representing only partial-fragments of our real Unified Nations. Attempting to intimidate and impose their racial prejudices upon non-whites worldwide. Thus, wrongly called the United Nations, which don’t actually exist.

Bravely and boldly “COME FOLLOW ME” a Son of SUNGOD: Moreover, the only true “Trust Fund”, confiscated assets of President Gadhafi or anybody else, is to be created and controlled by the rightful owners completely. Anything other than this constitute Eurocentric criminals controlling the citizenry, determining their future and present living conditions and dominating the internal affairs of Mother Africa’s Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Cote D’lvoire, Somalia, and other Africans and Asians of the so called Middle East. Which is swiftly bringing on the inevitable  Armageddon’s Prophetic Holy World War III=3!!! 

It’s of paramount importance to make this key point; The Honored Mr. Marcus Mosiah Garvey, admonished-cautioned-warned Negroes-Blacks-Colored People of his day, that independence is crucially critical. Owning and running-operating our own racial groups entrepreneurial businesses, manufacturing industries, agricultural farms, schools-colleges, learning institutions of education, Plus strongly says CKNWCA!!!

“Africa for Blacks!!!“ So has proclaimed Idi Imin Dada and presently Mugabee President of Zimbabwe. Total autonomy, civil liberty and full financial freedom from INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM of white America & Europe, is essential to our livelihoods, wealth and health. Putting ourselves into the proper position so that these satanic inhumane Caucasian Caucasoid creatures can’t control our living standards, happiness, healthful healing and social-economic well being. And we can openly see how these Devil Whites are operating now today in foreign nations that suppose to had been sovereign foreign nations.

Butt, they are systematically-systemically, depriving people of color of self-determination, yet at the very same insane time, they psychotic claim that this is not what is happening, While wicked whites keep on causing severe hunger and starvation, unless indigenous-inhabitants, native Indians-Afrindians; bow down and worship their pearly pale pink pigmented skin and European-American images, politically and religiously.

NASTY NOSE NEGATIVE NAZI NATO: Therefore, witnessing and watching these racist-sexist-fascist-egoist-supremacist-racist Euro-Anglo-American hatemonger-warmongers, let We’s & Us’s learn a very valuable lesson today. And artfully format our own opinions and points of views from our perspectives, in spite of what their prejudice, bias, bogus-bigoted major-mainstream mass media madness broadcast. Thus doing the individual personal analysis and synthesis of large sums of information coming inside of our heads thinking brains and rationally reasoning minds. Seeing how these “White Devils” have unwisely shown their ungodly-unholy hell bound unfair-infamous faces foolishly; to our Whole Wide World Web!!! Revelations via ColorKingdomNWC.


“ Africa for Africans here and abroad.”

YES: COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, portrays the AmeriAfrindian HOLY GHOST SPIRIT OF TRUTH POWERED KNOWLEDGE!!! Reporting revelations about how the majority of so called Caucasoid Caucasian creatures of The United States of Anglo-America and white dominated and controlled nation are totally lost Solar Sexus Souls. And are told by the mass mainstream news media, that they are helping-aiding-assisting-saving the colorful citizens of our whole wide world. Which are contagious, infectious, self-inflicted MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses”!!!

INSTITUTIONALIZED RACIST WHITES; Who were and are being taught so many multitudes of myths, religious political fraud in fact lies of liars, until it is a crying out loud shame and disgrace to the HueMain RACE”!!! Meaning most pearly pale pink pigmented people are school taught little folklore fairy tales as being truthful realities that really never truly existed. Fabricating historicity, legendary heroic figures and giving them a fraudulent name-identity in honor. “Jesus Christ never existed”! Also, an Easter Sunday bunny rabbit carrying colored chicken eggs in a basket, are what our children have been trained and indoctrinated to believe. And that Christopher Columbus discovered America, however, this alcoholic criminal never set foot on any of the lands of the entire Americas, Not North-Central-South!!!

“TRUST FUNDS” for WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER Plan + Positive Protests? Don’t ever believe this media propaganda poisoning of your minds, black or white!! StopPointBlankPeriod, trusting in the journalists-columnists-reporters who are being paid to grossly distort the truer stories. They are untrustworthy employees trying to hold on to their good paying jobs, hoping to survive the massive cuts, firings and layoffs, etc.

Butt, these Euro-Americans like living in a man made manufactured make-believe allegory story book bible of fictitious characters, created-concocted by criminal crazy capitalist Christian Catholic Popes & Pedophile Priests, about some white male person being in human flesh and blood, walking on waters, turning water into wine, raising the dead bodies and himself coming back to life. All childish and silly insane thinking and not KNOWING nothing of actuality and factuality!! Reveals CK-NWCA THE COMFORTER.


YES: United States Federal Government’s Central Intelligence Agency = CIA; are acting as spies in all nations big or small worldwide. They are causing criminal civil conflicts in the countries internal affairs. Subversive activities to generate severe disruption-discordance in the citizenry’s natural Love Peace & Harmony!!!

The are White males and females meddling-interfering with none-whites or people of color’s government bodies, official leaderships. Duping-bribing-brainwashing them to sellout on their own racial groups of civilians. And the hateful-inhumane Caucasian Caucasoid creatures of corruption, are hidden in many multiple surreptitious disguises, such as so called electoral voting foeign Eurocentric “OBSEVERS”; outsiders helping to rig the elections and prop up puppet to misrepresent the population of people. Fakers posing as ”Humanitarian Aid”, “Protecting the Libyan People”. Thus glibly on the ground troops, as alleged United Nations Peace Keepers, nurses-doctors-physicians, tourists, vacationer-sight seers and y’all name these stealthy bad biological DEVIL WHITES as opposed to the decent GOOD WHITES!!

Furthermore, the undercover CIA spies and infiltrators are quality of criminally carrying out and instigating political-religious assassinations. Murdering members who refuse to severe wicked Anglo-America’s monetary POLICY, and financial best interests. So they plot and plan to kill the resistance movements, true freedom fighters and real revolutionary Warriors & Victors!!

We The Public People Power-Plan+Positive Protests vs United States of America’s Presidency-Federal Government Official Elected-Appointed Body, Washington D.C. Capital Hill Oval Office + CK-NWCA’s Unification pt2

April 21, 2011

 USA & EUROPE WHITES: Intervening-Interfering-Influencing Internal Affairs of Sovereign Nations in Violation of International Laws!!! “To end this violence and prevent more bloodshed, former president Gbagbo must stand down immediately, and direct those who are fighting on his behalf to lay down their arms,” Obama said in a statement on Tuesday, April 5, 2011..6:34 pm.

And I strongly say that the indignant Democratic Party and the Republican Party of poisonous poli-ticks, spider mites-misfits “must stand down immediately” to preserve the dignified Love Peace & Harmony of our nation, without needing the terrorist-supremacist-sexist-racist-egoist-fascist United States of America’s hostility hate hegemony!!!


 YES: WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER Plan + Positive Protests: “ are not committed to obeying the rules or the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council in its present form because it is undemocratic, dictatorial and unjust. No one can force us to join the Security Council or to obey or comply with resolutions or orders given by the Security Council in its present composition.” Reveal-reported through Love Goddess Cynthia McKinney via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts.

“Furthermore, there is no respect for the United Nations and no regard for the General Assembly, which is actually the true United Nations, but whose resolutions are non-binding. The decisions of the International Court of Justice, the international judicial body, take aim only at small countries and Third World nations. Powerful countries escape the notice of the Court. Or, if judicial decisions are taken against these powerful countries, they are not enforced.”


YES I KNOW: Instinctively-Intuitively-Spiritually: That the two political parties Republicans & Democrats, and racist white supremacy superiority sickness syndromes is being defeated. And the, American societal system of things wicked and evil; are currently crumbling. The climatic currency changes are chemically colliding with fatal financial factual realities. They are destitute and desperate for survival, Butt, can no longer just feed and feast as vicious viruses upon the flesh and blood, bone and  marrow of natural resource rich African Africoid land masses and Black native inhabitants and AfriNegrindians!

No doubt, a Divine Penalty & Curse & Judgment: is being exacted against all man made manufactured religions. People are dying and or being killed in deadly civil conflicts and wicked wars. Nor is there any rational reasons to disbelieve, how that the United States of Euro-Anglo-America of false Christianized citizens, along with the false white Jews of the State of Israel, are falling from on the inside. Thus coming to their crashing ends time days of reckoning, trials and tribulations are now beckoning!

Basically because their monetary methods of media military madness, are now meaningless; ineffective and obsolete. As the entire mainstream middle class citizenry are facing extremely high rates of unemployment. Joblessness, and suffering from low wage earnings and sub-standard degraded professional career salaries. Generating gross civil unrest, internal upheaval, deadly discontent with the USA Federal Government & European National Government & United Kingdom & European Union & NATO!!!!

“NATO has disappointed us.” “NATO has become our problem,” “Either NATO does its work properly or I will ask the (rebel) national council to raise the matter with the Security Council,” “Misrata is being subjected to a full extermination.”

They say they don’t want to bomb in order not to kill civilians. The area where Gaddafi troops are does not include civilians.” NATO says in reply: “The operational tempo remains, but we have seen a change of tactics (from Gaddafi),” he said. “When human beings are used as shields we don’t engage.” “NATO says Gaddafi’s forces are hiding among civilians. But we tell them that there are no civilians left in the areas where the Gaddafi forces are positioned. We urge them to destroy civilian property to take out the snipers and armed gangs.” “Since the day NATO took over the air strikes, we have been falling back,” “Gaddafi’s troops are hitting us with Grad missiles,” said Mabrouk el Majbary, 35. “Something is wrong … When the U.S. gave leadership to NATO, the bombings stopped.”

YES, Mr. Moammar Gadhaffy + President Laurent Gbagbo vs. President Alassane Ouattara : the good thing in the madness midst of bad things happening in Cote D’lvoire, Egypt-Tunisa-Libya… is that all of the wicked western Whites are fleeing for their lives. Nationalists, tourists, vacationers, residents, are rightly being uprooted! A consequential substantive due process positively produced. Forcing these haters to vacate the premises. The internal civil wars that these Devil Whites started is backfiring into their pale pink pigmented faces. Leaving in a rushing hurry the African countries on the Ivory Coast; and else where in panic, which is what they should have done a long time ago.

And the UN France murderers, rapists-robbers and racist mad men. Git the Good God Devil Damned Hell out and stay the Hell out of Blacks business and off people of colors’ sovereign soils. Because their very presences causes conflicts, tribal-ethnic discontent and civil unrest.

These Euro centric “pale faces” are the instigators, of the internal affairs instabilities, due to them constantly contriving to dominate, influence and control continents of homeland Mother Africa & Asia-Middle East. Instead of ethnic cleansing, warring factions between each other, there’s a Caucasian Caucasoid cleansing EXODUS!!!

“Tripoli, Libya (CNN) — NATO conceded Friday it may have mistakenly struck Libyan opposition forces during a deadly airstrike a day earlier — but refused to apologize. British Royal Navy Rear Adm. Russell Harding told reporters that NATO forces “may” have hit rebel tanks during the airstrike Thursday. “I’m not apologizing,” said Harding, the deputy commander of the NATO operation. “The situation on the ground is fluid and we had no information the opposition forces were using tanks.” Today’s news report: Friday, April 8, 2011.…7:40 am.

“Vladimir Putin’s characterization of the air strikes as a medieval crusade and his warning that the attacks prove why Russia has to build up its defenses against NATO is the most damning indictment of the campaign thus far. It follows an Arab League u-turn as well as an African Union condemnation, as all the lies and bluster about a humanitarian mission crumble within days of the assault being launched.”

“Libyan rebels condemn NATO over Gaddafi advance, BENGHAZI, Libya (Reuters) – The head of Libya’s rebel army has condemned NATO for its slow chain of command in ordering air strikes to protect civilians, saying the alliance was “letting the people of Misrata die every day”. News Report today, Wednesday, April 6, 2011…4:37 am.

Now just look at these stupid stooges, and hear how these self-abnegating sellouts of their own Solar Sexus Souls at like little cry babies and infantile whiners!! Foolishly expect USA led NATO, to serve them what they wish and want on silver platter and golden spoon to feed their starving mouth of self-hatred hunger! The duping-bribing-brainwashing is completely-consummated!!!

“Rebel spokesman Mustafa Gheriani said while the conflict persists, he remains hopeful for a revolution. “”I think the Gadhafi regime is crumbling from within,” he said. “I think if you look at history, people will always win, and I think victory will be ours.”


YES: Mr. Obama is a manifest man person curse instead of a better benefit blessing!! And AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, ME-MYSELF-I AM, strictly talking about how that he, would not have come about as a real live individual, now U.S. President, if in factual truth, there were any more qualified so called African American Blacks. No doubt in my mind, before Barack arrived, these old-fashioned Negroes; Colored People and or People of Color, had all sold out on their/our own racial-ethnic-cultural citizenry. Turned on each other as gossiping back stabbing, cut-throat two-faced false brothers and sisters of severe self-hatred, “black on black crime” and violence running rampant throughout the impoverished inner-city, poor urban neighborhoods!

Furthermore, these “moving on up to the top”…climbing the ladder of social-economic middle class Blacks, apparently had forgotten where they originally came from. Being Africans living in America! They used exploitatively and expediently, the U.S. Federal Government’s Affirmative Action Plan-Programs, along with the 1960s Civil Rights Movement to further advance their own personal political and religious agendas. Selfishly at the incredible expense to our overall-in generation healthful growth, development and gainful employement opportunities for our MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions. Clean Cultured Currency Climatic CHANGE!!!

Likewise, by the very same black token spoken, these well off House Negras, thought that they were White skinned American citizens. Females bleached their skin and avoided the energizing sun rays on hot days and sought air-conditioned working and living environments. Helping to brighten their complexions. Many pressed their hair with hot combs and heating irons and chemical lye burning out their natural locking textures, nappy haired kinky and woolly heads. Wore fake hair or wings, weaves, and dyed their hair blond. Doing everything to look like Euro-Anglo-Americans of the Caucasoid Caucasian persuasions. At a fast rate = self-hate!!!

Therefore, it is no strange wonder why We’s & Us’s were commissioned, called-chosen and sent with a clear cause of action and decisive message. To relearn how paramount important it is to help our own selves out whatsoever, sloppy hog mess our families and communities are in. He stressed during his presidential campaigns, ‘Turn The TV Off”! Read a book…etc. And his dearly loved wife Michelle has placed strong emphasis on home gardening, growing GREEN gracefully gifted and colorful crops around the White House lawn, somewhere. By leadership example; on your own property, flower beds, around your shotgun shack or mansion. Self-sufficiency and taking controls of our own food products, eating more fresh GREENS, cooked; however, preferably more Raw-“Livevegetables and fruits, are the best benefit blessings that we can give freely to our good health+wealth.

“Most assuredly’: And then, there would be considerably less need to go see the pill pushing pharmaceutical psychotic physician pimps. Thus lesser of any need to receive so many medicine prescriptions proved to be toxic poisons, if and when we choose to decide on eating-exercising, reducing extra-excessive fat body weights. She stresses a fight against morbid obesity and self-health care, apparently. Do justice To Love Thy Self as The VegeLeoAugustan VegePlanTerRain:

OR ELSE, Black Brother Barack Hussein Obama shall do exactly what it takea to keep on making the hard-headed disobedient pay the costly price for none-compliance. That‘s his duly sworn by oath fiduciary duty and hired hand job as acting Black Jackass Uncle Tom slave trader!!! Smile ‘n lovin‘ faith always with a healthy good sense of healing humor yawls..


WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER + Positive Protests = UNIFICATION = THE QUARINITY FOUR4!!!!  Unifying  our MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions: black-brown-red-tan-yellow-white-pink pigmented people. Indubitably, of our USA PROMISED LAND. Meaning The Unified Statutes Of AmeriAfrindica. As authentic ancient ancestral Africa’s ascendants of HER Healthy Healed Happy Holistic HUEMAIN RACE, Original only ONE Homosapiens Sapiens Species Scientific Specifics!! Portrayed by AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD’s UniVersal IniVersal RealiVision = Real-Live-Vision via COLORKINGDOM New World Creative Arts:

BUTT BUTTERFLY: The Old Wicked World USA & EUROPE “GOT TO GO”!! Fly off on the wings of MAAT = Weathy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship. And by The Very Same Token Spoken by the west wicked white witch woman Capitol Hill Hillary & President Barack Hussein Obama Dictators; “GADHAFY GOT TO GO” President of Homeland Mother Africa Libya! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, also bogus bias bigots and hateful hypocrites of the wicked White Western Eurocentric nations of Caucasoid Caucasian RACISTS & DANGEROUS DEVILS & DEMONS!!!

“HE MUST GO”: “Regime Change” of the Right Wing Conservative Republicans & Left Wing Liberal Democrats. All of them, each political party and every one of these Official Leaderships are telling their regular fraud in fact lies piled upon already existing stacks of lies told by these same liars!! And at the same time imposing their military police political policy practices upon other populations of people of color, butt, constantly lying about it and claiming verbally that this is not what they are doing. By words saying that they are not fighting the rebels warfare battles, although, reality clearly indicates the very opposite. “Savage beast””Barbarian…blood lust” of vicious vampires of European Dark Age – “Medieval Crusades” of Colonial Imperial Racist White Supremacy Superiority sociopathy, mental complex psychopathy!!!

USA White controlled-dominated nation, wrongly thinks it can hide behind nasty nose Nazi NATO, European Nations by calling themselves pulling out of homeland Mother Africa Libya. Hope futily to escape aiding and abetting the committing of crimes against Africoid-African, black and brown skinned humanity. A stealthy maneuver that is backfiring into their pearly pink pigmented “pale faces”!! Because We The Public People Power + Positive Protests, are hipped to these tactical tricks of treachery. And know much better that The U.S. President Obama, Capital Hill Hillary, Federal Government & Pentagon’s military madness “must go”!!! Removed by electoral votes and or by revolutionary physical force from public office seeing how that both political parties are incompetent, inept, indifferent and apathetic towards to American citizens needs and basic requirements of a healthful lifestyle. “We have a responsibility to act!” MyMusicStream MP3:

“The outcome in Libya remains uncertain, but what seems clear beyond reasonable doubt is that military intervention has not saved the day for either the shadowy opposition known as ‘the rebels’, and certainly not for the people of the country. It has seemingly plunged Libya into a protracted violent conflict with the domestic balance of forces tipping decisively in favour of the Gaddafi regime despite a major military onslaught managed by the American-led coalition, which in recent days has been supposedly outsourced to NATO. But since when is NATO not an American dominated alliance?”


YES: Our 21st century CyberSpaceAge New Worldly Warriors are fighting fearlessly back against Institutionalized Racism’s Black Jackass Uncle Toms!!! The “Black Power” Revolutionary Militant militias, doing combat battle with those who are suffering severely from Self-hate! Howsoever, this Sinister Sickness Syndromes came about, they truly exists as realities, which are extremely destructive, detrimental, deadly towards the overall and in general populations of people of color. Having naturally shaded-toned-tanned skin pigmentation and complexioned deep dark Melanin.

Moreover, the honest quest for justice and truth, starts by going inside the self, internalized political problems, initiated by radical-religious-racist-sexist-fascist-supremacist-egoist enemy energy entity emotions. Negatively charged protons-neutrons-electrons, influencing, controlling and dominating our inner cells currencies, membranes, bio-rhythms, vibration frequencies, wave lengths, heart beats and pulsation rates!!!

UNCLE TOMISM, females and males, are these closest criminals of corruption of a capitalistic citizenry and social-educational-economical monetary system. The self same Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN, resides within certain multitudes of self-hating human beings. At least His artistic image we’ve created in our minds and brains as Lucifer The Hateful Devil!!!

However, that’s only concocted by religious politics in order to have societies imagine the crazy concepts concerning what and or who they think and believe is their “God”! Although, nobody truthfully KNOWS, anything in existence further than our immediate Solar Sexus Souls SUNGOD’s Love Life Light Locks, of the apparent and obvious SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM. The brilliantly bright starry night skies and radiant rays of energies shinning so serenely upon planetary sphere; LOVE GODDESS, Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!

Therefore, my meaningful definition of being self sacrificing sellouts, sycophant stooges sucking up bootlickers, are broadly acknowledged. The full range and encompassing scope of who they are presently as performing players. And We The Public People Power, are to recognize these personality characters who are self-serving, self-centered, and can actually care nothng whatsoever, in the least about truthful Humanitarian principles applied to help save and serve those of us caught and trapped in harms way. Including, entrapments-enslavements due to being bogged down in war zones, locations of natural disasters, citizens crazy conflicts of combustible confusion and criminal chaos. Y’all name the many multitudes of places that these hostile energy enemy emotionalized entities exists, across the geographic map’s continental land masses?!.

WHITE ON WHITE + BLACK ON BLACK, Brown on Brown, Red on Red, Tan on Tan, Yellow on Yellow, Pink on Pink” violent crimes due to corruption is an inevitable reality. And take special notes: the modern day Uncle Toms no longer lives in log cabins, caves, small shotgun shacks, littles houses, slum slanty towns and lower income housing projects government granted. Butt, these fools lives in Castles, expansive multimillion dollar mansions on sumptuous real-estate properties. Huge plantation homes still owned by their updated wicked white whip “Cracker” slave master blasters. Blatantly bias bigots who pay them to self-enslave their own bodies and minds, buying into his racist religions, and forsaking-selling out their natural born birth rights. Surrendering their innate Divinity & SPIRITUALITY!!

On order to receive a bigger piece of pigs skin cracking cornbread, more swines choice pork rib roasts-prime ribs, lamb chops, living high on the hoggish soupy slop served at the Whte Master’s dinner table. Dependents on his merciful feelings and sudden emotional whims, waking up most times on the wrong side of the bed, angry and mad at anybody looking Black!!! Bad dreams and recurrent nightmares causing his hysterical fears about the house Negras joining in with the field Negroes, taking over the whole platation, food farms, ranches, livestock, crops and entire nation. Surely his psychotic, a deadly dangerous and insanely crazy Caucasoid Caucasian!!! 


USA White controlled-dominated nation can surely run with bags of loot-booty-bounty and cash dollars; BUTT can never successfully hide their inhumane hostilities of hideous hate. And, wrongly thinks it can hide behind NATO, European Nations by calling themselves pulling out of homeland Mother Africa Libya. Hoping futilely to escape the criminal charges of actively aiding and abetting the committing of crimes against Africoid-African, black and brown skinned humanity. A stealthy maneuver that is backfiring into their pearly pink pigmented “pale faces”!!

Because We The Public People Power + Positive Protests, are hipped to these tactical tricks of treachery. And know much better that The U.S. President Obama, Capital Hill Hillary, Federal Government & Pentagon’s military madness “must go”!!!  Straight to the abysmally deep regions of the bottomless pit, and upon the face of planet earth’s SUNGOD’S Heavenly Hades Hell Fires!!!

PERMANENTLY: Removed by electoral votes and or by armed revolutionary physical forces from public office seeing how that both political parties are incompetent, inept, indifferent and apathetic towards the truest American citizens needs and basic requirements of a healthful lifestyle. “We have a responsibility to act!”

Nevertheless, I do indeed often hear how that the self-proclaimed: “Black Liberation” leaderships, and those sporting the idea of “Pan Africanism”; as a mandated must do, by Divine Will’s Command, is to check out their own minds first and foremost of all others outside their heads brain. Are to promptly get their own hearts righteously in organizational order. To reset-refresh-restore the correct climatic currencies, their rates of reverberations and vibrations. TO LOVE THY SELF!!!

REVELATIONS: Showing y’all exactly what the Problem Solving Solutions and correct answers truly are. Totally Divested of all radicalized racist religions and poisonous propagandized politics!!

Surely our militant revolutionary warriors will be going up against the Uncle Tom city police forces, renegade rouge cops. No doubt the instigators are still the hostile hateful Caucasian Caucasoid criminal cops of capitalist-imperialist-supremacist superpower serpent snakes of SATAN. Butt, let us realize that they have a majority of Blackened affronts to our civil liberties here at homeland domestic front USA. And the exact same vicious-viral vanguards, are stationed in tact strategically, overseas abroad in foreign Asian & African lands-nations and countries. As the cowardice White “Pale Face” Euro-Americans hide somewhere remotely in the background, on the waysides of the occurring civilian conflicts of self-destructive behaviors. However, these instigating Eurocentric Enemy Energy Entitles, NATO, Europeans, mis-led by the United States of America’s President Barack Hussein Obama, are destined to suffer “THE GREATER DAMNATION”!!!


GROSSLY DISTORTED NEWS REPORTINGof Racist White Supremacy-Imperialist-Colonialist Criminal Caucasoid Caucasians of Capitol Hill Crazy Capitalism: Butt, this is what seems to be Aljazeera updated news report; today Tuesday, April 5, 2011… 6: 17 pm: “Ivorian leader denies move to surrender” Laurent Gbagbo, Cote d’Ivoire’s incumbent president, said that the Ivorian army had called for a ceasefire but denied reports that he was ready to surrender. In a telephone interview on Tuesday with France’s LCI television, he reiterated that he considered himself the winner of last November’s elections Gbagbo says face-to-face talks with president-elect Ouattara was the only way to return country to peace.”

 YES, Mr. Moamar Gadhaffy + President Laurent Gbagbo vs. President Laurent Gbagbo: the good thing in the madness midst of bad things happening in Cote D’lvoire, Egypt-Tunisa-Libya… is that all of the wicked western Whites are fleeing for their lives. Nationalists, tourists, vacationers, residents, are rightly being uprooted! A consequential substantive due process positively produced. Forcing these haters to vacate the premises. The internal civil wars that these Devil Whites started is backfiring into their pale pink pigmented faces. Leaving in a rushing hurry the African countries on the Ivory Coast; and else where in panic, which is what they should have done a long time ago.

And the UN France murderers, rapists-robbers and racist mad men. Git the Good God Devil Damned Hell out and stay the Hell out of Blacks business and off people of colors’ sovereign soils. Because their very presences causes conflicts, tribal-ethnic discontent and civil unrest.

These Euro centric “pale faces” are the instigators, of the internal affairs instabilities, due to them constantly contriving to dominate, influence and control continents of homeland Mother Africa & Asia-Middle East. Instead of ethnic cleansing, warring factions between each other, there’s a Caucasian Caucasoid cleansing EXODUS!!!

“Gbagbo negotiating surrender, Ivory Coast foreign minister says CNN)— After days of heavy fighting, forces loyal to Ivory Coast’s Laurent Gbagbo laid down their arms Tuesday and the self-declared president was negotiating the terms of his surrender, his foreign minister said.” News report today: Tuesday, April 5, 2011…12:07pm.“Gbagbo negotiating surrender, Ivory Coast foreign minister says

BULL’S SHIT INTERFERENCE OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS: “U.N. helicopters attack Gbagbo camp in Ivory Coast CNN) — U.N. helicopters fired on a camp controlled by Laurent Gbagbo Monday to prevent the use of heavy weapons against civilians and U.N. peacekeepers in war-torn Ivory Coast, a U.N. spokesman said.”The security situation has deteriorated dramatically” with an escalation of fighting between forces loyal to President Alassane Ouattara and those loyal to Gbagbo, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Monday.”Gbagbo refuses to transfer power to Ouattara, who has been internationally recognized as the country’s president.

YES in the satanic name of “protecting the civilians”; ‘defending the citizens”; although, surely here these hatemonger warmonger collection of Uncle Toms go again, working in collusion with these crazy Caucasoid Caucasian coalition forces, invaders, and military occupiers commands. Going under the false name of being the United Nations. And the recent elected President, is suppose to be “Internationally Recognized”!?.

However, they psychotically lie to themselves by puffing themselves up to be the sole representative of our vast regional and geographic nations of our globe worldwide. And in reality of truth, the Europeans & Americans white skinned interveners are a sure minority. Yet bluffing to be talking for everybody else’s countries here on planetary sphere earth!!

Although, my strongest objections are aimed straight at these sellout societies of Black Jackass Uncle Toms. Because the cowardice CaucAsians never make their bogus moves unless they believe the Ivory Coast is clear of capable opposing military units of the strong armed incumbent President Gbagbo vs. Quattara. A sovereign nation’s internal civil conflict that all outside foreign forces should have stayed out of!

Because , they are the very ones who incited the race riots and civil conflicts and military warfare. And the Western Whites of European origin, and their governments have invested huge sums of money, capital currencies, spent billions of their tax paying citizens hard earned monies, in supporting the Blatant Bribing-Brainwashing & Duping the dummy societies of color; to fight and kill off one another. Gambling against the odds of fate, so that these criminal corporate cowards could come in safely and securely, as big brave bullies!!!

Faking and fronting and making themselves believe that they are justified in helping to fight their chosen side’s battles, against the other Africans who they want to remove, and step down. Constantly intervening into the political milatary rivalries; as fraudulent UN & Europeans claiming: “the entire international community” as their sole possessed ownerships. Thus to justify in their own insane mindsets that they are doing the right humane things by bombing and making aerial assaults shot at the Black Africoid Leaders who they just love to HATE!!!

Albeit, let us stay in touch and in fine tune with all of these worldly developments, because the learning processes are duly taking place. We The Public People Power + Positive Protest, are seeing very clear why and how our forces of opposing the European National Governments; coupled with the United States Federal Government is shaping up. Yes, as I do indeed decree, that the angry American citizenry as an aggregate society, are planning to defy all local and state authorities; throughout major urban-inner cities across the national domestic homeland front. Constituting civil disobedience, ugly unrest, violent resistance towards all tyrannical politicians, oppressor Officials, incumbent U.S. President Obama and Capital Hill Hillary & Washington D.C. Oval Office.

Then, shall all of the world see exactly how falsified their version of democracy truly is, defective-deficient and anemic. We will watch and witness how the hostile police security special forces are nothing more than brutes who beat up on isolated, helpless and defenseless poor under-classed citizens. And will are going to experience the entire Mainstay Middle Class come falling fatally down to grassroots ground level zero of financial naught. Kicking off the extremely excited emotions of organized Labor Unions, panic prompting a powerful push to overthrow the present two political party system. Forcing “Regime Change” of current climatic states of internal affairs. And let us also view how so many military members of the US Armed Forces-Service Men & Women, defect and fall completely out of the strategic ranks. And join our SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT!!!


“US & FRANCE” has only helped to intensify the conflicts” They “are not entitled to determine the destiny” of Africa nation Cote D’llvoire and only “fueling the fires”! Thus has only “contributed to worsening the tensions”. And who gave them the lawful right to determine who should stay or leave, step down or “stand down” from presidential power positions. Surely we who are in our right humane African minds, can easily see that these Racist “White Devils” are the one who “must go”, git the Good God Devil Damned hell out and off of the grounds and aerial airspaces off Sovereign Continental Mother Africa! Period.

Infantile Fetus-Unborn & Born Babies at Birth Right to Live as Human Beings are medicinally mass murdered by serial Killer “Obama announces re-election bid US president releases email and online video announcing his intention to stand for a second term in office in 2012.” Now let all of us see and witness what Woman are highly against him for sponsoring, supporting the historical hate humanity Eugenics of Planned Parenthood’s bloody baby birth control crimes engaged clinically against LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature’sSublime Will!!


 Yes We’s & Us’s are fearlessly fighting back against the Racist-Sexist-Egoist-Fascist White Supremacy Sinisterr Sickness Syndromes. Like wise comprehending that we are more so contending with and combating: The Black Jackass Uncle Toms self-hatred of Love GODDESS Mother Earth Nature Africa’s AmeriAfrindians and AfriNatindian Ascendants!!! 

YES PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: Certainly it all ties in together. Hooks up! Form an evil energy entity conspiring currency in a vicious cycle. White Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes, Falsified Christianity’s insanity of humanity, Black Muslims of Islam who like talking big shit and no physical action to back what they say up; an eye for an ey. And, so called Black Israelite Hebrew Jews of Judaism who are still lost in the wilderness of biblical fraud in fact devilish lies of European liars.

All are inseparably related to the White and “Black Holocaust”; Eugenics Genocide of Planned Parenthood, plus the AIDS HOAX, vicious virus myths, “HIV/AIDS” infections rates and false numbers. Hooking up with the so called Christian Black Churches as religious political voting blocks and stockyards of willing and ready “raven wolves in sheep’s clothing”.

Those who viciously violate the HUE-MAIN rights of men and women in order to gain money, wealth, riches in hopes of becoming POWERFUL!!. Butt, they are proved to be WEAKER than ever before selling out their own racial-ethnic-cultural groups; as Black Jackass Uncle Tom Demons!!!

EUGENICS =PLANNED PARENTHOOD = BIRTH CONTROL = POPULATION CONTROL-Deaths and Destruction of helpless-innocent lives. “Abortion and Black Genocide (Barack Obama and the Negro Project  

HIV vs AIDS = MENTAL VIRONS = Mental Viruses Myths = White+Black Holocaust=Planned Parenthood-GENOCIDE EUGENICS vs AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD’s ARTGENICS!!! pt 1


THE LETHAL VENOMOUS HAGUE: “Gaddafi planned civilian killings, Hague court says BENGHAZI, Libya (Reuters) – The International Criminal Court has evidence Muammar Gaddafi’s government planned to put down protests by killing civilians before the uprising in Libya broke out, the ICC’s prosecutor said on Tuesday.”

YES: It is being made abundantly crystal clear, how that the so called International Criminal Court; is only another branched out head of the exact same Racist White Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndrome of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN, Lucifer The Hateful DEVIL!!!

It obviously appears that the collection of European Caucasoid Caucasian creatures; are of the carbon copy bad biological genotype traits of all the rest of the criminal corporate capitalist countries. Yet the USA does not recognize them, the ICC, mainly because they are the worst of all crime figures running the United States Government & Presidency. And has opted out of being a member party nation under the jurisdiction of these European self-righteous judges and juries, that are also fraudulent. And in factual reality, don’t and can’t possibly truly represent our entire International Community of our GlobalWorldNations vs. Globalization!!

Furthermore, the ICC has an outstanding history of being bogusly bias bigots, who only seem to want to select, charge and arrest black Africoid Officials of homeland Mother Africa and Her vast regional nations. Seek to criminalize all the strong armed Negroid leaderships who oppose all artless forms conceivable of wicked white western Racism, Colonialism, Imperialism. And this substantive due process requires on many cases, the getting rid of the sneaky-slick-stealthy snakish Black Jackass Uncle Tom Demon constituents of the “White Devils”!!!

However deceptive, they choose to pick out and prop up a few Black African females; Matriarchs of a few countries, to use exploitatively and expediently as BIG BLACK AFFRONTS, to the dark skinned males of the Patriarchs ruling and running their own countries. Pitting and pitching men and women against one another to further devilishly divide and conquer both sex-genders. This is their racist-sexist-fascist-egoist-supremacist patterned pathways to racial discriminate against non-whites. No different than how the United States of Anglo-America operates their Criminal Injustice System, where the majority of those presently, indicted-jailed, incarcerated, sentenced and imprisoned are people of color. Poor Native Indians-Mexican Americans; and a lesser numbers of impoverished Whites in State & Federal penal institutions. And at a higher 78-90% rate African American Blacks. Building their hideously hateful, giant monster and savage barbaric beast , poisonous fanged blood sucking vampire empire: PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!!!

Moreover after these serpent snakes premiered their own racial groups warlord; Slobodan Milosevic, they proceeded presiding and pursuing none Europeans to try to damnation. And, those at the illegitimate alleged International Court at The Hague hate rebellious Blacks of the African native inhabitants, or else, they would be also seeking to condemn, charge, arrest and put on trial, the rest of these more violent murderers who appear to be “pale face” white Eurocentric leaderships worldwide truthfully international. Especially those killers and mass murderers of the USA & UN implanted State of Israel and the White Jews originally out of Europe. This clearly constitutes racial prejudice, bias, bigotry and hateful hostilities of hypocrical hegemony!!!

Now standing on THE EVENT HORIZON, under the gravitational pull of a BlackWholesome phenomenon; presently in these terrifying tornado twisting; End Time Days of Reckoning, Trials & Tribulations are now beckoning. Out on the Battleground of Calvary!!!